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Updated 16 Apr 2024
Published 15 Apr 2024
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Develop App Like My11Circle

The fantasy sports app development market is booming because of this quick expansion. The popularity of cricket, combined with the thrill of fantasy sports apps that can make you money, is a surefire sign of the industry’s impending explosion.

Sports fans have a platform to engage in the games they love with the fantasy sports application. Building fantasy apps like My11Circle is becoming increasingly prevalent every day as it offers versatility and diversity across any platform.

Understanding Fantasy Sports Apps like My11Circle

With its scope growing, the fantasy sports market is no longer limited to video games but has spread around the world, even for field games.

As per research, the market for fantasy cricket is anticipated to expand at the fastest rate (17.9% CAGR) between 2022 and 2027.

The fantasy sports app is a digital platform where users can construct virtual teams with the help of genuine players from a variety of sports.

It offers a variety of ways to interact with users, a wide range of revenue streams, and ongoing technological development.

Managing a virtual cricket team is one of the many chances offered by playing cricket on a cricket app similar to My11Circle.

You may have to take caution when signing up, choosing the correct team, and determining the batting order.

The My11Circle app is a platform that allows you to see complete match information and play Fantasy Cricket on your smartphone.

Based on how they did in the actual game, participants must assemble a virtual squad of real-life players in this instance.

The app helps users develop their skill set by providing them with rewarding challenges and actual cash incentives. Along with team news, captain selections, and an expert team for My11circle, the app offers a thorough analysis of the current game.

How does a fantasy sports app work?

You should be familiar with how sports betting apps operate before diving into the virtual realm of fantasy sports.

Forming a group:

First, the gamers will assemble a simulated squad made up of actual players. These teams then play against one another based on the outcomes of the actual game that is played on the field.

There are also other approaches to creating a team. Creating a team through auction-based, serpentine, offline drafting, and other methods is quite common.

Selecting the match:

You must choose the match for the day after completing the login and verification process.

Team Division:

It is your responsibility to choose a team leader based on player statistics. The important thing to remember is that users can form as many teams as they’d like.

Collaborating as a Team:

As needed, make adjustments within your team. The team may be changed at any time by the rules.

Final Results:

The match’s outcome is what we are all waiting for in the end! Your team scores points for each player on the squad; the team with the most points at the end of the day wins.

Main features of fantasy sports apps like My11Circle

More thrilling features are being added to fantasy apps so users can enjoy cricket virtually, just like it is in real life:

Join competition:

For the benefit of the user, the “join competition” screen provides information on all current contests, including facts about the competition, league, sports, entry cost, and reward structure.

Profile Page:

Users who choose to customize their profile can design and create it in a way that suits them, and they can keep it that way until they wish to use it.

Live match tab:

Three sub-tabs, including Live, Upcoming, and Completed matches, make up this tab. The scoreboard, player information, and rating are all shown under the LIVE match tab.

Real-Time Analytics:

Today’s users have higher expectations. They anticipate real-time analytics that help them enhance performance.

To boost user engagement when developing dream apps, it would be beneficial if you took activity analysis and live tracking elements into account.

Integration with CRM:

Administrators may handle user interactions for complaints, awards, payouts, etc. with the help of a CRM connection. Offering people live chat help is a highly recommended practice for any customer-focused firm.

Private contest:

A “private” option on a fantasy sports cricket full-stack app development solution should enable users to invite friends, relatives, and other acquaintances to participate in a private contest.

Sports practicing:

A “practice” option to assess game understanding is another essential component of a strong mobile app development solution for fantasy cricket. This feature will aid in forecasting the players’ performance as well.

Amazing deals:

Users get more drawn to the game because the My11Circle fantasy app offers them special, alluring discounts, referral benefits, and much more.

Real-Time Conversation:

The user can communicate and engage with other players while they’re playing games, thanks to the live chat features. This makes games more engaging and participatory while also improving the user experience.

Benefits of Developing Fantasy Sports Apps like My11Circle

There are several advantages for developers and users alike in creating fantasy cricket applications. Now, a sizable user base of passionate cricket enthusiasts and a lucrative industry are getting more benefits from fantasy apps.

Minimal investment:

Consider things from the perspective of an investor! An opportunity to make large profits with little investment would appeal to everybody.

This is your chance to invest little and earn a profitable extract business. All you need to do to start making billions of dollars a day is invest in the fantasy cricket app development for IPL and the World Cup.

Since there aren’t many competitors in the industry, you can capitalize on the attention it will bring and develop your application.

Minimal rivals:

Even though cricket fans in India are not well-informed about the development of cricket applications, they are beginning to pay attention.

You may create your app, launch a business, and make money. Let’s say you have decided to create fantasy software, but it is taking too long to release. You can miss out on the chance to see success with your software.

Customer interactions:

Better consumer and company relations are fostered by it. Customer relations have a major role in a business’s success. Clients appreciate devotion to better services, loyalty, and openness.

Companies desire to see increases in sales turnover as well as qualitative growth in their target audience or client base. All these factors can be balanced by having good customer interactions.

An open crowd:

The app offers several different sports with a fan base in addition to cricket. Even though India did not participate, 300 million people watched FIFA in India alone.

Likewise, non-participating nations will comprise a substantial chunk of your intended audience when it comes to sports like cricket. So, try to incorporate as many games as you can.

Secured deals:

To prevent user fraud, applications that give out cash awards need to have secure transactions. Therefore, the best fantasy cricket app, such as My11Circle, needs to be secure, and the money needs to go straight into the associated account.

How to develop Fantasy Sports App like My11Circle?

There are several strategic processes involved in creating fantasy sports software that stand out, from ideation to launch and continuous development.

With years of expertise in the software sector, this tutorial provides a blueprint for creating apps similar to My11Circle.

Recognizing the audience and market:

Conduct in-depth market research and analyze your target market before you go on your adventure.

Examine current industry trends, identify openings, and determine what makes consumers of the My11Circle app happy. This stage is essential for securing your app’s distinct place in the marketplace.

Selecting your developmental team:

Selecting your development partner is crucial to developing an app like My11Circle. Employ a development business with a track record in development, particularly for fantasy sports app development services, or a fantasy sports app developer.

In addition to their technical know-how, the proper partner can help you realize your goal by offering insightful strategic advice. Both a strong backend system and an enticing user interface should be delivered by them.

Decide on a domain name:

Using a domain name is one way to set your website apart from the competition. Verify that the domain name you selected is correct.

Market research can assist in selecting the best domain name. The domain name will make your products stand out in the marketplace.

UI/UX Design:

To improve the user experience and facilitate easy navigation for users, application design is crucial. From now on, it is advised that you constantly focus on the design of the fantasy sports website and how it works.

Develop an app like Dream11 that includes some eye-catching designs in eye-catching color combinations. This would bring users to your app, without a doubt.

Employing MVP:

It is a minimized risk to launch with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). With this version’s emphasis on key features, you can test your app with real people and get valuable feedback without having to commit to the entire cost of full development.

This feedback loop is the best way to improve your software, make sure it meets user expectations, and find problems before they become serious.

Complete Development:

With the knowledge gained during the MVP phase, you may proceed to full-scale development with confidence.

Developing your program to its full potential at this level entails placing a strong emphasis on scalability, security, and resilience.

To successfully navigate this period, you must maintain constant communication with your fantasy sports app development company.

Launching the app:

Launching is just the beginning. To simultaneously draw in users, step up your advertising activities. Consider managing influencer relationships, launching campaigns on social media, and presenting enticing deals.

The fantasy sports software My11Circle is a good example of one that was introduced using a scheduled, staged approach that involves market analysis and continuous post-launch development.

Assistance and Upkeep:

For your app to succeed, post-launch assistance is essential. It calls for continuous performance tracking, analysis of user input, and timely problem-solving.

Keeping your fantasy sports apps current is essential if you want to attract next-generation players, as technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

Adding sophisticated features and functionality should therefore be your main priority after launching the fantasy gaming apps.

Business Model for Fantasy Sports Apps like My11Circle

The company’s success as a fantasy sports betting brand depends on four essential components of the business plan.

Premium Subscriptions:

Offering premium features for use is one of the other ways the fantasy cricket app is made profitable.

By looking at a player’s ranking and other details, a user in cricket can obtain a preset team or an advanced analytics option. Thus, strategy is applied to increase revenue in addition to producing a better user experience.

Commissions and Fees:

Many websites charge users for participation, with the winner receiving a higher prize. The winner gets the balance; these applications merely keep a small portion of the proceeds. A similar approach can be applied to your fantasy sports application as well.


Creating a fantasy sports app with an ad network is an additional revenue stream for it. Businesses can be interested in promoting their goods and offerings to your app’s consumers.

More companies will show interest in leveraging your service to promote their companies as more users install your app.


Obtaining a sponsorship fee is not going to be tough if your fantasy program is attracting an extensive user base and performing flawlessly.

It will not only draw more attention to your application but also give sponsors a chance to promote their businesses on the application.

Generally, the method is most effective when you have established a good reputation in the fantasy gaming app creation industry.

How much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app like My11Circle?

Various factors, including the features, design, complexity, rates of the app development team, and team location, might influence the development cost of a fantasy cricket application like My11Circle.

App Characteristics: Customized features might increase the expense of designing an app. Developing a custom scoring system or implementing novel gaming elements could require additional development resources.

Technology Stack: Development expenses are greatly impacted by the platforms and technologies selected (Android, iOS, or both). Expenses may rise due to advanced technology and platforms.

Platform Type: The platforms you select to build a fantasy mobile app similar to My11Circle will determine how much your project will wind up costing in total.

You can make hybrid programs that combine web and native capabilities, web-based applications, or native apps that operate on one device.

Integration with third parties and UI/UX: Providing a highly configurable, easy-to-use interface with high-quality visuals and the capacity to incorporate third-party services for purchases, analysis, and reminders can help save costs substantially.

Development Cost of Fantasy Sports App

Creating an app like My11Circle usually costs more than $25,000 for each platform, especially when it comes to its architecture.

Prioritizing the user experience and selecting the appropriate technological stack is crucial, even though the first cost may vary from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the features.

The dedicated team of developers in a fantasy cricket app development company can provide you with a range of exciting features at a reasonable cost.

This provides you with a ballpark idea of what it costs for developers in different countries:

  • India: $30-$50 per hour
  • UK: $100-$150 per hour
  • Australia: $70-$120 per hour
  • USA: $150-$250 per hour

The cost of development is increased by elements like player statistics, real-time score updates, user authentication, and payment gateway integration.

The cost is also affected by the qualified designers, and when you hire fantasy app developers and testers from different countries, a fantasy cricket game like My11Circle requires careful planning and budgeting to be successful.

Final Words

As things are right now, these fantasy sports apps have a bright future, particularly in the field of business mobile application development.

Globally, more and more areas are starting to adopt this kind of entertainment, which is improving acceptability and growth rates.

This hypothetical situation emphasizes the possible benefits of investing in the field of fantasy sports app development services.


  • What is the estimated duration of fantasy sports app development?

    It would take about ten weeks to develop a fantasy sports app similar to My11Circle. Depending on the features, degree of customization, and platform support, the development time may additionally extend by up to 15 weeks.

  • How is the fantasy sports app operational?

    Users are required to construct a fictitious team of players, whose virtual stats will be appropriately compared and evaluated with the actual match performance. Users receive appropriate rewards based on the points they have earned.

  • How can the top fantasy sports app development agency be chosen?

    The best fantasy sports app development company should be chosen based on its experience with your app’s technology, portfolio, and client testimonials. In addition to these, other considerations include communication, cost, transparency, and the capacity to fulfill deadlines.

  • What makes fantasy sports such a hit?

    Fantasy sports have gained immense popularity by infusing classic sports with a new perspective while maintaining their integrity. Its ability to be played virtually from the comforts of one’s home as opposed to on the field is its primary difference.

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