Selecting the best programming language for website and web applications development is one of the prominent debated questions among all the companies indulged in the web development business, students and programmers. Today every one is more curious to get the answer for the question which is the best technology or language that can be utilized for web development in 2020?

Languages like PHP, Python and Ruby have their respective benefits and disadvantages. Hence the selection of the language completely depends on the requirements that are there for the development. Therefore in this blog you will get a detailed analysis on PHP vs Python vs Ruby, so that you can choose the best language as per your defined needs and requirements. The comparison includes details related to different statistics, parameters and data so that you have a confined understanding about all the three languages which is popularly used by the developers.


What is Python?

hire python developersIt is an object oriented programming language which was developed by Dutchman Guido van Possum in the 1980s. Being an open source, it is one of the prominent popular programming languages that is utilized for designing qualitative web applications like testing, scripting and developing. The development gets easy by using this language as it provides a platform where code readability is easy and lesser coding is done by the Python developers.

Because of its elegance and simplicity various technological leaders like Cisco, Google, IBM, Dropbox and HP have implemented Python. In order to build extremely secure enterprise web applications Python is the most preferred language. Talking about the global market presence, Python possess 0.185%.

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Advantages of Python:
  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Provides immense compatibility on various platforms and multiple systems.
  • The syntaxes are organized in a systematic manner which can be read easily.
  • Extensive support from the developers community.
  • Applications can be designed easily by importing crucial functions and by performing required testing.
  • With careful implementation of packages and modules re-usability can be ensured.
  • Python works on an Object Oriented Programming approach.
Disadvantages of Python:
  • Compared to programming languages like Java, Python is slower in performance.
  • There are limitations on database access layer also.
  • The developers community for Python is smaller in comparison with other languages like Java.
  • The functionality of a multi-processor does not perform well with Python.


What is PHP?

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PHP is the most widely used general purpose scripting language that is designed specifically for developing web applications and dynamic websites. It is an open source and can be easily embedded into HTML language.  In comparison with the other frameworks available in the market, PHP possesses a wide range of tools, technologies and frameworks which thus makes it the best preferred choice. By hiring PHP developers you can easily design websites for all businesses ranging from small business to enterprise level solutions.

PHP frameworks that are widely used in the market are Faker, Laravel, Symfony and Codeigniter. Because of its features like quick development speed, secure coding environment and lesser development cost. Various startups, small – large companies and enterprises consider PHP development companies in USA and UK. The prominent and popular websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress are running on PHP. Talking about the global market presence, PHP possesses 10.348% which is way high in comparison with Python and Ruby on Rails.


Advantages of PHP:
  • By utilizing PHP license free software is released.
  • It can be learned easily.
  • There is a wide forum which includes various developers and users for providing any assistance or guidance as and when required.
  • Comprehensive data support is provided by Python.
  • Various extensions and source code is made available for the development ease.
  • It can easily be deployed on various web servers.
  • Compatible to all platforms and operating systems.
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Disadvantages of PHP:
  • Not preferred for designing desktop applications.
  • Complicating deployment, portability and global configuration parameters can change language semantics.
  • In comparison with other languages PHP is considered to be less secure.
  • Poor error handling.
  • By default objects are CallByValue, therefore this catches various programmers off-guard in comparison with other programming languages.


What is Ruby on Rails?

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Developed in 2003 by David Heinemeier, Ruby on Rails is one of the optimized open-source frameworks which is popularly utilized for designing web applications. By utilizing efficient Ruby on Rails Development Company, developers can design web applications quickly in comparison with other programming languages. Hulu, Twitter and Slideshare are the prominent web applications that are developed using Ruby. In comparison with PHP and Python, Ruby is more object-oriented. Ruby possesses 0.60% of the global market share.


Advantages of Ruby on Rails:
  • An open source platform.
  • Compatible on multiple platforms and systems.
  • High level language which can easily be embedded into HTML.
  • Encapsulation of data methods within objects is offered by Ruby on Rails.
  • It works on the dedicated approach of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming).
  • Various techniques like super advanced string and text manipulation are utilized.
  • Database connectivity with various frameworks like MySQL, DB2 and Oracle is easily done.
  • Easy maintenance of scalable and big programs.
  • Ruby follows a clear and easy syntax structure which helps the new developers in learning it quickly.
  • By utilizing a simple API, multi threaded applications can be written easily.
  • Provides enhanced security features.


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Disadvantages of Ruby on Rails:
  • Informational resources are less in Ruby.
  • As compared to other programming languages CPU processing time is slower.
  • For some developers, learning Ruby can be difficult.


PHP vs Python vs Ruby -Market Statistics:

To identify which programming language is gaining popularity among the masses, the best way is to grab the information related to the market share and usage statistics.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby Market StatsThe picture above depicts the server-side programming languages that are prominently used in the market today.


Websites that are designed using PHP vs Python vs Ruby:

Technical company giants like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc are developed on PHP. Whereas using Ruby on Rails popular websites like Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, etc are developed. Adding to the list search engine giant Google, YouTube, Reddit etc are designed using Python as their coding framework.

Websites designed PHP Python Ruby

Usability: PHP vs Python vs Ruby

The usability of the programming language is one of the prominent factors that should be considered before selecting the language for the project development. The prime objective of all the programming languages is to build and interface between the user and the computer. But a language that has a high usability will surely help in designing scalable, high performing and scalable software.


Usability PHP vs Python vs Ruby

The above picture clearly defines a comparison in these three languages on the basis of usability.


Ease of Learning: PHP vs Python VS Ruby

While selecting the programming language for the development of web application, its ease of learning plays a vital role. The programming language that possesses a high learning curve value is certainly easy to memorize or understand and comprises codes with clean syntaxing structure.

Ease of Learning PHP vs Python VS Ruby


Comparison on Popularity: PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rails

Today, PHP is one of the prominent programming languages in the world with a huge customer base and loyal coders community. Whereas the other two languages Python and Ruby are new to the web development industry and are less popular among the users.


Comparison over Performance: PHP vs Python vs Ruby

While selecting the programming language, its performance comparison is really important as a programming language which is really high in performance, secure, scalable and speedy programs can be designed. Therefore by analysing the average run time and lines of code we can check the performance. The figure below depicts the performance comparison of these programming languages on the basis of average run time and lines of code.


Employability and Potential Earnings- PHP vs Python vs Ruby

A critical analysis of the programming language that has high job posting is really important. Moreover this analysis also helps the business ventures who want to get their websites developed by using an ideal programming language. The programming language that is widely discussed certainly has many job openings, more programmers associated with it. And as a new job seeker you can prospect a bright career with it. Therefore the below picture depicts the number of job postings and developers associated with PHP, Python and Ruby.



Before selecting the programming language for development, it is really important to identify the prime advantages of the various platforms that satisfy your requirements. Though all discussed frameworks are best for website and web application development. Moreover if you have any query in regard to these programming languages or want to develop your website, feel free to get in touch with us.

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