How Much Does Software Maintenance Cost? Beginner’s Guide!

Updated 18 Dec 2023
Published 01 Aug 2023
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Software Maintenance Cost

Similar to software development, software maintenance holds paramount significance in ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of any software system. Software maintenance services aid in enhancing the functionality of business software while also enhancing its capacity to adapt to shifting circumstances in the business environment.

Whether or if the software you have created for your business is extraordinarily secure and useful, it will eventually start to show flaws and issues. At this time, you will need software maintenance services and will need to pay for them too.

However, a lot of business owners don’t understand the value of software maintenance and instead just use the services of software development companies. In the end, when the systems start to exhibit flaws or errors, they will have to incur significant costs for the maintenance of the software.

Because of this, software developers always advise good product maintenance, just as they did when the software was being created.

Analyzing the Software Maintenance Cost

Typically, software maintenance services amount to approximately 20-25% of the annual license cost. There are a few variables that will affect the final price, which we will discuss in greater depth later.

For instance, the software maintenance cost, which involves engaging skilled software developers, will typically be in the range of $15 to $80 per hour.

analyze Software Maintenance Cost

Despite this, industry experts claim that if the software isn’t maintained for a long time, the cost of maintaining it can rise by three times. If one wants to prevent the situation mentioned above, it is best to execute software maintenance on schedule.

The expenditures related to software maintenance are caused by the changes that are made to software after it has been made available to the end user. Software does not “wear out,” but over time, its utility will decline, and there will always be defects in the software itself. No software “wears out” Software maintenance costs will typically form 75% of TCO.

The following costs are some of those related to software maintenance:

  • The cost associated with modifying software to fix issues that were discovered after it was first deployed (typically accounting for 20% of overall software maintenance costs).
  • Adaptive maintenance, which involves changing a software solution so that it may continue to operate successfully in a changing business context, is responsible for 25% of all software maintenance costs.
  • Perfective maintenance refers to the expenses incurred when creating or improving a software solution in order to raise its overall performance (approximately 5% of software maintenance costs).
  • Enhancements are costs that stem from continual innovation, and they typically make up at least half of all software maintenance costs.

Why should users think about reducing Software Maintenance Costs?

Here are some pointers that point towards the benefits you can avail yourself by reducing the price of software maintenance:

Why Should Users Think About Reducing Software Maintenance Costs

Improve the Return on Your Investment

Due to the lower costs involved in software maintenance, you can concentrate more on rapidly delivering new software. The most significant possible rise in the company’s return on investment results from it.

Realizing Productivity Along with Automated Monitoring

Automated application monitoring tools used to keep software functional can help reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, a reduction in operating expenses will increase output and productivity.

Having an Expensive On-site Support Team

Many organizations will spend a significant amount of money on a costly onsite support team to maintain their software, which results in high maintenance costs. An alternative is working with a partner who operates remotely and provides affordable pricing.

What is Software Maintenance?

Software maintenance is upgrading and maintaining software after it has been made available. Software maintenance is as crucial to a company’s success as software creation.

What is Software Maintenance

After it has been launched, bespoke software needs to be maintained, primarily to make changes and apply upgrades. It aids in bug removal and considerably improves the system’s overall speed. This technique can start once the software development process is complete, and only then.

As a result of fewer serious problems being found, regularly maintained software incurs lower maintenance costs. By doing so, defects and issues are removed, and the system performs better overall.

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What are the different types of Software Maintenance Services?

The software development and maintenance process can be divided into four different types that can be separated from one another. When experts in software maintenance are maintaining a product, it must go through one or more types of maintenance.

Types of Software Maintenance Services

Here we have listed the software maintenance types. Have a look:

1. Corrective Maintenance

This form of software maintenance service aids in identifying issues with the currently used solution, which are then resolved to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the program.

Instead of being done in one continuous procedure, most of this software maintenance is done in separate, discrete steps. This task’s completion aims to fix all of the software’s errors and faults.

2. Perfective Maintenance

This maintenance service helps adjust all features, capacities, and functionalities to enhance system efficiency and functionality. The maintenance services for the viewpoint provide solutions to issues related to usability and responsiveness.

The process entails changing how the program currently performs its tasks, either by incorporating brand-new capabilities or fixing any flaws previously there.

3. Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is changing a system such that the software is sufficiently compatible to adapt to changing organizational needs and operating conditions. Focusing on this maintenance service will ensure that the program remains consistent and that the software continues to work for longer.

According to experts working for a business specializing in custom software maintenance, will help the firm focus on enhancing software frameworks.

4. Preventive Maintenance

This form of software maintenance solution aids in shielding the system from all of its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Preventative maintenance allows businesses to improve their software and make it safer against potential attacks.

The goal of this maintenance procedure is frequently to shield the product from all alterations. Additionally, preventive maintenance makes it easy to maintain the code and safely handle older systems.

As mentioned above, each of the four different website maintenance services operates differently. Each contributes to enhancing the software’s performance and productivity as a whole.

Professional counsel is essential before deciding to apply any of these preventative maintenance solutions. Utilizing the services of enterprise software product management is therefore strongly advised. You may rely on experts to help you with the development and upkeep of software.

Why Software Maintenance Services Essential for Businesses?

Many businesses still struggle with this problem, asking themselves,

“Why is software maintenance so important?”

The software package’s developers have highlighted some of the more important causes for the need for software maintenance. If you also belong to this group, the following material will address any queries or worries you may have.

Why Are Software Maintenance ServicesEssential for Businesses

  • Removal of Outdated Functionality

The software’s underutilized and outdated functionality renders it ineffective. These features slow down the process and decrease the software’s productivity.

When this occurs, software maintenance becomes vitally required since it permits the replacement of older versions of UI components and coding. This makes the system flexible and can better handle changing business conditions.

  • Fixing Bugs

The software’s unnecessary and outdated functionalities serve no practical purpose. Finding and resolving software flaws is a necessary step in the process, which enhances the functionality of the finished product.

Because software issues or flaws can occur at any time, regular maintenance is essential to ensuring the program is error-free and perfect. Because of this, experts who offer software maintenance services advise emphasizing creation and maintenance equally.

  • Improving Past Performance

To avoid any operational mistakes, it is crucial to do testing and maintenance on the program regularly. This need cannot be met when using a software development company’s services.

As a result, once your software is in place, you should use CRM software development services or any other to improve its functionality and keep it running for as long as possible. Data security and coding restrictions are part of software maintenance since they safeguard the project against other vulnerabilities.

Proper software maintenance is crucial in today’s environment, which is riddled with cybercrime and security issues, for a number of reasons, the most significant of which are given above.

We sincerely hope that you now fully understand the importance of software maintenance services provided after the product has been developed. Now that we’ve cleared everything out, let’s determine the key factors that affect the cost of software maintenance.

Factors that Affect Software Maintenance Cost

Depending on a wide range of variables, software maintenance costs can go up or down. It is additionally divided into two separate categories: Technical and Non-technical.

Factors that Affect Software Maintenance Cost

Technical Factors that Have an Effect on the Cost of Software Maintenance:

  • Languages for Programming

Higher-level programming languages, which are easier to understand and upkeep, require less investment than lower-level ones.

The lower maintenance requirements of programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, and Ruby, among others, set them apart from other programming languages. Therefore, the programming language you use significantly impacts the price of your software.

  • Software Validation and Testing

A software’s performance is highly influenced by both its design and its testing. By dedicating time to thorough design and testing, maintenance costs are minimized.

Therefore, you should ask the software developers to test the program thoroughly if you want to reduce the cost of software maintenance.

  • Configuration Management

Other considerations, such as finding papers and making sure they are consistent with the program’s design and development, impact the maintenance cost.

This shows that effective configuration management can assist you in reducing maintenance expenses, as opposed to ineffective management, which could have the reverse effect and raise maintenance costs.

  • The Development Platform

The type of platform on which the program is developed significantly impacts the program’s cost. Maintaining software that is based on iOS, for example, will cost more than maintaining software that is based on Android.

Additionally, the price of hiring a software developer varies depending on the platform, so you must base your choice on the amount of money you have available.

Non-Technical Factors’ Effects on Software Maintenance Costs

Here is a list of the non-technical factors that affect how much software maintenance costs:

Non-Technical Factors' Effects on Software Maintenance Costs

  • A Trustworthy Team

Meeting deadlines for maintenance may be difficult when a small team is working on the project. When you are just starting out in business, investing in hiring a crew to undertake testing and maintenance is mostly impractical.

In addition, hiring a crew to perform maintenance will increase the cost of the process. So that they can help you with timely program maintenance, it is advised that you hire software developers for maintenance on a part-time or hourly basis.

  • The Software Setting

If your software idea is well-defined and has a bright and futuristic scope, you’ll incur lower maintenance costs. With minimal or no expected changes, the need for maintenance will decrease, leading to further cost reduction.

However, if your software idea is truly novel, you should be willing to invest some money in maintaining it. Professional assistance will be needed because the program must be changed frequently, increasing the cost of making software

  • The Hardware’s Dependability

The stability of the hardware, in addition to the software, affects the cost. For example, your maintenance expenditures will be eliminated if you have chosen dependable equipment that you don’t intend to upgrade anytime soon.

However, this condition doesn’t happen often because there isn’t much stable hardware available. To avoid performing much maintenance, ask the software developers to choose a largely stable product. This will help you manage the upkeep while staying within the project budget.

You will have to replace the hardware that your program was originally placed on when it gets outdated, and this conversion will increase your costs for the product’s ongoing maintenance. Because of the technical nature of this component, it is advised that you talk to the program developers about this issue; they will look into it.

  • Work and Time

The degree of expense incurred will be directly correlated to how complicated the project idea is. For instance, middle-level engineers will find your program tough if it is entirely original, and as a result, it will require more time and effort to execute.

The price will continue to rise in this manner. On the other hand, you will spend less time and effort developing software if you choose to stick with a simple idea. As a result, companies will spend less money on maintenance.

It all boils down to how much it will cost to keep the program running. Now that you know the technical and non-technical factors that influence the costs associated with software development, you must learn the procedures involved in software maintenance. Here is a description of these actions.

Process to Maintain Software for a Business

The following step-by-step guide for maintaining software will help you keep your application current and completely effective for as long as feasible.

The Process to Maintain Software for a Business

  • Develop Quality Software from the Ground Up

Unquestionably, the very first stage in software maintenance is developing new software. As a result, you should give top priority to developing well-built from the start.

Your program will require less maintenance if you ensure that you have used a functional platform with the right features and functionalities.

The only way to guarantee this result is to hire expert developers for maintenance with years of expertise in creating one-of-a-kind software.

  • Assess the Software’s Growth Capability

Remember that your product’s infrastructure needs to support numerous users at once. You will need to maintain your program to ensure that it continues to run in a way that is seamless and uninterrupted when the number of users increases naturally as your software expands.

Therefore, keeping the software’s scalability in mind while developing and maintaining it is important.

  • Assemble an Effective Team

You require a capable team regardless of whether you have a team of software product developers on staff or if you employ experts to provide chatbot software development services.

The likelihood of errors arising is considerably decreased when software, programs, or any product is maintained with the help of a professional.

If you currently have a team, that’s fantastic; otherwise, you might consider employing specialized software engineers. Both the development phase and the maintenance phase will benefit from it.

  • Keep an Eye on the Analytics

The final stage in ensuring that your program runs swiftly and smoothly is monitoring its metrics after it has been fully developed, deployed, and maintained. You may determine the software’s monthly profit and loss by tracking its analytics, which will help you make the best possible improvements to the product.

If appropriately carried out, these basic software maintenance practices will help you keep your program well-maintained and developed from the beginning to the end.

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What are the Ways to Reduce Software Maintenance Costs?

Below we have listed the ways by which you can reduce the software maintenance services cost:

What Are the Ways to Reduce Software Maintenance Costs

  • API Integration

Employing the APIs of each application to connect multiple apps is called “API Integration.” ROpting for API integration instead of building new features from the ground up is a wise approach to address your requirements efficiently.

Discover a wide array of purpose-specific APIs on the RapidAPI marketplace, offering solutions for various needs. Easily connect to thousands of APIs and efficiently manage multiple APIs from a unified dashboard, streamlining your development process and enhancing the functionality of your applications.

For instance, leveraging SNS to activate notification systems within your software program, employing Auth0 to seamlessly integrate authorization and authentication for mobile, internet, and legacy applications, and integrating Stripe to enable smooth payment gateways within your app.

These are all instances of how Auth0 can be used. API integration can reduce costs by sparing developers from having to create features from the start and maintaining them regularly.

  • SDK’s Integration

software development kits, or SDKs, save you the time and money necessary to seamlessly incorporate third-party functionality into your websites and apps.

However, you can explore a variety of Software Development Kits (SDKs) that deal with crash reporting, user login, payment processing, authentication, and other requirements. You may find SDKs that deal with requirements like A/B testing, analytics, user engagement, and attribution.

About half of all SDKs on the market fall under the customer experience and marketing categories. software development kits (SDKs) allow app developers access to a range of crucial elements required to build and ensure the continuity of exceptional software experiences when successfully incorporated into applications or websites.

When adding new features to previously generated software products, you might save time and money if you correctly integrate software development kits (SDKs). However, software development kits (SDKs) are not a magic bullet that solves all issues.

Inefficiently implementing an excessive number of software development kits (SDKs) can result in a wide range of issues, including battery drain, instability, app bloat, data leakage, etc.

  • Crucial Actions that Must be Completed to Successfully Integrate SDKs

Before deciding to implement any software development kit (SDK), it is important to understand your organization’s objectives, how an SDK can help you achieve them, potential risks the SDK may present, the success metrics that will be used to measure success, and a strategy for analyzing those success metrics.

Integrating an SDK from the start and reducing the risk of bloated apps will be simpler for you. You can continue testing and confirming your strategy once you have identified an SDK that matches it.

Before integrating SDKs, it is crucial to have a firm grasp of the possibility that adding new code to the environment may significantly raise the risk. One method to lessen potential risks is to thoroughly test an SDK. The Software Development Kit (SDK) examination shouldn’t consume much time.

As a result, spending some of your time on code review can help you better understand what the SDK can accomplish in the context of your application and its requirements.

SDKs give apps services and functionality while reducing the time needed for testing and development if those features were to be created from scratch.

It is advised to keep the app’s functionality up to date after the SDKs have been incorporated. To free up your developers’ time to focus on the product’s further development, we strongly suggest you automate as many changes as possible.

Integration of SDKs can be one of the potential ways to reduce the expenses related to updating and adding new features to the software already in use.

How can ARKA Softwares help you with Software Maintenance?

Arka Softwares offers software maintenance services to ensure your applications’ efficient operation and long-term viability.

Our skilled team of dedicated developers and technicians not only consistently delivers updates and upgrades that bring your software up to date with the latest features and safety enhancements, but they are also skilled at quickly identifying and fixing errors and issues.

They are adept at doing it swiftly as well. We improve your program’s security and dependability while enhancing its database’s functionality and maximizing its overall effectiveness.

Our team of devoted technical support staff will provide prompt assistance and competent guidance if you have any queries or problems.

You may have complete confidence that Arka Softwares will keep your software functioning at its best so you can concentrate on the most crucial facets of your business.

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Challenges faced in Software Maintenance

To prevent critical events and reduce costs, your company’s software needs should be routinely maintained after you thoroughly understand what software maintenance entails. The software maintenance process also raises several challenges like cost and time:

Cost is one of the biggest challenges that you may face with software maintenance. This can be a major financial investment for start-ups and companies operating on tight budgets.

Software maintenance takes a considerable amount of time to complete. The software program needs to be improved and enhanced, which takes a large amount of time. Businesses must therefore make an effort to allocate resources specifically for accomplishing this objective. And that poses a difficulty for them in certain ways.

The lack of defined software maintenance strategies can make it more challenging and time-consuming, increasing complexity. As a result, it becomes quite difficult to manage and maintain all of the many components.

As a result of the numerous software product revisions, fatigue happens when an organization’s administration of those products becomes less efficient. You will experience a lot of blunders as a direct result of this, and they will eventually accumulate.


There is currently no comprehensive approach or service cost estimator for calculating the precise costs related to software maintenance.

Numerous authors cannot agree on how to tackle this subject because they have divergent points of view. Up to 90% of the total cost of a software project might be attributed to maintenance expenses. Depending on the particulars of the circumstance.

We covered the many service groups involved in software maintenance in this piece and the various aspects that affect the cost of software maintenance.

If you want to avoid resource waste and ensure that your software’s maintenance will meet the needs of your clients and your company to the fullest extent possible, think about hiring the help of a reliable software development company.

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