There are many healthcare mobile applications leveraging the best of the medical services. Thousands of patients have been served with reliable healthcare/medical services via their Smartphone instantly. The applications not only cut out the long waiting line to see a doctor, but these also help you read and deliver reviews on their medical services. Apps like ‘doctor on-demand’ are a modest effort to simplify medical care. Consequently, healthcare web development companies are also conceiving new ideas for these apps upgrading them with utilitarian and desirable features.

Features of Doctor on-Demand App

Built for doctor and patient both; the app features are separated here considering the utility of the app for both users with features for admin panel particularly. Let’s have a glance at a few significant features of this application-

1. Patient Section Features


The patients can book the appointment date and time by operating application, they are able to search the preferable doctor near their location at suitable time; furthermore, patients get a calendar service, so they ensure the doctor’s availability date to date. It also facilitates the patients to track the doctor according to the immediacy.

Cloud-Based Medical record:

Patients get an e-Medical record service that will be useful to share health integrated documents with the doctor; It could be helpful for further treatment and others official process. The section also provides accurate maintenance and security of the documents.

Better Interaction:

A patient can personally be in touch with the medical specialist through chat-box service; moreover, she/he can discuss with the doctor making a call through the application. It makes it easy for the paitent to find out the information, reports and new updates quickly. A live video session also helpful when the patients want to express their health issues to the doctor.


Patients will be able to have bill through in-app payment service. It is faster, secure and easy to process; thus they can experience the flawless payment gateway.

2. Doctor Section Features

Doctor Specifications

This field adds the complete detail of the doctor like name, address, contact number, photograph and specialization in the field. If any customer/patient needs to know more about her/him, they can ask via this portal.

Better work management

Doctors can check their patient appointment and confirm appointment accordingly; they are also able to cancel a particular appointment in the case of unavailability.

Online Prescription

A doctor can prescript online to treat common disease like cold, fever etc.; in the major condition, the doctor can go to the live video consulting with patients seeing more serious problems.

3.  Admin Section

Medical records

It includes complete detail of patients, their medical history, and other medical reports. It makes it simple for a doctor to see a medical history of a person before examining him/her.


Provides a complete list of doctors in patient’s zip location or in other location; besides, adds the category of experts according to the expertise field, so the customer can find the preferred physician easily.

Store patient’s reports, medical treatment history and also generates information of patients whenever required. Manage the details of doctors and can publicize that additionally.

Consists of marketing tools like SEO tools, loyalty system. Coupon Codes etc.

Manufacturing costs of a doctor on-demand app

The expenditure of doctor on-demand app development completely depends on the kind of functionality and services what you need to add in your app. However you can estimate the manufacturing charges for the best healthcare website design or app development going to the approximates values in various domains-

  • Developers/Designers in the US may charge you $50 – $250 hourly.
  • Developers of Europe will charge you approx $30-$150 per hour.
  • India based developers may give you some afford; they may charge you $10 – $80 per hour.

Other technical charges with limited features on Android platform across the world-

  • Technical documentation- $1k – $2k for 40 hours
  • Front – end, back – end development- $10k – $20k for 400 hours
  • MVP testing- <strongstyle=”font-weight: 600;”>$2k – $4k for 80 hours


Doctor-on-demand app is a great application which seems to provide seamless solutions to patients and doctors. The manufacture of this service is approaching healthcare website development too ahead; patients/doctors can experience the thing on doctor on-demand website. In the challenging time of the healthcare industry, this app/website may be a boon.

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