Food ordering platforms are now being used by individuals worldwide and earning good ample of profits. Their exponential growth has certainly grabbed the attention of various entrepreneurs. Not only the leading players like Uber Eats, Foodpanda, GrubHub have gained popularity, also the local delivery vendors have gained popularity and are making their names in various other countries.

This blog will help you in understanding the ways how you can design a successful food delivery website. Therefore before digging in, you must understand how these websites earn money and how they work.


Business Model & Revenue Generation Strategies:

The leading food ordering app like DoorDash and UberEats use a simple business model which acts usually as a common platform between restaurants and customers. The users search the nearby restaurants as per their location, place their desired order with the selected restaurants and make the payments online or select the cash on delivery option.

food delivery app revenue

Talking about the delivery, that is now majorly being handled by the food ordering systems only. They have hired few workers who work with them day and night to deliver the food as per the location mentioned by the user.


Market Overview:

The absolute income in the online food industry adds up to US$22,073 million in 2019. It is normal that the income will develop at a yearly development pace of (CAGR 2019-24) $6.5, bringing about the market volume of US$28,398 million by 2023. The figures don’t amaze anybody by any stretch of expanding the number of individuals deciding to order their food from food ordering websites. Obviously, various cafés and delivery services have joined this fleeting trend and there is no going down for quite a while.

food ordering app market size and statistics

As of now, out of the all-out customary food requesting market, 47% is from the offline channel while 53% is led on the web. This figure is required to change in the following couple of years. The biggest section of the food delivdery market is restaurant to-customer delivery with a market volume of US $58,008 million.


Guide to Building Successful Ordering Website

Some major points to be considered before designing and launching food ordering platform:

Customized Website vs Instant Website:

Purchasing an instant solution isn’t a possibility for a genuine business. Present-day users are very spoiled. They need creativity, comfort, speed, strong features. This is not really feasible without putting resources into a customized web design. It’s essential to begin with great usefulness, security so as to make the users trust you. That is the reason for making a site that will follow all your necessity and targets is essential for your future result.

The Target Audience should be well defined:

The online food delivery market focuses on three major segments of the market working professionals, students and parents. Every one of them has explicit requirements that you need to follow. If students are your target audience then you should partner with various local fast food restaurants as students prefer fast food more in comparison with the regular food in order to deliver the order faster.

If you are targeting parents as your target audience then you need to make sure that the delivered food is fresh and the delivery is made on time. Generally this group prefers mostly the delivery of groceries at their doorsteps so that they can cook on their own. They tend to have a healthy eating habit. Lastly talking about the working professionals, as they are busy in their work don’t have much time to cook their meals on their own and prefer ordering well-cooked products from various popular restaurants.

As it is clear that every needs something extraordinary, so it’s smarter to characterize your target audience prior to figure out how to place your product in the market and accordingly design the value proposition and features.


food delivery app development
An impressive UX/UI design:

The web design is the primary focus point of the food ordering website as the users prefer using those websites which are simple and user friendly. Therefore the user should not be distracted from the key activity of food ordering. The designer inputs lots of efforts to bring in the qualitative UX/UI. Oftenly the process is segregated into various stages so as to understand what is required to get the effortless user experience.

Social media presence and proper SEO techniques:

You have to ensure that your site has SEO components like easy to understand URLs, reasonable meta labels, picture alt labels, and so on. So ensure your web designing organization possesses immense knowledge in providing friendly SEO solutions.

When considering about marketing channels it is impossible to ignore social media. Today many users are active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp. Therefore it is important for every business to be available on these platforms so as to get the user’s attention. Keeping in consideration creativity, users’ needs should not be ignored.

Local demands should be addressed on the Website:

Successful food ordering apps like UberEats and GrubHub accept food deliveries from the local vendors. Therefore few key points can be used from these food delivery giants:

  • Business should be formed keeping in consideration the various types of customers and the local market environment. It should be considered that any work that works in one city may not work in the other city.
  • Preferences of local cuisine may decide the categorization.
  • Multiple payment options should be provided to the user like Net banking, Credit/Debit cards, eWallet etc.
Monetization strategies should be well planned:

While launching any digital product or services in the market money flow is the biggest concern of the entrepreneur.

Few ideas that can be considered are:

  • Third party advertising is one of the prominent tools that is utilized all over the world. A certain ad space is offered to the third parties in order to place their advertisements which in return generate huge profits.
  • Gift cards can be provided to the users at a certain amount which they can give to their loved ones.
  • Commission can be earned on providing extra additional services.
Mobile version should not be ignored:

Everyone has a cell phone. Less individuals will in general use PCs for basic regular work. Obviously, creating both, a food ordering mobile application and a site simultaneously can be somewhat costly. Yet, there is a chance to streamline your site for cell phones with a responsive plan and though it will surely increase the number of customers on a daily basis

food felivery app development.

Features that should be integrated for designing a successful food ordering website:

Interactive Dashboard:

The users appear to incline toward a progressively streamlined procedure of food ordering. Henceforth, a direct and easy to use dashboard must be actualized. While the dashboard must be appealing as far as look and feel, you have to ensure that the dashboard can easily store the order history, menu’s of restaurants and the delivery addresses. It will diminish the intricacies and simultaneously enhance the users experience.

Push Notifications:

In the present market, online food ordering is expanding at an amazing rate, it’s very clear that individuals will have more than one food ordering applications on their phones. Therefore, the only way you can make perceivability and set apart yourself from the contenders is by sending pop-up messages. This useful tool and with a drawing in message springing up on the mobile screens continually will keep your potential users continually notified about your extraordinary offers and discounts. This will help you in gaining the user’s attention and will keep them engaged with the application.

Cross Functional Capability:

With an ever-expanding market, openness ought to be your primary need. By empowering cross-platform compatibility features, you can expand your horizon across various platforms. No big surprise, with more reach, you are probably going to have more downloads within a limited time span.


What is the cost of developing a Food Ordering Website?

The development cost vary on various factors like:

  • Features
  • Cross-functionality
  • API Integration
  • Front and backend development
  • UX/UI designing
  • Team size
  • Development company’s location

By selecting an appropriate web development company you can easily get your website designed, developed, and can also initiate online marketing with them. This will, therefore, ensure you an online food ordering platform which would be better than a clone of the leading platforms like UberEats, FoodPanda, etc. Share your requirements with our team so as to get a product that would help you in beating the leading giants.

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