Top 10 App lock Mobile Applications For Android Devices

Updated 22 Mar 2023
Published 28 May 2019
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Top 10 App lock Mobile Applications For Android Device

Smartphone security has touched phenomenal levels. In the past, the users were just dependent on lock screen security in order to prevent uncalled-for access.

In fact, app lock is actually the most fundamental security app needed for your phone. There are several applications like mSpy vs Mobistealth that are available on the Play Store which can be used to lock different apps and certain features thus making the devices inaccessible to anyone. 

Now you do not have to worry about anyone looking through your photo gallery or browsing your Facebook without you even knowing about it.

Below we will talk about some amazing app locks applications that are available for your Android phone.

Top App lock Mobile Applications for Android

1. App Lock


IVY AppLock is a perfect privacy guard that prevents snoopers and intruders from peeping at your data. It is a free app lock that hides sensitive content by encrypting it and even prevents others to change your setting or alter your phone data.

You can set up a password lock or a pattern lock to restrict device access, while you can play around with numerous configuration settings to customize it according to your needs.

2. App Lock 

App lock application

App Lock is an application that keeps all your private information and apps totally safe and secure. What’s interesting is that you can even set the background of your lock screen.

You can set any three ways (pin, password, or pattern) to lock your phone and you are good to go.

Fingerprint passwords can also be set in case you are using Android 6.0 or above. In addition, you can even find out who tried to invade your phone’s privacy with this app.

3. Lock IT

Lock IT

Lock IT is a very simple yet powerful tool that enhances the security of your smartphone to the next level. You can simply put a virtual padlock on your applications and create a virtual vault to protect your personal and sensitive data.

It offers you end-to-end privacy protection with innovative features such as intruder selfies, fake cover, notification lock, fingerprint lock, safety reminder tools, and many more privacy protection settings.

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is an efficient launcher that comes with numerous captivating features that let users customize their home screens. It is loaded with 9 customizable home screens, a seamless dock to accommodate app icons, amazing transition effects, and the ability to hide app icons, dock, and several other display elements.

It also lets users customize app icons, and folders, organize different folders and use various gestures to control the device.

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5. App Lock Pro

App Lock Pro

App Lock Pro is a highly popular personal security application that secures your privacy and lets you enable fingerprint, pattern, and password lock on apps.

You can simply choose your favorite lock style and protect your apps from being exposed to snoopers. It offers some interesting features such as a Spy Camera, Spy alarm, Fake Error message, and App Lock Timer to enhance the overall security of your smartphone.

6. Perfect App Lock

Perfect App Lock

It lets you protect your apps with Patterns, PINs, and even gestures. You can simply lock your communication apps, photo and video gallery, and social media apps to prevent any privacy violation.

It also allows you to lock your Camera, system settings, and USB connection to fortify the security of your smartphone. It let users select a preferred authentication method and even configure the fake error message.

7. Norton App Lock

This is a free-of-cost app lock. Norton has earned a lot of recognition when it comes to antivirus apps. Now with its app lock, the expectations are even more.

You get a recommendation list that tells you which apps should ideally be locked. This app is perfect for those who prefer a simple user interface.

This app lock is powerful containing features like clicking pictures of anyone who tries to get inside your app.

8. Private Zone- Applock & Hide pics

With the Private Zone app lock not only are your applications locked, but it also secures your phone and adds to your phone speed by clearing cache files.

When all your private videos and photos are hidden there is no need to worry at all. Lock your phone either by using a pin or a digital password as per your wish.

It even provides you with a parental lock that precludes your children from playing games or purchasing useless things without your permission.

It doesn’t let anyone see your browsing history. This app also claims to enhance your internet speed as well.

9. Keep Safe App Lock

Keep Safe App Lock Application

Keep Safe app lock is totally ad-free. It enables you to lock your phone using a pin fingerprint or a pattern. So you can lock whatever application you wish and manage your phone gallery as you want it.

10. Finger Security 

finger security App

Finger Security is actually one of the oldest and most sought-after App Lock for your Android device. It is the first to use a feature of fingerprint lock.

It even clicks a picture of those who try to snoop around. Set your favorite picture as the background and you are good to go. And in any case, if the Fingerprint does not work you can use a password or the pin.

 So, these are the top 10 app lock mobile applications that are meant for your Android handset. Now you need not be on an alert while handing your phone to your friends and family for any person.

You can get in touch with any reputed app development company and get an App Locker app developed for your own specific need. App Locks take care of your phone so do not shirk installing them on your device.

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