What Makes Flutter an Excellent option to Develop Mobile Apps?

Updated 22 Sep 2022
Published 08 Mar 2022
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In this age of Digitalization and Smartphones, mobile application development is reigning the market and has gained unprecedented momentum across every possible industry.

Now every business is considering an idea to develop its mobile app to lure more customers and improve their business prospects. 

Well in this ever-dynamic application development world, Flutter has become the top choice of app development companies and freelance developers across the world due to its exceptional cross-platform capabilities and intuitive user interface.

If you are aiming to dive deep into Flutter mobile app development, then you’ve probably heard about the exceptional advantages and features it offers.

But what exactly are those features, and advantages? And what makes Flutter an excellent option to develop mobile apps?

Flutter App Development

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile app Software Development Kit (SDK) built by Google. It was released in 2017, and since then it had gained massive momentum among software development organizations and developers.

It uses Google’s Dart programming language, which is modeled on the conventional object-oriented approach, that not only offers a plethora of features but is easily recognizable to C++ or Java developers.

Flutter mobile app development

Today Flutter is a top-ranked and highly popular cross-platform mobile app development platform used worldwide. As per the latest Flutter survey, we have more than 100,000 active applications in the App Store that have been developed using Flutter.

The top brands such as Google, Tencent, Alibaba, and more are utilizing Flutter for their enterprise and mobile applications.

Flutter offers many unique features and interesting advantages for organizations, that’s the reason why more businesses are adopting it.

Flutter – Key Stats 

Before going any further, let’s have a look at the market position of Flutter Framework and understand its future possibilities. 

Cross-platform mobile frameworks report
Image Credit: Statista.com
  • As per Statista, Flutter is the 2nd most utilized cross-platform app development framework by developers worldwide in 2020.
  • In 2021, it was the most popular cross-platform for mobile app development.
  • Almost 42% of developers are using it to design world-class mobile applications.
  • According to GitHub, Flutter has gained massive repositories, and the number of contributors to the Dart language is also increasing.

With the numbers and stats above, it’s safe to say that Flutter is undoubtedly the fastest growing cross-platform app development framework, and it could transform the way we are building mobile applications in the future.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter application development lets you develop an app for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS development – with a single codebase.

Flutter applications are designed to work seamlessly on any possible platform with  Flutter’s highly intuitive and effective framework. 

It allows developers to write the code once, and then it takes care of the rest. Flutter makes necessary changes and replicates the platform-specific experience on different devices and platforms the user chooses. It helps save effort and time for the app developers while improving the overall app quality. 

What Benefits Flutter offers?

Flutter comes with some exceptional features, that can help your organization to avail a plethora of benefits. We have listed a few of them here :

benefits of Flutter

It is an Open-Source Framework

Flutter is an open-source framework that means the app code is easily available for everyone. It enables software development companies to build high-quality software at a much lower cost.

The Flutter app code is easily understandable and readable, which makes the developer community share their web development experience by improving documentation, submitting bug reports, and fixing bugs.

Exceptional Cross-Platform Capabilities

Flutter’s brilliant cross-platform capabilities enable developers to build iOS and Android applications using a single codebase.

It also offers hot reloading, which allows developers to view the code changes in real-time as soon as you click on the ‘save’ button.

It boosts the productivity of developers since they don’t need to spend time building different versions of your app. It also makes your developers craft a prototype of your mobile app rapidly and then iterate over the app design until it is streamlined.

Accelerated App Development Process

Flutter ensures there is no requirement for constant restarts while building iOS and Android apps in the same project.

Flutter App Development Process

It reduces the app development costs, time and effort while allowing developers to remain focused on building high-quality solutions, instead of spending time recompiling the same code for different platforms. It allows you to test the application in different layouts and design variations with much ease.

Highly Customized UI

Flutter offers custom UI widgets, that allow developers to implement a wider degree of app customization. While other app development frameworks need the usage of 3rd party libraries, the Flutter provides a wide range of tools and widgets, that gives you an out-of-the-box capability to craft eye-catching designs.

It comes with Google’s “The Material Design library”, which enables developers to develop mobile applications with modern looks while retaining native platform capabilities. Flutter supports the addition of custom widgets which ensures all components of your UI are customizable.

Low App Development Cost

Flutter helps you to create cross-platform mobile applications at a much lower development cost since you can use a single codebase.

In other frameworks, you might need to hire two separate developers to build two versions (Android and iOS), whereas Flutter gives the capability to share the code between both platforms.

Mobile App Development Company

It not only helps you to save money and effort but also enables developers to stay focused on creating a high-quality solution, that can offer an enthralling experience to your customers. 

Flutter Needs Less Testing

Flutter mobile applications are programmed in one language it also takes care of the translation and compilation of code into different languages for iOS and Android and iOS.

While other frameworks may need you to test two separate versions of your app, the Flutter app can be tested for multiple platforms using a single set of unit tests due to its platform-agnostic nature. It decreases the overall application testing time and leaves less scope for code errors.

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Faster Application Deployment

Flutter app code is compiled into native ARM code for iOS and Android platforms, which enhances the app performance like never before. It also decreases the time required to deploy, upload, and bug fixing an app.

Since Flutter apps are written using the native components, they will offer an exceptional user experience with blazing fast performance.

Your developers may require repeated re-compiling while using other app development frameworks, Flutter’s hot reloading will ensure they can make changes in real-time without waiting around.

Hire Flutter App Developer

Flutter – Some Noteworthy features 

Flutter offers some noteworthy features, that make it highly popular among software development firms and app developers. 

Flutter is best choice for mobile app

Fast App Development with Hot Reload

The hot reload feature makes it an outstanding solution and gives a massive edge ahead of its competitors. It allows developers to experiment with coding easily, develop intuitive UI, incorporate features, and debug applications in real-time. It reflects the code changes instantly so that developers don’t have to save the file first and review the effects of the changes they have made.

It is Open-Source

Flutter is an open-source framework, that enables developers to explore almost unlimited design options while building an application. Developers can incorporate a wide range of customization while keeping the development cost low.

Outstanding Flutter Widgets Catalog

It is a primary concern for any app developer to offer some additional features and functionalities while not compromising on the app performance.

Flutter offers a wide catalog of exceptional widgets, that can equip your app with enthralling capabilities while offering almost native-like performance.

The Flutter catalog contains widgets such as navigation, scrolling, icons and fonts, and many more.

Single Code Base for Multiple OS

If you are planning to develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms, then it is worth opting for Flutter, as it is entirely not based on JavaScript, instead, it enables developers to write a single code base to develop cross-platform apps.

Flutter apps can function on any operating system and provide a native app-like performance in terms of UI/UX, features, and functionality.

Advanced API Support

The flutter framework is well-equipped with advanced API support, that allows developers to integrate 3rd party elements and components, that makes your app perform some additional functions without coding for them.

Flutter Mobile App Development

Seamless Integration with existing Apps

Flutter makes it far easier for your developers to integrate your mobile app with existing applications or frameworks. It ensures you can integrate a new user interface and innovative features into your existing app without impacting its functionality.

Google’s Firebase Support

With Flutter, you can avail the numerous benefits of Google’s firebase support. It acts as a robust backend, that helps developers to build scalable and serverless applications with ease.

ARM Code support

Flutter is very well-equipped with the Native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code that enables developers in building applications for startup ventures and technology businesses.

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Why should Startups choose Flutter for mobile app development?

Startups and Small businesses need a solution that can offer class-leading capabilities but at a lower cost. Flutter provides the following benefits, which makes it the first choice for such organizations.

Flutter development company

  • Low-Cost Development – Flutter enables developers to develop apps for all major platforms (Android and iOS) with a single codebase. It empowers startups to save big on development cost
  • Works on Multiple Interfaces – Flutter comes with a portable yet highly efficient GPU rendering user interface, that enables it to work on multiple interfaces without any performance degradation.
  • Hot Reload Feature – It accelerates the Flutter app development process, which gives a big benefit if we compare it with the conventional development methods. It enables software developers to view the code changes in real-time.
  • Multiple IDE support – Flutter supports multiple IDEs including XCode, Visual Studio Code, and Android Code. It allows startups and small organizations to build apps using their existing IDEs.
  • Less time required for Testing – Flutter mobile apps need less time for testing as developers have to test and review a single codebase for both platforms (iOS and Android). It also ensures a smaller number of bugs in the coding. 

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With millions of mobile applications getting launched annually, it is a pressing concern for any organization to make a top-notch mobile app while keeping the technical and budgetary constraints in the mind. 

It is always beneficial to select an efficient cross-platform app development framework, which enables you to build apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Here, Flutter comes as an excellent choice for cross-platform application development. It is getting highly popular due to its enormous benefits and some exceptional features.

If you’re planning to develop a cross-platform application at a competitive cost while fulfilling the expectations of your clients, then Flutter is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a renowned Flutter app development company, then you must get in touch with our seasoned consultants. We are an experienced mobile app development company, and we can certainly help you develop your next mobile application.

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