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E Wallet App Development

Empowered Mobile Payment App Development Solutions
Like Apple Pay

Our wide range of e-Wallet mobile app development solutions promise delivery of a faster, secure, and convenient way to perform online transactions. Android, iOS, and Wearables.

We are experienced in developing custom ewallet apps with new-gen technology. Arka Softwares can help you deliver the most secure mobile payment system. So your users can have the best user experience of contactless payment to P2P money transfer via mobile app.

The ultimate goal is to produce a user-friendly ewallet app including the most trending features with a uniqueness that must meet your business requirements. Our services cover ewallet app development, money transfer app, contactless payment apps, and more.

"The global ewallet market is projected to hit $7.58 billion by 2027, and mobile payment apps are continuously evolving. Investing in ewallet or digital wallet payment apps is worth it for business."

How Will My Next Ewallet App Look Like?

Are you excited about your next-gen ewallet app? Then there are some glimpses of it. Still, if you need more customization, we can happily do it for you.

Do you have a unique mobile payment app idea like Apple Pay or PayPal?

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Mobile Wallet App Development: Salient Features

Here is the list of panel-wise features that you need to consider for your next ewallet app like Apple Pay.

User App

An end user can leverage all the features of the user app as per their daily or specific needs.

Online Payment

Money Transfer

Link Bank Account

Payment Receipts

Transaction History

KYC confirmation

Profile Management

App Themes

Merchant App

Merchant app helps merchants to have complete control over payment receiving.

Interactive Dashboard

Payment Tracker

QR Code Generation

Adding Products

Customer Management

EMI Payments

Promotional Offers

Push Notifications

Admin Panel

All features of the admin panel stand for making tasks easy for an ewallet app admin.


Manage Users

Manage Merchants

Usage Stats

Payment Tracking

User Tracking

Managing Banks

Backup, Analysis & Reporting

Our Clients Happiness
lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

Digital Wallet Development For Specific Needs

We strive to develop digital wallet applications based on industry trends and standards. Our ewallet mobile app development services cover a variety of solutions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallets are trending now and disrupting traditional e-wallets. Hire experienced ewallet app developers to build secure crypto wallets for your users.

Closed Wallet Development

If you are a brand and want to launch a related ewallet for your customers, then we can assist you with our comprehensive digital wallet development services.

Semi-Closed Wallet Development

Develop an ewallet that can facilitate the users for making easy online payments, ecommerce purchases, contactless payments, and more regarding all offline shopping needs.

Open Wallet Development

Most users prefer digital wallets that can allow them to connect with their bank account directly. Offer a customized open wallet app to the users that they can use on the go.

"Paypal is North America's most popular mobile payment service, and its worldwide users are 435 million. Do not wait for the launch of your app idea similar to PayPal. We can assist you with it."

Advanced Features To Consider For Trending E-wallet App

Advanced features can take user experience to the next level, so here are these.

OTC Trading Facility

The OTC trading facility allows users to build a stock profile to directly invest in the stocks or use an ewallet app for trading.

Near Field Communication

NFC supports seamless payment between mobile devices and POS. A user only needs to touch the device to the POS; then, payment will be made within fractions of seconds.


We design and develop custom e-Wallet mobile apps that facilitate users for flawless cryptocurrency transactions within a safe and secure medium.

Cloud Backup

The cloud backup feature is a feature that saves all transaction history automatically and sends updates to the users directly, such as monthly or weekly statements.


Here chatbot works as a personal assistant to the users. They can use it for various purposes, such as inquiring about account balances, requests for money transfers, etc.

Spending Analysis

It is a fine algorithm-based tool within an ewallet app that provides a clearer view of spending to the ewallet users and helps them to examine and analyze their spending.

Virtual Payment Cards

Virtual payment cards are safer than any physical card, and users can use them for all types of payment they need to do as desired.

Rewards & Loyalty

As an ewallet owner, you can offer your customers rewards and discounts. It will help you to have a strong connection and improve the loyalty of customers with your ewallet.

Looking to automate the payment process for your brand?

Build a brand-oriented digital wallet app like PayPal and leverage its benefits.

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Benefits of Digital Wallet Development

Less Cart Abandonment

Less Cart Abandonment

The reduced cart abandonment rate leads to more revenue generation, and e-wallets are the best-proven method for it. Customers find it smooth to pay directly from an app like PayPal.

More Secure

More Secure

Instead of using a credit or debit card, ewallet is safe as it uses tokenization technology, and it comes with an additional layer of security that facilitates more secure transactions.

Fast Payment

Fast Payment

One of the best features of almost all eWallets, like Apple Pay or Amazon Pay, they facilitate users for contactless payment, which saves the time of customers and merchants.

Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights

With the help of ewallet, you can have better and real-time insight into your customer’s shopping habits. You can extract the data for implementing the best business strategies.

Easy To Manage

Easy To Manage

Customers find it easy to pay via mobile eWallets instead of carrying cash or credit or debit cards, or remembering the net banking passwords. They need to remember only the pin.

Best Shopping Experience

Best Shopping Experience

There is no need to choose multiple payment methods for shopping. With a single ewallet, users can shop online and offline, pay their bills at restaurants, and more.

What Our Ewallet Development Solution Promises?

Due to the multiple advantages of mobile payment apps for business, ewallet app development will be a worthy investment. Arka Softwares offers you a solution like Amazon Pay, Gpay, and Apple Pay, including 3rd party integrations and promises following:

  • 100% Quality Assurance

    100% Quality Assurance

  • End-to-end Development

    End-to-end Development

  • Best Fintech Industry Standards

    Best Fintech Industry Standards

  • Innovation With Diversity

    Innovation With Diversity

  • Appealing UI/UX

    Appealing UI/UX

  • On-time Delivery

    On-time Delivery

Ready-To-Go Ewallet Development Solutions Based For Businesses

You're most welcome to ask for any customization in your next e-wallet app, or if you need, we can also develop and deliver a ready-to-go app based on the following ideas.

App Like Apple Pay

App Like Apple Pay

App Like Amazon Pay

App Like Amazon Pay

App Like Gpay

App Like Gpay

App Like Walmart Pay

App Like Walmart Pay

App Like PayPal

App Like PayPal

App Like Venmo

App Like Venmo

App Like Zelle

App Like Zelle

App Like Cashapp

App Like Cashapp


Initially, it is hard to predict the time of ewallet app development as things depend on the requirements and the model you want. Approx time to develop an MVP ewallet is 3-4 months.

By taking care of all ewallet requirements, we offer a wide variety of ewallet development services covering as follows:

  • Mobile wallet app development services
  • Ewallet app integration
  • Custom ewallet app development
  • Cross-platform digital wallet app development
  • Ready-to-go ewallet app solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

The cost to develop an ewallet app depends on multi-factors such as features, functionalities, the team size of mobile wallet app developers, and others. It also works; like more the requirements more the cost. Approx cost ranges in-between $20,000-$30,000.

Yes, you can have an ewallet that will work fine on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the web. Our mobile wallet app developers have comprehensive experience in it.

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