How to Develop Mobile App for Technician Booking Platform?

Updated 06 Oct 2022
Published 20 Sep 2021
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We are living in an exciting Digital era, where Technology and smartphones have transformed the way we used to avail the services. We have seen the evolution of the on-demand service marketplace, which is gaining massive popularity all over the world. The on-demand service marketplace makes the services available at customers’ doorstep. Customers can search for the services they need, and can easily connect with the local vendors, who can provide all possible kinds of household services at a competitive cost. 

Technician Booking app development

The most used on-demand service is certainly the Technician Booking platform, which helps customers to avail the services of Technician to fix the usual technical problems with their digital gadgets and electronic components. Technician booking platforms bring a marketplace where vendors can also connect with their potential customers and other stakeholders who can avail their services and provide the tools and components to serve the customers. 

It also allows the Technicians to be listed on the app, where they must undergo an intensive training module and an adequate due diligence process so that their services are listed on the platform. 

Technical booking platform offers the services listed according to locations, budget, and Type, and it offers the services providers a brilliant medium to reach their potential consumers with ease. In this article, we will cover several aspects of a Technician Booking application, its workflow, revenue model, advantages, and application development process as well. 

At the same time, we will deep dive into the requirements, essential features, and the application development strategy one need to adopt to develop a successful Technician Booking platform application.

How does Technician Booking Platform work?

A Technician booking platform usually offers two-fold functioning, from the User and Service Providers perspective.

User End

  • User can download this app from marketplace and then install on their smartphones.
  • Users can utilize this app to search for a Technician to provide a specific household service.
  • They can select a specific service a pop-up will provide them additional details about the service plans. Users can choose the service package as per their requirements and budget.
  • Past that they can schedule the technician visit by selecting a convenient time and date.
  • Users can also verify the profile of technicians, their professional experience, their reviews, and ratings, which help them to book a technician who can help them with their concern.
  • Once the work is completed, the user can make the payment using various methods available in the app.
  • The app will also allow the users to rate the services and technicians and post their reviews about the service offered.

How Technician Booking Platform works

Service Provider End

  • A service provider can register and list its services only after completing a certain level of due diligence process and training.
  • When a user chooses a specific service, the application will send an offer notification to the service provider. 
  • The service provider can view the request and assess the user requirement, work engagements, and other specifications. This helps them to either accept or reject the service request.
  • Once the service provider accepts a service request, the user will be notified about the same.
  • The app will confirm the technician booking, inform the user about the estimated time of arrival, charges included, and other service-related information.
  • The app allows the users and service providers to cancel the booking under few exceptional situations only. However, there will be some sort of cancellation charges incurred to the party which is canceling the booking.

Technician Booking platform – Workflow

A Technician booking platform has the following standard workflow

Job Booking

Here consumers can book the service by selecting the job type, budget, and preferred visit time.

Job Estimation and Quotation

Once the service is selected, the app will notify the consumer about the probable cost estimate of the job. It will also provide the quotation, where all the charges along with the applicable taxes are mentioned.

Job Assignment and Scheduling

The service provider accepts the task and then assigns it to a technician it will also help them to schedule the technician visit based on their availability.

Job Acceptance

The technician can view the job details and accept or reject them based on availability and feasibility. 

Technician Visit and Job Completion

The technician can visit the customer’s premises to perform the requested task and update the work order with pictures or the customer’s validation.

Technician Booking platform

Invoice creation and Payment

Once the job is completed, the system will generate an invoice and ask a customer to make the payment. Once the payment is done, the job is closed.

Advantages of Technician Booking App

Technician booking application is getting massive popularity among users and service providers, as it offers following advantages :

Access to a wide range of Service providers

The app allows consumers to select from a wide number of service providers, based on their requirements, budget, and schedule.

Faster Service Execution

The app enhances the overall service execution time by faster technician scheduling, reducing the travel time by helping the technicians to reach their locations quickly.

Enhanced Service-To-Invoice cycle times

The application eliminates all sort of communication hurdles, that ensures transparent billing and effective invoice.

Reduced Operational Costs

The powerful technician booking app ensures there are no operation leakages, and it also reduces other administrative costs, ultimately it helps an organization to reduced operational costs.

Better Connectivity among workers

The app helps all the workers to stay connected round the clock, which improves productivity and communication of technicians and other workers. 

Enhanced Resource Accountability

The software has too many checks and balances in place, which ensures better accountability for employees.

Break Away from conventional methods

A technician booking platform helps a service provider to break away from the conventional methods and offer innovative services to the end-users, which not only improves the customer experience but also provides an opportunity to improve the revenue.

Provide personalized services to the consumer

Technician booking app helps vendors to offer personalization and a wide variety of services to their consumers. It also helps a service provider to develop a loyal customer base by addressing their concerns in an effective way.

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Technician Booking Mobile app – Business & Revenue Model

A Technician booking application uses a very simple business and revenue model. As we know, it is just an intermediary platform, that uses a perfect matching algorithm to offer the required technician to the end-user. This app utilizes the following revenue generation techniques.

1. Commission

A major part of revenue for Technician booking applications comes from this model. Here the Technician must pay a certain amount as a commission for every job order they receive via the app. The app will act as an intermediary entity, which will charge an appropriate amount for any order booked by the customers.

Every work will have different charges depending on the complexity and efforts required to fulfill that work. It is quite a simple aspect that the more work is booked and completed, the more money the app owner will earn.

2. Lead Generation

This is another method to generate revenue. The Technician booking platform can list the professionals and offer the required information to the customers as per their requirements. Once any lead generated by the app is converted, then a certain amount is charged from the Technician or the Service provider who got the work order from the customer.

Features Required for Technician booking app

The potential app must contain the following features so that it can fulfill the requirements of the Consumers and the Service Providers.

Customer-Centric Features

  • User Login/Registration – This allows users to register an app and then log in.
  • Social Media integration – It allows users to log in using their social media and email account.
  • Data Safety and Security features – It contains security features like 2 Factor-authentication, that can enhance the safety of user data.
  • User Friendly UI/UX – The UI/UX must be responsive and should fit all sorts of devices.
  • Advanced Search Filter – This should help the user to search anything in the app.
  • Multiple Payment Options – This is required to offer multiple payment methods to the customer including Cash, net banking, wallet, and credit/debit cards.
  • Previous work history – This will show the history of previous works.
  • Service Cost estimation – It will display the estimation of service cost, which will help the customer to go ahead with the given service.
  • Ability to view local vendors Details – It will display the details of local vendors so that customers can select the appropriate one.
  • In-App Chat with local vendors – Customers can use this feature to chat with the local vendors and get more information about the services, technician, and charges.
  • Chat and Quotation history – From here the customer can easily access the history of Chat and Quotation history.
  • Payment History –  This will show the previous payment history.
  • Service and Technician Rating and Review –  This will provide an option to submit ratings and reviews about the Service provider and Technician.

Service Provider centric features

  • Login/Registration Feature – The service provider can register and log in from here.
  • In-App Chat with Customers – This feature will help the service provider to chat with the customers directly and provide the required information.
  • Order Quotation generation ability – Using this feature the service provider can generate the order quotation and share it with the customer.
  • Order requests and details – Using this feature the service provider can access the Order request and accept or reject it. 
  • Route optimization – This will help service providers to optimize the technician routing to improve the turnaround time.
  • Periodic Earning reports – It will help service providers to fetch periodic reports about their revenue and another financial aspect.
  • Push notifications – This will help the service provider to send the notifications to the customer to make them aware of the progress of their work.
  • Availability and Service Times – This feature will help the service provider to check the availability of their technicians, which helps them to improve the scheduling and visit to the customer premises.
  • Ability to respond to customer reviews/feedback – Using this feature the service provider can easily respond to the customer reviews and feedback. This will help them to gauge the mood of the customer and make necessary improvements in their services.
  • Work and Payment History – This will show the history of work and payments received.
  • Seamless GPS Location Tracking – This will help a service provider to locate the technician and keep a track of his visit.

Admin Panel Features

  • Full-fledged Admin Control Panel – It is a hub where a myriad of options and settings are available for the Admins.
  • View Locations of Service providers and Customers – Admins can easily access the locations of service providers and customers, which will help them to improve the tracking capabilities and overall service delivery.
  • CRM and CMS system – a full-fledged Customer relationship management system and Content management system will help Admins to improve the customer services.
  • Record Management System – This feature will help Admins to keep a track of all transactions between a customer and the service provider.
  • Backup and Restore Facility – Admins can take the backup of all data and restore it in event of any data breach or failure.
  • Cloud Hosting system – Admins can use this feature to host their applications and data over the cloud.
  • Catalogue management – This feature will help Admins to update and manage the Service Catalogue lifecycle. 
  • Referral and Promo management –  Admins can launch referral codes and innovative Promotional campaigns and manage their campaign delivery inside the application.
  • Accounts and Taxation module –  This will help Admins to keep a track of all financial aspects of the Technician booking platform.

Work Records, Billing, and Payment History

Automate order assignment –

This feature will help Admins to automate the order assignment process.

Advertisement and Promotions –

This will help Admins to create, execute and manage the advertisements and other promotional campaigns.

Sales Analytics –

This will offer a reporting and visualization of sales figures, that will help the management to keep a track of all activities and make future decisions and course corrections.

Notification Control –

This allows Admins to manage the Notification services, which helps them to engage the customers.

Price and Subscription Plan Management –

Admins can utilize this feature.

How to Develop a Technician Booking Platform?

In this section, we will be explaining certain important aspects which need to be taken care of before starting the development process. We will also talk about the technical constraints, stack required, different modules, and the estimated cost of the final solution.Tiny technicians repairing smartphone

Technician Booking Platform – The Business model 

Well, we have already given you a glimpse of a Technician Booking platform, and in this section, we would like to provide you a better insight into the business model on which such applications are developed. A Technician booking application offers professional services of household tasks like electricians, computer experts, smartphone technicians, household item experts, and many more. A Technician booking app generally uses an algorithm to search and find the best match for customer’s requirements, and then help them to book a technician, avail the services, make the payment.

Before developing such an application, one should ensure that the business model should be well defined, and application purpose, location, pricing, and technology constraints should be well addressed.

Market Research –

That’s the first step to conceptualize an idea for the application. We must know what kind of technical services are in demand in a specific area and what kind of services one can offer, which could be profitable for both consumers and the service provider. This requires thorough market research, where it is required to understand the competitors’ reviews, the services they are offering, and the kind of services consumers expecting.

Turn Ideas into the Reality

This is an important step, as it helps us to shape the concept into a feasible being. One must divide the idea into three broad categories and label them as must-have, would-like, and add-ons. We should start working on must-have components and then move towards would-like and add-ons components.


Now as we know about the potential features and modules of our app, we have gained enough knowledge about the workflow and sequence of tasks, it is time to transform them into a visual entity. We must study the existing applications in the market and write down their pros and cons, along with the kind of features they offer. We can use this list to incorporate the required functionality in our application, which certainly makes it useful and user-friendly as well.

Pricing model

This is the most important part, which certainly is an important aspect that decided the success or failure of an app. We need to decide the service amount that could be charged from the customers and the service providers. This could be a variable amount that depends on the type of service offered, the demand for that specific service, location, and the budget of the customer. We must incorporate multiple payment options for the customers such as UPI payments, online wallets, net banking, debit, or credit cards, etc.

Refund Policy

We must establish a conflict management and refund policy to prevent any issues between consumers and technician service providers. This will not only help the consumers to avail the right support, but it will also help to build trust among all the entities. These policies also ensure that customers remain loyal to the service provider.

App Development

To turn an idea into a reality, we must take the support of an app development firm. We have a lot of professional software development firms which can assist us with app development. We may also employ our own software engineering team, or hire freelancers, but it all depends on the work requirements.

Cost to build a Technician Booking Platform mobile application

The cost of developing a Technician booking mobile app is very much dependent on the efforts and hourly rates of the resources you are about to hire. Here we have a fair comparison of average hourly rates in different regions.

Region Price Range Average Price (Per Hour)
North America $80-$230 $150
South America $30-$110 $40
United Kingdom $80 to $180 $120
India $10-$60 $30
Eastern Europe $30-$100 $50
Australia $30-$120 $80

Going by the hourly rates mentioned above, it is evident that the cost of Technician booking mobile app cost is higher in USA, UK, and other western countries, whereas the cost is on the lower side in India and South American countries. It is always suggested to outsource the app development tasks to these countries, as they can provide you quality software development at a fraction of the cost.

Now, let’s see how many days it takes to develop different app features.

Feature Days (Minimum) Days (Maximum)
User Signup/Login 2 4
In-app Chat or Video Call 5 10
Search Function 2 4
Appointment or Home Visit Schedule 5 10
Service Cost estimation 5 10
Loyalty Programs 5 10
Payment Gateway 5 10
Accept or Reject an appointment 2 8
Appointment Status 2 10
View local vendors Details 2 6
Order Quotation generation ability 2 4
Periodic Reports 10 20
Earning Status 2 5
Sales Analytics 10 20
Voice search 20 40
Augmented Reality 20 60
Maps Integration 2 5
CMS and Blog 5 10
Technician Profile verification and approval 2 5
User Management 5 10
Technician Management 5 10
Notification Management 2 5
Advanced CRM and CMS system 5 10
Data Encryption and Safety 5 10
Catalogue management 10 20
Automated Order assignment 10 20
Price and Subscription Plan Management 5 10

Though this is still a rough cost estimate, it can still give you an insight into the efforts and costs required to develop a successful Technician Booking platform. We would also like to add that the above cost estimate doesn’t factor in other costs and efforts, such as project preparation activities, project release, time spent on communication, and many other important activities that take place during the app development process. 

Technology Stack for Technician booking mobile app development

Selection of correct Technology stack for Technician booking mobile app plays an important role in the app development. Though it totally depends on the project requirement and complexity, we can use the given technology stack and components to develop an MVP rapidly:

  • Backend Development – Django, Laravel
  • Mobile Development – Flutter, React Native 
  • Frontend Development – React JS, Vue JS 
  • Database – AWS Redis, Postgre SQL, MySQL
  • Logging Checks and Controls – AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Resource Inventory 
  • Log maintenance and Monitoring – AWS CloudWatch
  • Backup and Storage – Amazon S3
  • Notification Service – Amazon SNS

How to promote the Technician Booking platform app?

Well, the mobile application has been developed, but it isn’t over yet. An application is not successful until and unless more people started using it. It is very much important to promote the application, make people aware of its existence, features, and utility so that more people start using it.

Here are few promotional methods we can employ to improve the visibility of the app.

Social Media Promotion

We can target the potential audience through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook via organic posting and paid promotions.


It has been emerged as one of the biggest platforms to promote the brand and content. We can develop household service videos and then create paid promotions on YouTube so that every household person can relate to them.

Google Ads

We can promote the app by displaying its advertisements using the Google Ads service, as it will place ads all over the web and offer them to customers when they enter a specific keyword. Google Ads is highly successful in placing the right advertisements to the customer, and it attains a very high conversion rate as well.

Engage Influencers

In order to promote the application, we can engage a famous social media influencer for brand endorsement. It has been an innovative but highly effective method these days, and it fetches very high conversion rates.

Technician Booking Mobile app – Final words

We are living in an era where almost everyone is using smartphones with high-speed internet service. Every user installs multiple applications to fulfill the specific types of tasks, and On-demand services are the most used applications. The technician booking platform is a kind of On-demand service application, that offers its customers an opportunity to avail the services instantly at their location.

This application helps the people who are working and have less time to contact the local vendors due to their long working hours. For them, it is a big utility to search a technician using their smartphones, schedule the visit at a convenient time, make the payment online.

It is high time for any technical service provider to build such a technician booking platform to improve their overall service delivery and customer satisfaction. Such application can help to improve the revenue, cost-effectiveness, and productivity of an organization. As far as the future is concerned, such technician booking platforms are going to gain massive popularity among the masses, and it is a great idea to develop such applications.

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