AngularJS is mostly utilized by developers for building dynamic and single page web applications. As we know AngularJS is an open source framework, it makes developers insert additional directives to the HTML components completely free.

Here we are to know how AngularJS is used as Asp.Net development services and how we can access data using entity framework database. In short, we can acknowledge this going through the given points-

  1. First, you need to insert AngularJS Library in Asp.Net MVC.
  2. Now add a reference to AngularJS.
  3. Use Entity framework database to fetch the data.
  4. Return JSON data from the controller in Asp.Net MVC.
  5. Utilize JSON data in AngularJS performance.
  6. Send data from controller to view using AngularJS services in controller.
  7. Offer data on AngularJS View.

Before implementing the above-given points first you need to build an Asp.Net MVC application and manage packages like Nuget package, AngularJS package and go for installation into the project. Now, you can go further to implement the aforementioned points so find complete process in detail below-

1. Insert AngularJS library

After setting up the package you can insert AngularJS library. Adding library you can find all files in the script folder of Angular JS library.

2. AngularJS Reference

There are two options for integrating AngularJS library reference- Bundling and MVC minification.

If you are using Bundling then you will get AngularJS in entire project but you also go with use the other option (MVC minification) in case you need to utilize AngularJS particularly.

3. Use Entity Framework

For developing an end to end MVC application in dot net programming you have to follow few important steps which are given-

  • Utilize Entity Framework database as the first approach to fetch data from the database.
  • JSON returning from the MVC controller.
  • Configure to a database utilizing the Entity Framework first approach.
  • To fetch data from database generate an AngularJS service using $http.
  • Make an AngularJS view on the MVC view to show data.
  • Entity Framework database must be the first approach.

4. Return JSON data

When you want to return personal data as JSON you need to add return type JSONResult as an action in the controller. To return the JSON data you should know that it is very easy to write web API code; however, it helps you in understanding how you should perform with AngularJS and as the best choice find an action to return JSON data.

5. Create AngularJS Service

AngularJS is well-known across the world and we are here to describe few important key concepts in AngularJS framework.  To implement AngularJS in Asp.Net MVC we need to understand these functions that can help you fetch data using $http. Have a look below-

  • Controller

The controller comes with business logic and data and works as a JavaScript constructor. In this process, the controller and view make a connection using $Scope object. A controller is implemented on view each time and result comes as an instance. So, if you implement the constructor multiple times, you will get instances created the same time.

  • Modules

These are the other functions that contained by JavaScript functions. Modules perform as controller and services and at least one module should be comprised of single AngularJS application. To implement module and controller on the view you have to call for the reference of a JavaScript file and give a value of ng-app directive to the module name.

  • Services

Services are known as JavaScript functionality that utilized to build instance one time per application lifecycle. The things that are the components of services should be shared across the controller. Besides, there are many ways to create a service in AngularJS and the most utilized is the factory method or service method.


In this blog, we described some very important steps that utilized in AngularJS and Asp.Net MVC. Some useful components are also discussed here, hopes you would have got the significant information about the use of AngularJS in Asp.Net MVC. It is easy to utilize AngularJS in MVC using Entity Framework but the main concern is security level. You also need to be sure for better security features on the server side.

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