Microsoft.NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.Net, C# & Visual Studio – A Guided Tour

Updated 02 Jun 2023
Published 16 Feb 2022
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Software development has taken a giant leap since the introduction of Object-oriented programming languages. The concept of class, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, and inheritance has revolutionized the way we used to code and resolve real-world problems.

Most of the OOPS languages are used for wide-ranging programming that formulates the modern world. Object-oriented programming languages contain code as well as data. It is quite critical to understand the basic functioning of these languages and frameworks to embrace the modern computing paradigm. 

The Microsoft Corporation is among the most prominent tech organizations, and it is known for launching some exceptional programming languages and software development frameworks such as Microsoft .Net framework, .Net Core, ASP.Net, C#, and Visual Studio, which are widely used to develop complex and scaled solutions. 

Let us walk you through various aspects of these Microsoft products :

Microsoft .Net Framework

Microsoft .Net Framework is a robust software development platform conceived by Microsoft for developing and executing Windows applications. It consists of programming languages, libraries, and developer tools to build web apps, desktop apps, websites, games, and web services.

The initial version of the .Net framework 1.0 was launched in 2002, and it has come a long way since then, and the latest version is .Net Framework 4.7.2. This framework can be used to develop both web-based and form-based applications. It offers a strong ecosystem for building multi-lingual software.

The code developed within the framework is known as the managed code. The major component of the .Net framework is Common Language Runtime which provides an impartial platform for managing several tasks such as memory management, exception handling, code safety, compilation, and debugging.

Dot Net Framework

The .Net framework library comprises various reusable classes, interfaces, and components. It enables developers to declare and manage classes, data types, and functions.

Microsoft .Net Framework Features 

  • It supports multi-language integration. 
  • It is a well-defined architecture with major components such as Class Library, Common Language Runtime, and Common Language Infrastructure.
  • The Common Language Infrastructure is a SharePoint development service or an application development framework.
  • The Common Language Runtime offers features such as debugging, garbage collection, and exception handling. 
  • .Net framework offers Assemblies that are both portable and executable. 
  • The library of this .Net framework provides APIs and namespaces for supporting functions like reading, writing, and XML document manipulation.

Microsoft .Net Framework – Advantages 

Requires less coding

It offers less coding due to its Object-oriented programming methodology, which generates maximum results. Its code re-usability components assist hire ASP.Net developers to build software in less time.


The .NET Framework is efficient enough of managing and monitoring all the processes. This feature helps developers to consistently manage the applications which are available to handle the requests.

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.NET Framework offers a plethora of options such as side-by-side versioning, controlled code sharing, and no-impact applications, to ensure easy and faster application development. It provides safe code execution that ensures code deployment with the least conflicts.

Most viable

Microsoft .NET Framework provides various tools and options to build flexible and scaled mobile applications. It proves its value while developing the websites and web apps linked to mobile applications.

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Safety and Security

The .NET Framework offers provides enhanced security to the software. The online applications are developed by ASP.Net, which is equipped with Windows authorization. The CLR and Managed Code extend safety features such as role-based security and code access security.

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.Net Core

.NET Core is a state-of-the-art general-purpose software development platform launched by Microsoft. It is an open-source framework that is available on GitHub under Apache2 and MIT licenses.

It functions on almost every possible platform and has been designed in such a way that makes it flexible, modern, and fast. It enables developers to build iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac applications in open source.

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.NET Core Platform comprises of the following components : 

.NET Runtime− It provides assembly loading, a type system, native interop, a garbage collector, and several other basic services.

Complier and SDK− A set of language compilers and SDK tools offer a correct environment to the developers for application development.

Libraries− These libraries provide application composition types, primitive data types, and several fundamental utilities.

.Net app host− It is utilized to launch .NET Core applications. It selects the runtime, offers an assembly loading policy, and then launches the application.

.Net Core Features

Dependency Injection 

It is one of the most important features of .Net Core. It is mostly used in MVC and is undoubtedly the most preferred method to handle logging contexts and database contexts, which are passed into MVC controllers.

Guide To Microsoft .net framework

Robust Security

.Net Core provides a wide range of security mechanisms such as robust authentication, strong authorization mechanism, threats prevention, and data protection techniques.

Unified Web API framework and MVC

.Net Core merges both web API framework and MVC. It helps MVC to return the data to JSON instead of just to HTML. It simplifies the .Net web application development process.

Localization and Globalization

.Net Core enables developers to localize dates, tests, and numbers within the .Net application. Localization features help developers to build applications that can be used worldwide.

Razor Pages 

It is a simple but revolutionary web-based programming model that adopts a file-based directing style. It is less complex, as it contains its code and assists developers to build organized web applications. With the help of Razor pages, one can easily and effectively deploy the application and avail better performance.

Multiple Development Modes and Environments 

.Net core offers multiple development modes for various environments. It enables developers to effectively segregate the code in terms of production and staging. This feature was missing in earlier .Net frameworks.

.Net Core Advantages 

Runnable and Portable Framework

.Net core has been upgraded and is now officially runnable and portable on any platform you want. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of hosting models, you can run your app on Windows, Linux, iOS, or even with Docker.

Open-Source Framework

Open-source products don’t suffer from command-and-control development or bureaucracy hurdles. .Net core is highly optimized and it is easy to find bug fixes due to the open contribution of ideas and implementations. 

Dot Net Framework

Supports Wide Range of App Types

.Net Core supports development applications in a multitude of domains, such as mobile, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, gaming, etc.

Enhanced Security – 

.Net Core provides a wide range of security mechanisms for data protection, authorization, authentication, and attack prevention. It offers Data Protection API, Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault Provider to ensure adequate data security, generate keys, or rotate keys. 

Support of Large Community

.Net core enjoys the support of massive user and developer communities under the .Net Foundation umbrella. Thousands of passionate .net developers with extensive experience in different domains share their ideas and know-how to deliver bug fixes, solutions, and documentation.


It is Microsoft’s web framework used to develop websites, web applications, and web services. It offers seamless integration of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Frameworks.

It was initially released in January 2002. It is developed on the CLS(Common Language Runtime) that enables developers to write a program using any supported .NET languages such as VB, C#, etc.

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ASP.NET is an important component of the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is designed in such a way that it offers seamless integration with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

ASP.Net – Features


ASP.Net is a language-independent framework that allows developers to use multiple languages. It makes it convenient for developers to use the language they are well versed in. 

High Performance

Due to its Kestrel web server and ASP.NET Core, it has become the fastest, lightweight, and high-performance web application framework available in the market. 

Rich Development Environment

ASP.Net offers a rich and integrated development environment that allows developers to drag and drop the components (checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) and integrate other elements while developing an application.

Asynchronous via Await/Async 

ASP.Net provides Asynchronous programming patterns, that can be implemented using .net framework classes and third-party libraries. Usage of asynchronous patterns makes ASP.Net a superior web development framework. 

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Cross-Platform Ability

ASP.Net supports macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms. IT allows developers to build web applications and deploy them on these platforms without any hassles.

Support for Web Sockets

ASP.Net supports web sockets for the development of client-server-based apps. This feature enables a complete back and forth communication of the browser.

ASP.Net – Advantages

Provides Out-of-the-box features

ASP.NET offers various out-of-the-box features such as just-in-time compilation, native optimization, caching services, and early binding to enhance the code performance.

Exceptional Toolbox

ASP.Net is equipped with an incredible toolbox, that offers a plethora of functions and options to the developers, to develop scaled applications quickly. This toolbox offers features such as WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop server elements and controls, and automatic deployment.

Extensibility and Customizability

ASP.Net provides an able architecture that offers seamless extensibility and customizability to the developers. Developers can replace or extend the subcomponents of ASP.NET runtime with the help of custom-made components. 


ASP.Net offers exceptional manageability via its text-based hierarchical config system. As the configurations are unified as plain texts, developers can use local administration tools to implement new settings. This makes code deployment and replacement of compiled code easier.

Reduces Coding efforts and time

ASP.Net offers brilliant code review capabilities, that allow developers to review codes at an early stage, make adequate improvements to improve the code quality. 

C# Language

It is a general-purpose OOP-based language with various paradigms. Microsoft developed it for CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) in 2000, which describes its runtime environment and executable code. It also enables the usage of various high-level programming languages on various computer architectures and platforms.

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C# shows a deep influence of several contemporary languages such as C++, Pascal, Java, and Eiffel. C# offers multiple features to make software development easier and faster. Some of its most popular features are scalability support, type safety, garbage collection, easier type declarations, and many more. 

In C#, the Common Language Runtime is well-defined in the Common Language Infrastructure. Where CLR is the Virtual Machine element that manages the execution of programs. This code is then executed at runtime once the CIL is converted to native code. This process is performed by Just-In-Compiler.

C# Features


C# enables type-safe code to access the memory location that has permission to execute. This feature improves the overall security of the software.


This feature enables C# programs to perform all functions that a native C++ application can do.


The C# is a pure Object-oriented programming language. It scores way above the conventional Procedure-oriented programming language, where code is not easily managed once the project size grows.

Scalable and Updateable

It offers various assemblies, versions, identity, digital signature, etc. It allows seamless scalability and assists developers to update the applications without registering DLLs (dynamic linking library).

Component Oriented

It is a component-oriented programming language. It enables developers to adopt predominant software development practices used to build highly scalable and robust apps.

Simple Language

C# is a high-level language but relatively easy to read. It ensures most of the complex programming tasks are abstracted away, which makes programmers stay focused on core development tasks.

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C# Advantages

Automatic Garbage Collection

C# is equipped with an efficient system to remove the garbage that exists in the code. C# ensures that code doesn’t create a mess in the system, which may lead to unpredictability during the execution.

Memory Management

Offers a strong memory management mechanism. It ensures no memory leakage and adequate memory backup features that give it a massive edge on all other languages.

Better Integration

Applications written in C# have better interoperability and integration with other .NET technologies and frameworks. C# code executes on CLR, which makes it easy to integrate with components written in CLR-compatible languages.


Thanks to .Net core, the C# enjoys complete cross-platform capabilities. As .NET Core is an open-source and managed software development framework suitable for macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

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Legible Coding – C# adopts the formal concept of get-set functions, that make software codes more legible and easier to understand. C# ensures developers don’t need to think about header files.

Visual Studio

It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) conceived and launched by Microsoft to develop Graphical User Interface, web applications, consoles, web apps, cloud apps, web services, and mobile apps. It allows developers to write native code and manage code as well.

Visual Studio utilizes various Microsoft development platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight, Windows API, and Windows store to offer seamless software development abilities to developers. 

It is a language-independent IDE, that allows you to write code in C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python, and previous other languages. It supports more than 30 programming languages and several renowned platforms.

The Visual Studio IDE offers a user interface through which we can edit, build, and debug the code. It offers an IntelliSense aided code editor as well as code refactoring.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio’s integrated debugger functions both as a machine-level debugger and source-level debugger. It also provides other built-in tools such as GUI app builder, code profiler, class designer, database schema designer, and web designer.

Visual Studio – Features

Enhanced automation support

Visual Studio enables developers to access and manage components of IDE automatically. It offers a code editor, debugging tools, projects management tools, and deployment tools.

One-click Code clean-up

The code cleanup feature helps developers to monitor the health status of the code. It is used to determine and resolve both suggestions and warnings with just one click.


IntelliSense is an AI-aided code-completion tool, that offers features such as Parameter info, List Members, Complete Word, and Quick Info. These features assist developers to keep track of the parameters they are typing, adding calls to methods and properties with few keystrokes.

Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio offers an innovative .NET developer service, that is Live Share. This feature allows developers to share code and debug it with their counterparts while getting live access to other components within Visual Studio just like Google document services.

Integrated Code Review

Visual Studio offers an innovative extension called Managed Pulled Requests. This extension is used to execute the code and debug the pull requests without leaving the Visual Studio app.

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End-to-End Testing

Developers can write, run, and debug the software code in any language and platform of their choice. Visual Studio offers a rich set of test frameworks, and in-built project templates to perform end-to-end software testing.

Visual Studio – Advantages

It’s a Perfect IDE

Visual Studio is a perfect IDE that offers ease of coding, useful utilities, deployment tools, and efficient testing tools, all at the same place. It is unarguably the best development environment a developer can have.

Easy integration with other tools

Microsoft Visual Studio can be integrated with other tools for software coding. We have plenty of configurations and settings that enhance and customize the workflows.

Multiple language support

Visual Studio supports a large number of programming languages to develop projects that can function on any platform. It allows the usage of various emerging technologies and tools to develop any kind of solutions, from simple ones to complex and scaled enterprise solutions. 

Enhanced functionalities

Visual Studio provides enhanced functionalities to improve the software development capabilities of developers. It offers an IntelliJ editor, enhanced search functionality, high-quality themes, libraries, hotkeys, shortcuts, that makes a huge difference in software development.

Debugging and Automation Tools –

Microsoft Visual Studio provides visually intuitive and automated debugging tools. Developers get a comprehensive library of codebases and extensions to remediate the code errors.


Microsoft is unarguably the torchbearer of the modern tech world. It has offered a wide range of frameworks and programming languages to build solutions for modern problems. Microsoft’s capable technology stack has helped thousands of companies in realizing their dreams.

Microsoft has taken giant efforts to make its innovative solutions available to startups, mid-sized organizations, and scaled organizations. You may find several renowned websites and software been developed using Microsoft’s .Net, C#, Visual Studio, and ASP.Net development company.

We have explained various aspects of these programming languages and software development frameworks. We are pretty much sure that this blog will help you identify a suitable software development tool for your organization.

If you still have any confusion, then you can get in touch with our Microsoft Solution experts, who can assist you with your requirements and help you realize your business vision.

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