If you want to create a powerful online store nopCommerce could be a better choice. This is an open source platform based on dot net. So, when you specify most popular and hugely available platforms in the market you can’t ignore this. Most of the nopCommerce development services are free as it comes with the lowest ownership cost. 

Besides, it is a great platform to manage large businesses and enterprises by offering the best available solutions in the field. So there is no doubt, it is a wonderful e-commerce platform in the industry. Some important features of nopCommerce are discussed here that can prove it as one of the best e-commerce solutions-

1.  Multi-Store Capability

Using nopCommerce you will be allowed to install various online stores with a single backend framework. All online stores can be managed through that single framework administration. Index information, specific data, and product characteristics can be distributed between multiple stores since the backend database is the same for every e-commerce store. This features really helpful when you want to run both B2B and B2C stores. A client will be able to login to each store using the same documentation. Thus, nopCommerce provide multi-store support and several useful components for B2B. Moreover, it facilitates vendors to make different designs for every store.

2. Easy Customization

You can find many nopCommerce experts around you. Because nopCommerce is a dot net based framework you don’t have to go here and there to find an expert developer. So, seeking a proficient developer for your online store is not a bothersome task. Besides, this comes with lots of features to reinforce online businesses like index based front-end where you will be able to list your products here. Its framework includes lots of modules and themes that can be utilized to give an extensive look of your website. Working on this platform you can describe up to 60 properties for a single product.

3. SEO-Friendly

Optimizing a website is important and beneficial to every online business. nopCommerce is internet explorer generous that allows web page administrator to utilize SEO activities for improving rank on different search engines and social media platforms. SEO activities like URL creation, XML &HTML sitemap and robot.txt creation etc all make it easy to find your website on various platforms.

Additionally, it adds social Meta labels which take care extremely to improve site performance. It is integrated with Google Analytics so that website owners can monitor and boost site implementation.

4. Payment and Shipping Options

In nopCommerce development, you can make a shipping system as per your perquisites. E.g. you will be able to specify no shipping, free sending over a specific sum, shipping refunds on particular items, etc. This framework as well allows vendors to measure shipping costs in view of the country and zip or postal address which is important in view of the way that B2B purchases are for the most part in collections.

nopCommerce adds authorized technology partnership connections with most important payment systems across the world. This shows special marketing offers and pricing packages existing for nopCommerce clients.

5. Mobile Accessibility

The platform has a specific feature it can be reached by people using Smartphone. It provides uncomplicated, easily accessible UI that can be used to build a convenient alternate of your website without extra effort. This thing in nopCommerce is responsive and makes conventional gadgets effectively to open your business site. The mcommerce version can perform on any associated device, without demanding additional development or add-ons. It is open source and accessible out of the box.


Because nopCommerce offers tempting and modest components, it has been downloaded 1.8 million times. The framework is an interesting subject for all users who want to have an online store. One of the most important things is that it is managed by Microsoft and this thing makes it more advanced and beneficial in term of community support. So, we will suggest you go with nopCommerce whenever you want to create your online front store.

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