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Updated 15 Feb 2024
Published 25 Apr 2019
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On demand maid finder app

Gone are the days when finding a maid for household tasks used to be an excruciating process. After all, when technology is making our lives easier on every level, why should it lag behind in this aspect?

After shopping apps, taxi-booking apps, and e-commerce mobile apps, the concept of an on-demand maid finder mobile app is also gaining popularity among people. This way, they bring in new opportunities for businesses to flourish.

These on-demand maid booking apps cover various services, from cleaning the house to managing the kitchen, and everything is managed easily by the customers by using the maid finder app on mobile devices.

maid services app

Among the many apps that are offering maid on-demand service, few are Serviz, Homejoy, Handy, MaidPro Mobile, Get Maid, and Best Cleaners.

If you are looking to create your own on-demand maid booking app or home-service app, then this blog will comprehensively guide you through the whole procedure of app creation.

In addition, you will know how you can come up with a superior-quality app that offers great convenience to your customers. 

Market and Growth Statistics of House Maids On Demand

The on-demand housekeeping and cleaning services market has seen significant growth in recent years, as more people turn to these services to save time and manage their busy schedules.

With a CAGR of 6.5% between 2021 and 2030, the worldwide cleaning services market is expected to grow from $55,715.0 million to reach $111,498.8 million.

Market and Growth Statistics of House Maids On Demand
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In the United States, the market for on-demand housekeeping and cleaning services has also seen strong growth.

According to a survey performed by the National Association of Professional House Cleaners, the average hourly charge for house cleaning services in the United States is $25 per hour.

According to a survey by IBISWorld, the market for these services is anticipated to increase by 9.1% every year until 2023.

There are a number of factors driving this growth, including increased urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and growing demand for convenience.

The increasing use of smartphones and the proliferation of on-demand service apps have also made it easier for people to access these services.

How helpful is On-Demand Maid Booking Mobile Apps?

In this extremely busy world, everyone can benefit from a little help that comes his or her way. The on-demand maid service apps prove to be of immense help to working people as well as house members.

These apps offer specialized services for various categories, be it cleaning services, laundry services apps, or maids-for-hire. Needless to say, managing these tasks on our own is very exhausting, physically taxing, and time-consuming and often takes up the whole day, leaving no time for other activities. 

However, now with the on-demand maid service app, people can easily assign these grueling tasks to a hired help service person.

Not just the customers, but these apps are also beneficial for the service workers, as they don’t have to go house-to-house asking for work, and all they require is to register in the app to start getting work and earn a good sum of money for their hard work.

 It is pretty simple to understand the service model of a maid booking mobile app. It goes like this:

Register to the app as a Customer:

As app customers, you are just required to enter your required details and then you can begin hiring personal maids & cleaners.

Customers can choose from wide-ranging services offered by the app, like a full-time maid, part-time maid, house cleaning, or laundry cleaning maid, or can enter customized requests by specifying their requirements and requests. Not just this, but an app customer can pick a convenient time slot to get customized help.

Register for the app as a service provider:

By signing into the app as a service provider, whether individually or as a firm, you can offer your cleaning services to numerous clients in the area or in the vicinity. It gets easier for the service providers to set & manage available timings & services through the app.

Also, by signing up with the app, they can receive the customer requirements for maids, receive a reply with suitable quotes, track payments, update the task status, and more.

Common Categories for On-Demand Maid Service App

Below we have mentioned the common categories for on-demand maid service apps.


They consist of:

  • Full-time Maid
  • Freelance Maid
  • Regular Home Cleaning
  • Laundry Cleaning Deep Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Utensil Cleaning

Usually, these are the services that are offered by the on-demand maid booking apps. However, most apps also provide a customized request section, where customers can enter their custom requests, and then they receive a price quote and can go ahead accordingly.

App creators and entrepreneurs can choose to add as many services and categories, request customized pages & add the elements as per requirements. 

Business Models of the On-demand Maid Finder app

Basically, there are three types of business models in this app category:

Curating Model

In this model, the app comprises a directory of professional & experienced home-service personnel who are located in the vicinity.

Here, the individual professionals are able to list themselves under a specific category of household services. Usually, this app works as a reference guide for customers, where it provides all the information regarding the range of offered services, used equipment, techniques, ratings, and reviews of the professionals.

The customers here would:

  • Get the entire list of home-service professionals in the vicinity.
  • Can compare prices charged by the different home service professionals.
  • Can pick the professionals as per their requirements.
  • Receive complete information, like price estimates, timings, special equipment details, ratings, reviews, etc.

Business Models of the On-demand Maid Finder app

On-Demand Model:

This model is suitable for those who run their own firm of home-service professionals, consisting of laundrymen, house cleaners, etc. By having an app platform, they would be able to give a boost to their business and enhance the overall experience of their professional customer service.

A customized on-demand app idea will help in growing their businesses and managing all the service requests from a mobile app via real-time tracking.

The customers can:

  • Tap on their mobile device’s screen to book a request for a maid, house cleaning or anything else required.
  • Schedule an appointment at the convenience of the customers.
  • You can get a fixed or fair price estimate for the requested service as soon as the requirement is entered.
  • Make online payments once the task is done.
  • Send feedback on the professional services they received from the company.

This model allows entrepreneurs to offer quality service and a great experience to their customers via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Top 5 On-Demand Maid Finder Apps

1. Homejoy

Homejoy is an app that allows you to find and book professional cleaning services in your area. The app makes it easy to schedule a cleaning at a time that is convenient for you, and you can choose from a variety of cleaning services, including deep cleaning, regular cleaning, etc.


The app also allows you to rate and review the services you receive, so you can choose the best cleaning professionals for your needs.

2. Maid This

This app offers a variety of home services, including cleaning, laundry, and pest control. Customers can book services for a specific date and time and choose from different service packages.

Maid This

The app also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if customers are not satisfied with the quality of the service, they can request a re-do at no extra cost.

3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects users with local maids who can help with a variety of tasks, including cleaning and organizing. Customers can use the TaskRabbit app or website to search for and book a helper for a specific task and can communicate with the freelancer through the app.

TaskRabbit App Download

To use TaskRabbit, customers first create an account and specify the task they need help with. TaskRabbit will then provide a list of available freelancers who are qualified to complete the task. Customers can review the profiles and ratings of the maids and book the one they feel is the best fit.

4. MyMaid

It allows users to search for and book trusted maids for a variety of services, including house cleaning, laundry, and ironing. The app also offers additional services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and general cleaning for offices and commercial spaces.

MyMaid App Download

To use the app, users can create an account and enter their location and the type of cleaning service they need. The app will then provide a list of available maids in the area, along with their hourly rates and ratings from previous customers. Users can book a maid through the app and pay for the service using a credit card or PayPal.

5. is an online platform that connects families and caregivers, including maids. It allows families to search for and find caregivers who meet their specific needs, such as those who have experience caring for children or the elderly, or who are skilled in housekeeping or pet care. App Download

This app offers a variety of tools and resources to help families find the right caregiver, including background checks and a secure messaging system.

Benefits of Maid On-Demand Mobile Apps

There are myriad benefits of a maid on-demand booking mobile app for your business it opens your business to a wide number of customers by expanding your network and making the services offered by you available to a large group audience in an area, or a city.

All this is done by just creating a profile where you specify the kind of services offered by you, along with the charges and the areas where the service will be provided. As soon as you are done, the app will connect you with interested customers and home-service professionals.

Upon satisfying the customers with your services, you are certain to receive rave reviews from them which would further boost your business and increase visibility to potential clients.

The app also allows posting the home-service professionals’ experiences with the customers, which can be pretty useful. Hence, it is clear that there are countless benefits of such an app and all you need is to just start and enjoy the privileges coming with it. 

House Maids On Demand App Development

Features of a Maid On-demand Mobile App

  • Post job requests and accordingly they would be able to hire the home-service professional in their area.
  • Upon posting requests for jobs, customers would receive customized quotes from various home-service professionals.
  • Accordingly, they can check the business profiles, ratings, and reviews of home service professionals.
  • Then they can pick professionals who very well meet their requirements & area of specifications, and can book an appointment with them.
Customer Panel Maid Panel Admin Panel
  • Social Signup & Logins
  • Search Maid in Nearby Area
  • Select and view the cleaner’s information
  • Book multiple maids/cleaners
  • Cancel/re-schedule booking
  • Make Payments (Multiple Options)
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • In-App Calling and Chat
  • View Order History
  • Rating & Feedback
  • Get App Alerts
  • Update Profile Details
  • Upload Verification Documents
  • Accept/Reject booking
  • Choose from the job lists
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Update the end time
  • View invoices & earnings
  • View Job History
  • Track Job Location
  • Manage Customer & Maids
  • Add & Delete Details
  • Verify Documents
  • Approve or reject maid registration.
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Payments

Advanced Features of a Maid On-demand Mobile App

Advanced Features of a Maid On-demand Mobile App

Request Scheduling:

This feature is quite a hit among the users, as who would like their request for a maid to be canceled at the last moment? Thus, with the help of this feature, the user can book the maids as per their requirements, in advance.

Hire Individuals/Team:

There are times when someone might require the help of a large number of home-service professionals, for instance when moving into a new home, or in case of a party. For such instances, users book a maid(s) for different services within a single app.

Integrate Push Notification feature:

This feature is integral to engaging app users with the app. Like, it could be used to notify users about discounts, offers, maid allocation, progression, order confirmation, and other useful information that needs to be conveyed to the users.

As the user’s app engagement increases, it will then also enhance business visibility and help in forming a loyal user base.

Allow Hassle-Free Online Payments:

Today people find the option of online payments pretty convenient and in this concept of on-demand maid booking as well, it can be quite useful to integrate this functionality within the app.

This way, users would be able to make instant and cashless online payments as soon as the service has been delivered to them. Multiple payment modes can be embedded here in the form of debit/credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc. 

Allocate the Tasks to Users:

In this functionality, as per the location form, where requests are assigned for maids, and on the basis of their expertise and availability, the admin allocates the maids to the required user. Thus, the required help reaches the user in the right manner and at the right time.

Integrate GPS Functionality:

The Geo Positioning System (GPS) is quite integral for a maid on-demand mobile app, as it helps the users in exploring the maid options in their areas or nearby areas.

This way, the customers can conveniently book a nearby maid as per their service requirement using GPS. At the same time, they can help the maids find the right routes by tracking their positioning on the map and then suggesting more optimized routes to reach your place.

This will save time and effort on part of both customers and maids.

real time tracking

Safety Concern:

It is vital on the part of the business to ensure that the background of the maids have been intensively checked, as any kind of dissatisfaction from the customers will earn bad reviews for your app.

Thus, ensure thorough documentation and complete verification of the maids who are assigned by you to the customers. This way you not only take care of customer safety but also save your brand from future troubles.

Required Development Team for Creating a Maid App

The creation of an app is a time-consuming process and the same is the case with the On-demand mobile app as well.

To build a great app, you need to make sure that the app development team consists of the right set of professionals who are eager to give their best efforts and devote the required time to the app creation process.

These professionals need to have great expertise and immense experience in the domain of mobile app development. Meanwhile, the team must consist of:

Required Development Team for Creating a Maid App

Project Manager:

Responsible for managing the app development process at all levels.

Android/iOS Developers:

It depends on whether you are creating the app for the iOS and  Android platforms, or both platforms (as per the size of the app). These Android developers and iOS developers will help you to build a robust app for the OS of their expertise.

Back-End Developers:

These professionals are responsible for the back-end development of the on-demand maid booking app.

UX/UI Designers:

This set of designers is responsible for the look and feel of your mobile app.

Quality Analysis Experts:

QA experts ensure that the app is smoothly running and is entirely bug-free.

Delivery Manager:

A Delivery Manager is responsible to deliver the final app to the client.

How Much Does On-demand Maid Booking App Cost?

The app development cost of creating an on-demand maid booking depends on a number of factors there as app complexity, the number of platforms the app is being developed on, app features, and others.

However, the most crucial aspect that varies the cost of creating such an app is the development region. Like, the development cost per hour in Australia is $200/hour, whereas in Europe, it is $130, and in North America, the cost goes up to $150/hour.

Talking of India, however, it is found in research that for an app development job, choosing India can be extremely reasonable, as here the app development rate is $80/hour.

Going by this rate, if you choose to create a basic-functionality mobile app in India, then it would cost around $15,000-$20,000. But, keep in mind that if you choose adding more advanced features to the app, then the cost will accordingly increase.

Why is it Important to find the right app development partner?

In order to create a highly functional and robust mobile app, you are required to hire a Mobile app development firm that understands your business requirements and is keen to hear about your views and ideas regarding the mobile app.

Ensure that you run a past check and its ratings and testimonials from previous clients. This way you would be able to choose the right development partner for your maid on-demand mobile app.


Maid On-Demand is a game-changing mobile app that is revolutionizing the way we think about domestic cleaning services. Gone are the days of having to spend hours searching for and contacting multiple maids to find the right one for your needs.

The convenience and ease of use of Maid On-Demand make it the perfect choice for busy individuals and families who want to get their homes cleaned without the hassle.

So if you’re tired of wasting time and energy trying to find a reliable maid, give Maid On-Demand a try today and see just how easy it can be to get your home clean and tidy.

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