How to Create a Fantasy Sports Website in Easy Steps?

Updated 03 Apr 2024
Published 27 Mar 2024
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Fantasy sports website development

Fantasy sports are not ordinary sports; they is a way to steal the hearts of millions of sports fans around the globe. Cricbuzz, Fantacalcio, Realgm, and RotoWire have done it already.

It will be a surprise if you do not know these names. These are some of the top fantasy sports websites entertaining global fans worldwide.

Fantasy gaming is exciting, and sports fanatics love this concept. As a result, the fantasy gaming market is exponentially rising and creating opportunities for fantasy business owners like you.

But have you launched your website?

No, then be ready; the time is now.

This article will make things easy for you if you want to develop a fantasy sports website for a fantasy business. Here, you’ll get the correct information.

What is a Fantasy Sports Website?

Fantasy Sports is an online platform that allows sports fans to test their sports knowledge and skills in virtual-style gaming.

Fantasy sports website users participate in virtual leagues and contests. While playing fantasy sports, they role-play as their virtual team’s manager or owner.

On fantasy sports websites, a user creates a virtual team by picking the names of real players, and based on their real-life performance in real sports events, winners are decided.

Behind the rankings and score calculations of virtual teams on fantasy sports websites, specific algorithms work.

Fantasy sports website development is one of the top ideas for revenue generation, as it is trending hot and snowballing. It creates an immersive experience for its users and unlocks multiple opportunities for fantasy sports portal owners.

It would be best to get the help of a sports platform development company to create the ultimate fantasy gaming experience.

The Fantasy Sports Market Stats

When creating fantasy sports websites, you should first be familiar with the market statistics. Making strategic decisions for your business will be easier if you understand the fantasy sports market landscape.

The fantasy sports market is expected to grow $87.07 billion by 2031 at a CAGR (2024-2031) of 13.80%.

The introduction of new technologies (like blockchain, AI & ML, AR-VR, etc.), secure payment methods, user-friendly interfaces, fantasy chatbots, and a boost in digital infrastructure have boosted the growth of the fantasy sports market.

Due to these, there has been a significant increase in monetization, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

The stats mentioned above cover the following segments:

  • Sports: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and others.
  • Platforms: Fantasy sports website and mobile app
  • Demography: under 25, 25-40 years, and above 40 years

The Indian fantasy sports market’s stats indicate massive growth in upcoming years. Its revenue is expected to reach INR 253 billion by 2027.

On the other hand, the USA’s fantasy sports market size (estimated) will be $13.1 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach $ 24.23 billion by 2029.

This whole story shows that investing in the fantasy market is lucrative. If you are looking to develop a fantasy sports website in 2024, the next section of this blog will make it easy for you.

How to Create a Fantasy Sports Website?

Developing a fantasy sports website is a valued investment, and you can make it worth it by following the proper steps.

The steps will also help you develop your website in the right way. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Research Market and Competitors

The first step you need to take is market and competitor research to understand existing market trends, demands, who your competitors are, what their USPs are, and other market-related information.

It will also help you gain insights into target audiences, user preferences, and popular fantasy sports in your area.

Step 2: Decide Your Concept

The next step you need to take is to decide your fantasy sports concept, like what kind of fantasy sports you want to offer your target audiences, such as daily fantasy sports, season-long fantasy sports, multi-sport fantasy gaming, or individual fantasy sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, or any other.

It also defines league rules and the scoring system you will implement with your fantasy sports website development.

Step 3: Choose Platform

You can develop your fantasy sports website in two ways: using platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and others, or opting for cost-effective custom fantasy sports website development. Customization allows you to include all the features that can engage fantasy sports website users the best.

Step 4: Search & Find the Right Company

Fantasy sports website development is a game of expertise, and the developers must know the industry and technology to deliver a seamless fantasy sports website.

They must know how to address the client’s requirements in a well-defined way.

So, before hiring a fantasy sports app development company inquire about their portfolio, case studies, types of fantasy sports websites & apps they have developed, the number of projects delivered till now, and the experience of fantasy sports web developers.

Once satisfied, hire a fantasy cricket website development company.

Step 5: Design a user-friendly interface.

A visually rich interface is needed to create an immersive experience of fantasy gaming, whether it is a fantasy sports app development or a fantasy sports web application.

The fantasy web developers you have hired will start playing their roles and responsibilities.

The process will begin with wireframing and mockups, and finally, it will end with a fully functional user interface.

Step 6: Implement Features

Features play a crucial role in engaging fantasy sports users. So be selective about it. Include as many features as possible to make your website a perfect place for all fantasy sports fanatics.

Avoid senseless features and include advanced features that can enhance the fun of fantasy gaming and the website’s performance.

Here is a list of essential features that you can consider for your fantasy sports website.

User Panel Admin Panel Advanced Features
User Authorization Admin Login Live Match Score
User Dashboard Admin Dashboard Live Streaming
Match Info User Management Anti-Fraud Mechanism
Create Team Match Management League Customization
Join Contest Contest Management AI Match Predictor
Leaderboard Match Settlement Loyalty Program
Private Leagues Push Notification Live Data Feeds
Refer & Earn Revenue Management
Payments Reward Management
Winning Amount Reporting & Analytics

Step 7: Create A Scalable Architecture

Millions of users access fantasy sports websites. If you want to develop one, ensure it handles a huge traffic load and user requests.

It will be helpful when your user base grows. While working with the fantasy sports web developers, implement a scalable architecture for your fantasy sports gaming website.

Also, optimize your website as per SEO rules.

It will help improve search engine rankings and connect more users with your fantasy sports business.

Step 8: Fantasy Sports Website Integrations

Integration extends the functionality of fantasy websites and improves digital experiences.

On your website, you can consider integrations like- payment gateway integration, 3rd party API Integration, leadership board, fantasy sports analytics, etc. All these integrations will make your website profitable and engaging.

Step 9: Test & Launch

Once the backend & frontend are developed, features are implemented, and integrations are completed, it’s time to test your newly developed fantasy sports website.

The team of quality analysts will make sure it is for you. After testing and bug fixing, create a buzz in the market about a unique fantasy sports platform by launching your website.

Remember to maintain your website even after its launch by applying regular updates. So, if requirements change, the web maintenance and support services will keep your website upgraded.

Hire fantasy website development company

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Website

Determining the cost without requirement analysis is hypothetical. Several factors influence the cost of developing a fantasy sports website. These factors are:

#1. Complexity: It is one of the most influential factors in the cost of fantasy sports website development. The cost rises with the degree of complexity.

#2. Features & Functionality: rising numbers of features and complexity level of functionalities increase the website’s cost.

#3. Design Components: Website design has a good ratio of development cost compared to other factors.

#4. Experience of Developers: The hiring cost of experienced developers remains high compared to developers with less experience. For example, the hiring cost is like this:

  • Junior Web Developers: $20/hr. onwards
  • Intermediate Developers: $25/hr. Onwards
  • Senior Developers: $30/hr. Onwards

#5. Location of Developers: The location of developers also influences the cost of fantasy website development.

For example, North American fantasy sports web developers charge around $100–$150/hr. On the other hand, you can hire Indian developers at an average cost of $25 per hour.

#6. Team Size: team size is proportional to the website’s complexity and increases the cost.

#7. Tech Stack: Technology comes with a price, and whatever you choose will cost you accordingly.

The approximate cost to develop a simple fantasy sports website varies between $10,000 and $20,000. However, it is an ideal estimate, as the actual cost can be estimated only based on requirements.

An advanced fantasy sports website may cost you $30,000 or more.

Create an Affordable Fantasy Sports Website

The budget matters for every entrepreneur, especially if a person is a startup owner. However, there are some steps that you can take to reduce the cost of developing a fantasy sports website. These steps are like:

  • Define & Refine Requirements: Abruptly making a list of requirements increases the cost of developing a fantasy sports platform. So, define your requirements, refine them and contain only what you exactly need.
  • Know the Tech Stack: The tech stack influences the price of sports website development. So, know before you choose it. Developing fantasy sports websites using open-source technology is one of the best ways to reduce web development costs.
  • Offshore Development: There are multiple advantages to choosing offshore development models, one of the best of which is reduced cost. You can also onboard the experts from a vast talent pool of fantasy web developers.
  • MVP Approach: Launching an MVP version of the fantasy sports web and app is the right idea. It is less costly, and you can use it for beta testing. Later, you can add more features based on real-time feedback from users.
  • Agile Web Development: Instead of developing a website on the go, it would be better to use agile development methodology. Breaking the project into development parts can allow changes to be made as needed.

All the steps mentioned above are the best to curb the cost. Also, you can get help from your fantasy sports website development company to plan the project and its expenses.

Only the experts can suggest the best way to reduce the cost.

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How can you earn from a Fantasy Sports Website?

The prime motive for developing your website is to earn money through it. It would be exciting for you to learn how to earn from a fantasy sports website. Here it is:

  • Entry Fee: charging a commission on a match or league entry fee is one of the traditional methods to monetize the app. You can fix a percentage on each entry.
  • Advertisement: one of the tested monetization methods is advertisement. You can charge a fee to display third-party ads on your website and during gameplay.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: in this dynamic world where technology and user preferences change overnight, do not limit your website to a single platform. It’ll help you to have more target areas to connect with users. The more users there are, the more revenue there will be.
  • In-app Purchase: Allowing your users to make in-app purchases can generate revenue. With this option, you can earn in two ways: list your products and charge a commission on each purchase of third-party products.
  • Collaboration: collaborating with other brands for sponsorship can also help you generate revenue for your fantasy sports business.
  • Free leagues: Leagues at no cost will not generate revenue but will increase your user base. So, you can offer them premium leagues at discounts, loyalty rewards, and other things.

It can also create opportunities for revenue generation.

Fantasy Sports Website & Legal Considerations

Fantasy sports is one of the fastest-growing gaming segments worldwide but comes under country-specific rules and regulations.

For example, in the USA, it comes under federal law, which was legalized in 2006 under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It is exempted from criteria such as:

  • Prizes must be declared in advance to all participants. They must not be based on the number of participants or the entry fee.
  • Winning criteria are skills and knowledge of sports based on the player’s stats as per performance showcased in multiple real-world events.
  • The fantasy game’s result should not be based on the real-world game’s final score or on any player’s performance in a single match.

In India, it has also been legalized since 2008, and based on the amendments to the Public Gaming Act of 1987, the Government of India recognized it as a game of skills and knowledge.

However, it is still banned in Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, and Nagaland.

So, before you develop a fantasy sports website for your business, you should check with the regulatory authority in your area.

Why is Arka Softwares your perfect partner for Fantasy Website Development?

Arka Softwares is a reliable fantasy sports web development company that meets all your fantasy sports development needs.

We have extensive expertise in developing seamless fantasy sports apps, fantasy sports websites, fantasy sports software, white-label fantasy sports solutions, and others.

If you need custom fantasy sports solutions, we can make it the best for you.
With Arka Softwares, you can have multiple benefits, like:

  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • On-time project delivery
  • Team of dedicated and experienced fantasy sports developers
  • Post-launch maintenance and support

One of our recent projects is Fantasy Football Empire, a dedicated website for fantasy football fans that we developed under the timeline given by our client.

Our client’s objective was to create a fantasy football website that could engage users and provide them with a mesmerizing experience. We have successfully developed and delivered it to our clients.

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The Final Thoughts

Due to the rising popularity of fantasy sports, you are on the right path to business success. A uniquely developed fantasy sports website can help you launch your fantasy business in the right way.

You only need expertise and knowledge that you can access with the help of a reliable web development company. While developing the website, take care of your core business activities; the experts will do the design and development work.

Make sure your website is innovative and engaging, provides a unique experience to the users, and gives them a fresh perspective on fantasy gaming.

If you have a similar idea in your mind, then we can make it real. You are a call away from us.

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