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ARKA specializes in Ruby on Rails app and web development services. Ruby coding language is combined with Rails to provide the best results. We have a dedicated team of Ruby on Rails experts who understand the subject inside out and deliver the results based on your business requirements. We build the RoR websites and apps which are easy to maintain and have the capability to serve the purpose.

Ruby on Rails Services

Custom RoR Development

We have an experienced team which makes sure to create a website or app comprising of latest features, providing a leading edge performance.

RoR Web & App Development

Our experts know about the latest trends and use the required elements in building your website or app, which helps you to expand your potential business reach.

RoR Portal Development

Our experts know about the latest trends and use the required elements in RoR Portal Development which helps you to grow your potential business.

Work on the go

Maintenance & Support

Based on the customer needs, we deliver our clients with MVPs (minimum viable products) to high-end portals. This reflects on the growth of ROI of the company.

Apart from these, the platform is free and can help in cutting a lot of developmental expenses. It is said that Ruby on Rails is meant for web development fits it like a glove. Moreover, the development time is also cut down and you can get a prototype running in a very short span of time. ARKA, the RoR Development Company is aware of all the benefits of Ruby on Rails development and we help our client in achieving their needs by giving them the best Ruby on Rails services in the entire IT market.

Web Development AdvantageGetting the Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which is becoming a major tool for website development. Almost all startups and large businesses from all over the world are getting their sites and apps made on this platform as they get many features which are not offered by the other platforms. As RoR is the free software, more than 4500 people have contributed code to Rails by now.

  • Less codes needed to complete a program which makes the whole thing uncluttered.
  • Simple to use and understand, which ensures that a developer is easily able to add and remove elements and use Ruby for developing high end apps.
  • RubyGems is another big advantage. These are package managers which can be used to manage a lot of functions automatically. They can be created and uploaded to the central Ruby library from where these gems are downloaded and installed by anyone using this platform. This makes the task very easy and even troubleshooting becomes a lesser headache.

Know How ARKA is an Ideal Partner for You


Start Ups are enhancing the digital presence as it is the way forward. Along with the technical skills to develop RoR websites and apps, we understand the importance of building a product in a reasonable cost and delivering it on time. As time is money for the newly blooming companies, and we understand that well.

  • Fast Development

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Scalability

Established Business

Not only Start Ups, but our team also has ample experience of working with large scale enterprises. Custom app and web development help you run multiple elaborated business processes with greater efficiency and reduced coding. And, we assure you code optimization with error free coding.

  • Performance

  • Manageability

  • Secure Architecture

ARKA Answers Your Development Questions with Ruby on Rails

Saves Time and Money

RoR is not only one of the most developer friendly languages, but it is also less time consuming. Ruby on Rails development serves a large number of purposes and in addition saves a lot of time and money too.


Easy to scale, RoR moves fast to multiple servers, which makes it one of the best options for the business. The scalability can be managed in very less time, making the product very efficient.


Ruby on Rails API can be combined with any 3rd party data, which helps to solve the purpose and speed up the whole process. Developers also like to work on RoR as it beats configuration with convention.

Ride on Rail with ARKA


Contact us and our business analysts will get back to you to know your project requirements


We will analyze all aspects of the project and provide you with most suitable ideas

Design & Development

We assure that your app meets the standards of contemporary UI/UX practices

QA & Delivery

Our RoR engineers craft your application incrementally in an agile manner

Hire Best Ruby on Rails Developers from ARKAOur dedicated team of web developers build a high quality product built using latest technologies. We also ensure a reasonable costing and on time delivery to our clients. Hire RoR developers from ARKA with guaranteed after sales support.

  • 24x7 Technical Assistance and Superb After Sales Services
  • Team Scaling at all times - Hiring / Handling / Management
  • Strong Technical Background and Result Oriented Planning
  • Understanding of client’s needs and modifications as per requirement
  • Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Concern
  • Transparency in Working and Regular Reporting
  • Ready to use Infrastructure
  • Effective conversation and consultation

Technology Stack


  • Fat Free CRM
  • Spree E-Commerce
  • Refinery CMS
  • Community Engine


  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • Rackspace
  • Memcache


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB


  • Capistrano
  • Phusion
  • Phusion
  • Unicorn

Take your Business to New Heights From a developer's perspective, Ruby on Rails is friendly and fast. We are always pleased when our clients choose RoR as the mode of development.

Custom App Development

Ruby on Rails is among the best platforms that are used to build an application. Along with being feature oriented, RoR is less time consuming too. We ensure the use of best framework and templates based on the business requirements. Every app goes through various testing phases before it is delivered to the client. Also, we are always focused towards providing the support and maintenance of our product.

3rd Party Integration

ARKA Softwares which is a Ruby on Rails Development Company has an experienced group of RoR developers who can provide you with different ideas and integrate any API into your app. We take care of the application’s functionality and performance at every stage. Our team is capable to merge the 3rd party data with an API to produce what the client is looking forward to.

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