Building a web application by using Asp.Net is interesting if you have basic knowledge of C#, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. So, it is easy to write codes to create a website with the help of Asp.Net. You have to learn all things and then start a web development because it is necessary to implement JavaScript, HTML and other useful languages and Asp dot Net development services while creating a web application. Besides, we are explaining some important tips and features to build a successful web app utilizing Asp.Net.

Required Components           

To customize anAsp.Net web app the following components are required-

  • Visual Studio
  • MVC framework and Entity framework
  • Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Razor template engine to render HTML
  • ORM to access database
  • Front-end CSS framework

Frameworks of Asp.Net

Asp.Net comes with three popular frameworks to create websites or web applications. All frameworks offer entire solutions and development services required in the manufacturing. These platforms are- Web form, MVC, and Web page.

  • Web Form offers drag-and-drop and event-driven model. You can use these options to create dynamic websites. It helps you in faster development with controls for HTML encapsulation.
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the best option for single page application. MVC model has full control over HTML markup. It also includes many features to customize a dynamic website.
  • To develop dynamic web content Asp.Net offers an easy way to merge server code with HTML. With the help of Web page, you can add video, image, and create link to social media site etc.

Tips for Getting Started

Step-by-Step tips are explained here to build a web application using Asp.Net-

1. Install Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an important platform to customize a web application. In this term, you can hire dot net developer to get help. Because it is necessitated to make sure the operating system you are using is compatible with the latest version of Visual Studio. You need to update your window for downloading and installing Visual Studio. For window 10 update you need to navigate Setting> Update & Security> Window Update. After installing Visual Studio you can make it create a web application using C#.

In Window 10, you can search Visual Studio in search textbox.

2. Account Login

Account log-in will allow you to sync previous all settings and features of previous signed Visual Studio accounts. This signing up will sync entire features like font size, color, and window assignment etc. After creating account you will see a “Start Page”. This page has some important features. The Start page is divided into 2 parts; a large and other is small part.

The larger part includes new elements which are important such are video, images, and article etc. The part provides a handy way to start a web app development project.

3. Setting Up

In setting menu, you can adjust different tools and features to start a new project. It makes the development process easier. To navigate Menu bar follow-


Text Editor >All Languages > Line Numbers

After entering in option Menu you can arrange Font Size-

Environment > Fonts and Colors

4. Start Your Project

Now, you can create a new project-

File > New Project

Navigate to Installed Templates-

Templates >Visual C# > Web

Click “Ok” button to create process.

You can change project name and give a suitable name to project. But remember, no whitespace must be used and follow the capitalization pattern e.g. “MyFirstWebDevelopment”.

5. Solution Explorer

Solution Explorer is not visible but getting from Visual Studio you can make is able to be seen-

View > Solution Explorer

Now, right click on project name and a context menu pop up. You can take it-

Add > Web Form

You can state a “default” name and click “OK”.

6. Insert Controls

  • You can find server control as “Textbox”. Find the way to the Toolbox if any case the toolbox is not observable you can find it in Visual Studio Menu.

View > Toolbox

  • Control customization using window properties –

View > Properties Window

  • Determine page behaviors by inserting C# code

Now, you can save web application run to make it live on different platforms.


Following the above-given tips, you will be able to create a precious web application for your business. Using C#, HTML, and Visual Studio tools a developer can customize a fast running website. So, it is required to have the understanding of all features. Hope, the aforementioned tips will help you in manufacturing a quality and scalable asp.Net web application.

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