Vet On-Demand Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

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Mobile applications have become a rage these days. From e-commerce apps to online travel booking, there’s an application available for nearly everything. The evolution of Digital and Mobile technology has pervaded our lives and help us to govern almost every aspect of our life.

Mobile apps are hugely popular among millennials, who usually spend most of their time browsing the internet and access different types of applications via their handheld devices. 

In recent times, the Healthcare sector has also witnessed the transformation with the introduction of IT and other advanced technologies. Telemedicine has also moved into the mainstream, which has converged the gap between patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems. These applications are a big boon for the patients, as now they can fulfill all their healthcare needs while staying at their homes. 

Vet Mobile App Development

Another major trend amongst millennials is to keep a pet at home. With enhanced disposable incomes with people, the pet industry has also observed massive growth in recent years. People have suddenly started finding solace in their pets, which they were unable to afford till recently. However, keeping a pet comes with its own set of challenges, and the biggest one is to keep their pets healthy and mitigate their ailments as quickly as possible.

This is where the idea of developing a pet-centric application comes into the picture. A Vet-on-demand app allows pet owners to avail healthcare facilities without bringing their pets to veterinary clinics. It also helps them stay connected with healthcare specialists round the clock, and even during emergencies. 

In this blog, we will cover everything you want to know about Vet-on-demand apps, including their features, workflows, revenue model, benefits, development process, and even the development cost. 


What is a Vet On-Demand App?

A Vet-On-Demand application is a software solution that helps pet owners to take care of everything their pet requires without even going outside their homes. The core objective of Vet On Demand app is to offer pets health-related services and information. It offers a pet tracking system, Vet consultation, medicine prescription, seamless search operation, and AI/IoT aided tools to enhance Pet healthcare.


Why do we need Vet On-Demand app?

Before COVID-19, the scope and demand for Vet-On-Demand were not much, as US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had prohibited veterinarians from diagnosing and prescribing medicines online via Vet applications. This decision was taken as pet owners were unable to precisely describe their pets’ symptoms, which led to inaccurate diagnosis and prescribing.

Vet On Demand app

Though, after COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA was forced to re-evaluate its decision. FDA has now allowed telemedicine apps to offer a platform for pet owners and veterinarians to connect and transform the pet healthcare system.

As per the American Pet Products research report, US pet owners spent $95.7 billion on their pets, and approx. $29.3 billion are spent on Veterinary care and products. 

Pet owners become perplexed when they find them in an unusual or painful situations, as they must rush to the veterinary hospital. Here another important aspect is that most of the times Pet owners think there is an emergency, but it is not that much severe and could be treated remotely as well. In this process, the Veterinarian must forgo some pets who may undergo critical issues while spending more time on Pets with usual ailments. 

This problem certainly demands a suitable solution that could help Veterinarian to get in touch with the Pets who need immediate and intensive care.


How does Vet On-demand app work?

Vet On-Demand application offers Vet and Pet owners two primary communication options to avail healthcare services.

Video calls

Pet owners can book an online appointment and consultation with Vet, and at the same time, the Vet can examine Pets using a mobile camera and mobile devices.

  • Pet owner creates a video consultation request.
  • Contacts the Vet and uses a phone camera for checkups.
  • Veterinarian accepts the request and consults via video call.
  • Veterinarian prescribes the treatment and resolves the consultation.

How does Vet-On-demand app work

Instant Chat-

 This option is often used by pet owners who seek urgent assistance, and those who are already aware of their pet’s ailment and diagnosis. Pet owners can connect with the Vets via instant chat option to discuss diagnosis, diet schedules, and medications.

  • Pet owner opens a Chat window to initiate conversation.
  • Enters text, images, or videos to showcase the condition of pets.
  • Veterinarian accepts the chat message.
  • Vet checks the information.
  • Prescribes the treatment and resolves the consultation.
  • Schedules a video call if required.


Popular Vet-On-Demand Apps

Popular Vet-On-Demand Apps


It is a vet-telemedicine app that offers an instant communication facility so that clients can be in touch with the veterinarians with ease. With this app, pet owners can upload pictures, videos, and other details of their pet’s medical conditions, and schedule an appointment with the Vet. This app also allows pet owner to store their medical history.


This app is known for its immaculate integration of veterinary clinic’s workflow and processes. TeleTails offers seamless communication tools for Vets and customers to remain in touch and consult about their pet’s medical situation.


This app allows pet owners to schedule virtual consultations with Veterinarians. The vet can check the pet online and prescribe the treatment. App also allows a user to schedule a follow-up appointment without any hassles.


This is one of the most popular telehealth platforms developed for veterinary practices. This app provides quick appointment scheduling, chat and video communication, and after-hours and emergency support facilities.


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Vet-On-Demand application – Revenue model

An application is developed not to help the end-users, but to also generate revenue. Online Vet applications usually generate revenue via User subscriptions, in-app product sales, and Service sales. 

In-app Product Sales Service Sales Subscription
Apps can offer Pet related products, which could be purchased by the end Users by making a payment. Apps encourage Users to purchase extra services (Pet walkers, Pet caretakers, Pet trainers) and make payments against them. An application can offer subscription-based services, where additional services shall be provided to subscribers only against a specific Monthly/Annual amount. 


Benefits of a Vet-On-Demand app

A standard Vet-On-Demand application offers the following benefits to the users and Vets.

Information about the Pet’s breed

These apps offer a knowledge base, which helps an end-user to search pet’s origin, its breed and genealogy, weight, height, and other vital information. Users can access important information about the suitable climatic conditions for the pet, its lifespan, preferred feeding and exercise habits, common health issues, and other crucial details a per parent must be aware of.

Online consultation with Licensed Vet:

One can simply consult with an experienced and licensed Vet online using these apps. Online consultation is an effective method to eliminate worries and fears about a pet’s health, as one can talk to the Vet at any point in time.

All health records at a commonplace:

These apps keep all the vital healthcare information and historical medical records at a commonplace. It helps pet owners to find vital information in event of an emergency. While it helps the Vets to investigate the issues effectively and provide better prescriptions to the pet owners.

Track Pet’s growth:

Keeping a track of Pet’s wellbeing is a big concern for any pet parent. Vet-on-Demand apps help them to set up milestones and track their pet’s growth accordingly.

Find a nearby Vet:

Vet-On-Demand apps help consumers to alert about nearby vets and animal hospitals. These alerts offer verified information about Vets based on their specialties, location, customer reviews, and ratings. It helps Every pet owner to search for an experienced Vet in the neighborhood without having any reference at hand.


rover app development cta


Online shopping for Pets:

An Integrated e-commerce feature can help users to purchase products and edible items for their pets. E-commerce comes as a big boon for pet owners as it provides them a one-stop-shop for all their pet needs.

Counseling and Training :

Apps can be used to enhance the learning curve for their pets. Vet-On-Demand apps offer a whole process to ensure your pet is getting groomed and learning new methods with the help of associated trainers.

Emergency Healthcare services :

Many times the pets encounter accidents, which may result in severe injuries and may turn fatal as well. It is very critical to have emergency care amid such times, and the Vet-On-Demand application fulfills the just purpose.

Seamless Appointment Scheduling:

 It helps to schedule an appointment for your pets with ease. People who have hectic work schedules can avail of this benefit to ensure their pets get immediate assistance.


Features of a Vet-on-Demand application

A standard Vet-On Demand App must incorporate the following features.

  • Login/Register – This helps the Pet owners to Sign up or log in to access apps paid/unpaid services.
  • Pets Profiles – It contains brief information about the pets and their medical records.
  • Feed Monitoring – Pet owners can access the calorie table and diet chart to monitor their pet’s health.
  • Medical history – This feature displays detailed medical history, previous ailment, allergies, and other information about the pet.
  • Reminders -This feature pushes the reminders of vaccination and veterinary appointments.
  • Digital Notes – The user or Vet can use this feature to make notes about prescribed medicines, diet plans, and exercise routines.
  • Chat with Vet – Pet owners can instantly chat with experienced veterinarians at any point in time.
  • One-Click Video call – The user can schedule a video call with Vet with a single tap.
  • E-prescriptions – This feature is used to place a request for a pet’s prescription.
  • Appointment Requests – Users can submit a form to place a formal appointment request at a Vet clinic.
  • Click a Pic – Users can click a selfie with their pet and share it with Vet or other users via application.
  • Connect Via Text and Pictures – App users can connect with others over text and share images of their pets.
  • Review and Refer – Pet owners can review and rate the application, which helps other users and pushes app developers to improve the services.
  • GPS navigator – This feature assists a user to navigate to a Vet clinic in a specific area.
  • Offline Access – This feature allows users to get in touch with a Vet via a given phone number, even if the user is offline.
  • Digital Payment – Users can make the payment against the services, and Vet can receive the payment directly into their bank account.
  • 24*7 Support – Call a Vet at all hours to get some advice in case of an emergency.
  • Vet Panel – This panel helps the Vet experts to keep an eye on their active customers, their pet information, earnings, visit logs, and more. A vet can also initiate the video call or instant chat through the Vet panel.
  • Admin Panel – This panel contains several Admin dashboards, that let the app owner know about the total enrolled clinic, number of registered pets, their visits,  and daily earnings.


Advanced Features using IoT and AI

We can improve the usability and popularity of our Vet-On-Demand app by integrating advanced features by incorporating AI and IoT devices and sensors. 

Health and Activity monitors

We can use wearable tags and smart collars to keep a track of your pet’s wellbeing. These trackers come with several sensors including heart rate, respiration, temperature, calorie intake, and activity, which can provide comprehensive information about the pet.

Smart feeders

These devices stay connected with the mobile phones and app and help users to schedule their pet’s feeding. These devices notify the user about the food routine, amount of food eaten by the pet. It also lets the end-user manage the food portion sizes and time remotely.

GPS tags

Small wearable tags can be attached to the Pet’s collar, which helps the owners to keep an eye on the whereabouts of the pet. This GPS-enabled mobile phone and the vet-on-demand app receive an instant notification once the pet moves out of a specific area.

Interactive Cameras and Pet monitors

These sensors act as a radio-nanny and they help owners to see how their pets are doing while they are away. The pet owner can talk to their pets and dispense treats, right from their mobile devices.


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Vet-On-Demand app development lifecycle

We can start off with the app development process once we collect the information about the app idea and features. While initiating the app development process, we must ensure to follow the below product lifecycle :

Concept and Business Strategy

We must document the app idea and develop the business plan to match the present and future vision of the organization. We must cover all the aspects and important parameters to establish your own vet-on-demand service provider company.

Requirement Analysis

In this phase, we must document all the requirements and features of the proposed application. This phase acts as a baseline for the software development lifecycle.


UI UX development


App Design and UI/UX development

We start working on Software Design and Workflow based on the requirement analysis document. Our software experts develop a beautiful UI/UX for the end-user.

Develop an MVP

It is time to develop a stripped-down version of the Vet-On-Demand app. This version will contain essential features and functionalities only. Once the MVP is approved by the customer, we can proceed with full-fledged application development.

Quality Assurance –

In this phase, our software quality assurance experts assess the code and mitigate all the errors and potential bugs to improve the app usability.

Launch the Final product

Once the MVP is approved, we can initiate the full-fledged development of app. We make improvements and incorporate additional features if asked by the customer. Once the app development is completed, we launch the application of various app platforms.


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Required Team Structure

Development of Vet On-Demand application is a complex and time-consuming process, which needs a lot of effort, dedication, and technical involvement. In order to develop an immaculate application, we need to have a pool of seasoned app developers, designers, quality assurance resources, and experienced Project Managers.

We must have the following resources to form a Software development team :

Project Manager :

He/she be the one with great domain knowledge along with good intellect and managerial skills. This resource is responsible for finding the most productive solutions required to fulfill your business vision and insights.


We must have experienced iOS, Android, Back-end, and Front-end developers.

UI/UX Developers :

We must hire experienced Graphic and UX/UI developers to develop beautiful and interactive user interfaces. 

Software Testers:

A team of skilled and experienced QA experts to deliver a bug-free application experience to the users.


Technology Stack to develop Vet-On-Demand app

The selection of the Technology stack for the Vet-On-Demand application totally depends on the project complexity and application requirements. We can utilize the following Technology stack to develop the required solution :

  • Frontend: Angular.JS, Vue.js, and React.
  • Backend: Laravel, Django, and Node.JS.
  • Framework – CodeIgnitor,
  • Programming Language – Kotlin, Swift, and Java.
  • Real-time Analytics Tools: IBM, Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, and Cisco.
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and E-Wallet.
  • Push Notifications: and Twilio.
  • Database: My SQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL.
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, and Azure.
  • Notifications Service: Twilio and Nexmo.
  • Monitoring and Log Maintenance – AWS CloudWatch.
  • Storage & Backup Solutions – Amazon S3.


Cost to Develop a Vet-On-Demand Application

The cost of developing a Vet-On-Demand application is very much dependent on the hourly rates of the team you are going to hire. This is the basic reason why most of the western countries outsource their projects to Asian countries like India. Here we have a comparison of average hourly rates in different regions.

Region Price Range Average Price (Per Hour)
North America $6k-$12k $40-$80
South America $4k-$7k $30-$50
United Kingdom $8k-13k $60-$90
Eastern Europe $4k-$8k $30-$60
Australia $4k-$7k $30-$50
Middle East $4k$7k $30-$50

With the above figures, it is quite evident that cost of developing a Vet-On-Demand application in the USA and UK will be on the higher side, whereas the cost will remain on the lower side in India and South American countries. It is highly recommended to outsource the system development work to these countries, as they can offer quality software products at a much lower cost.

However, we must state that this is just an estimated cost, the actual cost could be higher or lower, depending on the features and technology used to develop the situation. This estimate does not cover other costs and efforts, such as time spent on communication, project preparation, project release activities, project promotion, and several other activities, which can certainly influence the project cost. 

vet app development cost


Why developing a Vet-On-Demand app is a brilliant idea?

Well, it is important to know if investing in Vet-On-Demand application is beneficial or not. The online pet care industry is booming across the globe and the following stats are that it is going to be a niche area, which is going to generate massive demand in the future.

  • Americans spend approx. $100 billion annually on their pets.
  • A popular pet retailer app Chewy has anticipated a rise of approx. 40% in their sales compared to the first quarter of 2019.
  • US also witnessed an astonishing 67% growth in Pet care e-commerce sales.
  • The online per food sales market of US is going to pose a healthy CAGR of 23% between 2018 and 2023.
  • Chewy is planning to hire approx. 10,000 employees to manage the spike in online orders.

All these stats prove that developing an online vet-on-demand application will be a brilliant idea at this juncture.



Pets are known as human’s most loyal supporters since ages. They are the ones who help us relieve stress, ensure our security, forget about our failures, and more. Pets offer us unconditional love and exceptional camaraderie along with improved health and well-being. 

According to Grand View research’s report, over half of US households own pets, which is nearly 80 million homes. The global pet care market is going to reach USD 202.6 billion by 2025. No wonder our pets deserve the utmost care and proper treatment. However, it is quite cumbersome for working professionals and families to keep constant monitoring of the health and food of their pets as they work full-time.  This is where the technology steps in and makes the entire process of vet health management completely hassle-free.

Vet-On-Demand app is a brilliant outcome of technology, which helps individuals to keep constant monitoring of their pet’s health, and that is the reason why such applications are gaining massive popularity these days.

If you also want to develop a Vet-On-Demand application for your customers, then please get in touch with us. Our seasoned app development experts will certainly assist you and transform your idea into an exceptional application.


FAQ’s Vet on Demand

1- Is it possible for us to start an Online Vet-booking platform using this Vet-on-demand app?

Yes, you can start your own online Vet booking platform using our customized Vet-on-demand application. We incorporate all the features and functionalities that can help you to drive your business as per your vision.

2- What type of Pet specific applications are currently available in the market?

We have a plethora of Pet specific applications in the market. Though, we have 5 broad categories for such applications, based on the type of function they perform :

  • Pet Care apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • First Aid apps
  • Veterinary Booking apps
  • Pet Training apps

3- Should we buy an Off-the-shelf app or invest in Customized branded app development?

An off the shelf application could be acquired in lesser time and efforts. However, as it is a 3rd party application, we must pass the complete control over to the app company, hence it is quite important to read the fine print. Also, in off the shelf app, the brand of app company is visible to your clients, the name your practice will be visible in the app, but not too promptly.

As far as customized application is concerned, we offer that with your personalized brand icon and location in application stores. Customized app offers you complete control over the app design, Vet listings, service providers, user data, and security mechanism. With a customized app, you can promote your brand more effectively and offer a customized experience to your customers, which improves the revenue and ROI.

4- How much time Arka Softwares takes to develop Vet-on-Demand app?

We usually take 4-6 weeks to develop a full-fledged Vet-On-Demand application, as this will not be an “off-the- shelf” app. We spent good amount of time to perform in-depth requirement analysis, features integration, app development and quality assurance, to ensure utmost quality to the final software solution.

5- Does Arka offers MVP development?

Yes, we offer MVP development service to develop a minimum viable product with basic features. The MVP version of application is sufficient for early adopters and business stakeholders. The business can launch it, get the feedback from the users, and improvise the app in subsequent releases. MVP also helps customers to address their budget limitations, as the cost of developing an MVP is comparatively lower than a full-fledged solution.

6- How can a Customer add their Pet on this app?

Customers can click on Menu button at the top-left of the app and then you should see ‘My Pets’ section and click on ‘Add Pet’ buttons. Here customer can upload pictures of pet and update other important information.

7- How does a Pet owner connect only with their primary vet?

A customer can place a request to get a call back from a primary Vet. If you want to speak to your Vet, simple tap on ‘Request a Call’ button on app’s Home screen. It will ask you to provide a comment, where you can select the reason for your call back request. This will notify your primary Vet about your call back request, and you will be contacted in the given timelines.

8- Does Arka Softwares offers Integration services to accommodate our existing offering with Vet-On-Demand app?

Yes, we provide end-to-end Integration services to our clients. We can integrate the Vet-on-demand app with your existing service offering such as online pharmacy, payment gateways, direct appointment booking, and many more. Our objective is to assist our customers to display their all services and resources to the end customers using a common mobile app.

9- How Arka Softwares ensures a complete security to our Client and Veterinary professional’s data?

We are known for strict adherence to the Security protocols and industry specific regulatory and compliance requirements. We ensure that your sensitive client and Veterinary related data always remains safe. We do not collect, track, or share individual user’s data in any way.

10- What type of Regulatory and Compliance requirements we must follow while developing Vet-On-Demand app?

In order to develop a Vet-On-Demand, we must follow the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and HIPAA compliance and guidelines to ensure Data safety. FDA guideline and regulations can be checked in the Title 21 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). 


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