How you can Benefit by Investing Money in a Fantasy Platform in 2024?

Updated 06 Feb 2024
Published 10 Feb 2021
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The love for big games like cricket and football can never be missed by diehard fans. There have been those who have been witnessing all series of these games each year.

From regional and national-level matches to international ODIs and games, there has been nothing that has been missed by the fans.

Talking about India, where cricket is not just a game but a religion altogether, it has been very difficult for the fans to sit at home and miss all the leagues due to the pandemic.

Since the BCCI and other international bodies cancelled most of the cricket leagues this year, it has trickled down on the fans who have not been able to sit in front of their TV screens for hours or at the stadium rooting for their favorite teams.

So, the best way to make the most of this is by developing fantasy sports mobile apps that do not only enable fans to vote for their teams but also make predictions about which team would win the match on a respective day.

A Fantasy cricket app like Dream11 at this point in time can prove to be extremely beneficial as IPL 2021 is coming. Although fans cannot attend the messages physically, they can enjoy the game through these apps.

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The empty stadiums this year have risen the chances of these apps doing extremely well and earning more users with time. There are higher chances of more people installing these apps and indulging in playing fantasy games.

Introduction- Fantasy Sports App

There are more than 2.5 billion fans of games in over 180 countries. The most popular game among fans is Football, followed by Cricket. These fans attract game enthusiasts who have a deep understanding and knowledge of the game they are interested in.

The pandemic has given rise to the online viewership of top-notch games. Since matches have resumed and are being held in various countries, stadiums are empty and people are watching these matches online.

Online viewership has contributed to the rise of fantasy sports. Top leagues including the IPL, T20 are among others that have been converted into fantasy games.

With the help of these apps, the users (participants) create their virtual teams according to their preferences using national and international players and challenge the opposing teams. The result of the match is based on the win or loss of the players they have in their teams in the real matches.

Each person has their opinion when it comes to their favourite games and they might agree with the team created in reality. Therefore, they can put in their preferences when it comes to players on this virtual platform and sees how their team performs.

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Although, it initiated as a small concept, but has witnessed a spike among users as the app owners are now owners of multi-billion dollar businesses. 

India is the biggest market for fantasy sports as these apps attracted as many as 70 million people in the country in 2018 alone, according to an IFSG-Nielsen report.

Leagues that can contribute to the success of Fantasy Cricket Apps in 2024

Cricket always acquires the top spot when it comes to fan following in India and abroad. There are several cricket leagues that the fans are desperately waiting for.

The coming months are going to be very important for fantasy sports and the app owners might witness a spike in the number of downloads. Take a look at some cricket leagues that can contribute to the success of fantasy cricket sports this year:

1- IPL (Indian Premier League):

This T20 cricket league is one of its kind and the most-watched cricket league ever. Not just in cricket, it has its place in international games and is watched by millions of viewers worldwide since it brings together a pool of talented cricketers from across the globe.

The general valuation of the league had gone up to $ 6.8 billion in 2019 from $ 6.3 billion in 2018, which is almost a 7% increase. The viewership also saw a 15% development.

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2- Big Bash League

3- T20 World Cup

4- Barclays Premier League

fantasy app development

Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Sports App in 2024

#1 It is lawful in India and other countries:

While betting apps is unlawful and there are strict laws against people indulging in such activities, there are no restrictions on playing fantasy sports.

This is because the platform is used for aptitude and cannot be termed as betting according to the Supreme Court of India.

#2 Less competition:

At present, there are very limited fantasy sports platforms that have come into being, therefore, there are more chances of survival for new such platforms.

You can develop an app and launch it in the market right now and get maximum users at this point in time. There are high chances of your survival in the industry in the long run.

Going forward, there might be a lot of other organizations working on the same if the situation remains the same, and the competition then is going to go a notch higher.

#3 User interest:

Why do people like fantasy sports, what is it that lures them to commit to these online games? The real-time experience is what attracts the users and the benefit of carrying the game with them on their digital devices is what builds user commitment in the game.

There is a huge fan base of sports worldwide and these people will definitely turn to the fantasy platform now or then, no matter what.

#4 Connection with various popular leagues:

These platforms are known for their commitment towards the games, clients, and a complete understanding of the game.

If you are thinking of investing money into such platforms, there are chances of you creating an organization with one of the leagues. Hence, the business possibility is higher.

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Top Games Added in Fantasy Sports

While all games have their importance in various aspects for different people, there are few that have always been topping the charts and are downloaded the most.

Take a look at the games that have been the most popular among fantasy sports fans:

  1. Cricket
  2.  Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Tennis
  5. Golf
  6. Chess
  7. Auto-racing
  8. Rugby
  9. Baseball
  10. Basketball
  11. Ice hockey
  12. American football
  13. Soccer

Why consider Hiring a Fantasy App Development Company?

If you are planning to get an app developed for your fantasy sports platforms, you must get in touch with mobile app development agency including the right manpower to help you get the most suitable app made for you.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration such as the time frame, payment details, geographical location, and other technical aspects that they have their expertise in.

Here are some issues you must agree upon with the app development agency before hiring them to create an app for you.

Timely delivery: Since the sports leagues and tournaments have their time-frame, it is important for the app owners to assure that their application is delivered to them in time without any delays. Even a single day’s delay might lead to losses.

Transparency: It is important to keep the clients in the loop on every update and decision while developing the app. There should be no hidden costs, and everything should be discussed in advance with them. The developers should keep in touch with their clients throughout the development phase.

Engagement should be flexible: Your app should be able to attract a diverse range of users. Therefore, the plan should be flexible that could be altered as and when required.

Round the clock support: The app developers should be able to assist their clients 24×7, and have their communication channels open for support. This helps in bringing customer satisfaction.

Expertise: Only the people with the expertise required should be taken on board, so as to reduce costs to the client and offer them timely delivery of the product. The team working on the app development should possess the skill required in developing a fantasy sports platform.

Pricing: Since there are a lot of app development agencies around the globe, it becomes very difficult for the clients to choose one out of the efficient teams. Therefore, the developers should offer their services at a price that they can’t refuse. We offer our services at unmatched prices.

High-quality commitment: The developers should be able to provide assistance in any form, but there should be no compromising on the quality of the product or expertise whatsoever.

Types of Fantasy Games

  • Draft based game type
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly games
  • Games based on scoring and leader board
  • Games based on different leagues

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Revenue Model of Fantasy Sports App

Advertisements: Displaying the brand name and logo of their parties can fetch you a handsome amount of money. You can reach out to other brands and companies and offer them advertisement space on your app in return for a certain amount of money. This is one of the most common ways of earning money by any mobile or web application.

Contestant fees: Each participant has to pay a certain amount of fees before contesting in any game. This is a return on investment for the app owners. They can charge each user a nominal amount to participate in any league.

Advanced features: While the apps offer all basic features mostly free of cost, the advanced features can be offered to them at a basic price. These advanced features should be attractive, making them willing to spend a certain amount on purchasing these. This can help the app owners earn some additional revenue.

Features and Functions of a Fantasy Sports App

Features for Users

User registration and log in:

All users should register on a platform before starting to use it. It is important for them to have their own profiles where their information is stored and used. This enables them to play the game with their respective identities.

The registration process should be easy, and the app should have integrated social media sign-up, which reduced the time spent in entering all necessary details, that can be easily picked from any one of their social media profiles. After that, the user can log in to their accounts each time they want to play a game.

Home screen:

The first screen that the user lands on should be easy to comprehend with all necessary tabs including the sports type, matches to be held on a particular day, tournament name, schedule of matches to be held on a day, timing, details opponent team, etc. After all, this is selected by the user, he will be redirected to a screen displaying the contest.


A fantasy sports platform showcases a number of contests on a single page for the users to choose from. They can select the one they are interested in playing by putting in a filter search. The search for a contest can be filtered according to the following categories:

  1. Contest type
  2. Winning range
  3. Entry fee
  4. Contest size

Fee payment:

The users (players) will then have to pay a certain amount of fee for participating in the contest. This gives them the right to play the tournaments and matches online.

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Mode of payment:

An app should have several modes of payment integrated so that the users can select the one that is most suitable to them.

They can either pay through their debit or credit cards, make online payments or just use any one of the e-Wallets they have linked to their accounts to make payments.

Creating your contest:

This feature enables users to create a contest of their own. With this, there can be several interesting contests running on the platform at the same time. Here are some important details that need to be submitted to start a contest:

  • Name of the contest
  • The total amount that can be won by a participant. The minimum and maximum amount of win by each participant should be mentioned.
  • The size of the contest, i.e., the number of participants that are allowed in a contest should be mentioned.
  • Clarify is the contest is a multiple team game or not.
  • Entry fees to be paid by each participant.
  • Join contests and invite friends to join the contest so as to bring maximum people on board.

My contest:

Under this feature, the user is able to create a team of his choice and can see the entire list of the players in one place. This team has to be selected before the time mentioned by the admin of the app. There is a certain timeframe before which all teams need to be picked.


each user has a separate profile that has their personal data including their names, photos, address, and the number of wins by each player.

A user can change or update his profile as and when required as he has the authority to do that. There are certain functions that you will see under the profile section of the app. Take a look

  1. Name and profile photo
  2. Details of a user’s account
  3. Reward points won
  4. Overall ranking on the leader board
  5. View transactions
  6. History of all transactions
  7. Add cash
  8. Withdraw winning amount
  9. Manage paymentsInvite friends and earn money
  10. Login
  11. Logout


Since each user has the right to change and update his profile and dashboard, he has full access to the settings of his profile such as the CMS section and the Invite and earns feature.

Features for Admin


The admin has to create their profile as well, just like in the case of the user profile. They have to enter all the required details and set up a username and password for their profile.


This is one of the most important features for the admin as this allows them to have a quick view of all that is happening in a game like the number of games scheduled in a day, the match statistics, upcoming and ongoing matches, results of previous matches, number of leagues going on, etc.

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Managing each user:

The admin has the full authority to manage accounts of users and can even update a user profile, delete it, or deactivate it if need be.

Matches management:

All matches that take place on the platform are completely managed by the admin. They can add new matches, delete any number of them, or deactivate links for some matches.

Managing categories of games:

Since there are a lot of game categories on each platform, these are all managed by the admin himself.

Contest manager:

No contest can happen on a platform without the knowledge of the admin. They have the entire managing authority on the same.

Total earnings:

All the money that comes in or goes out and the total earnings of a game or league can be accessed by the admin.

Management of the payments:

All the money that comes in through the application is managed by the admin. They have the entire control over the money inflow.

Cash bonus:

The app offers several cash bonuses and offers to users. These are also managed by the admin. They also excel in providing any reward points to the users, if there are any.


All reports pertaining to the matches and leagues can be accessed by the admin. They can look into the details of each match, reports of contestants, rankings of players, etc. with the help of these reports.

Exercise control over bank withdrawal request:

Since all users have the right to ask the app to allow them to withdraw the money earned by them, the admin takes the final decision.

Only with their consent the money can be withdrawn from the virtual platform and credited to the bank accounts of the respective users. They can also exercise their control over stopping any payments.

CMS page updating:

The Admin can change information or make additions to the content on the about us, contact us, or any other pages of the application.

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Advanced features in a Fantasy Sports App

1- Live score: While most users have the access to the live score of a match in some way or the other, there might be some who would need assistance on the score.

Therefore, a live score feature should be integrated into the app which can help the players make better decisions in a game and keep updated with the match.

2- API integration: The fantasy app developers get easy access to the ready-made data for the app with the help of API.

3- Real-time analytics: This data is stored in the app and is accessible to generate reports about the functioning and performance of the app. All the data collected through this feature is in real-time, therefore, it is highly reliable.

4- Integrated CRM: This feature has control over several functions including the generation of tickets, push notifications, accessing the location of a user among others.

5- Push notifications: This is one of the most important features in any app, as it allows the admin to send out important information to the users. These notifications allow the admin to remind the users of a match and the time left to create a team or inform them about special offers or discounts being run by them on their app platform. All necessary information is shared with the users with the help of push notifications.

6- Integrated GPS: Most users are interested in knowing about the matches that are happening in the proximity of their location. With the help of this GPS feature, they can get access to this information.

7- Mail reminders: Although push notifications do their work, these apps should also integrate the feature of reminding the users through mails as well.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports app

A fantasy sports app is a complex app and might take some time in the development phase. The amalgamation of features in an app is the major factor behind calculating the cost of the app. Here are some factors that affect the cost of the app:

Development Cost for fantasy

  1. A number of features present in the app. If you consider keeping only the basic feature, the app development cost might be less as compared to an app that provides the advanced features as well.
  2. The team hired to work on the app development plays a major role in calculating the cost of the app. The more people working on the app will cost you more.
  3. Thirdly, if the time spent on developing the app is more, you must expect the development cost also to be high.
  4. The design of the app and its complexity also affect the pricing.
  5. The geographical location plays an important role in calculating the development cost. If the app is being developed by a team of developers in the U.S., it will cost more than the developers working in Europe or Asia.

However, the app would roughly amount to $ 20,000 to $ 25,000, but the budget can exceed with any sort of additions. It is always a good idea to get in touch with the fantasy sports developers to get a rough idea of how much budget would be required to develop a fantasy sports app.

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Team Required to Build a Fantasy Sports App

You need to have a proper team of app developers to work on your project if you want the required results. In a competitive app market, it is very important to walk neck to neck with your competitors, which can happen only with the help of an efficient team. Take a look at the people required in a team of app developers:

  • Project manager
  • UX/UI designer
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Backend developer
  • Quality Analysts


It is of extreme importance for any fantasy app owner to get in touch with the best app development agency and get the best team to develop an app like no other. Apart from being engaging, the app should have the ability to entertain the users as well.

An app will speak for itself if it has features that help generate the interest of the users and get maximum users on board. Therefore, hiring people with expertise in this field and prior experience is very important.

Also, this is the right time to launch a fantasy app for your organization as the stadiums are empty and everything has come online. People don’t have access to physical events or matches, however, they can stay connected through these online platforms.

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