Why ASP.NET Core is a preferred Framework for Web App Development?

Updated 05 Jan 2024
Published 13 Jul 2022
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Why prefer ASP.NET Core Framework for Web Application Development

Web Applications have taken the tech world by storm in the last decade or so. It has become important for any organization to have a web application, that can open more avenues to tap potential customers and enhance brand awareness in the market.

With the ever-evolving IT sector, innovative technologies are being launched in the market, which often confuses the enterprise while selecting a suitable framework for building web applications for their business.

Amid numerous web application development, ASP.Net Core framework for enterprises has gradually established itself as a worthy technology platform for the development of capable and successful web applications.

In this blog, we would be exploring various traits of ASP.Net Core and understand why it has become the most preferred option to furnish web-based applications.

What is ASP.NET Core – A brief overview

ASP.NET Core is an application development framework devised, developed, supported, and maintained by Microsoft and many developer communities contributing to the open-source initiatives.

It was introduced as a framework that allows platform-independent web apps and works in tandem with HTTP protocol.

ASP.Net Core supports multiple programming languages such as J#, C#, and VB. Net, which allows developers to embed complex backend logic and enthralling frontend components.

The primary objective of ASP.Net Core was to enable end-users to access ASP (Active Server Pages) via a  browser to improve productivity and save local system resources.

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The architecture of ASP.Net Core is divided into three main components, framework class library, programming language, and standard language runtime.

These components work together to compile the code, embed packages in the app, and then finally execute the program in real-time.

ASP.NET Core offers numerous innovative features and functionalities that enhanced its popularity among IT firms and developers. Also, You can see many amazing features of asp.net in the new update of asp.net 7 which is very helpful for businesses.

The Cross-platform capabilities and high-performance nature makes it a suitable choice to craft modern and cloud-based applications 

ASP.Net Core allows you to :

  • Run web apps on .NET Core or .NET Framework.
  • Build productive and progressive web services and apps, IoT apps, and mobile back-ends.
  • Develop apps for multiple platforms such as macOS, Windows, or Linux.
  • Deploy applications and services on-premises or to the cloud.

What is the difference between ASP.NET VS ASP.NET Core?

A larger number of people often get confused between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, as both are Microsoft’s products.

However, there are certain fundamental differences among them, and that’s why the application’s behavior on both platforms is quite different.


Here we are providing some credible differences between both, which will help you understand the contrasts and take an informed decision while selecting a suitable platform to develop reliable business software.

Basic Definition .Net is used to build Windows-specific applications. ASP.Net is used for building Operating systems and Platform-independent software solutions.
License It is an Open-Source platform It is an Open-Source platform
Compatibility With all Windows operating systems and modern Browsers With all Operating systems and modern browsers
Environment Scalable and Expandable apps could be developed with ease It offers a secure ecosystem for the development of dynamic web pages.
Support It supports both Client-side and Server-side systems It could be used for the development and configuration of server-side systems
Utilization It is used to develop windows-based software solutions Websites could be developed by keeping .NET at the core
Languages C++, C#, J#, VB, F#, JSCRIPT, Python, Iron Ruby,  Windows PowerShell J#, C#, Jscript, Visual Basic.NET

ASP.Net Core – Key capabilities

ASP.Net Core offers some key capabilities that can enhance the web application development process :

  • ASP.NET Core offers a robust framework for handling Web servers and requests.
  • It offers Razor, which is a web templating syntax, used for developing dynamic web pages using C#.
  • It offers common web pattern libraries such as MVC (Model View Controller).
  • It is equipped with a robust authentication mechanism that comprises libraries, template pages, and a database for handling logins, external authentication via social media apps, and multi-factor authentication.
  • It allows the development of real-time applications with SignalR. 
  • It supports independently deployable, resilient, and highly scalable services along with Microservices.
  • It encourages TypeScript to develop object-oriented and scalable JavaScript apps.
  • It allows the usage of dynamic pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C# with the assistance of Razor
  • It can work with Angular JS, React JS, and other widely held JavaScript libraries. 
  • ASP.Net Core Editor offers code completion, syntax highlighting, and various other capabilities for seamless web app development.
  • It allows you to utilize existing business logic, backend code, and data access composed in C# language.
  • It supports C#, .Net, and REST APIs.

Top 5 Reasons- ASP.NET Core is the Best Framework For Web Application Development

ASP.Net Core brings massive improvements over its predecessors. The credit goes to some unprecedented and exclusive attributes it offers.

Here we are listing some brilliant traits of ASP.Net Core, which every developer or app development organization must consider the best framework for web development projects.

1. Open-Source Framework

Every enterprise and industry has its specific scope and requirements, that could be completely fulfilled by customized software. ASP.NET Core offers the ability to build highly customized apps using its open-source and freely available installation packages.

The open-source nature of ASP.Net Core provides the much-needed agility and flexibility to your app project, it allows seamless integration of open-source components comfortably.

It helps organizations to save big on the license, usage, or subscription fee, which comes as a big boon for organizations with budget constraints. It also offers online repositories, from which developers can access pre-developed and tested codes to faster the app development lifecycle.

2. Secure Environment

It is critical for any business to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of user data, as cyber-attacks and security threats have become a new norm for any business.

From a security perspective, the ASP.Net Core incorporates every important component, which is required to avert and alleviate potential security threats.

Every ASP.NET Core application builds using in-built Authentication and Access control systems that prevent any unauthorized access to the resources. The security mechanism verifies the user while they log in and ensure the data is encrypted before being transmitted to other devices and vice versa.

3. Inherent Tools for Developers

App developers must use numerous programming languages and tools for writing, testing, and linking the code to craft a full-fledged application. ASP.Net Core provides a suite of developer tools, which aid the programmers to configure protocols, generating codes, and integrating APIs and widgets, and plugins in the web application.

It comes with a state-of-the-art IDE, known as Visual Studio. It comes with lots of productivity enhancement features, which reduces the errors and time to market as well. The Visual Studio is so lightweight that it could be installed on any machine with access to boundless .NET modules.

4. Razor Pages

It has become the preferred feature for developers as it magnifies productivity and enables the development of vigorous web applications. Razor Pages aid in organizing the backend code at the rear of each web page and establishing an unbroken connection with other web pages.

It lessens the complications during the debugging phase, as developers can easily identify the error-causing function in the software code. It enables developers to develop every page uniquely with different configurations, animations, colors, and data processing methods. Developers can encapsulate all aspects of the web pages and control them to cater to their app development strategy.

5. Cross-Platform Support –

The biggest concern for any software development organization is to develop web applications that can run on different platforms and devices, as it needs extra effort, cost, and time.

ASP.NET Core has made it feasible for application development organizations to build a web solution that can function on multiple platforms regardless of the operating system.

The ASP.Net Core codebase developed for an application can be reused to develop solutions as per the business needs. The end-users can simply switch to any operating system or platform and keep continue their work without any interruption.

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ASP.Net Core – Web App Development Portfolio

ASP.NET Core allows the developers to build feature-rich and highly secured applications with a robust backend and enchanting user interface. Core offers seamless possibilities to experiment with the technologies to craft innovative web applications.

asp.net development company

  • Web Services – ASP.Net Core allows seamless machine-to-machine interaction to acknowledge and fulfill user requests using an HTTPS network protocol. This allows developers to embed services in the app without engaging a 3rd party API, package, or plugin. ASP.Net core also enables the merging of REST and SOAP web services in the application to avail better functionalities.
  • Web-based Apps  – You can build real-time apps using the ASP.NET Core framework. It supports C#, J#, VB, HTML, and CSS to optimize responsiveness and enhance the functionality of the app. It also allows the combination of Web Sockets and Web APIs to establish a 2-way communication to transmit the data faster and securely.
  • IoT Solutions – The modern IoT applications are highly flexible,  they allow numerous smart devices to connect to carry out a specific function. Such software solutions can monitor the smart devices, configure their protocols, and upgrade their software from a single dashboard. 

Why ASP.Net Core is going to rule in the future?

The future of ASP.Net Core is bright, as Microsoft is putting all efforts to ensure this framework caters to all the needs of developers and businesses alike. Indeed, the ASP.Net Core is a way better product than its predecessors along with its rival frameworks.  

It offers unprecedented ease of development, whereas it ensures the apps are equipped with a greater degree of reliability, scalability, and performance. ASP.NET Core has been developed using a bottom-to-top approach, that helps it to combine both MVC and Web API frameworks. Thereby it eradicates any sort of dependency on IIS, even including 3rd party libraries. 

It enables the developers to build extremely lightweight, high-performing, and fast software solutions. There is no doubt that ASP.NET Core framework is going to rule the web app development paradigm for years to come.

ASP.Net Core – Web Development Challenges

ASP.Net Core comes with a few shortcomings, which could raise challenges while developing web applications :

ASP.NET Core framework

  • Gaps in Documentation – The biggest challenge with ASP.Net Core is the gaps in the documentation. It is comparatively a new technology, and that is the reason it lacks on this front. However, the situation has improved in a while, but you will still face lots of challenges while developing an MVC application.
  • Server Overload issues – The Server overload issue is another common challenge ASP developers encounter. The IIS suite is equipped with a plethora of tools along with the IIS Server. This makes the hosting of the application easy, but this comes without load balancing, which led to overload issues when the user base increases or resource utilization rises.
  • Application Hanging Issues – This is another common issue experienced by the .NET Core development process. When the user tries to access the IIS website, it takes a slightly longer time to load or sometimes returns a “500” series HTTP error. ASP.Net Core developers need to take precautionary actions to prevent soft or hangs.
  • Unnecessary Logging –  While it is important to list down the errors the user is encountering, the ASP.Net Core apps are infamous for logging almost every event that occurs. The unnecessary logging led to slow app load times and impacts the overall application performance.
  • It is still too Raw – ASP.NET Core is still in an evolution stage and various components are not designed completely. The Data Access component is not yet completely developed, and developers may face challenges in running the code in the release version.

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Best Framework ASP.Net Core – Final Words

With the rising demand for software solutions and mobile applications, we have witnessed the emergence of various innovative technologies, but ASP.NET Core has garnered its own niche space among them.

It is unarguably the most affordable and stable web application development framework available in the market. It comes with numerous packages and modules to incorporate additional capabilities, and it enjoys robust support from the mighty Microsoft. 

We hope this blog will help you understand various aspects of the ASP.Net Core technology, and it will assist you to implement it for your next app development project. If you have any sort of doubt or concern, then please do not hesitate to call our consultants.

Arka Softwares is a renowned ASP.Net development company. Our certified ASP.NET developers are known for their extensive knowledge and experience. We can certainly understand your business requirements and transform your idea into an outstanding and futuristic web application 

FAQs for ASP.Net Core

  • What do you understand about ASP.NET Core runtime?

    ASP.Net Core runtime is the smallest and self-contained component that contains the absolute minimum capability to run .Net Core on a particular platform. It offers the basic services for internet-connected applications such as mobile backends, IoT apps, and web apps. It also provides execution services for Windows desktop applications such as WPF and Windows Forms.

  • What is Caching in ASP.Net Core?

    It is a mechanism to store frequently used information/data in the memory so that it could be fetched if the same set of information/data is required next time. This piece of data could be retrieved directly from the memory instead of being produced by the application.

  • What is Pipeline in ASP.NET Core?

    The Pipeline is a general framework for server-side HTTP programs that acts as the foundation for ASP.NET pages and Web Services. The ASP.NET Core request pipeline comprises a sequence of request delegates, successively. Each request delegate executes an operation before and after the next delegate.

  • How can we speed up our ASP.Net web application?

    Here are a few important tips to improve the performance of your ASP.Net application :
    • Avoid Application Variables and Session
    • Always use Caching
    • Effectively use Script files and CSS
    • Control the images sizes
    • Always use CSS-based layout
    • Prevent round trips
    • Use JavaScript for code validation

  • What is the host in ASP.NET Core?

    ASP.NET Core applications launch and configure a host. The host is accountable for application startup and lifetime management. The ASP.Net host is also responsible for configuring a server and request processing pipeline. The host can also set up dependency injection, configuration, and logging.

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