How to Hire a Dedicated Mobile App Development Team : The Ultimate Guide

To make a fruitful and well-working software, one would require dominance in a variety of abilities. One needs a highly skilled dedicated app development team of designers, developers, and strategists.

On the off chance that you have been meandering around so as to discover approaches to make your own mobile app, this specific blog may serve you as a medium featuring the required individuals and aptitudes to make an software.

A skilled software development team comprising many individuals is required to fabricate a quality application. It is workable for one specific individual to plan and make an application all alone however one could without much of a stretch separate the applications and tell precisely on the off chance that it was made by an individual alone or by a group of experts.

Numerous tasks are required to be finished by one team member in a period window so as to set out on mobile application development. A solid challenge while creating a mobile application will likewise enable you to out as a test and assist you with making a world-class application.

One could make a lovely software/application however without testing it against other world-class, you can’t tell where you remain in the race.

Mobile App Development Process


While developing a mobile application, team members not only gel up together, but they additionally perform better. Hence everyone is given a suitable job role.

Mobile App Development Market Statistics:

With over 2.7 billion cell phone users around the world, it’s nothing unexpected that the mobile application industry is flourishing. Application utilization and cell phone infiltration are as yet developing at a consistent rate, with no indications of easing back down soon.

If you take one moment to turn upward from your phone during the day, you’ll see that every other person has their eyes stuck to their mobile devices.

Moreover, studies indicate that normal American checks their phones every 12 minutes. 10% of individuals check their phones once every four minutes.

We utilize our mobiles at work, at home, in the city, while we’re eating, in bed, and even in our cars.

Hence the answer to the question “What is everyone doing on their phones?” is that 90% of users spent their time accessing various mobile applications on phones.

Therefore this is empowering news for any individual who possesses an application or plans on building up an application. As mobile app usage grows in popularity, the number of app downloads worldwide increases as well.


App Download Worldwide Statistics


  • It is anticipated that mobile applications will generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.
  • The Apple App store comprises 2.2 million applications for download.
  • On the other hand, the Google Play store comprises 2.8 million applications for download.
  • In a day an application is accessed more than 50 times by 21% of Millenials.
  • 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.
  • The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month.

Individuals everywhere throughout the world are utilizing cell phones and tablets.

In 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over 365 billion U.S. dollars. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising.


Mobile App Revenues 2014-2023


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How to Hire Dedicated Team- Members to Consider

This is a group of people that carries out various tasks through joint endeavors. A team of app development professionals is required to have all the vital range of abilities with which you make top-notch applications.

Every individual from the organization is related to the development process of android or iOS applications to perform at their best.

Let’s have a complete look at the required members of the team and How to hire a development team.


Review from the clients


Project Manager:

This is the individual liable for the execution of the entire project and furthermore delivering it to the client.

This individual is entrusted with managing the project development activities and furthermore keeping various divisions associated with one another.

He is answerable for interfacing with the clients straightforwardly about the issues as to building up an application and furthermore settles debates that may fall upon them.


Skills Required for This Role:

  • One ought to be an ace in business operational strategies required in mobile app development.
  • He ought to be well versed with the technology which can be used for a specific project.
  • A project manager should have good experience in psychology to get the client’s requests and needs, to offer an answer for the client at the correct minute.
  • He should be mindful. It’s vital to check particular and make usage as per the determination.
  • Performing various errands at the same time is another nature of our task administrators since it tends to be viewed as the point of convergence of their work.



The job designated to UX/UI designers may appear to be simple from the outset however in genuine, it’s not the situation. Their job isn’t just to make a UI of the application yet they additionally work along with specific documentation as they need to expand the total procedure module by module else it will be very difficult to assemble a quality product.


mobile app development


The designers are likewise required to make wireframes toward the beginning when they experience dissecting and explaining the documentation procedure.

At that point, as yet, on the off chance that everything is as indicated by the plan, they proceed onward to experimentation with UX and UI for Android and iOS platforms, contingent upon the sort of undertaking.

Designers are entrusted with making a splendid structure as well as making it alluring with the assistance of all the most recent advances in correspondence with the design of the application.

Required Skillset:

  • Competent in UI designing.
  • An extraordinary portfolio that features comparative fruitful projects.
  • Phenomenal designing abilities.
  • Image edition skills using software like Photoshop / Illustrator.
  • Incredible comm skills.


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Mobile Application Developers:

At the point when we make the UI and client experience, the most significant piece of the building up an application starts which can be said that of building an application structure and furthermore its usefulness.

Now, iOS and Android developers put their abilities so as to make a portable application. Mobile application developers’ obligations are dictated by us.

Mobile App Development Company

  • Make an interpretation of structures and wireframes into top-notch code.
  • Assemble, keep up elite, reusable, and dependable Java code.
  • Guarantee the most ideal exhibition, quality, and responsiveness of the application.
  • Recognize and address bottlenecks and make necessary corrections for all the bugs.
  • It helps in keeping up the code quality, association, and computerization.

iOS Developers:

iOS application developers take Objective-C and Swift so as to make amazing mobile applications. During the development process, iOS experts use Xcode to make an environment for building the application.

iPhone application design engineers that are just for the last two adaptations of iOS OS ( iOS 10 and 11), which is not quite the same as that of android designers. Here are some skillsets so you can hire the best ios developer for your app development team.

Required Skillset:

  • Competent in Objective C and Swift programming language.
  • Knowledge about Apple’s Xcode framework.
  • UI and UX configuration experience.
  • 2D and 3D illustrations structures like SpriteKit and SceneKit.
  • Familiar with iOS 10 and more up-to-date OS variants.

Android Developers:

Android application engineers utilize Kotlin, Java, and C++ to create mobile applications. The basic environment utilized for developing applications for Android gadgets is Android Studio.


Mobile App Developer


As cost and improvement time vigorously relies upon it, it is exceptionally vital for android app developers to have knowledge regarding what sort of gadgets are in demand by the users nowadays.

Required skillset:

  • Solid information on Android SDK, various variants of Android, and how to manage diverse screen sizes.
  • Proficiency with RESTful APIs to associate Android applications to back-end services.
  • Competent in Android UI structure standards, examples, and best practices.
  • Information on the open-source Android environment and the libraries accessible for basic assignments.
  • Capacity to comprehend business necessities and make an interpretation of them into specialized prerequisites.
  • Capacity to comprehend and incorporate third-party APIs.
  • A skill for benchmarking and development.
  • Comprehension of Google’s Android plan standards and interface rules.
  • Capable comprehension of code forming apparatuses, for example, Git

Quality Analyst:

At the point when the development of the application is completed, it is important to test it so as to confirm how it is functioning, if everything is working according to the design or not. This assignment is that of QA engineers who need to ensure the application works precisely in the manner in which it was planned.

The created application needs to experience an alternate sort of testing that is finished by the QA as it helps them to discover how the application is working under various conditions.

In the event that they found any bug in the application, QA masters will send it back to the designers so as to change it. Only after QA approves everything, the application will be given a green sign for deployment.

Required skillset:

  • Test product and distinguishing inadequacies.
  • Propose answers for recognized item issues.
  • Research item quality so as to improve enhancements to accomplish consumer loyalty.
  • Plan, make and deal with the general Quality Planning procedure.
  • Distinguish quality confirmation process bottleneck and recommend activities for development.
  • Manage nonstop improvement tasks and Collect quality information.
  • Distinguish key KPIs for product quality.

Business Analyst:

Not every app development team has a business analyst available. Moreover, for instance, our organization has business analysts to help the project chief in determining and figuring out every aspect of all the conditions that can occur while the development process.

The principal objective of the business analyst is to discover what issues the client has and give the person in question the most proficient solutions.

Sales and Marketing department:

The sales team is the one whom all clients contact when they want to get the application developed by a particular organization.

Project supervisors give clients general data about the organization and technologies that would be used for mobile application development.

After the estimation of the mobile application, project supervisors inform a client about the complete expense of the application development.

Therefore, if the client affirms the value, the team lead hands overall associations with the project director.




Where you can find the Best Mobile App Development Companies?

You can easily find the best mobile application development companies given below websites.


Good Firms



How to Overcome the Challenges While Hiring App Development Team

Hiring a dedicated app development team comes with its own set of challenges and risks, which may undermine your project development if not addressed well.

Here we have listed a few challenges and the countermeasures you may implement to prevent them.

Budget Inflation:

This is among the most common risk, where costs could be escalated due to some unforeseen circumstances or difficulties.

To prevent such a situation and minimize the risks associated with the budget, one must put additional focus during the requirements gathering stage.

As a software development organization, you must prepare an in-depth list of all your business and technical requirements to emphasize what sort of professionals are needed for your project.

Once you create the profile of a suitable professional, it will give you a fair idea of the preliminary cost for these candidates.

It will offer you better visibility and budgetary scope while asking an agency to hire app development resources for your organization.

Resource Limitation:

When you hire an app development team for your project, there is a possibility of them working on other projects aside from yours.

Most hiring organizations offer a comprehensive overview of the task assigned to and completed by the developers using various tracking tools.

You can engage with a professional IT staffer or can simply outsource your app development work to a renowned software development organization.

In that way, you can easily scale your team to cater to the dynamic requirements of your app development project.
Such organizations usually have a pool of experienced developers and consultants, who can augment you with the additional resources on demand.

This way, you can mitigate resource limitation issues and ensure your project meets deadlines.

Losing control over the Project:

The most common worry for organizations that hire a dedicated app development team is a lack of control. Usually, the dedicated team members follow the client guidelines and manage the tasks accordingly.

To manage the team and have complete control over the team and app development process, you can use the following tools:

  • Time tracking and billing – Harvest
  • Project task management – JIRA
  • Source code management – GitLab and GitHub
  • Continuous Integration – GitLab CI and Jenkins

Apart from that, the development team must be flexible enough to adapt to the development methodology followed in your organization.

The developers must be aware and well-versed in the following software development methodologies, as it enhances the process control and efficiency:

  • Scrum – It is perfect for medium to large-sized projects with a small team.
  • Lean – It is suitable for rapidly changing project requirements and environment that needs a high degree of flexibility.
  • Kanban – It is utilized when you are supposed to deliver quick bug fixes, security patches, or add a feature to your application.

Сommunication Issues:

You may experience challenges with resource effectiveness and communication. While hiring an app development team, you must pay close attention to the ability of their written communication and English speaking proficiency.

To prevent any issues in the future, you must discuss all associated aspects while hiring the team. You must evaluate their speaking and documentation abilities and ensure they meet your requirements.

You must ensure that your app development team is well versed with the most common collaboration tool such as:
Screen Sharing and Video conferencing tools (e.g Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc)

  • Project management tools (e.g. MS Project, JIRA)
  • Document-sharing for revision (e.g. Figma or InDesign)

Differences in Time Zone:

In this era of globalization, an app development team could be spread across different geographies and must be working in different time zones.

This time zone difference can result in ineffective cooperation, which could hurt your app development. However, it could become your advantage as well.

For example, while working with a team from India or Eastern Europe (e.g. Ukraine) you can provide your requirements and developers can fix them early in the morning before your operations start.

This way, you will get the required updates directly the next day. If you are hiring a dedicated team from another continent or country, always make sure your organization uses robust communication methods to mitigate any sort of risks.

Cultural Differences:

While working with an app development team, you must ensure that there are no cultural differences among all stakeholders.

To hire a development team with a focused business approach and minimum cultural issues, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Willingness to carry out all administrative and operational tasks
  • Employee retention assurance
  • Capability to rapidly scale the team with seasoned professionals
  • On-demand specialist assistance
  • Eagerness to undertake the technical assessment and fulfill technical tasks
  • Offer consultation assistance for continuous improvement

Security and Data Privacy Risks:

This is among the most critical challenges one may experience, as data or code theft could prove detrimental to your organization’s reputation.

While hiring an app development team, you must ensure they sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), which will ensure the adequate security of your unique idea and business processes.

You must implement strong access controls and security protocols to prevent misuse of your documentation and intellectual properties.

Professional app development companies always ensure no unauthorized entities get access to your sensitive data and business secrets.

While you plan to hire a dedicated app development team, it is important to consider the above-mentioned aspects.

You can alleviate the challenges to your project by selecting a renowned app development company with a proven track record of delivering several projects.


How to Interview a Perfect Mobile App Developer?

  • Contact Mobile app developers from the list mentioned above.
  • Figure out a developer interested in your business.
  • Go through the portfolio.
  • Ask for Previous client references.
  • Communication skills are a must.
  • Check their coding skills & knowledge with sample tasks.
  • Reporting and Communication Channel.


What are the Qualities of a Productive Mobile App Development Team?

Qualified Team Management:

A mobile app development company comprises a couple of divisions and every one of them has a significant role in the application development process. In any case, it is hard to control all authorities in every division how they carry out their responsibility.

That is the reason every division ought to have a group head that is answerable for all undertakings his/her specialists execute. Furthermore, qualified group pioneers should screen the work process in their specialization. It will guarantee that the procedure will go intelligently and any difficulties won’t emerge.

Deadline Completion:

All members of the application development group ought to carefully stay aware of the work completion deadline and move alongside the defined schedule while making a mobile application. Work deadlines ought to be met regardless.

Except if a client chooses to add something new to the application, it will impact the augmentation of the development deadline. All members of the development team ought to be well informed regarding the work schedule and the necessary details.

Joint Cooperation:

As the application development process is extremely mind-boggling and includes numerous professionals involved, it is profoundly required to carry out all responsibilities with shared endeavors.

One professional can’t be capable of UI plan, quality confirmation, and application development. In this manner, all individuals carry out their responsibility and help each other upon demand.

Proficiency Level Compliance:

A very capable development team is continually searching for imposing jobs and activities. And keeping in mind that every individual from the group vows to do excellent work, they anticipate a similar degree of capability from their associates.

Mutual Respect:

Everybody in the group just as individuals outside of it ought to comprehend that mobile application development includes different strides of work and every one of these means requires explicit aptitudes, time, and exertion.

No connection of the development team can check their own piece of the activity as progressively troublesome /significant/tedious and botch the timetable by setting aside more effort to complete it.

The equivalent goes for clients: they ought to be educated that no progression can be ‘accelerated’ in light of the fact that it might sound simpler or less essential to them.


mobile app development team


Tasks That Your Mobile App Development Team Will Carry Out

Draft Mobile App Development Plan:

Everything begins with this phase. We ought to comprehend what type of the application will be, the means by which it will work, and what challenges it will fathom. A portable advancement group is occupied with the structure of utilization cases that a future application may perform conceivably.

Additionally, it is important to decide the business estimation of things to come venture. Having made legitimate research, we can continue to the following point.

Create SRS Documents:

Here it is important to perform a practicality appraisal to figure out what backend ought to be created, what frameworks can (or can’t) be utilized. It tends to be accomplished with the assistance of application usefulness evaluation.

Other than that, all prerequisites ought to be surveyed based on the stage since Android and iOS working frameworks have its very own particularities. Likewise, the development procedure of the application relies upon whether it will be a mixture application, cross-stage, or a local one.

Toward the finish of this stage, your application can be adjusted with some new highlights or some of them will be evacuated because of some solid reasons like powerlessness to actualize it or another.

Prototypes Building:

Prototypes make it feasible for the client to perceive how the application will look and how it will function. An immediately constructed model will establish the framework of mobile app development. The client can prompt what he/she might want to change to keep away from the startling updates in the future particularly if the financial backing is restricted.

UX Design Building:

It is simply the main phase of the application improvement process itself. UI/UX architects are engaged with the production of client experience of the application, their undertaking is to make UX natural and clear for future clients.

This procedure is somewhat long and it requires a ton of time. When UX is prepared, Android and iOS engineers can see the entire usefulness, how it should work and what procedures ought to be actualized.

Structure Development:

Android and iOS engineers start making the structure of the application, they make it alive and practical. The development procedure is executed by an Agile strategy, it is the most advantageous philosophy that accomplishes the best outcome.

Testing & Quality Assurance:

QA engineers give a valiant effort to take care of the product and make it totally liberated from any bugs. There are numerous kinds of mobile app testing and the objective of QA experts is to give the application all testing types that are ideal in this particular case. At the point when the last bug is pulverized, the application can be sent to discharge. It is an upbeat end!


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Development Team?

Employing a mobile application development group brimming with experts requires more exertion than simply finding the individual for a specific job. In the event that you go down this path of employing a group, at that point you need to deal with everything extending from HR to lawful issues.

The US/UK-based developer’s prices are around $70-$250 every hour, Eastern Europe-based mobile app developer’s prices are around $50 to $150 every hour, except the organizations and designers in India give the most sensible rate which is $20-$70 every hour.



To develop a successful app, one would require exceptional software developers, testers, architects, and consultants.

You may enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits and develop high-quality apps if you invest time and money to hire a dedicated development team.

Selecting a reliable technology partner can transform your app development prospects and enable you to enjoy numerous benefits.

At Arka Softwares, we have employed a well-established procedure to assemble a dedicated app development team according to your project requirements. We can assess your project needs, evaluate candidates, conduct a selection process, handle legal and administrative issues, sign NDA, and integrate them into your business environment.
If you have any doubts, feel free to contact our experts and aboard your app development journey.

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