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Updated 07 Feb 2024
Published 24 Feb 2023
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Season Long Fantasy App

It’s the time of year that sports aficionados have been waiting for a long time. It is the time when they buckle up and give their best to win various fantasy sports leagues.

We have seen how season long fantasy app development has been gradually changing, adapting to modern technologies, and becoming one of those industries that enjoys unparalleled popularity and affinity among people due to its novel concept.

The Season-Long Fantasy app works on a unique concept that comprises numerous aspects such as game types, game formats, line-up creation, and many more.

Here, fantasy sports game formats include daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy sports.

Let’s take a deep dive and understand the fundamental concept and various other aspects of season-long fantasy sports.

What is Season Long Fantasy Sports?

It is more like a conventional sport where you can build your team at the opening of the season and follow its action. It supports multiple sports, such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and cricket mobile app development.

On this platform, you can draft your lineup by including the players who you think would help you get the most points throughout the season.

Season Long Fantasy Sports

Season-long Fantasy platform lets you act as a manager of your team. You can gather an all-star roster of your players, assess their performance and values, draft their roster, set your lineup, and deal with the blockbuster trades.

This platform allows users to pool money so that winners can get the rewards, or the leagues can award prizes at the end.

Prizes are offered to the team that has the most number of points overall, or lesser prizes for the second and third-placed teams.


Growth Predictions of Season-Long Fantasy Sports app

Fantasy sports face has gradually become one of the most rewarding industries in the world. The revenue of the global fantasy sports market was valued at USD 24.15 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach USD 60.06 billion by 2028, with a healthy CAGR of 13.9% during the forecast period.

Growth Predictions of Season Long Fantasy Sports app

As per the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA), more than 59 million US citizens and Canadians play fantasy sports.

Total fantasy sports players: 10 million are registered for DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), whereas 58 million people are registered for season-long fantasy sports.

A large section of fantasy sports users belong to the 20–40 age group.

Some of the most crucial factors that may influence the growth of this market are:

  • Big millennial population
  • High disposable income for sports and entertainment
  • Increasing association with online sports
  • Improved media digitization
  • Massive investments and fantasy sports platform development in high-speed internet infrastructure
  • Massive smartphone penetration
  • Streamlined digital payments.


How does it differ from the Daily Fantasy app?

Both the Daily Fantasy Sports mobile app and Season Long Fantasy Sports are highly popular among enterprises and sports enthusiasts. However, both platforms are quite different in some significant ways.

We have created this comparison table to offer you a better insight into the contrast between both platforms.


Season-Long Fantasy Sports Daily Fantasy Sports
Team selection occurs for the entire season and preparation also takes place throughout the season. Here, a team is selected only for a specific day, not for the entire season.
Here, matchups between players with a good track record play a critical role. We don’t have a match-up between players, as they won’t be involved for a long time.
Both Fantasy Season-long and newcomer players get benefits from this platform Users can draft a team in a single day and play this game. This is well-suited for professional players.
If a player is injured, it can affect the entire league Contests and Leagues will not be impacted if a player is injured
This platform supports live drafts, auction drafts, snake drafts, offline drafts, and more This platform supports pick’em, salary caps, quick drafts, auto drafts, and more.


Why should you develop Season Long Fantasy App?

Digitization has completely transformed the way sports are consumed by sports enthusiasts and viewers. With the increasing use of smartphones, sports fans have become technology-savvy and are always looking for an immersive content experience.

This is creating some unheard and unprecedented business opportunities that lure sports publishers and entrepreneurs to try their hands at new business models where they can resonate with the interests of sports aficionados.

Develop Season Long Fantasy App

Season-long fantasy sports app development is quite beneficial for any business, as it offers a plethora of benefits to the app owner and app user alike:

  • Less competition and the highest growth
  • Massive Returns with Modest Investment
  • It offers a large variety of sports leagues and drafts
  • Players get involved for a complete season
  • There is a huge scope for rewards, engagements, and various other bonuses for the users.
  • Year-long and post-season play-offs offer a better proposition for the players.


Business Model and Revenue Model of Season Long Fantasy App

The business model of the Season Long Fantasy platform is pretty simple. It allows users to join both free and paid contests, with no cash prize allocated for the free contests. For paid contests, users are supposed to pay a specific amount as a match fee.

A sizeable portion (20–25%) must go towards the application revenue, whereas the rest of the (75-80%) match fee collection must be distributed to the winners as a cash prize.

For example, if the match fee is $5 per team and 30 teams are participating in a contest, then the total collection fee will be $150. In such a scenario, $30 (20%) would be the application’s revenue and the remaining $120 would be distributed among the winners of the contest.

Business Model and Revenue Model of Season Long Fantasy App

When it comes to the revenue model, we have multiple options available to generate revenue for Fantasy Mobile Applications :

1- Freemium

Users can download and install this version and get the feel of the app with its basic features. Users are allowed to unlock advanced features and capabilities by paying monthly or annual subscription fees.

Paid subscriptions can offer additional features, an enhanced application experience, a customized interface, or even turn off unnecessary advertisements.

2- Advertisements

It is the most common monetization method used for mobile applications. You can place the advertisements inside your app and get revenue from the advertisement networks if a user views or clicks on the advertisements.

However, it is important to understand that you must have a large user base to make this method profitable.

3- Third-party partnership

Fantasy basketball applications can earn revenue through partnerships with third-party entities and by implementing affiliate marketing tactics to promote third-party services and products.

You can place the banners of third-party organizations in prominent and strategic positions inside your app and let them sponsor the in-app events to create buzz and enhance user interaction among the audience.

season Long Fantasy App cta

4- Brand Promotions

You can also tie up with other corporate brands and place affiliate links to their websites or e-commerce platforms to earn a commission if someone makes a purchase via your link.

5- Participation fees

You can charge a specific fee to your users so that they can participate in the cash-prize contests. A specific amount could be retained as app revenue and the rest could be distributed to the users as cash prizes. This amount could be very lucrative once you get a massive paying user base.

6- Merchandise sales

This could act as an additional source of the platform’s revenue. You can set up an online marketplace with branded clothing, photos, mementos, and various other items signed by celebrities, etc.

You can sell anything to user customers directly or using an in-application currency. It will certainly enhance your app visibility and create a buzz among the user community.

7- In-app purchases

A fantasy Gaelic football app can charge fees for league customization, league launch, selection of a preferred player, and various other app personalizations.

Advanced Features of Season-Long Fantasy App Development

We incorporate innovative features to offer a  massive adrenaline rush to your fantasy sports players. We use emerging technologies to provide an interactive and immersive experience.

Features of Season Long Fantasy App Development

Here are some advanced features we can offer:

1. Detailed Player Information

this feature displays the player stats such as ranking, performance analysis, rankings, player projection, and points from the sports news feed and experts. It helps the users to select the appropriate player for their team.

2. Multiple Drafting Types

It enables the users to choose their desired drafting style. For example, snake drafting, straight drafting, auto drafting, and even customized type drafting.

3. Chat with League-matches

The app will offer an additional level of interactivity by enabling the users to chat with their league mates. It will help users in drafting strategies, initiating player trade, bidding, and driving sports-specific discussions.

4. Real-time Commentary and Score

This is a must-have feature for a Season-long fantasy app. It enables users to listen to real-time commentary and scores by sports experts. It simply enhances the immersion and fun for the users.

Real-time Commentary and Score

5. In-App Currency

Such currency can make such applications rewarding for users. App users can earn additional points and also enable them to redeem the in-app currency to initiate the player transfer, bidding, and auction. Users can avail of more points based on the performance of their players.

6. AI (Artificial intelligence) specific features

AI could be used to capture user data and preferences to offer personalized content, services, and notifications to gamers. It can use Deep learning algorithms to predict gamers’ expectations and intentions.

7. Integrated Chatbot

An integrated chatbot can enhance the user experience and engagement by swiftly answering users’ queries and offering professional suggestions, player and team stats, real-time tips, and more.

8. Trade, Transfer, and Bid Players

It is an important feature for any season-long fantasy football apps. It enables the users to trade, auction, bid, and transfer the players to other teams. It also allows users to make some last-minute changes before a match commences.

Trade, Transfer, and Bid Players

9. Secured Transactions using Blockchain

Blockchain technology can help us with additional safety and higher processing speed for all financial transactions.

We can offer a convenient mechanism for users to make payments and withdrawals in cryptocurrency. It allows us to develop a distributed network and a more controlled payment environment, where transactions could be monitored easily.

10. IR/VR features

You can use IR/VR technology to revolutionize your season-long fantasy sports app. For instance, you can offer virtual environments to your gamers, who can join it from virtually any corner of the world and can hang out together.

It enables users to hold league meetings, stream live events, devise strategies using virtual whiteboards, and many more.

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Season Long Fantasy App Development: Technology Stack

We follow an incremental and agile development approach to build a Season Long Fantasy Platform.

We initiate the process by developing an MVP (minimum viable product) with core features and functionalities that would engage the gamers and help us improve the platform based on their feedback.

The performance and likeability of the application largely depend on the technology stack used for the Season Long Fantasy Football App Development. A Season Long fantasy platform must use the following technology stack.

Season Long Fantasy App Development: Technology Stack

  • Frameworks: AngularJS, Vue.JS, Bootstrap, Yii2, and jQuery
  • Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Back-end Development: PHP, Java, and Ruby
  • Database Management: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HBase, and Cassandra
  • Web servers: Linux, Apache
  • Cloud servers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Native mobile application development: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android)
  • Cross-platform application development: React.js, React Native, Flutter
  • Payment integration: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and PayUMoney
  • Push notifications: Apple push notifications, Twilio

Apart from the above, your season-long fantasy sports platform should be well integrated with one or multiple data feed providers, who can offer accurate real-time, and reliable data on sports.

Some recommended providers include ExeFeed, Betradar, Entity Sports, Fantasydata, GoalServe, Stats Perform, and LSports.

Cost to Develop a Season Long Fantasy Platform

It is quite difficult to assess the actual cost of developing a season-long fantasy sports application, as it is determined by numerous critical factors including:

  • Potential functions and features of the app
  • The app complexity
  • App platform to be considered
  • Integration of modern technologies
  • The geographic location of the app development company
  • Monetization methods
  • API integrations

Overall, it may cost $25,000-$30,000 to develop season long fantasy platform. The cost could go up to $40,000-$45,000 if you are planning to develop it for multiple platforms (Android and iOS) with some additional modern features.

Moreover, the final cost of fantasy platform development also depends on the kind of mobile app development organizations you engage with. Mobile app development companies in India and Southeast Asia can offer you a cost-effective solution if you compare it with American and European companies.

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How Can Arka Softwares help you with Season Long Fantasy App Development?

Arka Softwares is a renowned app development company based out of India. We can certainly help you develop visually captivating, reliable, user-friendly, scalable, highly secure, and compliant season-long fantasy gaming web and mobile app.

We offer a dedicated team of app developers experts cum technology enthusiasts, who can develop and deploy a high-quality and multi-lingual fantasy sports gaming app, that can offer an enriching user experience.

Season Long Fantasy App Development CTA

You must select us for your season long fantasy app development needs, as we offer the following:

  • Enormous knowledge of Android and iOS app development.
  • Customized and Scalable solutions of the Fantasy Sports platform.
  • Offer Engaging, Immersive, and inviting digital experiences.
  • Seamless feedback mechanism to improve the app quality.
  • Usage of cost-moderation methods to make your season-long fantasy app a reality at a competitive cost.
  • Follow global coding standards and comply with Google Play and App Store guidelines.
  • Effective software testing strategies and hassle-free deployment.
  • Experience with multipurpose sports apps and website development.



Season-long fantasy sports app has become the next big thing in the technology world. We have seen how Fantasy sports applications are driving a paradigm shift with their innovative business model and revenue-generation capabilities.

This is the right time for you to develop season long fantasy platform. We have already covered various aspects of a season-long fantasy sports app in our blog, and we are pretty much sure that the above-mentioned aspects will help you make the right decision.

All you need to do is to connect with a professional season-long fantasy sports application development organization, that can shape your idea into a reality.

If you are aiming to build a successful Fantasy Sports app like fanduel, then Arka Softwares can certainly deliver a high-quality solution that meets your business requirements and budget. Our seasoned experts can develop a brilliant season-long Fantasy Sports app that can give you an edge ahead of your competitors.

Contact Arka Softwares to discuss your project and get a free quote.

FAQs- Season Long Fantasy Platform

        • Is Season-long Fantasy Football Legal? Is it Considered Gambling?

          As per US federal law, daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy sports apps are permitted in the United States and Canada. Season-long fantasy sports are legally not considered gambling because they look like skill-based games instead of based on chance.

        • How does Season Long Fantasy app work?

          The users can select real players using an online selection method, which is also known as a draft, and put together their fantasy team. Past that the real-game statistics of the players are generated, and analogies are drawn to determine which user’s fantasy team has performed the best, based on the score of players and teams.

        • How much we must spend on application maintenance costs?

          As an application owner, you must spend around $250 to $500 a month at the initial stage to ensure your app is functioning perfectly. This is a ballpark average cost of maintaining your app. However, it is always recommended to budget 20% of the initial app development cost when estimating the cost of app maintenance.

        • What type of support does Arka Softwares offer?

          Arka Softwares offers the following types of support to our clients:
          1- Pre-launch: We provide marketing and strategic advice by offering ideas, insights, ideas, and access to a plethora of knowledge bases and support libraries.
          2- During the season: We ensure your Season long fantasy sports app runs smoothly and remediate technical issues when the need arises.
          3- Our experts remain available during business hours to address any query or concern our client may have.

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