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Enjoy a cross-platform app development service that blurs the line between native and cross-platform apps. We help you to get the most powerful, scalable, and feature-packed cross-platform apps that drive your business.

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Cross-platform App Development Company

As Cool As Cross-platform Apps

Just like ‘one size fits all’, Cross-platform Apps work on a similar principle called, ‘one code fits all.’ It is because Cross-platform Apps utilize reusable codes for all platforms like Android, iOS, Web, Wearables, AR/VR Devices, etc. As a result, Cross-platform apps are cheaper to develop, have a faster time to market, and support the maximum platform available in the market.

They say that Cross-platform Apps are not as good as natively built apps. This is where the magic happens. Our mobile app developers intelligently work towards enhancing the compatibility of apps with the hardware platform to achieve native-like performance, modern capabilities.

This is how we build cross-platform apps, that stand side by side with most native apps available in the market. Therefore, we have an excellent track record in our app development field.

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One App Fits All

Being able to be used for every possible hardware platform is what makes cross-platform apps the coolest. Thanks to technologies like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic, we make world-class apps that support every platform that you can imagine, not only for common users but also for enterprises, SMBs, and Startups.

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Wearables

  • AR/VR Devices

  • Smart IoT Devices

Making Cross-platform Apps Simpler Than Ever!

Cross-platforms apps bring simplicity to your business environment, and we bring the same simplicity in our sophisticated mobile app development services – for an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

Cross-platform App Consultation

At Arka Softwares, we believe that a certain success requires a great start. And to ensure a great start we offer you thorough and well-analyzed cross-platform apps consultation services that provide you a robust project plan for your idea that takes you to the certainty.

Custom Cross-platform App Development

It is all about your business, your idea, and your vision. We simply assure you to offer next-gen cross-platform apps that foster mobility in your business environment while fulfilling your unique requirements for maximized business productivity and assured growth.

Cross-platform Apps with AI

Our experienced cross-platform app developers help your business to embrace modern technologies like Machine Learning to encourage business automation and better business insights with the help of our customized AI-integrated cross-platform apps for your business.

Cross-platform Apps for Wearables

Wearables are like Apple Watch are quite common nowadays. We help you to develop smart, powerful, yet simple cross-platform apps for wearables to take mobility to a whole new level. We develop cross-platform apps for Apple Watch and Android Watch OS.

Cross-platform Apps for Web

In a world full of smartphones, the web is still an admired platform for many users around the globe. We help you reach this audience with our fast, responsive, and flawless cross-platform apps for the web that encourage business engagement for assured business growth.

UX/UI for Cross-platform Apps

We give UX/UI for any app our utmost attention because this part of the app is what users interact the most with. Therefore, our designers create research-based UX/UI for your cross-platform apps that capture your target audience into a one-of-kind and interactive experience.

Cross-platform Apps for Enterprises

Arka Softwares is a cross-platform app development company that offers simple customized solutions for complex and sophisticated enterprise problems. With our modern apps, we help Enterprise to cut down their operational cost and enhance productivity & efficiency.

Support & Maintenance

This is the last part of our company’s app development experience. However, it does not mean the end, because we are not good at saying goodbye. Therefore, we offer world-class support and maintenance service for your apps to ensure buttery smooth performance and excellent upgradability.

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Cross-platform Apps & Arka Softwares

Whenever you think of Cross-platform Apps, Arka Softwares should cross your mind.

100% Transparency

We believe that to build a trustworthy business relationship, transparency is a must-have element. Therefore, we ensure you’ll experience 100% transparency in the development process.

Excellent Track Record

Something says about our hundreds of successful app deployments and a decade-long of experience. Yes, you’re absolutely right. It says you can always trust us with your ideas.

World-class Expertise

To turn your ideas into reality, we keep only those who can offer only world-class results. Therefore, our clients always experience results of the highest standards for their demands.

Blazing Fast Time to Market (TTM)

Your time is important to us. Therefore, our systematic and well-coordinated development process allows us to develop apps faster, right on time, with no compromises with quality.

Flexible Engagement Models

Work with us however you want. Hire us for an entire project, or hire our developers, or hire our complete team for your work. And many more engagement models are available.

Support that Lasts

We have already told you that we are not good with goodbyes. Therefore, our support will last forever for you. Whenever you need us, we are just one phone call away.

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