How To Create A Fantasy Sports App in 2024?

Updated 11 Mar 2024
Published 21 Mar 2023
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Fantasy Sports App

The mounting desire for fantasy sports apps isn’t something you are unaware of. These applications connect real-world players and reel-world players through the digital interface. Still, they aren’t video-calling apps that connect celebrity players with random folks, so don’t take it wrong.

Thus, they mostly operate as an online skill-based betting platform where users are given a chance to participate in the sports league through some interactive games.

Fantasy sports apps employ cutting-edge technology to offer immersive sports streaming experiences to enthusiastic users online.

With millions of people worldwide actively participating in fantasy sports apps, an upswing in the fantasy sports industry is visible. So, seize the opportunity because some recent trends are further driving this industry forward.

This article will be your detailed guide if you are still looking for more information on how to make a fantasy sports App.

What are the Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports App?

Fantasy sports are augmenting user’s craving for fantasy gaming apps in the online market, and immersive experiences are mainly blamed for that.

Fantasy sports are prediction games that are played online through a smartphone app. This application brings together players (who are described as professional athletes in the real world) whose performance on the field decides the outcomes in fantasy gaming.

Fantasy sports app

The gamer will attract more points if the real-world athlete’s performance is awesome. In other words, you will be betting on the players, which will get you some rewards.

While you are in the fantasy gaming application, not only will you be betting on real-world athletes, but you will also be competing against other users on the app.

All these players compete on the app based on their statistical performance. This performance is then converted into points.

The primary goal of a fantasy sports game is to make it more personalized and immersive for a person who may be more interested in a particular sport, which can be anything from football, cricket, basketball, and so on.

Compared to desktop or other platforms, fantasy sports are widely enjoyed on smartphone devices as they provide players with the flexibility of playing online.

How does the Fantasy Sports Software work?

The most powerful way in which a fantasy sports platform manages to attract millions of users is by using professional athletes as a reference.

Athletes featured on these fantasy rosters are presented with their original name, performance history, and skills or achievements.

Players are given the flexibility of selecting their favorite athlete as per the given qualities and placing a real-money bid on them.

Altogether, it makes fantasy games so interactive and entertaining to customers that the fantasy sports market is registering a compound annual growth rate of 14.1% from 2023 to 2030 to reach USD 56.36 billion by 2030.

Let’s have a look at the overall ecosystem of the Fantasy Sports app. The following is a detailed explanation of how the fantasy sports mobile app works.

How Does the Fantasy Sports Mobile App Work

1. Selecting the Match

Since most matches held on the fantasy sports application are dedicated to sports games app with multiple players, you need to make an ideal selection. Fantasy sports applications equip multiple sports games, so choose wisely and head forward.

2. Forming a Team

As you have ended up selecting the best game that matches your interest level or the game of which you have a fair understanding, you can start inviting players to join your team. This team can be anonymously built or invite your friends or cousins to join it.

3. Team Management

Until the deadline of the sport, users will be allowed to modify or adjust their team as per their unique needs. Some applications even feature a tracking tool that provides the captain with a complete report of the adjacent player.

Team Management

4. Deciding on a Team Captain

A captain and vice-captain will also be required in the fantasy games; otherwise, there’s no fun in playing in the fantasy sports app.

5. Creating Various Teams

As per their interest or strategy requirements, users are free to build multiple teams rather than one. However, some terms and conditions shall apply.

6. Reward Distribution

Reward distribution is one of the most enticing parts of fantasy sports. As said, these games work on point systems. Therefore, rewards are distributed based on the points earned by each team.

Popular Types of Fantasy Sports Apps

Now that you have come across the complete clarification of what is the fantasy sports app, some questions are likely to pop up in your mind. But the most common one is linked to the relationship between fantasy sports and real-world sports.

Since these applications run prediction-based games whose point system is largely reflected by the real-world performance of sports events that don’t happen daily, the application is divided into different categories.

Popular Types of Fantasy Sports Apps

1. Daily and Weekly Games

Some fantasy sports let players bid on athletes daily. But such sports games can be more imaginary than realistic, as sports don’t even happen on a daily basis.

2. Games Based on the Scores

Some fantasy sports exclusively rely on the scores of an athlete in the real world and can vary significantly.

3. Different Conceptual-based Games

Conceptual-based games drive scores by presenting multiple concepts to the player and can vary significantly.

4. Multiple League-based Games

These fantasy sports gaming applications work on a large scale, as multiple players participate in this gaming application.

5. Season-Long Fantasy Sports

Some fantasy sports games can stretch over multiple weeks and months and are referred to as season-long fantasy sports.


Fantasy Sports Industry Size and Statistics

The global fantasy sports market was worth $27.20 billion in 2022. It is projected to increase from $30.95 billion in 2023 to $87.07 billion by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.80% during the forecast period from 2024 to 2031.

Fantasy Sports Industry Size and Statistics

However, the increasing youth population and rising internet consumption are the primary growth drivers here. One of the reports by the World Youth Report (2020) discloses some eye-opening statistics.

The report discloses that the youth population around the world will surpass 1.3 billion by 2030. Earlier in 2020, there were 1.2 billion young people ages 15 to 24. The number is increasing by 7%.

So do fantasy sports, which are expanding their reach through their digital presence. North America has remained the biggest contributor to the growth of fantasy sports apps. The fantasy sports gaming industry in the country is growing at a CAGR of 30%.

Similarly, most other European countries have seen the emergence of fantasy sports gaming. In some underdeveloped countries like India, where the consumption of the internet and smartphones is highest compared to the rest of the world, fantasy sports apps are progressively taking hold.

Top Sports Propelling Fantasy Sports App Domain

Mentioned below are the top game domains to play your favorite fantasy sports game in. Let’s take a look:-

Top Sports Propelling Fantasy Sports App Domain

1. Cricket

One of the primary and most popular games in the fantasy sports application territory is the fantasy cricket app. The game has two different teams. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

2. Football

Football is regarded as the world’s most popular ball game, and similar words are used for fantasy football games. The game is played between two teams on a rectangular field by players who try to score a goal by passing, running, and kicking a ball.

3. Basketball

Basketball is also growing in popularity in the fantasy gaming application niche. Again, the sport comprises two different teams that compete against each other to secure a goal by putting, bouncing, or dropping a ball in the basket.

4. Golf

Golf is a peaceful game that is widely played on the wide green lawn, in which players use numerous clubs and try to hit balls in a desired direction, whereas the ultimate goal is to get the ball straight into the holes without taking multiple strokes.

5. Baseball

Baseball is analogous to cricket, but it may have slightly different rules. The game is widely enjoyed by US players and incorporates two different teams, where the first is a baller and the second is a batter, who are trying to achieve or stop a score by touching four bases on the field.

6. Rugby

The rugby union game is also played with balls in which multiple people, divided into two teams, rush with a ball by picking it up in their hands to drop it off at the goal pit, which gets a certain score for each team.

However, this is just a quick explanation of the most popular game type that you watch in the Fantasy Sports app, but the ultimate choice of the game depends largely on the application developed.

As such, most applications may not feature the game but tend to perform as just a gambling app. Some fantasy sports can be entirely different from sports apps, as discussed next.

Why Do You Need to Create a Fantasy Sports App?

Fantasy sports provide lots of fun, excitement, and entertainment. This all derives for fantasy sports developers some outstanding benefits that are as follows:-

Why Create a Fantasy Sports Mobile App

1. Increased User Engagement

If you run a brand or a business venture that seeks more audience in its network, of course, fantasy sports applications are the finest way to do that. With more athletes making fans in the real world, sports applications are the finest alternative to building a special following among these users.

2. Multiple Revenue Streams

Once you surpass the minimum user base limit for the respective revenue program, you will begin exposing yourself to multiple revenue streams. Most notably, you will start generating revenue from in-app ads, sponsor ads, streaming ads, banner ads, and so on.

3. Data Collection

Most mobile application developers are about to build their business empires thanks to the data collected by fantasy sports applications. This information could come from the user’s email address or phone number, which they provided when registering for the season-long fantasy app.

4. Improved Relationships with Sponsors

One of the significant benefits that will spike your adrenaline is that you will build an improved relationship with sponsors who will be willing to pay you more for the user base and user retention on your site. Since you will have a targeted user base, sponsors are more likely to keep coming back.

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Fantasy Sports Monetization: How Does Fantasy Sports App Make Money?

You will rarely encounter any issues related to monetization with the fantasy sports app. Given below is a list of options you will be monetizing your fantasy gaming app through:-

The Fantasy Sports Mobile App Monetization How Does It Work

1. Entry/Participation Fee

If your application has a super cool interface and supports an intelligent business plan, you can charge users an entry or participation fee to grant them access to the outstanding features of your app. However, a considerable investment in marketing can go if your application operates on an entry-fee model.

2. Private League Commissions

As a fantasy sports developer, you can also act as a league commissioner between players. It is your responsibility to keep control of the league rule, draught the starter, and make sure the reward is granted to the winner without any disturbances.

3. E-commerce Integration

E-commerce integration is another attractive way of monetizing your fantasy sports business. If you have an additional website where you sell sports-related stuff, you can feature it on the app. Most sports fans are likely to purchase your stuff from the app.


4. Advertisement Selling

One of the most basic ways to derive income from your fantasy sports app is by selling advertisements. You can simply enable this feature by passing the basic eligibility criteria for monetization platforms.

5. Third-party affiliation

Applications developers can even give affiliate partners a position on the platform so that each time a user logs in and purchases the affiliate product at the same time, you could attract money into your account.

Top Fantasy Sports Apps to Inspire you to Create One

1. CBS Fantasy Sports

The CBS Sports Fantasy app is one of the perfect fantasy sports apps available over the internet for sports lovers. It covers games like baseball app, football, basketball, hockey, and more. You can use this app to manage your team, track your score, get the latest advice, and play leagues.

You can access this app not only on your Android or iOS phone but also you can enjoy it on your iPad and Apple watch.

2. FanDuel

Almost all fantasy sports lovers know the name of this Fantasy League app like FanDuel. It is a fantastic app that you can also use for sports betting. It offers free and paid contests, and you can form a new fantasy team every week.


The only limitation is sports betting features are only available in the countries where it is legal as per law. For playing fantasy sports, there is no limitation

3. DraftKings

DraftKings is known for its daily fantasy sports mobile apps, casinos, marketplace, and Reignmakers NFT games.
Its advantages are drafting a new lineup whenever required, picking a favorite player every week in the team, playing a public or private contest, having quick participation, and winning prizes weekly or at the end of the contest.

4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the top-ranked fantasy sports apps where you can play and enjoy fantasy sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and others. Using this app, you can manage your team in your way.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

While playing the game, you can access other features like live updates, alerts, expert analysis, etc. Its unique feature is a fantasy messenger that you can use to communicate with your mates.

5. ESPN Fantasy Sports

One of the USPs of the ESPN fantasy sports app is that you can play all ESPN games for free, which makes it eligible as one of the top-ranked fantasy sports apps.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

You can follow a live score and access articles or videos posted by top fantasy sports analysts. Users can play contests with their family and friends, and also they can join public leagues.

What Key Features can include in Fantasy Sports App Development Platform?

Landing straight on the list of key features of the fantasy sports mobile app, discussed separately for users and administrators-

What Are the Key Features of the Fantasy Sports Mobile App

User-Feature List

1. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs in the app keep users engaged, and since they are rewarding, the likelihood is that players will also get to earn something unexpected from the app.

2. Interactive Interface

Interactive interfaces will make users feel connected to the mobile app. If they are paying a huge commission or registration fee, they will happily submit it.

3. Leadership Board

Which group wins and loses in tournament sports events or who is currently on top in a seasonal sports event is highlighted on these applications.

Leadership Board

4. Improved Safety

Such applications are fully encrypted and securely developed by dedicated developers, which gives fantasy sports players improved safety for their data and money.

5. Groups

Users get the opportunity to create a personalized group, which enables them to play on the fantasy cricket apps with their family members or friends.

6. Achievement Batches

Achievement batches are also offered to fantasy sports players, which provide them with a unique identity or special recognition in the industry.


Admin: Feature List

Below are some potential features that an admin panel could have for a fantasy sports mobile app:-

1. Dashboard

There will be one dashboard for users and a second dashboard for the admin, where they will be managing all activities related to the application online.

2. Player stats

To figure out the performance of the app or a recent tweak in the app, the statistics feature is also enabled on almost every fantasy sports gaming app, which directs the admin for a strategic judgment.

Player stats

3. Setting

Apart from minor settings, some bigger ones are also provided to the admin and come into play when the need for a forced start or stop of a particular element of the app arises.

4. Secure Login

Secure log-in provides admins with the peace of mind that only the original user logs into the app.

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Advanced Features to Consider for Sports App Development

Apart from the features detailed above, there are some advanced features that fantasy sports app developers are considering a lot to make their applications more seductive.

Advanced Features to Consider for Fantasy Sports App Development

1. Social Login/SignUp

Almost every person is a social media nomad, which is why the fantasy sports app comes with social log-in and sign-up features that keep users connected.

2. Crypto Payments

The majority of people prefer to pay with cryptocurrency. Therefore, people must be provided with this option on the app.

3. Live-Scoring

Live scoring improves user retention. A player is more likely to play the game for a long if they are receiving real-time reporting of their gameplay.

Live Scoring

4. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs are the most enticing method for an admin to retain more and more users on the app and convert them into loyal customers.

5. In-Game Player Change

The in-game player change would provide users the flexibility of letting someone play on their behalf or use their position, which ensures the continuity of the tournament.

6. CRM Integrations

Customer-relationship management software can also be integrated with the app if you want to operate it on a large scale.



The Fantasy League app is the new face of the sports industry. There’s a huge scope for such applications across the application stores, where many have already earned millions of downloads.

So, seize the opportunity if you are also passionate about building fantasy sports software in a certain category.

FAQ Related to Fantasy Sports App Development

        • What is a Fantasy Sports App?

          A fantasy sports app is a mobile application that allows users to create their own virtual sports teams made up of real-life athletes, and compete against other users’ teams. The app lets users draft players, make trades, and manage their teams throughout the season.

        • Are Fantasy Sports Legal?

          In most countries, like the US and India, fantasy sports applications are legal as they have been found to improve skills and judgment abilities in people of certain age groups. As per the governing law, winning or losing in fantasy games is entirely based on the user’s own knowledge and skills.

        • What is the Importance of Fantasy Sports App Development Partners?

          Boring content is no longer consumed by modern users. They seek more engaging stuff that keeps them engaged with their favorite sports while aiding in the expansion of their knowledge. Revenue opportunities are also outstanding.

        • How long does it take to develop a Fantasy Sports App?

          The development timeline for a fantasy sports app depends on various factors, including the complexity of the app, the features, and the development team’s experience. Generally, a basic app can take between 3-6 months to develop, while a more complex app can take up to a year or more.

        • How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App?

          It can readily take an investment amount of US$ 35,000/- to US$ 55,000/- to have a fantasy sports app ready for both Android and iOS devices. The cost can go up and down depending on the technology, functionality, communication interface, and the set of features used.

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