How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Android App?

Updated 18 Apr 2024
Published 27 Jun 2023
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Android app development cost

Most of the devices that make life easier have one thing in common, and that is their OS. Worldwide, Android is a top OS that powers more than 3.6 billion active mobile devices (2023).

It works fantastically, from 5G devices to stellar tablets. That is why all-size businesses are leveraging Android apps for business. There is no wonder that the Google Play Store is called the largest app store, with over 3.5 million apps, according to Statista.

Developing an Android app is beneficial, but do you know how much it costs to develop an Android app?

If not, then this article will cover all your queries related to the cost. However, mobile app development costs between $10,000 and $100,000. But there are some factors associated with it that you will read later in this blog.

Let’s start with the basics!

What is Android App Development?

It is a process to create mobile apps that run on Android-supported devices. These apps are being developed with Java and Kotlin programming languages using the Android SDK (software development kit). The kit includes Android development tools and libraries that Android app developers utilize while coding for an app.

Although Android app development is a complex process, some key advantages are associated with it, as follows:

  • Android is the most popular OS, and its market is dynamically growing, allowing businesses to grow with an app and connect with a large audience.
  • Android works for various devices, i.e., smartphones, tablets, TVs, and wearables.
  • Its community is strong, active, and large, where worldwide developers share resources and knowledge. A new developer can quickly start with ease.
  • It is an open-source OS, so Android app development costs remain affordable.

Why should you know the cost of Android App Development?

Behind the game of app development, cost plays an important role. It can influence the decision, so it is better to know about the cost of Android app development, especially when you are looking to develop a startup.

Why should you know the android app cost

  • Budget Planning

it is crucial to plan the budget for mobile app development. If you know the development cost, you can plan your overall project budget accordingly, including marketing costs.

  • Informed Decision

features and functionalities directly influence the cost of Android app development. Knowing the budget lets you make informed decisions for prioritizing features and functionalities based on their cost.

  • Comparison Between Options

With a cost estimate, you can compare different development options, such as hiring an in-house team, outsourcing, or using a no-code platform. It will help you decide which option is the best per your budget.

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What is the Cost of developing an Android App?

The cost of creating an Android app like:

  • Single Feature App: $10,000 onwards
  • Basic Android App: $15,000-$20,000+
  • Multi-feature App: $ 25,000 onwards
  • Enterprise Android App: $50,000 onwards
  • Advanced Gaming App: $45,000 onwards
  • On-demand App development: $30,000 onwards

It is just an estimated cost for an Android app. The actual cost may be different based on your requirements.

Do you know why the cost is different for different versions?

Or what influences the cost of developing an Android app?

The answer is that there are some influential factors to the development cost.

Let’s see what these are!

Factors Affecting the Android App Development Cost 

Based on a single point, you can’t depict the cost of a mobile app. Multiple factors determine the development price evaluation. Here are some of the key factors, as follows:

Android app development cost factor

 1. Scope of the App

The scope of the app plays a crucial role in deciding the cost. For example, a single-feature app requires a nominal cost compared to a multi-feature app, which remains costly.

Another example is that an app for in-house use has different costs than an app for global customers.

2. App Complexity

App complexity is a significant factor affecting app development costs. The foundation is clear: the more complex your app is, the more it costs.

Here, you might be interested in learning more about the factors determining the Android app’s complexity. It includes:

  • Features & Functionalities: Implementing more features and functionalities will make your app more complex. Example: a simple calculator app vs an advanced calculator app that fetches the data from a database and performs scientific calculations.
  • App Category: some Android apps remain complex for development due to their category. For example, gaming apps like Asphalt, social media apps like Instagram, and messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • Local vs. Global Audience: The number and type of audience also influence the complexity of Android app development. It works like an app for a local audience and is less complex than an app for a global audience, as more resources and coding efforts are required.
  • Third-party APIs & Libraries: Although third-party APIs and libraries help extend the app’s functionalities, they also increase complexity.
  • Complex Algorithms: Programming is a game of utilizing algorithms. If a complex algorithm is required to shape the app, then it will elevate the complexity levels.
    Utilizing Device’s Hardware: the app that utilizes more hardware resources is obviously complex and requires more Android app development costs.


3. Type of an App

Another significant cost-determining factor is the type or category of an app. Android apps come in multiple categories, and they have their own characteristics.

There are multiple categories of apps available on the Google Play Store, such as gaming, music, video streaming, social media, messaging, and others, where popular Android app categories require more development.

Let’s understand it!

  • Gaming Apps

Gaming apps like Coin Master counted as pioneer apps with 47.96% global revenue out of the total revenue generated by Android apps. You will be surprised to know that gaming apps generate more revenue.

On the other hand, due to features, functionalities, and complexity, gaming apps are more expensive to develop. The cost to develop an Android gaming app ranges between $40,000 and $100,000.

  • E-commerce Apps

eCommerce app development is trending, but it requires a good amount of cost to develop, and the reason is a requirement for more resources, tools, APIs, and libraries.

If you want to develop an app like Etsy, Amazon, or Walmart, you need to spend $30,000–$50,000 based on the features, functionalities, and user demographics. If you need a simpler eCommerce app, it may take $15,000–$20,000.

  • Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps require a robust backend to handle the users’ requests, such as messaging, media sharing, in-app calling, live streaming, and others.

So, implementing these functionalities requires resources such as an experienced team of social media Android app developers, a capable server, app hosting, and more.

Time is also a constraint to developing these apps, but from the cost point of view, it is expensive, and the social media app cost range can be USD 35,000 onwards. The rest of the things depend on requirements.

  • Data-Driven Apps

The data-driven app is an umbrella term, and it can be anything such as gaming, social media or any professional app, but based on the data transaction, the cost will be accordingly.

You can develop a simple data-driven app at the cost of $15,000+, but an advanced-level app’s cost can reach up to $100,000.

  • On-Demand Apps

On-demand application development costs remain low; it is a myth. The whole game is of requirements. If your requirements are less, you can have up to $10,000, but if requirements are high, then it may cost you more than $40,000.

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4. App Size

App size is an obvious factor influencing the cost of developing an Android app. Based on the size, you can also categorize the apps into three categories small, medium, and enterprise. So, their cost will be accordingly.

  • Small Size App: $5,000$10,000
  • Medium Size App: $10,000$30,000
  • Enterprise App: $45,000 onwards

5. App Design & Aesthetics

App design also contributes to the overall cost of Android app development. The design includes UI (stands for user interface containing visual components) and UX (stands for a user experience, like how the user navigates through the app). The estimated app design cost ranges between $5,000 and $10,000.

6. App Development Team

For developing a professional app, you need an Android app development team, so the hiring cost is one of the significant factors determining the cost of developing an Android app.

The team will comprise multiple professionals, from Android developers to Quality analysts. An average hiring cost will be like this:

Professionals Hourly Hiring Cost
Junior Android Developers $15-$20/hr.
Intermediate Android Developers $25+ /hr.
Expert Android Developers $50 -$60+ / hr.
UI/UX Designers $15-$20 / hr.
Graphic Designers $10+ / hr.
Project Manager $100-$150 / hr.
Quality Analysts $20–$30/ hr.
Business Analysts $20–$30/ hr.
Solution Architects $100+ / hr.

The mentioned above hiring cost is just an estimated price. If you want to know the exact or detailed price, then talking with an Android App Development Company would be perfect.

 7. Additional Components

Some additional components remain hidden while evaluating the cost of developing an Android app. Here is the list of these.

Additional Components Cost
App Hosting $70-320/ Month
App Maintenance 15%-20 % of the app’s cost per year
App Updating On requirement basis
App Submission on Play Store $25/ app (one-time investment)
SMS Gateway $20 onwards
Push Notifications On a service provider basis
Email Integration Depends on the E-mail API plan
Payment Gateway 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction

(Common for Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Pay)

3.5%+$0.35 per transaction

(For 2Checkout)

Firewall $50-$300/ month
Content Delivery Network $50-$300/ month

How to Estimate the Cost to Develop an Android App?

If you are wondering how to estimate the cost of developing an Android app, here are some points you need to consider. Here are these:

android app development cost estimation

  • The type of app you want to build

First, you need to decide what kind of app you need, for example, eCommerce or gaming apps.

  • Features you would like to add

Make a list of features that you want to add to your app. Remember that the more the number of features, the more the cost.

  • Number of users

Decide how many users can log in to your app, what kind of activity they can perform with it, and how users will remain engaged.

  • Types of Integrations

Integration can expand the functionality of your apps, but it comes with a cost. So, make a short list of integrations you need, such as cameras, geo-fences, Bluetooth, public APIs, and third-party APIs.

  • Payment Gateway

Choose which payment gateway you need in your apps, such as Stripe, Amazon or PayPal. All these are the top-most payment gateways, but they are decided as per the preference of the targeted customers.

  • App Maintenance

App maintenance will also contribute to the overall cost of your specific Android app. So, choose what you need, although it will take only 15-20% of the total cost annually.

  • Developers You Need

Based on your work, you can also choose and hire developers. If you need a basic app, junior developers can help you, but it would be best to hire expert developers if you need a professional app. So, make your decision accordingly.

Once you finish all the points, it is time to ask for a quotation from a Top Android app development company to have an actual cost estimation.

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Ways to Reduce the Cost of Android App Development

Most business owners remain concerned about – how much it costs to develop an Android app. Although with this article, you will have an idea but still, if you also want to know how to reduce the cost to develop an Android app, then the best idea is to hire a top mobile app development company, you will have a fair cost.

Here are some other tips that you can follow:

  • Instead of a fully functional app building an MVP, it will cost you less. The cost to develop an MVP varies between $15 000$25,000.
  • Using simple UI/UX can reduce the Android app cost. Make sure that although using a simple design, it must be effective.
  • Choose the right development team from a reputable mobile app development company for your app. They will help you to develop the right product within your budget.
  • Research your target audience, like what they prefer and need in an app. It will help you spend the money on focus points instead of on non-essential components.


Launching an Android app for business is your perfect decision, as it is a top mobile OS used on millions of devices. If you want to know about the cost of developing an Android app, then it varies on multiple factors that you have already read in this blog.

For the best results, it is essential to create a detailed project plan and get quotes from top Android app development companies to get an estimate. Last but not least, avoid falling into the trap of low cost offered by some random mobile app developers.

It would help if you balanced the cost with quality, and only an experienced Android app development company like Arka Softwares can help the best.

We are here to address all your queries related to the Android apps. Feel free to contact us any time.

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