Product Maintenance and Support Services

We offer a wide range of Product Engineering maintenance and support services. Our support experts provide adequate technical assistance once the product is delivered. We provide end-to-end support and maintenance services for modern solutions, legacy systems, and 3rd party software.

We do understand that your business must maintain the product amid ever-changing market scenarios. We provide robust product maintenance and support services, that offer a stable platform for your business, that improves flexibility and scalability that leads to enhanced system performance, increased revenue, and higher end-user satisfaction.

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Product Maintenance and Support Services

Delivering Greater Value for your Software with our Product Maintenance and Support Services

Developing a Product and integrating it with your existing interfaces and processes is just the initial stages in your product engineering lifecycle. Once the product is delivered it is important to support it, maintain it and subsequently transform it to address your business requirements, and that’s where Maintenance and Support Services comes into the picture.

Whether it is product modification, defect remediation, resolving design errors, fixing performance issues, infrastructure changes, or accommodating new requirements, we handle it all to ensure your business flourishes in the market.

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Product Engineering Maintenance and Support – Offerings

Corrective Maintenance

It refers to a set of activities to remediate user-reported errors in the source code, we can also call it “bug” maintenance. The nature of this maintenance is urgent, but most of the time it focuses on low severity “bugs” and it is more on improving codes instead of fixing major bugs.

Preventive Maintenance

We prepare the product to counter potential challenges by futureproofing it. Our preventive maintenance experts can help your business to prevent the unexpected impact of evolving devices and systems on which the software functions.

Adaptive Maintenance

It is an activity where we focus on product infrastructure to address the issues that crop up due to outdated products. It is required when issues are triggered by changes in the operating system, hardware, business policies, security issues, or software dependencies.

Perfective Maintenance

Our experts modify the product by introducing new features or refining the existing ones. It enhances the performance and functionality of the software, by capturing the user feedback and then making necessary improvements in the codebase.

Round the Clock Support

Software support service comprises break/fix services, troubleshooting, bug fixing, ongoing guidance, data backup and advisory, and more. Our highly experienced support staff is always available to fix your software-related concerns.

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