Web Development Team Structure – Key Roles and Responsibilities

Updated 22 May 2024
Published 19 Aug 2022
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website development team structure

You may have a unique product idea, a niche concept, which could revolutionize the tech world. But can you materialize your dream without the help of a dedicated web development team?

Do you know almost 70% of web development projects fail due to poor team management? Do you know only 2.5% of businesses complete 100% of their projects as planned?

Enterprises have realized that web development must be economically feasible, and that is why there is a more inclined toward having a dedicated web development team to make a reliable and commercially beneficial web development project.

Businesses have started adopting effective web project development methodologies to finish their projects successfully. It is important to define each member’s role and responsibility to not only save your efforts and cost but also deliver a high-quality web project.

In this blog, we will cover all aspects of the website development team, its organizations, their roles, and responsibilities, as well as the web development process.

Know Your Web Development Project Team Structure

Web development is way more than programming a code and publishing it. It is indeed an extremely complex process that demands coordinated participation from multiple individual and domain experts at each step.

A well-built and delivered web development project always helps an organization to enhance its overall business strategy.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Development Team

We have two approaches here, either you can have your own dedicated web development team, or you can hire web development resources from an outsourcing web development company. Such organizations can offer you a customized team that can suit your business requirements. 

So, let us explore the modern-day web development team structure and how every team member’s profile fits into it:

Project Manager –

A Project Manager is undoubtedly the most critical pillar of any web development team, as it acts as a bridge between the client and the development team.

A Project Manager handles different stages of the web development project such as requirement analysis, communication, project planning, work allocation, and tracking of the project deliverables.

The project Manager decides the timeframe of a sprint, which could be a few days or a couple of weeks. The Project Manager is also accountable for defining the web development project delivery and release dates.

The development team adheres to these timelines and works accordingly to meet the project delivery deadlines. 

project management team

It is the Project Manager who always remains in touch with the Client to address their queries and mitigate any potential doubt. The Project Manager is also the point of contact for anything, and everything associated with the project.

This methodology creates a transparent and congenial working environment and leaves no scope for any project delays and other risks.

Project Architect –

Since we have numerous web development types, it makes sense to have a dedicated Project Architect in the team, who can define the project architecture and address associated issues.

The Project Architect must be a regular participant in all the client meetings so that he/she can understand their requirements and expectations better and build a sound architecture that can complement the client’s expectations.

Once the web project architecture is built and approved, the Project Architect starts coordinating with the project managers, web developers, QA testers, UI/UX designers, etc.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers do not just create enchanting website pages, interfaces, and user experiences; they implement various components to attract viewers while enhancing revenue and brand credibility.

It is UI/UX Designer who decides how the vital information will be displayed on the website and how viewers will interact with the website.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Development Team

UI/UX Designers define how your web functions will be implemented, they create the sales funnels on web pages that encourage viewers to make more purchases.

Usually, we need a single UI/UX designer in a web development team to craft a well-thought-out user interface, but the number could increase based on project requirements. A UI/UX Designer should have extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Frontend developer

Frontend developers build the client-end components of a web application. They leverage the prototypes and visual design developed by the UX/UI designers to build an enchanting user-facing interface. They also ensure the web pages are functional and responsive on all devices and browsers.

Frontend Developers must be skilled in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, or CSS, JavaScript, while knowledge of frontend frameworks React.js, Angular, and Vue.js, platforms, and libraries for creating scalable and interactive web applications.

Backend developer

Backend developers are responsible for writing server-end code. They work with backend business logic, web application infrastructure, and databases.

back end web development team

Modern-day backend engineering demands high-end technical skills (Java, .NET, Python, Go, Node.js, etc.) along with extensive knowledge of various cloud services, deployment practices, and data management solutions.

Full-stack developer

If you are planning to build a web application with a data-intensive Backend and highly interactive frontend, then you might prefer hiring full-stack developers who can handle both frontend and backend technologies.

It is indeed a senior professional who can build complex frontend interfaces and write complicated databases and backend code. Hiring a full-stack developer will certainly give you a much-needed edge, as you can leverage more skills and experience with a much smaller team.

Quality Assurance Engineer – 

They work in tandem with web developers to ensure the development of a quality web product. You must ensure your web system, UI/UX components, Databases, APIs, and even third-party services work as intended.

Custom web development company

To accomplish that, you need a Quality Assurance Engineer, who can build test cases, incessantly test the solution using different techniques and tools, and report problems/bugs to the web development team.

Quality Assurance Engineers can contribute in any stage of website development and offer their services to enhance the web product.

DevOps Engineers

We are living in a modern era, where we are working on scaled web projects with massive infrastructure that requires continuous maintenance and support. This is where DevOps Engineers come into the picture, they are responsible for bringing speed and order into the web development process. 

They also help automate and optimize the deployments by leveraging DevOps practices and CI/CD tools. A DevOps engineer also monitors the usage of infrastructure resource and keep a track of their performance against the given benchmarks. They help you to identify the opportunities to save efforts, cost, and time taken in web development.

Marketing Strategist

Once you develop a web product, then you need someone who can promote it in the market and entice potential customers to use it. This is where a Marketing Strategist comes into the picture, who is responsible for generating a product marketing campaign that can satisfy the client’s business objectives.

A marketing Strategist can help you attract a wider audience to your website and encourage them to execute specific actions. In a way, a marketing strategist functions similarly to a project manager since both analyze client requirements and assure achieving the long-term organizational goals.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a robust tool that can enhance the visibility of your website. You must employ SEO experts to constantly upgrade the strategy to maximize web traffic.

An SEO specialist is responsible for attracting the target audience to your website by leveraging promotion tactics in search engines. An SEO specialist researches keywords required for the website, analyze web product traffic and other indicators, and optimize the website to meet the search engine requirements.

Content Writer – 

A website cannot connect with the users if it does not contain useful content. You need to incorporate articles, lifehacks, reviews, or tips-n-tricks to engage your potential viewers. 

That is why you need a content writer, who can work in tandem with UI/UX designers and SEO experts to envision the website and optimize it for better looks and feel.

Content writers produce informational journals and blogs and compose data for all pages to draw viewers to the website.

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5 Tips to Create a Successful Web Development Team Structure

Custom web development company

1. Set up a well-defined communication framework

Effective communication plays an important role in great teamwork, which in turn delivers a successful web product. This is undoubtedly the first thing you must set up and ensure your team follows it religiously.

You must provide your website development team with communication tools, best practices, and principles, that enable transparent and open communication among your team members.

2. Go for a Cross-Functional team structure

There is a common myth that a cross-functional team is a band of exchangeable experts who can swap their roles if required.

Contrary to this myth, a cross-functional team is indeed a comprehensive package of individuals who can build a web product without relying on any sort of external assistance.

Hence, if you want to design, develop, deploy, and support a  fully functional web solution that can scale and evolve with your business, then go for a cross-functional team.

3. Use Agile methodology

The agile approach offers you everything you require to manage a web development team – practices, tools, roles, and even rituals.

Agile methodology provides you with a state-of-the-art framework for efficient website development processes, that offers your enterprise faster time-to-market, better insight-driven strategy, higher flexibility, and capability to deliver projects frequently.

4. Encourage Trust

To develop a successful product, you must create an environment of trust and encourage it. You must form a congenial atmosphere within the team and ensure your team members develop independent relationships centered on trust.

If your team members can rely on their leaders (A Scrum Master, PM, PO) then they will feel confident enough to share their problems openly. This aspect carries in personal responsibility and commitment that assures web product success.

5. Always Set up multiple teams

It has been seen how dividing and restructuring a large web development team into smaller units can enhance the project momentum and help them in achieving tight delivery deadlines.

There is no doubt that breaking the team into smaller segments allows an organization to use resources efficiently and increase the development speed.

However, it is important to ensure that each team possesses expertise on a particular part of the system or a function. This helps a team to build an extensive of a specific function and accelerate the coding.

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Avoid these mistakes while setting up your Website Development Team

The process of organizing a perfect web development team is quite complex and it demands continuous effort and time. You must avoid committing the following mistake during this process :

Front end and back end web development team

Spend too much time in planning

This might sound uncomfortable, but when you spend too much time in planning then it creates unprecedented pressure on all the stakeholders.

You must follow the modern approach by splitting the project into smaller tasks. It gives you much-needed flexibility and helps you to gather frequent feedback to make necessary adjustments in the project planning.

Highlight the significance of one role over others

If you are stressing the importance of a specific role over others, then you will create a problem for yourself in long term. You must adhere to the rule of parity and horizontal management and ensure all roles are defined and treated fairly. 

Keep it truly Technical

You must understand that you are not forming a team to solve a technical problem, you are here to solve a business problem by leveraging modern technology and tools. If you adhere to this idea and train your web development team accordingly, then you are destined to deliver a successful web project. 

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Why Choose Arka Softwares?

If you are planning to develop a web solution, then it is important to hire a top web development company in USA. Arka Softwares is a reliable and reputed web development company, that has many successful web development projects under its belt.

We have 12+ years of experience in providing full-cycle web development services to our clients across all geographies.

We can organize a web development team in no time to meet all your project needs. Our consultants can understand your business requirements, while our architects can analyze your inputs to shape a suitable framework.

Our web developers use the Agile approach to develop high-quality yet cost-effective web solutions for our clients.

FAQs for Web Development Team Structure

  • Why is an effective web development team vital for a web development project?

    An effective web development team is a group of professionals with a different set of skills and expertise. A well-knit web development team can help you develop high-quality products, keep costs under control, and prevent any conflicts.

  • How can a collaborative methodology help to develop a robust team?

    The collaborative approach creates a circle of knowledge and helps every team member to understand their roles and responsibilities. Team members can learn from each other’s accomplishments and failures.

  • What could happen if team members do not work well together?

    Team members may not work together for various reasons, but the outcomes are usually the same.
    • Groups could be formed
    • Battle lines could be drawn
    • Communication could be stopped
    • Suspicion could rise among the team members
    All these factors could impact Efficiency and Productivity, which makes any sort of innovation and collaboration impossible.

  • What factors can improve Team Effectiveness?

    Here we have Six factors, which can improve the team’s effectiveness :
    • Emphasize a shared objective
    • Provide clarity of roles and responsibilities
    • Encourage enabling processes
    • Sensitize on Emotional Security
    • Promote a collaborative spirit
    • Focus on growth orientation

  • What are some common obstacles to teamwork?

    We have the below obstacles to teamwork :
    • Confusion about goals
    • Ineffective leadership
    • Communication gaps
    • Absence of trust
    • Discriminatory decision-making
    • Accountability issues
    • Weak conflict resolution skills

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