Top Reasons To Choose Kentico For Your Next Project

Updated 07 Nov 2023
Published 03 Aug 2022
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Reason to choose kentico

When it comes to the success of your business and the value of your brand, choosing the correct CMS is critical. If you’re going to pick a CMS, it’s not going to be simple.

Consider the functionality, feedback, compatibility, marketing strategies, usability, and other aspects of the CMS before making a final decision.

As of now, Kentico CMS is a popular choice for online retailers due to a variety of factors. Globally, more than 23,000 websites are served by this popular CMS, and its market share is growing steadily.

As a result, prominent IT firms are now offering Kentico CMS development services to organizations of all sizes.

Advantages of Kentico CMS

Advantage of kentico cms

The CMS Interface is Fast and Functional

The new page builder serves as an advantage of Kentico CMS for non-tech savvy users as it provides an easy way to organize content with customizable widgets.

You can easily experiment with alternative layouts and designs thanks to the drag-and-drop interface’s adaptable features.

There’s no need for a developer to become involved in this process. This new simplified editing experience in Kentico 12 Upgrade provides greater freedom to offer a better and faster user experience.

Simplifies Personalization

Kentico 12 Upgrade is the most significant advantage of Kentico CMS which makes it simple to deliver a genuinely tailored experience.

Widget content may be customized without the help of developers thanks to the data collected by the widget.

It is possible for your Kentico CMS partner to create new widgets depending on several factors, such as Persona, Country, Device Type, and others, thanks to a simplified personalization management process.

Simple to Build Forms

The Kentico Upgrade contains a new drag-and-drop form builder that makes it easy to create, build, and publish web forms without needing a developer.

This technique has been successful in increasing data collection while also preserving the form’s compactness.

Kentico cms development services

An Improved Website

Another advantage of Kentico CMS is that it employs MVC CMS technology to improve website speed. Complete control over the HTML output delivers SEO benefits, a quicker page load time, and enhanced site interactivity.

Search engines will take notice of your site’s improved speed and performance, which will elevate it in the Google rankings.

Enhanced Productivity

In terms of website development, the most notable advantage of Kentico CMS is the ease with which it may be used. This lays the groundwork for long-term savings.

Kentico CMS development services now have access to superior scaling, performance, and sustainability thanks to Kentico Upgrade’s switch to the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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Why choose Kentico as your next CMS?

 Reasons To Choose Kentico

Simple to Use

The primary reason to choose Kentico CMS is that it is one of the most user-friendly content management systems available right out of the box.

A dynamic website may be created by anybody who has ever used the Internet and has the ability to add, edit, and add dynamic material to an existing website.

Almost every step in Kentico’s administration system has a step-by-step walkthrough in the form of tips and descriptions.

Kentico also offers videos, blogs, and forums as well as step-by-step instructions and tutorials right on their website. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s operations is made possible by giving the Kentico CMS partner easy access to alter and update the system.


Another reason to choose Kentico CMS is that its administration portal has two different sections. Site installation and development are handled by the ‘CMS Site Manager’ while content and data updates are handled by the ‘CMS Desk’. Administrators have total control over how each user interacts with the CMS Desk.

The content area of a website can be set up so that editors can only see the content they need. The My Desk tool allows website managers to rapidly see files that are pending their approval.

This form of customization eliminates security concerns and allows users to quickly edit only the data for which they are accountable. It implies more time for content updates and less time spent on configuration.

Content Staging

Repeatedly migrating updates between platforms is a headache when it comes to keeping a website’s information up to date. Typically, organizations have separate ecosystems for staging and production content.

With the help of content staging, Kentico makes it simple to publish content from one domain to another which gives developers a reason to choose Kentico over any other CMS.

An end user may quickly and easily move data between systems and synchronize all ecosystems with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Scheduled Tasks feature makes it possible to automate this procedure on a daily or hourly basis, significantly boosting efficiency. An easy-to-define procedure for updates and deployments may be quickly established by using this methodology.


Pre-defined stages are used to transfer data through workflows in Kentico. The Kentico system makes it simple to develop and configure these processes, which can then be deployed to any or all data in a flash.

Upon completion of editing, the page can be submitted for review and final approval by another editor. The Kentico system notifies the approved manager automatically when a modification is made.

Management can then review, correct, or publish the revisions, as well as amend the modified text itself.

Moreover, workflows might have many phases that must be accomplished prior to the content being posted to the website. All of this sums up and provide a solid reason to choose Kentico.

Smart Search

A Lucene-based search tool called Smart Search is included in Kentico. Searches may be conducted considerably more quickly because of this module’s ability to index and store defined material in the system.

It is possible to tailor search results so that only relevant information and pictures are returned.

According to Kentico, the search results are continually being updated as new information on the website is added or modified, thus giving us another good reason to choose Kentico.


The most prominent reason to choose Kentico is that it is one of the most feature-rich CMS platforms currently available. Off-the-shelf features of the Kentico CMS platform include eCommerce, blogging, forums, chat, and many more.

With the Ultimate license, Kentico CMS partner has complete control over the sites’ operation and may easily add new features. There are a lot of alternative CMS systems that require a lot of add-ons to provide the same capability that Kentico does.

In case a business subsequently wishes to add modules, the functionalities may be enabled with a simple license update. With so many features available, a business can rely on running its operations rather than trying to piece together a viable system.

Great Support

The absence of support is one of the most annoying aspects of third-party components. Some firms may provide a phone number that you may call if you have a problem, while others just offer email help.

For help, Kentico has a variety of options to choose from. These include forums and blogs as well as email, tickets, and phone calls.

The support team is always ready to help and will work with customers until the issue is fixed. has an abundance of articles, blogs, FAQs, and forums to assist users to get answers quickly.

No-hassle Updates

All product updates at Kentico come with step-by-step instructions. Their installation kits are well-written and concisely explain how to apply the new data to your system.

There are no ambiguities or inconsistencies about any particular requirements. Administrators of Kentico sites may use the installation packages to easily update and add new features and capabilities.

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Customer Acknowledgement

Kentico is gaining market share at an accelerating rate and is soon becoming the leading CMS vendor. Kentico hasn’t lost sight of the firms that have put their confidence in their product as more and more organizations embrace their software.

In order to keep its customers informed of forthcoming developments, Kentico regularly contacts them. A reason to choose Kentico is that it pays attention to the needs of its partners and works hard to address those demands.

Adapting To The Changes

There are functions and new technologies being developed on a daily basis. Kentico’s experts welcome and incorporate these alterations into their products on a regular basis.

In order to assure compliance, they use the most up-to-date development environments and servers.

Kentico makes use of the most recent versions of third-party components and open-source technology. As a result of all of these efforts, Kentico is able to provide dynamic, interactive web pages.

Kentico cms development services


There are a plethora of CMS options available on the market. Your website or eCommerce platform’s success depends heavily on your choice of CMS.

Kentico CMS provides the greatest features, limitless flexibility, and a reliable platform so that your brand attracts more clients and you get the most out of your CMS.

FAQs for Kentico CMS

  • How does Kentico’s CMS function?

    Using Kentico, you can create feature-rich company websites, eCommerce storefronts, and intranets. The development of Kentico CMS is done with ASP.NET and SQL Server through the Portal Engine, Visual Studio, or Microsoft MVC.

  • Is Kentico a headless CMS?

    Yes. The new Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS, which means it does not come with a front-end like the previous Kentico. It focuses more on how the information is organized rather than how it appears.

  • Is Kentico hosted on the cloud?

    Customers of Kentico Xperience can choose to host the application on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

  • Is Kentico a Microsoft product?

    Kentico Software has been certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Among the company’s offerings are Kentico EMS — an all-in-one CMS — and Kentico Kontent, a customizable platform for providing content as a service.

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