How Food Delivery Apps helping in COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Undoubtedly Covid-19 is accepted to be a deadly infection that increases more with human contact. As the emergency in coronavirus tops, numerous brands have experienced government limitations, crises in supply and demand. Therefore for minimizing the pandemic, lockdown restrictions are imposed on various nations.

This has certainly brought a great impact on the world economy. Now the question here arises that which business sector can grow in this economic crisis arose due to COVID- 19. The answer is on-demand food delivery applications have a noticeable increase in their downloads. Due to the panic situation, people are now having a fear of getting contagious and this thought is enforcing them to download on-demand food delivery apps for ordering meals and groceries. So let’s discuss what challenges you may have to face while you are taking a firm step in the online food industry.

The recent statistics show that the number of average downloads of the applications such as Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Shipt have increased simultaneously by 160%, 218%, and 124% respectively.

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During the coronavirus pandemic how the food industry is refining its services?

There has been a substantial increase of 8.7% in the sales of restaurants and fast food take outs in various cities as per the recent report shared by The food and beverage industry have been adversely affected by the coronavirus outbreak causing operational and functional barriers. Many big food and beverage chain stores are closed and have stopped their operations due to the pandemic situation and also to ensure their workers safety.

Right now the market has been taken over by the online stores as all the offline stores are closed due to governmental policies and guidelines. Now, the online food delivery service is being opted by various independent restaurants and takeaway food points. Food delivery companies like UberEats, Grubhub are helping the industry a lot by providing no-contact delivery which is making it easier for people to fight against COVID- 19 spread.

Businesses are now using various preventive and security measures both for the public and their employees so as to minimize the spread of this harmful disease.

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Let’s explore what methodologies are adopted by various food delivery services to run their business during COVID-19:

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Safety and health guidelines are issued by the company for all its drivers working across the globe. The global law enforcement team works closely with the local governments to ensure that the guidelines are being followed strictly or not.

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For ensuring proper safety for their employees, community the company is strictly following safety measures. In addition to this, the company is also indulged in the distribution of sanitizers and gloves wherever their employees go for making the delivery. No contact delivery is being followed strictly. For helping society in overcoming the financial challenges the company has minimized the service fee.

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced people worldwide to be quarantined and work from their homes. Therefore this situation has simultaneously increased the demand for on demand food delivery services. Hence this is the right time to drive your business high with the help of food delivery applications.


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How Online Food Delivery Business can be lifted up in the pandemic situation of Corona Virus?

Increment Online Food Delivery Sales:

While numerous organizations are confronting a hit because of the spread of the Covid-19, it’s time that you can accomplish a development lift in your business. Online deals are a conspicuous zone that is developing as more individuals are getting self-isolate or working from home.


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The interest for home-delivered nourishments like food supplies and dinners from stores and eateries have all expanded. Consequently, to make your online existence worth, it is fitting to explore the best platforms to reach your end-customers. You can likewise utilize gift vouchers choice in your application to permit your customers to send food vouchers to their loved ones. What’s more, attempt to help your neighborhood cafés and drivers working with you.

Receive Non-Contact Delivery at Door Steps:

Drop-off meal delivery alternatives to your customers will assist you with keeping up wellbeing and furthermore gain your customer’s trust. Choose a safe No-Contact Delivery than a doorstep service to shield your employees along with the customers from getting influenced. Advise your drivers to call/text when they show up at the customer’s location with their desired orders.

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By leaving the pack of dinners outside their home or premises will assist you with working restricting the security measure.

Helping Restaurants that are working independently:

Nearby free cafes are the lifesaver for on-demand food delivery applications. Furthermore, getting them out of this pivotal circumstance will assist you with accomplishing their trust and can likewise get them out of this unsure circumstance. With void lounge areas, little nourishment spots, and eateries with least evaluations are relying on different pickup alternatives.

This is an ideal opportunity to help them through your food delivery applications.

Enhance Safety Precautions:

The most essential factor here is the safety of the drivers as they are the assets of the business. A support mechanism should be developed for both customers and drivers. In this situation, drivers should be supported both medically and financially for rendering their services in high demand. In order to keep them safe from the infection hand sanitizers and gloves should be provided.

Accept Digital Payments:

Various food delivery applications have now migrated completely to digital payments platforms. The exchange of cash can be one of the reasons for coronavirus transmission. Therefore customers should be encouraged more for making payments either by debit, credit card, or e-wallets app like Paytm, Google pay for minimizing the COVID-19 spread.


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Future Aspects:

On-demand food delivery applications will surge at a good rate in the coming future. The world economy has been affected a lot with this pandemic situation and it will take a lot of time to bring life back on track. Hence the businesses that are indulged in the food and beverage industry have a chance to start their operations in online food delivery niche in 2020 with the help of Online food delivery applications by maintaining all security precautions both for employees and customers.

Therefore if you have closed your store or restaurants operations due to a Coronavirus outbreak and now you are aspire to resume your business operations, then get in touch with our experts at Arka Softwares, one of the finest food delivery app development company and get your food delivery application developed now.

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