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It takes immense relevant expertise to serve end-users on demand. A mind-triggering idea with the failsafe monetization plan and the pulsating functionality is what should be doing rounds on the table. With Arka, you have all this working for you in a perfect tandem!

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Industry Specific Solutions

On-Demand Solutions – from Scratch to Scale!

We are there to help players from every domain and niche with their on-demand hustles. No matter which stage of operation you are in or how far you have gone to successfully validate your idea, we will take care of the entire on-demand action to best work with your bottomline.

We are an on-demand solutions provider offering on-demand consulting, on-demand architecture development, on-demand product design, and on-demand integration to build, upgrade, and scale your on-demand idea at different phases and levels.

With our years of experience working with different types of businesses from different industry verticals, expect us to deliver the best of on-demand with great perfection!

Food Delivery App Development Company

On-Demand Food delivery app development

Let your food delivery business idea join hands with the cutting-edge tech features to automate menu selection, order placement, order tracking, discounts, commissions, and delivery – serving the complete line of operation with foolproof service functionality.

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On-Demand Taxi booking app development

Be one like Uber to lead your way in taxi booking services by introducing your face of innovation in the field. Get the users to effortlessly and accurately locate services and book cabs and bikes with dynamic pricing and supply allocation on demand!

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Taxi Booking App Development Company
Expense Management App Development Company

Expense Management App Development

Tracking and monitoring expenses is crucial for attaining financial stability, especially when you are a growing business. The best solution is expense management app development, and we can help you to make the most out of it via our customization expertise.

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On-Demand Laundry app development

The on-demand service economy is taking over daily household needs, and laundry is a valid addition to the league. We make sure you get to leverage the latest tech possibilities to serve your laundry demands through a high-performance mobile app.

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On-demand Laundry App Development Company
Beauty Salon App Development Company

On-Demand Beauty services app development

Build an on-demand salon or personal care services app like Urban Company with the latest features to build your on-demand service front enabled by hyper-local searches and dynamic request processing, building an agile demand and supply channel for beauty services.

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On-Demand Handyman app development

Build a powerfully tech-enabled handyman application to allow you to create an extensive service network in your target areas. Let users find and track handymen, schedule appointments, dynamically display rates, and run customer loyalty programs just like TaskRabbit!

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On-demand Handyman Mobile App Development Company
Grocery Delivery App Development Company

On-Demand Grocery delivery app development

The grocery ordering business is on a boom with all major digital services players diversifying their investment into on-demand grocery services. There's a lot of scope in the domain if you build it going with a proper plan. Let us help you come out winning!

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On-Demand Doctor app development

Virtually there's no service left that cannot be transcribed into a functional model of tech-enabled on-demand services. Medical and health services are the most regarded in this field, and you can aim great value in this direction through us.

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Doctor On-Demand App Development Company
E Wallet App Development Company

E-wallet app development services

Get to build the best version of fiscal transaction autonomy with premium e-wallet development and payment integration services. We assure you of the most secure service options and high-performance rate with our advanced e-wallet app development services.

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E-learning application development services

We are among the early practitioners to put the best foot forward in driving innovation in the space of e-learning. If you are aiming for a solution that proposes the best blend of functionality and interface for learners, we are the one to bet on!

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E-Learning App Development Company

Why choose Arka Softwares?

We are the pioneer in building leading-edge digital products that leverage the latest tech capabilities. With our high-end engineering practices and quality-driven approaches, we are able to build innovative on-demand applications to help you be a cut-above service in your niche of excellence. While we are experts in the field and have worked exponentially to deliver ever better choices to be worked around the on-demand economy, we are known for creating superior value for businesses with our enterprising traits as an on-demand application development company.

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