Blazor vs Angular vs React: What are the differences?

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Web development and mobile application development is going through an exciting phase. Initially, most of the developers were using JavaScript to write codes for browser applications due to its platform-independent capability and several other path-breaking features. In this article a comparison between Blazor vs Angular vs React is to give you a technical insight on their potential and help a developer to make his choice based on the information made available below.  Gradually, JavaScript’s influence increased and at the later part of its evolution, it covered all the possible technological and business domains. Currently, JavaScript is been considered as the most popular and preferable programming language. According to surveys and various business reports, JavaScript language is used by up to 67% of programmers and developers across the globe.

Betting big on JavaScript’s humongous popularity, several Tech firms launched their Frontend and Backend development technologies, systems, and libraries based on JavaScript. Angular JS and React JS are certainly among the most popular products. Be that as it may, the web advancement world has been growing at a tremendous pace, and software developers are also exploring other options except JavaScript to develop exceptional web applications and mobile applications.

If you have ever pondered running .NET in the program without additional items and modules, Blazor is making that reality because of an innovation called Blazor Web Assembly. In this article, we present Blazor innovation and take a profound plunge contrasting Blazor versus Angular versus React JavaScript systems to give a structure to aiding judge between probably the most encouraging front-end web systems.


What is Blazor?

Blazor is an open-source web structure and freely available that empowers designers to make web-based applications by using language platforms like HTML and C#, it was invented and developed by Microsoft. It permits you to utilize C# and Razor grammar rather than JavaScript. Blazor (Browser + Razor) empowers engineers to fabricate intuitive and reusable web UI for customer-side applications written in .NET and executed under Web Assembly.


Blazor Vs Angular


Blazor allows developers to write client and server programming codes in C#. It permits you to share code and libraries, giving a stage to empower and develop an ultra-modern single-page application while .NET from the scratch. The most awesome thing about this innovation is the way that it utilizes all the current web frameworks and web guidelines, which makes its implementation quite simple.

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Web Assembly – The Game Changer

Blazor has the capabilities to execute client-side codes in the interface of the browser by using the functionalities of Web assembly. Since it is using .NET which executes on Web Assembly, the programmer can re-utilize the codes and libraries from server-side pieces of the applications.

As another option, Blazor Web Assembly can execute and run the client logic on servers. Events created by the Client UI can be broadcasted back to the server by using a real-time messaging framework which is called SignalR. When the execution finishes, the necessary UI changes are shipped off the client and converged into the DOM.

Web Assembly is a new standardized platform to execute on new age website browsers and this helps in introducing various flavors of languages to the web platforms. Many languages are successfully running in browsers environment, for example, C#, JavaScript and HTML, and Web Assembly blends with all. It also supports assembly languages which supports a complex binary number format that enables to run and execution of code that is written and compiled in powerful languages like C or C++ or Java. The objective of Web Assembly is to encourage superior applications on website pages. Nonetheless, its configuration is intended for execution and combination in different conditions and can likewise run and close by JavaScript.

What Blazor offers?

Here we have listed some exceptional and innovative offerings of Blazor-

Compatibility with Open Web standards 

Blazor is compatible with almost all Open web standards and it runs on them without using any sort of additional source to source compilers or plugins. The latest web browsers are compatible with it and allow Blazor to get work along with them, also the browsers which are made for smartphones or tablets are also familiar with Blazor. The code which runs in the web browser environment executes in a similarly secured sandbox that is used by JavaScript. The code of Blazor has the adaptability to perform the desired operations which are required to be performed in a secured server environment.

Exchanging .Net Libraries and .NET code 

The Blazor based applications utilize the existing .Net libraries. We would like to thank the standardized format of .NET for developing an official explicit .NET code and .NET libraries that can be used anywhere like composing codes for a server or a web browser. It gives big support to the organizations already on Microsoft infrastructure, whereas it offers an immaculate experience to the Startups.

dot net development


JavaScript interop 

Blazor facilitates you to work with C language codes, and it helps C# codes to be easily linked and integrate with APIs of JavaScript and its libraries. While writing C# language-based codes a developer can utilize the available JavaScript libraries that are used for the UI/UX interface development at the client-side. When performing server-side code execution, Blazor flawlessly executes any JavaScript code on the client-side, which makes it highly popular.

Compatibility with different operating systems 

The code written in Visual Studio enhances the Blazor development and provides a great user experience in different blends of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, or macOS. Considering your need if you choose a different code editor to write or compile the code differently, you can easily align yourself with .NET command-line tools and choose any appropriate editor as per your choice to accomplish your desired tasks.

User Interface element ecosystem 

Reusable User interface elements can be used from the leading suppliers like DevExpress, Telerik, Syncfusion, Radzen, jQWidgets, Infragistics, GrapeCity. This can enhance the productivity and functionality of the UI/UX.

Freely available and Open source 

Blazor is associated with the open-source .NET platform and the .NET platform has a solid and strong group of approx. 60,000 benefactress which come from more than 3,700 different organizations. .NET does not charge for anything means it is free for everyone and a plus point is that it contains Blazor. You do not need to pay anything for use, like licensing fees for its application for industrial purposes too.

dot net platform


Enthusiastic Groups and Communities

Due to the massive popularity of Blazor in recent times, it enjoys huge numbers of support groups, which support the developers and other users by addressing their queries. They help the developers to design product samples, offer them tutorials or specific support articles or publish e-books. There is another resource blazer has which is called Awesome Blazor, which gives an incredible network kept up rundown of Blazor assets.

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Some Additional Features of Blazor, which makes it extremely popular-

  • Provides Framework for developing attainable User Interface
  • Blazor allows working with the latest web attributes
  • Quick & Productive
  • Supports Dependency injection technique
  • Helps in the creation of different parts of the open web structure
  • Capable to work with old web browsing applications
  • Superabundant with code compiling tools like – IntelliSense and tooling
  • Supports complete .NET fault finding and debugging
  • Contribute to Server-side execution and rendering
  • It requires no plugins
  • During the Application build phase, it can reload the browser application environment in real-time.

Angular JS development

Angular JS

Angular is also a JavaScript-based platform that was evolved and issued by Google in 2016. Angular JS targets rearranging the turn of events and testing of single-page applications by giving a system to client-side MVC and MVVM just as vigorous web application highlights permitting the designer to construct attractive and efficient SPAs rapidly.

For instance, Angular presented information official, which permits see programmed refreshes at whatever point model information is changed and the other way around. This was great since it dispensed with DOM control from the rundown of things a designer would have to stress over. It additionally brought the possibility of mandates which permitted an engineer to imagine their HTML labels, and substantially more. How about we simply state that it is an incredible, and present-day system with an amicable environment that has upheld for web, portable, and work area local. Precise accumulated 57% of the most adored web system votes in a new survey report. Mainstream applications controlled by Angular incorporate Telegram, YouTube, and Upwork.


Here are a few amazing features offered by Angular JS

Create apps for all framework 

It helps you in learning one approach to assemble applications with Angular and reuse your code and capacities to construct other applications. We can use AngularJS to develop mobile apps, websites, web applications, compact interfaces, indigenous mobile, and indigenous desktop applications with ease.

Reformist Web Applications 

You can utilize Angular’s abilities to facilitate a native application-like feel and experience. The additional features include Superior performance, available when offline and zero-venture establishment.

React App development


Indigenous support

Angular supports building and developing native smartphone applications with different sort of development strategies like Cordova, Ionic, and Native script.

Desktop Applications

Angular allows you to create compatible applications for different desktop environments like macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can utilize your learnings and attained knowledge to access the native operating system application Programming Interface(API).

Swiftness & Interpretation 

Angular would help you in acquiring the maximum swiftness on the web-based environment today and what is more, take it to the next level, through Web workers and server-side delivering. With the help of Angular JS, you can meet gigantic data necessities by building information models like Immutable.js or RxJS.


React Native App developers


Production of Code

Angular turns your templates into code that is highly optimized for today’s JavaScript virtual machines, giving you all the benefits of hand-written code with the productivity of a framework. It serves the main perspective on your application on .NET, Node.JS, PHP, and different server machines for instantaneous delivery in CSS and HTML. Additionally, it offers an exceptional SEO capability, which improves application and website visibilities.

Code Breakup/Split

Angular helps to raise the load capability for Applications with its innovative routing components, which convey programmed code-parting or code-splitting. Here this capability helps the framework to deliver only the view of the end-user demands.


Angular gives you the flexibility to create a User interface swiftly with basic and robust template syntaxes. It also offers easy to use templates and layouts, which makes work easy for the developers.

Angular Command-line interface

The Angular CLI is a highly capable command-line interface, that can help us to automate our development workflow. It can help us introduce, develop, and manage Angular based applications straightforwardly from a command shell.

Angular IDEs

Angular’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is widely utilized for a quicker and successful web app and mobile app development. It is an independent module that can be utilized with the Eclipse module. It is assembled explicitly for Angular, yet at first, it was utilized for tsconfig. Rakish IDE is quite an easy one, which can be used by even the novices without putting a lot of effort into learning.

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Amazing Tooling support

Angular alone cannot provide all the functionality and features on its own, that is why it offers amazing tooling support for mobile and web application development. Tools offered by the Angular community and 3rd party can be utilized to develop stunning applications without paying much attention to coding those components.


React JS

React is another JavaScript-based UI/UX library, that was developed by Facebook in 2013. It is viewed as the best web development solution developed to build highly intuitive User Interfaces. It has gained massive popularity in recent times and Facebook has used it to build all its popular applications like FB mobile app, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Apart from Facebook, there are some renowned organizations that use React, for example, Dropbox, Uber, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, and Walmart.

In web development, the element-based design approach is simpler to manage and is more viable for developers. React speeds up the development process by permitting the re-use of certain segments. React is a framework that can be used for both web application and mobile apps development. However, for mobile app development, we need to incorporate Cordova. It can be utilized to develop both single-page applications (SPA) and multiple-page web applications with ease. React allows the functions of project generation, data binding, form validation, component-based routing, and dependency injection with the help of additional modules or libraries, which can be installed separately. React has been ranked as the most popular front-end development framework/library for the last couple of years.


Some of the popular Features of React

React supports JSX, which is a JavaScript syntax extension. This is an XML or HTML-like linguistic structure utilized by React JS. This syntax structure is handled into JavaScript calls of React Framework. It broadens the ES6 so HTML-like content can coincide with JavaScript React code.

React Framework

Segments & Components

React JS offers a component-based structure that is comprised of numerous segments, and every segment has its unique benefits and capability. These segments are metamorphic in nature, which helps us to keep the code aligned and working easily with large projects.

Unidirectional Data Binding

React JS is developed in such a way that it follows a unidirectional information stream or single-direction data binding technique. The advantages of single-direction information restriction give you better control all through the application. It is because components should be permanent and the information inside them cannot be changed. Flux is an example that assists with keeping your information unidirectional. This makes the application more adaptable that prompts increment productivity.

Blazor vs Angular

Virtual DOM

A virtual DOM object is a portrayal of the native DOM object. That is acting as a unidirectional data binding. At whatever point any adjustments occur in the web application, the whole User interface is re-delivered in virtual DOM rendering. At that point, it checks the distinction between the past DOM portrayal and the new DOM, when it finishes the genuine DOM will refresh just the things that have changed. This allows loading the application quicker, without wasting memory and other components.


ReactJS utilizes JSX record which makes the application straightforward and to code just as comprehend. We realize that ReactJS is a component-based methodology that allows you to reuse the code as per your requirement. This makes it easy to utilize and learn.


ReactJS is known for its exceptional execution capabilities. This component improves it much than different systems out there today. The explanation for this is that it deals with a virtual DOM. The DOM is a cross-stage and programming API that manages HTML, XML, or XHTML. The DOM exists all together in memory. Because of this, when we make a segment, we did not compose it straightforwardly to the DOM. All things being equal, we are composing virtual parts that will transform into the DOM prompting smoother and quicker execution.

Blazor vs Angular

Angular is a JavaScript-based development framework, conceived and developed by Google. The angular framework is known for simplifying the testing and development of single-page applications. It provides a flexible framework for client-side MVC (Model, View, Controller) and MVVM (Model, View, View Model) along with innovative internet application capabilities, which allows a developer to develop highly effective and attractive SPAs in no time. Both Angular and Blazor open source web development frameworks. The primary difference Blazor offers development capability by using C#, whereas Angular is built on JavaScript, which is a renowned platform.

Another major difference is that Angular is production-ready and widely used by developers across the globe. While Blazor is the latest solution and it is still being developed and frequent updates have been made to it. Angular offers massive support for PWA’s, whereas Blazor server-side cannot work as a PWA. Blazor needs an active connection for normal functioning and storing the component state server-side for all the clients. If we talk about Tooling support, then it is matured for Angular JS, while for Blazor, the Razor support was only recently added.


Blazor vs React

React is a Javascript-based User Interface component library, conceived and launched by Facebook in 2013. It is considered one of the best and vastly used web frameworks for building highly interactive UI/UX. It is used by most of the applications offered by Facebook, like Facebook Mobile app, Instagram, and WhatsApp. React is supported by Facebook along with a massive community of individual developers and Tech Firms. Some of the renowned organizations that use React include Dropbox, Uber, Paypal, Twitter, Netflix, and Walmart.
Unlike React, which is a JavaScript-based Library for developing the user interfaces for web and mobile apps, the Blazor is an unorthodox web and mobile application user interface framework that uses HTML and C#/Razor, and it runs inside any browser via WebAssembly.

Both Blazor and React are open-source frameworks and libraries. If we talk about the popularity, then React wins it hands down as it is preferred by wider audiences. Blazor is yet to get more traction as it is relatively new in the market. React has more than 136K GitHub stars and 24.5K forks, while Blazor has just 8.19K GitHub stars and 664 forks, which shows a stark difference in their popularity.

Blazor vs React

Angular Vs React

Angular is undoubtedly a full-fledged web application and mobile app development framework. Whereas, React is a library that is used dedicatedly for User Interface development. However, we can turn it into a full-fledged frontend development solution with the help of additional libraries.
React is simple and lightweight at first sight, and developers prefer it because it takes less time to develop React project. However, this advantage comes with a catch, that developers must learn to integrate additional and 3rd party JavaScript frameworks, technologies, and tools.
Whereas, Angular is quite complex as far as design is concerned and it takes some time to master it. It is a powerful and robust framework, that offers an exceptional web development experience, and once any developer master it, they can reap the fruits of Angular JS.


Blazor vs React vs Angular – Comprehensive Comparison Table

Feature  React  Angular Blazor 
Type Front-end Library Framework Framework
Release Date 2013 2010 2015
Developer Facebook Google Microsoft
License MIT MIT Apache
Language   JavaScript TypeScript Web Assembly C#
DOM Virtual DOM Regular DOM Incremental DOM
Testing & Debugging Uses Jest Uses Jasmine Blazor Testing Place Holder
Data Binding One-way (Uni-directional) Two-way (Bi-directional) One-way (Uni-directional)
Learning Curve Easy to learn Steep Smooth & Easy
Popularity,  Growth & Community Support Supported by Facebook and Uber developer’s community Backed by a huge developer community, Google, and Wix developers Microsoft as well as a robust upcoming community of contributors


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Which Should You Choose from Blazor vs React vs Angular?

Blazor, which is a new platform, provides seamless integration with .NET and provides an opportunity to achieve what JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React offer using C#. On the contrary, Angular and React allow you to design and develop web applications and mobile applications with the help of JavaScript, which is preferred by those who are already utilizing JavaScript for web application development.
Here it is important to note that JavaScript frameworks are in the market for so long and have evolved a lot over a period of time. On the other hand, Blazor is a fresh offering by Microsoft and it is still not fully supported across the spectrum, at the same time it lacks many features that the JavaScript framework and libraries offer to the developers. As we have discussed above, there are many advantages Blazor offers, and there are pretty good reasons for choosing Angular JS for production needs, whereas React JS is used for its lightweight and amazing front end development capabilities.
At the end of the day, it’s your requirements and vision that matters and decides what framework and tool you would be using. Blazor, Angular, and React offer amazing capabilities and pathbreaking features, and they are the winner in their own yard. Hence they are widely used for development across various industries like Health care, Banking & Finance, Sports & Gaming, Education and E-learning, Retail Business, Logistics solution, Entertainment and media etc. Also they are widely used to develop various On Demand Business model for developing online on demand business for Food Ordering & Delivery, Groceries ordering and deliveries, Handyman on demand services etc. So if you are looking to partner with a reliable development partner you can contact us to Hire best Asp Dot Net Developers, Hire Fullstack developers for MERN, MEAN or Hire MEVN developers


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