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Leverage innovative healthcare software solutions to improve patient care, follow better healthcare practices, and have an automated workflow to meet the business objective hassle-free.

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We have closely worked with several hospitals, laboratories, and doctors to restructure underlying technologies for fast, secure, and efficient custom healthcare software development solutions.

We at Arka Softwares are enthusiastic about developing modern solutions that improve the quality of healthcare practices. Whether you are a healthcare brand, hospital, or clinic chain, we have the expertise to deliver you an out-of-the-box solution on time. We are a software development company with over a decade of experience in developing healthcare software.

Our solutions are based on three key factors- Efficient management, Seamless communication, and Flawless automation. We offer an extended range of solutions like EHR/EMR software, Compliance based solutions(HIPAA, BAA, FDA), telemedicine, M-health mobile apps, eRX and more or whatever mobile app development solutions you need.

EHR/EMR Software Development

We craft innovative EHR and EMR software that intelligently automates your clinical workflows and improves communication with the help of features like, task donuts, e-prescription, multi-specialty support, physician dashboard, and a lot more.


We develop modern EHR/EMR mobile apps for android and iOS that bring the complete potential of the platform into a mobile device to manage info and communicate on the go.

Integration Services

Tap into the world of unlimited possibilities with EHR/EMR with our integration services that let you enjoy services like e-billing, cloud data sharing, reporting, and charting, database management, etc.

Why choose Arka Software as your Healthcare Technology Provider?

With over years of experience in healthcare software development & consultation, we can understand your business's nuances and build a solution that simplifies your workflow and help you manage your patients stress-free so that you can deliver quality care. Our Solutions are:


We always ensure that our solutions are up-to-date with the Healthcare IT Regulations. Rather it may be HIPAA, MACRA, or MIPS, you name it, and we will make sure that our solutions are compliant.


Our solutions are designed to be scalable so that you can easily make changes or add new features/functionalities as your business grows with time.


We ensure that our solutions can be integrated with your existing EHR/EMR system or any other third-party software. This ensures a seamless experience for both you and your patients.


We understand the importance of patient data security in the healthcare industry. So, we ensure that our solutions are built with top-notch security features to keep your data safe and secure.

Successfully Delivered more than 5 HIPAA Compliant EHR & HIS Solutions and continues in a process to deliver more simplified solutions for eliminating barriers to healthcare requirements.

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HIPAA, BAA, FDA Compliant Solutions

Every digital medical product or service developed at Arka Softwares is matched with HIPAA, BAA, FDA compliances. Since we are talking about the health of people, it is our highest priority to offer an optimum quality of software and mobile apps that people can trust.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    Many of the telemedicine apps or telehealth software we develop are required to share protected health information (PHI), therefore, we develop them according to HIPAA compliance.

  • BAA Compliance

    For further legal liability between the patient and contractor, our healthcare software solutions are compliant with the business associate agreement (BAA) as well.

  • FDA Compliance

    Since medical apps deal with people’s health, we develop all our software solutions under compliance with food and drug administration (FDA) for reliability and transparency.

Telemedicine Software Solutions

Hire our telemedicine software and mobile app developers to help you develop a telemedicine app that not only provides Remote Patient Health Management Solution but also provides health education for better care, and tracks patient health for better treatments for diseases.

  • Telemedicine Mobile App

    Let us help you to develop a next-gen telemedicine mobile app that utilizes modern smartphones and connected device sensors to track health data and allow communication via video call and chat.

  • Cloud-based Telemedicine Software

    For hospitals, clinics, and labs we develop custom cloud-based telemedicine software that promotes interoperability, streamlines medical practices, and enhance information exchange.

  • Third-Party Integration

    To unlock the limitless potential of telemedicine software we offer highly functional third-party integration of HL7 interface with RCM workflows and PACS/DICOM viewer capabilities.

Technology-driven innovation can help you to reduce operational costs and turn around time in delivering healthcare services. We can help you to implement it perfectly.

Let’s Build It Together!

e-Prescription (eRx) Software Development

For streamlining telemedicine services, we provide custom e-Prescription mobile app development services with support for EHR/EMR and clinical decision support (CDS) for multispectral usability within the software for enhanced online prescription.

  • CDS Integration Services

    With the integration of CDS, we ensure that your eRx software is able to retrieve patient’s medical histories and evaluate previous drug combinations to ensure patient safety.

  • E-Prescription Mobile App Development

    You can always rely on our expertise to offer you a versatile eRx mobile app that not only brings eRx capabilities to your mobile device but also enhance communication between teams.

  • Third-Party Integration

    We, at Arka Softwares, do no appreciate putting a limit to anything, therefore, we help you to expand the potential of your eRx software with the integration of PDMS, CDS, and other useful third-party modules.

Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

In the times of needs, a patient can always take out their mobile devices and consult to their favorite doctors. This interaction may seem simple but at Arka Softwares, we take this simple interaction to a new level of unmatched medical assistance experience.

  • Doctor Appointment Booking Mobile App

    Experience an advanced appointment booking mobile app that is simple to use for all ages of people, yet loaded with useful features, and comes on all platforms like android, iOS, even wearables.

  • Doctor Appointment Booking Website

    Almost 40-50% of people still like to use a fully-fledged desktop website, for them, we develop an appointment booking website with a video call and chat, doc sharing, and e-prescription, and a lot more features.

  • Third-party Integration

    In times of unprecedented diseases, get ready for anything that may come, therefore, our third-party integration services help you to integrate services like EHR/EMR, databases, and a lot more.

M-Health Mobile App Development

M-Health mobile apps have become the best buddies of many who are dealing with chronic diseases, and we helped doctors and hospitals to build such apps that could achieve the trust of those patients over the past few years. But now we have a lot more to offer when it comes to M-health mobile apps.

Fitness Tracking Apps

We develop and design some of the most intuitive and accurate fitness tracking mobile apps that connect with your fitness device and send periodic data straight to the doctor for better diagnostics.

Doctor Consultancy Apps

Talk to our expert healthcare app developers to develop a feature-packed doctor consultancy mobile app that simply helps people to find the right doctors and get the right treatment.

Telemedicine Apps

We help you design and develop next-gen telemedicine mobile apps that store, manage and transfer patient data, with e-prescription and medicine ordering, tracking, and health diagnostic services.

Digital healthcare apps are the new normal; people are leveraging them realistically. So, offer your patients or customers a fine experience of digital healthcare.

Let’s Co-Create It!

Healthcare with IoT and Wearables

Over the past couple of years, we have been helping the healthcare industry to transform with our IoT development solutions and wearable technology innovations. Now we are offering these exclusive services to you to develop custom IoT and wearables solutions for your healthcare purposes.

  • Healthcare Data Analytics

    Our healthcare software development expertise allows us to create IoT-oriented apps that collect data through healthcare IoT devices for data analytics and gain patient health insights.

  • Healthcare Treatment & Monitoring

    The IoT-oriented wearable app development helps Medicare professionals monitor the patient’s health consistently, improves their productivity, and enhances patient-doctor communication.

  • Personal Healthcare

    IoT healthcare apps facilitates the users to take care of their health personally via collecting data through IoT healthcare apps from sensor-based healthcare devices. It makes healthcare easy.

Assistive Technology Development

Everyone equally deserves healthcare, especially those with disabilities. For them, we have a separate R&D panel where our dedicated healthcare developers design and build assistive technology solutions like mobile apps and software for the disabled to make technology and healthcare more accessible.

  • For Deaf and Hearing Impaired

    For deaf and hearing-impaired people, we design smart software with noise reduction algorithms that work with smart hearing aids, infrared systems, and special listening devices.

  • For Blind and Visually Impaired

    For the blind and visually impaired, text-to-speech apps or software are quite common, with that we offer special audio GPS navigation systems, and IoT inspired mobility devices, and a lot more.

  • For Enhanced Communication

    These particular technological solutions are designed for the ones suffering from cognitive disorders like dementia, amnesia, and delirium, our AAC software turned out to great help to them.

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

Engagement Models

Arka Softwares offers various engagement models that impeccably blend innovation, performance, cost, agility, and performance. You can choose from a wide array of flexible and customized models, each of which assures high quality, technical expertise, and timely delivery.

FAQ's for Healthcare App Development

We are ARKA SOFTWARS, a software development company with over 11 years of experience in the industry. We primarily focus on developing software solutions for various sectors.

As a healthcare software development agency, we treat security very seriously. Our team can help you build websites, mobile apps, and other software compliant with healthcare industry standards whenever necessary.

Our development process is straightforward and streamlined. We start with understanding your requirements, research the market, and then move on to the development phase. Once the software is developed, we test it for bugs and errors. After that, we deploy it and provide maintenance and support services as needed.

Healthcare software development costs depend on various factors, such as the features and functionality you require, the platform you want it to be developed for, the size of your team, etc. Once we have all the details about your project requirements, we can give you a better estimate.

Yes, you can. We can develop an app that can be seamlessly integrated into your healthcare software system.

We understand how important patient data is in the healthcare industry. So, we ensure that our solutions are built with top-notch security features to keep your data safe and secure.

Mobile app development services can be used for various purposes in the healthcare industry, such as patient engagement, data collection, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, etc.

Yes, we do. We have a dedicated team of cloud experts who can develop a secure and scalable telehealth app for you.

Yes, you can. We have a team of experienced healthcare software developers who can help you with your project.

We offer a wide range of medical app development services, such as healthcare software development, telehealth app development, mhealth app development, e-prescription app development, etc.

Our telemedicine platform solution is a very effective and connected development service. It helps doctors to consult with patients remotely and provide them with the best possible care on any devices they are around.

Yes, our telemedicine software development can be integrated with telemedicine app development. This enables a seamless communication process between doctors and patients from anywhere in the world.

We have a team of experienced mHealth app developers who have developed several successful apps for our clients.

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