Flowers has been a great way to show love and affection to someone we love and care about. It’s an old trend to send Flowers and Bouquet via post or a delivery person and it will never go out of style. There is no doubt that day by day the mobile apps are making everything more convenient and simplified. The businesses are improving their sales and customer loyalty with the use of technology.

Consequently, technology has transformed the way we send flowers as well. With on-demand flower delivery mobile app users can select, customize, and send flowers to their loved ones with a few taps on their smartphone screens. Mobile apps and the internet is transforming the way of buying and selling products online, and the florist is a growing m-commerce business.


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How Flower Delivery App Can Help

Flower Delivery App offers unique features to the customers like advance ordering of the bouquet, sending the bouquet directly to the loved one, adding personalized notes and also sending gifts along with the bouquet.

The customers always want the fresh flower to reach the target address and to make it possible online bouquet delivery app development helps them all the way. Now customers no longer visit the flower shop to purchase the flowers. They just scroll their smartphones to order the flower or bouquet of their choice. That’s why an app for flower and bouquet business is in high demand. A mobile app for your florist business will transform the way users interact.


Why Invest in Flower Delivery App (Market size & Stats)


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Undeniably, flower delivery is a multibillion-dollar business, but if you have a user-friendly and high-quality mobile app, then only you will retain an impressive ROI for your business. According to a recent report by IBIS, “since the last five years, the florist industry has generated around $800 million in revenue, and it is expected to increase in the future as well.”

Furthermore, in 2015, the total sale of the U.S. flower industry generated 31.3 billion USD, according to a report by Statista. And last year the entire global flower business made a whopping 60 billion U.S. dollars. Today a mobile app is a significant profit element for your business.


Types of Flower Delivery App

Aggregator App:

An online platform that brings in all the florists shops, vendors together under one umbrella is called an Aggregator App. Here the customers or the app users can find the shops, dealers or vendors nearest to their location offering the best deals on the flower bouquets and gifts. Such types of applications do not have their own inventory. They only provide a platform for facilitating its customers.

A certain commission amount is charged from the dealers, vendors or shops which are registered on the application and can implement many additional services to maximize the monetization.

flower delivery application development
Dedicated App:

An application that is developed specifically for a business house or a brand to carry its business operations is called a dedicated app. Here the customer is associated with a particular brand. The entire operational activities starting from receiving orders to the successful delivery is completely handled by the company or the brand itself.

Monetization Opportunities:

There can be many strategies that can be adopted to enhance the revenue generation from the application. To name a few are:

Affiliate Marketing:

You may display certain offers/banners in the application for any third party and may charge an 8-10% commission on per order placed.

Personalized Gifts:

May incorporate personalized gifts such as printed T-Shirts, Mugs, pillows, chocolates, etc. that can enhance the delivery of the order placed.

Seasonal Discounts and Schemes:

You may provide attractive discounts in the season to attract the customer’s attention.

Featured Listings:

If any dealer or vendor wants their store to be available on top of the search results, then that can be made possible by featured listing. Here the store display is done in a manner that catches the attention of the customers.


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Advanced Features

Social Login & Sign up:

This feature allows the users to sign-up for the application. Customers can set up their accounts just by typing email addresses, contact details, and other login credential details. They can also integrate the app with their social media account to sign up quickly and receive updates.


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Customized Flowers & Gift Sets:

Everyone loves a little customization, so it becomes crucial for your flower delivery app to have the option to customize their orders. With this feature, users can add more flowers, cards, gifts, teddy bears and so on to their arrangements. This feature not only keeps the users engaged with your app but also makes the budget-friendly arrangement for them.


flower delivery app development
Order Replacement:

This feature is useful when the order is not received in the proper condition. For instance, the flowers are not fresh or the added gift is not received. In such a situation the customers can click the picture of the order and may call for the order replacement.

CMS Integration:

A content management system is the most important tool for admin. From this system, the entire content of the application can be controlled and managed. With the integration of CMS in the application, the functionalities like rolling out notifications related to the offer, orders or product delivery can be done easily without any effort.

CRM Integration:

Adding the CRM helps in strengthening customer relationships with the application all the way stronger. It allows the users to seek any assistance for the problems they face while using the app. The CRM integration helps in generating the response for the queries and keeps the users feel attended. Also, users can share their improvement feedbacks or the shortcomings related to the application which helps in enhancing the customer experience and adds perks to the business.

Chatbot Integration:

With the chatbot integration, human effort can be minimized. This is the most prominent feature that is being incorporated in flower delivery app development to ensure that the customer feels responded. Under this, certain predefined answers are stored and when a customer requires personal assistance this Chatbot connects the customers with the service executives.

Real-Time Tracking:

Customers are facilitated with live tracking feature across the entire fleet of delivery which allows them to track the orders in real-time and get instant updates on each delivery stage. The app will provide them the order status such as still in the queue, processed or not, out for shipment, etc. so as to keep the users attentive.

Real-Time Analytics:

An app integrated with real-time analytics, for sure provides ample benefits. All the reports, pie charts, live dashboards can be checked and viewed by the admin. Statistics associated with the number of orders captured, regions with the maximum deliveries, user acquisition, and retention rates, offers mostly loved, category of flowers mostly loved, etc. can be rolled out in the form of charts for making productive business decisions.

Inventory Management:

Under this feature, the admin can manage the entire inventory easily by keeping a track of the orders being received and delivered.

Marketing Tools:

Under this, the brand or application presence is capitalized in many ways. The marketing campaigns can be run on various platforms and their performance can be analyzed so to make a better monetization strategy. All the advertisements, banners, email templates, and promotional campaigns are managed by the admin.

In-App Call/Chat:

Customers can seamlessly engage with the owner or delivery agent via the live chat feature present in the app. They can get regular updates for their orders on the phone and ask queries.


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In-App Camera:

The in-app camera is useful in many ways like:

  • At the time of delivery, the agents may click the picture of the person who is receiving the order to capture the happy and joyful moments. Then the same is sent as a notification to the sender.
  • If the order is not received in the proper condition. By clicking the picture, the same can be replaced.
  • The customers may click the picture of the orders and may share the reviews and feedbacks.
Loyalty Program:

Rewards and referral programs motivate the customers to share and use the application more and more in order to earn more reward points which can be converted into attractive discount offers. It is a really beneficial feature of the Flower Delivery App to boost the approach among potential customers.

Multi-Lingual Support:

With this feature under different geographic locations, the application can work easily. The availability of the application in the regional languages helps in business expansion and generate better revenues.

Multi-Currency Support:

If your flower delivery app is serving many countries, then this feature is a necessity for your app. This feature will allow the user to send flowers to their loved ones residing in another country and let them pay the amount in their own currency. All your app should be capable of accepting different currencies to make it happen.


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Tech Stack

  • Platform – Android, iOS, Web
  • Real-time Analytics: Storm, Flink
  • Database:  Postgress, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Payments: e-Wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Net Banking
  • Voice, SMS, & Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notifications:, Twilio
  • Cloud Environment: Azure, Google, AWS
  • Navigation: Google Map

Required Team Structure

It is very important to find the right mobile app development company to develop the best flower delivery app. Along with the right mobile app development company, you need to find the right team for your app as well.

So, let’s take a look at the team structure you will need for your app.


How much it cost to develop a Flower Delivery Mobile App

The cost of developing the flower delivery app depends on many factors. Factors that hold a significant place are the functionalities, features or attributes within the app.

Some of the other factors are listed below:

  • The platform selected
  • Geography of development partner
  • Front and back-end development
  • UI/UX development
  • Development team Size
  • Brand value of development partner
  • 3rd Party App Integration
  • Customization & Functionalities

Along with these factors mentioned above, one important factor that majorly affects the cost of development is the physical location of the mobile app development company and the mobile app developers.

The US/UK based developers charge around $70-$250 USD per hour, Eastern Europe based developers cost around $50 to $150 USD per hour, but the companies and developers in India provide the most reasonable rate which is $20-$70 per hour. Therefore, in India, it will cost around $15,000 to $25,000 USD for developing a flower delivery mobile application.

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