How to Develop a Fantasy Baseball App?

Updated 07 Feb 2024
Published 13 Mar 2023
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Fantasy Baseball App

Planning for fantasy baseball app development? Baseball is one of the world’s most dominant games, giving tough competition to football.

So, it is obvious to see a huge surge in the popularity of fantasy baseball apps that let users create a team to make sound earnings.

These apps have a widespread audience in countries like the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. It means there is no better time to join the league and develop a season long fantasy app focusing on this beautiful game.

However, beginning your journey with proper research and information is essential. If you have decided to create a fantasy baseball app, go further to get more details in this post.

Why Invest in Fantasy Baseball App: Market Size and Stats

According to a report from Allied Market Research, the market size of fantasy sports is expected to surpass the $48 billion mark by 2027. If we talk about fantasy baseball, the competition is pretty low, and there is still tremendous room for success in this industry.

Why Invest in Fantasy Baseball App Market Size and Stats

Have a look at the major reasons to invest in fantasy baseball development below:

  • Grab User Interest

These apps can give users an ultra-exciting gaming experience and the potential to win huge prizes. It creates a wonderful opportunity for businesses to make larger profits than other industries.

  • Rising Demand

The sports industry has completely transformed with the advent of fantasy apps. The same thing goes for baseball, which also demands fantasy apps to match gaming enthusiasts’ needs.

  • Entertainment

Apart from making profits, the users get considerable entertainment with fantasy baseball apps. It gives businesses a chance to generate revenue by providing an entertaining experience.


Top Baseball Players, Teams, And Events


Rank Top 10 Baseball Players Top 10 Baseball Teams Top 10 Baseball Events
1 Mike Trout Los Angeles Dodgers World Series
2 Ronald Acuña Jr. New York Yankees All-Star Game
3 Fernando Tatis Jr. Houston Astros Home Run Derby
4 Mookie Betts Atlanta Braves MLB Draft
5 Juan Soto San Diego Padres Opening Day
6 Jacob deGrom St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training
7 Gerrit Cole Tampa Bay Rays Trade Deadline
8 Shane Bieber Oakland Athletics Hall of Fame Induction
9 José Ramírez Chicago Cubs World Baseball Classic
10 Bryce Harper Cleveland Indians Futures Game


How Does Fantasy Baseball App Work?

Fantasy baseball is an easy-to-understand game that is made even more convenient by platforms for the users. In such apps, the users have to choose real players via an online system known as a draft. It is followed by the creation of a fantasy team.

Fantasy Baseball App Work

There are real-game statistics compiled to find which team has performed the best. The progress can be conveniently tracked by users using the mobile app interface.

On top of that, they are even allowed to create private contests for competing against friends or even a team.

Types of Fantasy Baseball Apps

A fantasy baseball app shows the players’ real-time stats in a certain game. The users can create their team by selecting real players using an online section process known as a draft.

There are numerous details, like team players, performance feeds, match notifications, etc. for making strategies and final decisions.

The Best Types of Fantasy Baseball App

Most fantasy baseball apps have two formats, contest or league. There are various versions of these apps, and we have explained about few of them below:

  • Head to Head

It is an extensive version of a fantasy baseball app allowing a user to compete against another user rather than entering a competition of multiple opponents. The user with the most points is declared the winner in this type of game.

  • Daily Fantasy Baseball

It is a common version that can be seen in the majority of fantasy apps. It allows the users to create a team of players based on their previous performance, rating, etc. A player with the most points at the end of the day is considered a winner.

  • Round-Robin

It is a very popular version among enthusiast followers of this passionate game. It goes for the complete season and lets the players score points across the season. The users having the most number of wins are declared winners.


  • Single Elimination

In this version, a single-elimination tournament is organized to decide the winners. If a player loses, the chances of losing the tournament are pretty much high. On the other hand, winning can move players up on the table, and the winner is decided at the end of the season.

Benefits of Developing Fantasy Baseball App for Sports Brands

A fantasy basketball app development is a thriving idea that can give plenty of excellent results in the long run. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the fantasy baseball app in detail below:

Benefits of Developing Fantasy Baseball App for Sports Brands

  • Assist in Stabilizing Brand Name

Establishing a brand is one thing, but maintaining its credibility is a different prospect. Sports companies can thrive towards success with the help of online gaming.

By combining a high-quality fantasy sports app development team with a professional marketing team, they can further develop their brand.

  • Excellent sort of Monetization Opportunities

There is a highly impressive number of chances provided by fantasy baseball apps for generating healthy revenue and profits. We believe every business work to make money, and the fantasy football app development gives them every chance to do so.

The sports brand can generate an incredible customer base with a functional and optimized gaming app that helps them make earnings through various methods. It ranges from in-app purchases to advertisements, affiliate links, etc.

  • Entertainment

Customers prefer to shop from brands that provide a little bit of entertainment. It gives companies extra exposure to succeed in today’s competitive industry. Many brands use entertainment marketing to do work that fantasy apps can do.

In addition to making earnings, users can have fun using these fantasy baseball apps. The brands can enjoy a healthy sort of exposure with these platforms.

  • Boost Business Growth

Businesses need to maintain their growth rate to succeed in the industry. The fantasy baseball apps can turn out to be a key choice for giving them opportunities to boost their business growth.

Free vector hands holding smartphone with bar chart on screen, rocket

It can even help in protecting interests from unforeseen conditions. The functionality and quality of sports fantasy apps are the keys to achieving for brands when used appropriately.

  • Increasing Demand

Introducing fantasy apps for various sports has given rise to much-needed transformation for making brands interactive. The same can be said for baseball, and brands related to this sport need to use this opportunity.

The increasing ease and convenience of the internet have made this sport eminent and better. People demand to use apps allowing them to play with real-life players.

Fantasy Baseball App Monetization – How Fantasy Baseball apps make money?

The companies are investing billions of dollars in the fantasy sports industry. The numbers are growing tremendously, and investors are fully aware of it.

Take the example of FIFA World Cup 2022, which draws astonishing revenue and profits. There is a huge number of fantasy Gaelic football apps that have made incredible money during this season.

It is only a single example of how fantasy apps generate business during the peak season. There are many such events, like La Liga, Spanish Football League, English Football League, Major League Soccer, and many more.

If we talk about baseball, plenty of such tournaments are organized yearly. It includes World Baseball Classic, American League, Nippon Professional League, KBO League, Minor League Baseball, etc. Have a look at various methods fantasy baseball apps can make earnings in detail below:

Fantasy Baseball App Monetization How Fantasy Baseball Apps Make Money

  • Participating Fees

Participation or entry fees are the most significant method of generating revenue in fantasy baseball apps. There is a huge number of such platforms that organizes bumper contests that can give tremendous payouts and cash prizes.

The fantasy apps can earn money by keeping a cut of these fees. The majority of such platforms charge nearly 10% commission, resulting in significant earnings to them.

  • Private League Commissions

Another exciting way to generate profits in fantasy baseball apps is by taking commissions from the private league. Such leagues are played between limited numbers of people and can generate strong revenue.

As per a rough estimate, nearly 30% of total profits are generated from the private leagues in fantasy apps.

  • E-commerce Integration

Investors can think about integrating eCommerce apps with their fantasy baseball apps to increase user engagement and create another source of income.

It allows users to buy their favorite baseball merchandise while giving a commission for every sale to the platform.

  • Advertisement Selling

Advertisement is one of the most popular methods used by brands to grab the attention of the audience. The companies associated with baseball love promoting them on fantasy apps by paying a certain fee.

It has become the finest method of marketing giving a huge user base to brands in a short span of time thanks to the increasing use of fantasy baseball apps across the globe.

  • Third-Party Affiliation

A significant amount of revenue can be generated by fantasy baseball apps with the help of third-party affiliation. Brands love promoting their banners on such platforms to create a buzz.

On the other hand, one can also think about placing affiliate links to products to make money through commissions.

Top Fantasy Baseball App in the Market

Numerous platforms have achieved great success in this industry. We have provided the name of the best fantasy baseball apps below:

Top Fantasy Baseball App in the Market

  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball
  • App Like FanDuel
  • Fantrax HQ
  • MLB
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports
  • CBS Sports

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Fantasy Baseball App Development Key Features

You need to understand that features are the heartbeat of a fantasy baseball app. That’s why the proper focus should be provided to this part while creating a market-leading platform.

So, the selection of features should be done carefully for better results. Let us tell you about what features should be added to the fantasy baseball app below:-

Player Panel

  • Register
  • Dashboard
  • Contest
  • Profile Management
  • Custom Contest
  • Payment

Admin Panel

Admin panel of fantasy baseball app

  • Login/Signup
  • Request Management
  • Dashboard
  • Transaction Management
  • Contest Management

Advanced Features to create an Outstanding Fantasy Baseball App

The features and functionalities are crucial for making a mobile baseball app successful. To do so, it needs to have an essential set of advanced features we have mentioned in detail below:

Advanced Features to Create an Outstanding Fantasy Baseball Mobile App

1. Sign-up

The most important feature of a fantasy baseball app is signing up to create an account. Ensure the app only asks for information necessary for making a profile. Add numerous options for signing up, like mobile number, email ID, social media, etc.

2. Crypto Payments

Using digital currencies has brought a new era of innovation to daily fantasy sports mobile apps. It means the developed fantasy baseball should be able to add cryptocurrency funds in the wallet.

3. Live-Scoring

If you ask us, we believe live scores and performances are the heart of fantasy baseball gaming.

That’s why it is very important to have a highly logical algorithm for ensuring seamless integration with important statistics and live scores on the go. It should always be capable of giving instant updates about the players.

live score

4. Loyalty Programs

A sports app development should always emphasize loyalty programs as it helps maintain the present customer base. Many programs can be used for this purpose, ranging from achievement badges to simple point systems.

5. In-Game Player Change

There are numerous fantasy apps that allow users to change players in the same game. For example, a player has performed better in the first inning, but the user hasn’t added it to their team. The fantasy baseball app should give users the liberty to change players within the same game or tournament.

6. CRM Integrations

It lets users manage many things, like push notifications and other essential features. The integration of CRM assists in creating responses quickly for a great number of user queries. Additionally, it allows users to share their feedback which enhances customer experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Fantasy Baseball Mobile App?

When someone thinks of fantasy baseball app development, the first thing that arrives in mind of an investor is how much money is needed to build it. However, understanding the cost factor isn’t as easy as most people think.


A variety of things come into consideration, ranging from complexity to used tech stack and a number of features.

Additionally, the cost of developing a fantasy sports mobile app is greatly different when compared with an iOS app. A few factors help determine the cost of a total fantasy baseball app.

However, it is safe to say it ranges anywhere between US$ 10,000 and US$ 50,000 for an MVP version while developing an advanced version can cost US$ 50,000 & US$ 2,00,000.

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What Tech stack is required to develop a Fantasy Baseball App?

There is a need for a highly effective tech stack for developing a fantasy baseball app. Having essential information about it is necessary for knowing how to build the application properly. Have a look at the right tech stack in detail below:-

What Tech-stack is Required to Develop aFantasy Baseball App

  • Front-end Development

The app’s user interface can be created exceptionally with the help of technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Database Management

Database management can be adequately handled by technologies like HBase, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MailChimp, MongoDB, and MySQL.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is necessary for making the app scalable and managing its performance adequately. The providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the best option for this purpose.

  • Payment Integration

One can think about relying on options like Paytm, PayPal, e-Wallets, e-banking, and net banking for payment integration.

Payment Integration

  • Developing APIs

API (Application Programming Interface) development is necessary for integrating with external sources, like sports statistics databases. It also allows other apps to access app data conveniently.

  • Back-end Development

The back end of the app can be perfectly handled by using the technologies like Ruby, Python, and Java.

  • Mobile Development

The ideal choices for building mobile applications are iOS and Android platforms.

  • Push Notifications

A fantasy baseball app can work superbly with Twilio and Apple push notifications.

Push Notifications

  • Real-life Analytics

Technologies like Google Analytics and Gleam IO are ideal for performing real-time analytics.

How can Arka Softwares help you in Developing a Fantasy Sports App?

At Arka Softwares, our agency focuses on developing a mobile and web fantasy baseball app that gives the audience a lucrative experience. We comply with all the rules and regulations for creating an application that can grab users’ interest.

Our professionals love building scalable and user-friendly apps that can really help in making huge profits. We always deliver amazing fantasy sports solutions for integrating highly advanced technologies and tools in a specialized manner.

Connect with us to discuss the idea and have an enhanced partnership with one of the leaders in this field! We love to grow your business by transforming your idea into a reality.



A fantasy baseball app development is a wonderful business idea that can give greater returns and profits. The journey from starting to launching the app isn’t tough if someone follows the right strategies. We have tried to mention everything important with proper guidance and knowledge.

Entry into the world of fantasy apps can be rejuvenated using adequate research and testing. They can offer limitless opportunities for generating money. Achieving success is pretty much possible by developing a professional baseball app with the help of a mobile app development agency.

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