How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

Updated 07 Feb 2024
Published 02 Feb 2024
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Cost to Develop Fantasy App Like Sleeper

Gaming firms understand the need to develop fantasy sports apps, as there has been a huge rise in this industry over recent years. As the demand for these apps grows, businesses are beginning to realize the opportunity and implications of developing a Sleeper Fantasy League platform.

Information from the market research reports states that the global fantasy sports market is expected to have a CAGR of 13% between 2021 and 2027, with an estimated value of $48.6 billion.

Creating a fantasy sports game app enables company owners to earn commendable revenue from sponsorships, advertisements, and other sources with a good ROI at low costs. This blog walks you through the process of developing a fantasy sports app like Sleeper.

What is the Sleeper Fantasy App?

The Fantasy Football Sleeper app is for users to create their leagues. Thanks to its intuitive UI and various modes and options, the players will experience the best fantasy football unlike any other.

Sleeper’s primary interests remain fantasy football and the NFL. Sleeper is available for usage on iOS, Android, and iPad. Previously, it was only an app.

But they just redesigned their website, so visitors may now utilize all of its features in a browser.

The Importance of Fantasy Sports Applications

With fantasy sports applications, fans can have a virtual simulation of their favorite leagues in the sporting field. These specifications allow users to create a fantasy app like Sleeper consisting of real professional gamers whose accomplishments in the actual world determine team performance.

Companies and entrepreneurs should develop fantasy sports app like FanDuel, as it is crucial to earn from the attractive prospects of this market.

Proper design of the app and the inclusion of many features will allow you to attract numerous users, enabling monetization. There are many ways to monetize your app, including in-app purchases, various ads, and premium subscriptions.

  • Brand Promotion:

Marketing and brand promotion are the opportunities provided through the applications of fantasy sports. Businesses can collaborate with teams and sporting bodies, support events, or even place their product advertisements within a program to reach specific sports viewership.

  • Content Creator Monetization:

The content that bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers provide generates revenues for fantasy sports applications in a variety of ways, such as through affiliate marketing collaborations and also through advertisers.

Global Reach: Fantasy Sports offers a global reach for users to participate in various sports leagues, expanding the potential user base and market for these applications.

  • Technical Innovation:

To improve the user experience, offer tailored recommendations, and expand platform functionality, fantasy sports applications frequently make use of technical breakthroughs like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data processing.

  • Fan Interaction with Sports Leagues:

Fantasy sports apps foster greater fan interaction with clubs and leagues. As a result of fans’ growing involvement in different games and events, the leagues may see an uptick in viewership, merchandise sales, and general support.

  • Social Interaction:

By offering leagues, chat tools, and the option to compete against friends or join open leagues with random people who have similar interests, these platforms help users communicate socially. Sports foster a sense of community.

Features of Fantasy Sports Applications like Sleeper

The features of a fantasy app are crucial to its success. These are some important features to be included in each fantasy sports application, as follows:

  • Users’ Registration:

The standard feature across all applications is users’ ability to register and create accounts and profiles. Recall to get the important details from players, such as their login, email, personal number, and nicknames.

  • Dashboard:

With limitless selection modifications and pauses, the draft board provides the commissioner with complete control at all times. If somebody is running late, you can begin working on the draft at any moment.

Half of your league can draft in person, while the other half does so virtually. It functions flawlessly on mobile and the web.

  • Profile Setting:

Users can assign a unique identity to their accounts by using this feature. The players will personalize their profiles by including images, coming up with original names, and more.

Users can check their current points, awards, transaction history, referrals, bonuses, account data, and more, in addition to upgrading their accounts.

  • Internationalization:

Using a single platform across all regions. With internationalization fantasy sports software, you can operate your business across multiple time zones and handle any currency.

  • Leaderboard:

When users engage in fantasy app games, they accrue reward points. Users can also gain points by competing in monetary competitions. Users’ accounts contain an accumulation of all the points they have earned.

They have more points the higher they are on the ranking list. It gives details on fantasy players and the points they have earned.

  • Player statistics:

Any fantasy application should have a player profile since it will provide you with all the necessary details about the player. By looking at player profiles, you can select the ideal players for your team.

The profile should provide information on runs scored, past match performance, selecting ratio, present form, and other relevant details.

  • Integration of Social Media:

Users can compete with friends and followers and post information about their fantasy teams by integrating the platform with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways:

To make it easier for users to make purchases and withdraw money from the app, top-notch sports software will have multiple payment gateway systems installed.

Benefits of Fantasy Sports App Development

There are various advantages to purchasing fantasy sports software from a fantasy sports app development company. Let’s decide if developing fantasy sports software is worth your effort with its advantages.

1. Optimal ROI on Investments

No one will put money into a company that does not offer strong earnings or returns. The greatest way to make large returns with little commitment is through playing fantasy sports games.

Your fantasy sports game should be introduced to the market by a reputable organization; everything else will work itself out.

2. Enhanced Output:

When compared to mobile webpages, dedicated apps frequently perform better and load faster. It is important for users who desire instant information access and the flexibility to make last-minute lineup adjustments.

3. Strong Possibilities for Monetization

This also applies to your fantasy sports software. For any firm, making a significant profit and revenue is paramount.

A good and optimized gaming platform can get people from the whole world to play on it, which also allows you to earn money through different affiliate links, in-app purchases, display advertisements, and so much more.

4. Scalability

Fantasy sports software is designed to be scalable, allowing it to grow with the business. As the business adds additional clients, the software can be changed to accommodate the expanding need. Businesses can now start small and expand gradually, thanks to the fantasy app.

5. Brand Partnership

The users who experience excitement and pleasure, mostly for the chance to win reward prizes, are the ones who find fantasy sports app platforms most intriguing. The large fan base that accompanies the demand for these apps readily justifies this fact.

Many of these applications are currently on the verge of becoming iconic brands for numerous sports. Creating and releasing one of these apps can lead to you being connected to all of the major corporations.

6. Data collection

The main advantage of creating a fantasy sports app is that it allows you to collect data about user behavior and usage patterns, which you can then process and evaluate to improve the app’s user experience and make wise business decisions.

7. User base growth

The implementation of fantasy sports applications creates a great opportunity for the majority of gamers to find a proper place where they can enjoy playing online games against other players. A quality fantasy sports app will help you grow the number of people who use your brand.

The Cost of Developing a Fantasy App like Sleeper

The only thing that comes to mind concerning fantasy sports app development is its very steep price. The cost of developing a fantasy sports app may be very challenging to estimate.

It involves many factors, including app features, platforms, tech stacks, tools, the development team and location.

The MVP version of a fantasy sports app can be developed at $35k to $80k, while the main advancement is estimated from $80k to $200k. So, hiring a trustworthy and expert app development team is important and they should offer top-quality services within the established budget.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Sports App Development

Numerous factors affect how much it costs to design mobile apps for fantasy sports. The complexity of the program, its features, and the location of the development team all affect budgets.

  • Which platforms would the apps be designed for? The cost of creating a dream app would involve making it for iOS, Android, or both.
  • The choice of platform is completely based on the user demands and preferences that your project requires.
  • The toolkit for development will include many programming languages, frameworks, and other tools and libraries. A football app development cost can be influenced by the type of programming language used. Get help with choosing the suitable technology for your app development from on-demand app developers.
  • The UI and the design of your app for fantasy sports represent some essential parts that can drastically influence how effective it is. Besides the enhanced user experience, a good UI design boosts the involvement and commitment of the users. The complexity of the app’s design, e.g., high-quality animations and videos, may make it more expensive too.
  • Development Team: The location of the development team may have an impact on the cost of development. The cost to build a fantasy app can be impacted by the wide variations in hourly rates that developers charge across national borders.
  • App Features: A Dream11 app development cost is mostly determined by its features; more sophisticated or distinctive features will come with a higher creation cost.
  • Third-Party API Integration: The number of third-party platforms you interface with and their usage will determine how much your app development will cost.
  • App Maintenance: App maintenance can have a big impact on the costs of creating a Sleeper fantasy app. Frequent bug fixes, server upkeep, technical support, and feature development are required for fantasy software.

The cost to build a fantasy app like Sleeper might be anything from $35,000 to $200,000, or even more for fully customized or feature-rich apps.

To receive precise cost estimates that are customized to your unique requirements, you must discuss your project requirements with seasoned app development agencies or independent contractors.

How does a fantasy sports app make money?

Making fantasy software is a fun project, but making money out of it is not always easy. It’s critical to take into account a variety of approaches to making money while maintaining engaging and user-friendly software.

  • Funds from brands

The virtual sports market is seeing significant growth in fantasy sports apps. Consequently, DFS applications receive funding from major brands to grow and expand.

To grasp the idea, think about the following example: Dream11 has collaborated with and profited from the IPL 2021 sponsorship.

  • Marketing and advertisements

Another fantastic way to make a lot of money from developing fantasy sports apps is through advertisements. A lot of businesses may be sent to your application to promote their goods or services.

Your application may be used by more businesses to advertise their goods and services.

  • Virtual Products and In-App Purchases

Give customers the choice to buy in-app virtual products like power-ups, personalized avatars, or exclusive content. For a seamless user experience, implement a secure and frictionless payment mechanism.

  • Fee for Participation

Users who want to participate in contests with prizes akin to those of the NFL are charged a participation fee. This is another common way of generating revenue.

This method is used for winning a portion of the cash prize waves, which may include high percentages. There is an entrance fee that users must pay to participate in certain contests.

  • Premium Features and Subscription

Allowing users to purchase premium features is a good idea if you want to make a lot of money from your fantasy sports software. This will enable you to make a respectable income.

You can charge a small fee for the feature that lets customers form more teams within the app. Permit people to purchase tokens and use them to participate in the game.

  • Brand Collaboration

Although managing massive campaigns may be difficult, for the greatest advantage and financial gain, think about collaborating with more well-known brands!

As payment for collaborating with you, partnered brands may extend exclusive offers to you and the members of their respective audiences. They will also return a portion of each transaction to you.


After the phenomenal success that fantasy sports enjoyed in their popularity, developers and entrepreneurs are now stepping into an opportunity to develop apps for their versions of fantasy players.

Start developing the best fantasy football app for money with the best fantasy sports application development company to find a niche in the market.

FAQs related to Creating your own Fantasy App

Q.1 How long does it take to develop an app like Dream11?

A. It takes four to six months to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream11, depending on several factors, including the application types and platforms. The complexity level of design and features is monitored while considering budgets allocated for resources.

Q.2 What is the cost of developing a sports app?

A. Fantasy app development cost is attributed to several key variables, such as features, platforms, design specifications, teamwork, and location. Applications that are heavily customized or have a lot of features can cost anywhere from $35k to over $2M.

Q.3 What are the sources of revenue for fantasy sports applications?

A. Fantasy sports applications generate revenue through in-app purchases such as merchandise items, advertising, sponsorships, partnerships with various sports leagues and teams, and premium subscription models for gaining access to superior features; entry fees are also charged on competitive platforms.

Q.4 What are the technical stacks needed for fantasy app development?

A. The technical stacks, which include framework and coding language, front-end and back-end tools, Google Cloud, payment integration and gateway, and push notifications, are important in developing a fantasy sports app.

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