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What’s behind the hype about Blazor?

It is a game changing Client-Side User Interface framework from Microsoft. It offers an unmatched ability to develop high-end User interfaces using C#, HTML, and CSS without using JavaScript, which is considered as a dream of every non-Java developer.

Blazor has established itself as a strong contender against the mighty JavaScript, which is considered as a de-facto framework for developing the web front-end. Blazor offers a highly productive and highly efficient programming model, which puts it in the same league of JavaScript single page application (SPA) frameworks.

Microsoft is investing heavily on Blazor and planning to bring it to native applications. It is an ambitious technology offering which may take on the entire JavaScript ecosystem. Who knows it may dethrone Java one day? Our Blazor developer hence have spent good amount of time learning and enahncing their knowledge so we can clutch the skill of development to avoid running round in circles during development for our clients.

Stunning, Innovative & Result Oriented Business Solutions

Our Blazor Services

Application Development

With our robust Blazor development service offering, we can assure you a much-needed edge to outperform your competition. Our Blazor development has successfully transformed our Client’s enterprise and scalable web applications, which ultimately improved their productivity and ROI.

Product Development

We thoroughly understand and assess Client’s requirements and perform a clean separation of concerns (SoC) and implement test-driven development(TDD) methodology to build versatile and scalable web applications for our clients.

Migration Service (JavaScript to Blazor)

We offer a seamless and effortless Blazor migration services for existing JavaScript websites and applications, which makes them equipped with plethora of premium features and astounding abilities of Blazor framework, which can enhance the business and end user experience.

Enterprise Solutions

We have extensive experience in delivering the .NET based high-end Enterprise solutions for both internal and external purposes to enhance the productivity, efficiency, scalability, and performance to outperform your business goals.

Blazor Integration

We offer an unmatched ability to integrate the Blazor framework in your startup or existing Enterprise infrastructure, which help you grow exponentially in the world which constantly demands an out of the box innovation.

Custom Blazor Development

Arka is known for understanding and assessing the requirements of clients and delivering them a fully customized Blazer based enterprise solutions, which can meet their business requirements and corporate vision.

PWA For Blazor

We have an expertise to develop Blazor-based Progressive Web Application (PWA) that use modern browser features to behave like a desktop app using the innovative Blazor Web Assembly. It not only makes your websites work offline but also provides features like push notifications.

Blazor Native

We have developers who can exploit the full potential of Blazor platform to develop feature rich and highly effective Native applications for Android and iOS, which can accelerate your business at unimaginable pace.

Hybrid Blazor Apps

We use Mobile Blazor Bindings and other Hybrid Apps features to integrate Blazor native UI components with Blazor web UI components to develop high end hybrid applications.

What makes Blazor so flexible?

  • Blazor and WebAssembly have revolutionized the way of developing a single-page application.
  • Blazor runs in a memory safe sandboxed environment to offer performance like native apps.
  • Blazor’s Hybrid Application integrates Blazor’s native UI/Web components to develop better solutions.
  • It does not need additional plugins or 3rd Party add-ons to run, which is made possible by WebAssembly
  • It supports all the Single Page Application features for a seamless and smooth developer experience.
  • Applications can be deployed as a static file on any machine having no .NET availability.
  • It offers rich IntelliSense and tooling for lesser development time.
  • It supports all mainstream browsers and allows live reloading in the browser during app development

Expanding the Potential Features of Blazor

ARKA incorporate potential features of Blazor to provide flexible and custom Blazor solutions for complex business needs.

Component-based Web UIs

Blazor Components are basic building block, which provides ability to write rich web User Interfaces experience using HTML, CSS, and C# instead of JavaScript. These are flexible and lightweight components used multiple times for many roles.

Data Binding

Blazor is a SPA framework which offers data binding capabilities to bind components and DOM elements via an HTML Bind attribute with a field, property, or Razor expression value. Blazor provides one way, two way and Event binding data binding.


Microsoft has offered debugging support for Blazor WebAssembly applications, where Browse Dev tool could be used in Chromium based browsers. It also supports application debugging via Visual Studio IDE and Visual Studio code.

Dependency Injection

It is a method which helps developers to create a loosely coupled application design, because it offers greater reusability, testability, and maintainability. Blazor offers Dependency injection method in both the Blazor WebAssembly app and Server.

Forms and Validations

Blazor offers Data annotations as a part of Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and it also provides support for validating form input using data annotations with the help of a built-in DataAnnotationsValidator. This makes the form validation process a breeze.

JavaScript Interoperability

The Blazor comes with a unique ability to call JavaScript functions from .NET methods and vice versa. This distinct feature is known as JavaScript interoperability, where Blazor uses JavaScript to bootstrap the .NET runtime and in process can access JavaScript libraries.


Routing is a critical aspect of any Web application. It is indeed a pattern matching process through which requests are routed to the relevant code as defined in the route. Blazor offers a client-end dedicated router along with a router component that handles routing process.

State Management

Applications developed by Blazor Server are stateful and provide abilities to preserve user's state in server's memory. Developers can utilize this unique ability of client-end state management via local and session storage along with query strings.

Our Blazor Expertise

B2B B2C Portal Development
CMS Development
ERP Development
Mobile Backend Development
Enterprise Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions
CRM Development
Migration Solutions
Hybrid Application Development
Social Media Development

Hosting Models of Blazor

Blazor WebAssembly

It is a Client-side hosting model which offers developers a flexibility to develop Client-end applications using C#, which can function directly in the browser via WebAssembly. Every critical component like compiled application code, .NET runtime and all the dependencies are downloaded in the browser itself, which helps application to be execute in the browser User interface thread itself. It offers rapid development due to its rich IntelliSense and tooling support. Blazor applications can be deployed as static websites and we can build offline capable PWA’s as Blazor WebAssembly application can function at client-side without any dependency of connection to the server.

  • Social Media Networking Portals
  • Advances eCommerce solutions
  • Online Gaming and Entertainment portals
  • High end B2B and B2C portals
  • Native Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • Progressive web applications

Blazor Server

It is a server-side hosting model where the application can be executed on the server itself, right inside an ASP.NET Core application. Its runtime handles the transmission of UI events from the browser to the server and executes UI updates sent by the server back to the browser. Blazor embraces the single page application architecture which rewrites the same page dynamically in response to the user action. It allows application to load faster as the downloadable packets are smaller than a usual Blazor WebAssembly application. The application can enjoy full potential of server capabilities, including usage of any .NET Core compatible APIs. It is more secure because the application code remains on the server, not downloaded to the client.

  • Hybrid .NET applications
  • Server based web applications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Corporate sites and portals
  • Intranet and Extranet solutions
  • Business Web applications

Our Clients Happiness lies in the Journey

Arka Softwares owes this to every team member of our company who tirelessly ventured into uncharted planes of their imagination to bring revolutionary ideas and turned them into reality.

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