Top Power BI Dashboard Examples For Better Insights

Updated 07 Nov 2023
Published 20 Sep 2023
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Top Power BI Dashboard Examples

Microsoft Power BI is a platform for data visualization and reporting used by businesses and professionals on a routine basis. Although business analysts are among the platform’s most frequent users, accessibility has been improved to satisfy customers’ needs with no data analysis background.

In this article, we have listed the top 12 Power BI dashboard examples and reviewed them at length. 

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Data visualization is mainly done using the Power BI software for business intelligence. Data can be reported and presented using a variety of formats on the Power BI dashboard, including charts, maps, plots, graphs, scatter, and more.

It was created for business personnel with different levels of data knowledge to use. On the other hand, the AI Insights part of Power BI utilizes artificial intelligence to look for user insights within the data collection.

Power BI is the collective name for several business intelligence-related applications, including Power BI Desktop, Premium, Pro, Mobile, Report, and Embedded Server. Although some of these free tools are available, the premium and pro versions have more analytical features and require a paid subscription.

Power BI is a component of Microsoft’s Power Platform, with Power Automate, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Apps. These programs, produced as “low-code tools,” help companies with activities including data visualization and analysis, process automation, business solution design, and no-code chatbot development.

What is a Power BI Dashboard?

Dashboards in Power BI are one-page documents, usually called canvases, that use visualizations to tell a story. A well-designed dashboard should only contain the most crucial details of a narrative.

This is because there is only space in the manuscript for one page. To gain more information, readers can view associated reports. There is only one provider of dashboards, and that is Power BI.

The one-page Data visualization with Power BI uses multiple graphs and charts to illustrate a point. This single-page dashboard display is also referred to as a canvas. Power BI Service is the only subscription option that grants access to the Power BI dashboard. On a Power BI dashboard, there is only one page. Therefore, it only contains the most crucial details of a story. You cannot create a dashboard using Power BI Desktop.

The visuals in a dashboard are derived from each report that is based on a single dataset and is included in the dashboard. The visualizations that may be seen on a dashboard are referred to as tiles, and report designers are in charge of pinning these tiles to the dashboard.

Advantages of Using a Power BI Dashboard

  • A Power BI dashboard lets users analyze reports in depth and summarize all pertinent information.
  • A Power BI dashboard lets users create representations from many datasets or reports.
  • Create a custom dashboard to meet the unique requirements of each organization.
  • Apps can use Power BI dashboards to provide a uniform user experience.
  • You can quickly share a dashboard with other employees who work for your company.

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Top Power BI Dashboard Examples

Here are some popular Power BI dashboard examples:

1. Sales Dashboards

Users may view sales growth and performance using any important characteristics and demographics using this Power BI sales dashboard. The strategically positioned graphs and tiles make it possible to more readily gauge the status of “assessing your company’s performance.

Sales power bi dashboard

  • What does this dashboard offer?

Sales Analysis Power BI’s dashboard offers a wide range of essential details and KPIs, like secondary and primary sales by segment and period and sales by product code, brand, partner, state, and vendor name.

Additionally, you may compare current profits and sales to those from preceding years, and you can use a filter that considers segments, the product, the year, and vendors to get an overall picture of sales for the relevant period.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

The user can compare the sales department’s performance over various years to better understand what’s happening in sales. Sales managers and leaders can use this analytics dashboard to establish data-driven strategies since it gives information about the sales team’s performance.

On three different pages, it comprises an inventory appraisal, primary and secondary sales details, and primary and secondary sales details.

2. Inventory Stock Analysis Dashboard

Power BI provides a user interface that is both simple and aesthetically pleasing, and it also offers representations that are simple to understand.

Inventory stock analysis dashboard

  • Who is the dashboard for?

This inventory dashboard of Power BI is one of its fundamental illustrations of dashboards applied in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, FMCG, hospitality, restaurants, education, and companies, regardless of size, to ensure that operations run smoothly and meet customer demands.

  • What does this dashboard offer?

Maintaining a record of the supplies and stock needed for efficient operation requires inventory management. Inventory dashboards provide you with more insight into your store and let you handle it more efficiently in the present.

This inventory dashboard lets users gain insights into their companies’ product perspectives and stocks. Additionally, you can look at the top products with the most petite or no views.

You will get access to segmented data, including inventory and sales figures for various quarters and information on gender-specific clothing. Based on the MarkDown variance and fulfillment cycle, you can use the inventory dashboard to anticipate how much stock will be available and how long it will take to restock.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Inventory dashboards benefit sales teams because they can use the data to enhance client interactions. This could be achieved by promoting goods that are more easily accessible or by warning customers when a particular product is in short supply.

Sales associates working on the shop floor can now provide a better client experience because it is now simple for them to know what products are in stock. This is because they are no longer required to keep consumers waiting as they search the storage area for available goods.

3. Social Media Analytics and Monitoring Dashboard

Modern organizations should utilize social media in their marketing strategies. The social media analytics and monitoring being carried out by a well-known snack producer are displayed in this Power BI dashboard. It offers an in-depth analysis of user data, sentiments, and social media mentions and reaches.

Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

  • What does this dashboard offer?

A typical dashboard of social media evaluation is used to make marketing strategies, boost sales, better understand consumers, and manage your brand’s reputation.

This dashboard offers data on various subjects, including web sources, regions, users, online influencers, conversation intensity with reaches and mentions, quotes with favorable and unfavorable categorization, and more.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

You may assign duties, approve upcoming posts, and decide who is responsible for particular actions because you can access the social media dashboard.

You can keep track of important information about your business, such as follower trends, mentions, and the hours of the day your audience is online.

One of the best ways to develop relationships, deepen ties, generate leads, and boost sales is through engaging with people on social media. Additionally, keeping an eye on mentions, words, hashtags, and competitors across all social media platforms lets you stay on top of everything in your sector.

4. Real Estate Sales Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard display demonstrates how property sales are dynamic. It divides information into three sections: the central part, the call center, and the sales team. Each component presents detailed information in visually appealing styles.

Real estate sales analytics dashboard

  • What does this dashboard offer?

The Power BI property dashboard showcases real estate developers’ sales data, essential signals, and information about the call center. The primary dashboard presents financial and marketing information graphically as cards together with the total sales for each project.

The secondary dashboard provides the following:

  • Information on the conversion rate.
  • Typical number of calls made.
  • The number of manager visits to show the performance of the team’s cold-calling efforts.

The various visualizations also display data on the ratio of calls to comparisons and deals between actual and anticipated sales. A breakdown of sales, including an analysis of profit fluctuations per month and a contrast between target and actual sales, can be found on the last page.

It is possible to examine the revenue by type of property and discover the management’s sales price in the tile that has been carefully created. This dashboard is very beneficial for property management and real estate organizations.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

CRM analytics can be applied to market multiple properties across many real estate sectors. You will consequently get a lot of visitors that are potential clients. The ability of customer service personnel to access a variety of data and deliver consumers with pertinent and individualized information is the setup’s most significant advantage.

CRM analytics, which also makes it possible to reach a larger audience, can help the marketing plan be improved. A setup like this makes it easier for salespeople to present customers with the options that appeal to them the most.

5. Retail Dashboard

Retailers extensively utilize data visualization with Power BI, enabling them to make well-informed decisions supported by data and facilitating the expansion of their eCommerce operations.

Retail Analytics Power BI Dashboard

  • Who is the dashboard for?

It can be employed by sales managers, directors, retail managers, leaders, and anybody else in making strategic decisions and planning that will further boost growth.

  • What does this dashboard offer?

The unique characteristics of the retail dashboard are its capacity to show the product category and subcategory with the highest number of sales.

The retail dashboard consists of a total of five pages. The four other essential measures are revenue, profitability, orders, shipping, and the overall picture. It covers every imaginable Key Performance Indicator (KPI), regulates access and applies limitations dependent on user identity and roles. Furthermore, it offers Power BI row-level security options.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

One of the most well-known uses of a Power BI dashboard is that it presents thorough retail analytics from a 360-degree angle. It is a comprehensive dashboard for retail analytics that offers the highest level of data visualization through an aesthetically pleasing, cutting-edge, and carefully constructed format. You can get all the required data, including total sales, profit, countries served, items sold, and the best month for taking orders in a single move.

6. Financial Analytics Dashboard

It is a fantastic illustration of a Power BI Financial Analytics dashboard that you can use to monitor your finances and get a broad sense of your entire income and outgoing costs.

This dashboard’s primary key performance metrics can help managers make decisions supported by data and dependent on the knowledge obtained.

Financial Analytics power Bi Dashboard

  • Who is the dashboard for?

It can be employed by the owner of a chain of businesses dispersed throughout various retail locations, including airports, bus stops, plazas, and shopping centers.

  • What does this dashboard offer?

A bar chart displays a comprehensive comparison of revenue versus expenses. It is divided into categories such as revenue by location, month, and period. Total sales, income, and expenditure data are divided into various categories.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

The financial team won’t have to spend their entire day searching for people or searching through files kept in several locations if they use a dashboard. Instead, they can observe the progress of any individual project. A financial department dashboard will simplify operational processes and lessen your stress.

All team members and other departments may promptly check in and gauge the progress of the projects being worked on by your finance team, thanks to real-time tracking updates that stay caught up by days or weeks.

You can spend less time reporting if the financial department has a dashboard. It provides access to tools that will speed up the creation of power BI reports and make managing them simpler.

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7. Pharmaceutical Organizations Dashboard

The state of key performance indicators (KPIs) for pharmaceutical companies is the main topic of this power graphic dashboard illustration.

Pharmaceutical Company Power Bi Dashboard

  • Who is the dashboard for?

The Power BI pharmaceutical dashboard allows managers and executives to examine trends, sales, and performance about predetermined sales targets.

  • What does this dashboard offer?

This is a single-page report that clearly and attractively presents all related data. Users can select any city to evaluate regional sales outcomes, team results, and networking objectives. The amount or percentage of affirmative responses and the daily contract volume are two more pieces of information that can be viewed.

The results for each distinct sales and department manager will be shown in the matrix and the bar chart. It works well for pharmaceutical companies with offices worldwide whose sales representatives speak with the druggists in their neighborhood to advertise their goods.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

With real-time data access provided by dashboard reporting, pharmaceutical companies may quickly identify and address issues before they become significant problems.

If a pharmaceutical company has access to a dashboard, it can quickly identify inefficient areas and take action to improve its operations.

A unified site for department-to-department communication is made available using dashboards, making sharing information and collaborating on initiatives much more accessible.

8. Trading Data Dashboard

Using these trading statistics, Power BI will help you comprehend the fascinating trade analytics across the globe.

Trading Information analytics dashboard

  • What does this dashboard offer?

It is divided into four pages, transforming large data tables into an exciting and uncomplicated presentation style. You may use this dashboard to get detailed information about how the top ten Tier-1 countries through GDP have changed their trading environments from a specific period.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Making decisions based on the facts in the trade analysis Power BI dashboard is possible. It provides information about trade, import-export data, and the nations with the most prosperous markets.

It is professionally presented with varied filters, is aesthetically beautiful, and is accessible to the eyes. This dashboard improves the narrative the data tells and the data’s understanding, allowing us to evaluate the data in a simple and pertinent way.

9. Healthcare Dashboard

Given that it includes all required KPIs and indicators, this patient management analytics dashboard is among the best examples of a Power BI dashboard. It also shows how real-time measurements can be used to make data-driven decisions.

Healthcare Dashboard Example

  • Who is the dashboard for?

Multispecialty hospitals or hospital chains can use it to manage all of the divisions and departments of hospitals spread across numerous cities and states.

  • What does this dashboard offer?

It is a data-rich and dynamic dashboard that shows essential data, including the total number of patients, patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), doctors, departments, country, state, and city, patients who passed away, readmitted patients, and the typical number of days patients stay in the hospital after being discharged.

In addition to viewing average wait times, you can also see ideal wait times, which enables you to identify services and locations with lengthier wait times and busier departments. Additionally, it lists the number of patients in each LOS bucket along with patient categories for hospitals, age ranges, and discharge types.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Administrators can use the dashboard for patient management to quickly decide and proactively spot significant trends and patterns in the data.

Dashboards make understanding complex data points easier and show users which elements of their work need immediate attention. It provides a summary of the institution’s overall and departmental performance.

When using dashboards, users can obtain real-time data about their resources’ movements and patients’ check-ins.

Utilizing dashboards in the healthcare sector has the additional benefit of enabling consumers to access the crucial data of specific organizations.

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10. Human Resources Dashboards

Data analytics makes the company’s internal operations related to human resources more efficient. The Power BI dashboard is the primary tool for gaining insights to improve many firms’ employee performance and retention rates.

Human Resources Dashboard Examples

  • What does this dashboard offer?

Create a Power BI dashboard to track employees’ statuses for presence, work from home, and sick leave. The analysis is conducted based on several factors to understand the demand that HR mentioned precisely.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Numerous company settings have extensively used the HR Real-time analytics Power BI dashboard. Data collection, processing, saving, and analysis can all be done in real-time with the help of Power BI, a software suite comprising numerous tools and apps. Power BI offers a customizable and user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard is accessible using a desktop server, web browser, or mobile device, depending on your preference.

You may use several tools in Power BI to better understand your processes, your people, and how the procedures affect your employees. These tools include executing performance ad hoc analysis and working with your HR team.

11. Education Dashboard

Our Power BI-based Education Analytics solution may help academic institutions and schools by giving them better visibility and accessibility of their data simply and effectively. With the aid of an application that is simple to use, you may produce insightful data.

Education Dashboard Power BI

  • What does this dashboard offer?

Principals and teachers can monitor student performance using educational dashboards and reports. They can do this from a range of different perspectives. These dashboards also allow the principal to evaluate each instructor’s performance in their teaching subjects.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Your capacity to monitor these and other metrics will determine your school’s and your student’s long-term performance. Or, to put it another way, you need to keep an eye on daily activities and analyze trends that emerge over time to manage a successful school.

The incorporation of relevant KPIs for the education sector, the development of measurements, and the use of best practices for visualization all help to translate data into actionable insights.

12. Government and Public Sector Dashboards

Authorities and the public can better comprehend the current situation and get ready for management improvements by using Power BI dashboards in government operations.

Public Sector Local & Regional Government

  • What does this dashboard offer?

Using Power BI dashboards, government agencies can rapidly and efficiently process data. Government organizations can streamline and improve the effectiveness of their operations by using this technology to help them identify patterns and problems. People can make superior, quicker, and more successful decisions directly.

  • What do people love about this dashboard?

Power BI dashboards are a valuable tool for visually portraying enormous amounts of data collected from various sources. Any connected databases are used to retrieve the data for Power BI dashboards.

Data dashboards of this type track, document, examine and present the status of your key performance metrics. You won’t need to wait for reports as frequently because the information on Power BI dashboards is shown in a manner that is almost identical to real-time.

Tips for Designing a Power BI Dashboard

Here is a list of tips for designing a Power BI dashboard:

Tips for Designing a Power BI Dashboard

  • Keep your Audience in Mind

It’s crucial to consider your audience while creating your dashboard and the data that will help them make wise judgments. The dashboard will be used by whom and for what purposes, strictly? Remember that the reports and datasets you’ve prepared are summarized on your dashboard.

It is optional for you to provide every element in your dashboard because your audience may drill down into the reports from your dashboard. Consider the platform your readers will use to view the dashboard.

You can include more information on the dashboard if it will be regarded as part of an extensive presentation on a large screen, but it should have fewer tiles if viewed on tablets or desktops because it will be easier to read.

  • Try to Keep the Dashboard Simple

Dashboards provide a concentrated spot where you can quickly access your most crucial data. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid utilizing scroll bars and have all tiles displayed on one screen at once.

When changing your dashboard, you should consider what information is necessary to say and remove any information that is not. As a result, users will find it simpler to process and act on the exhibited information.

  • Use a Suitable Theme

A theme can only be applied in the desktop program, but once chosen, it can be saved for subsequent use. The themes include elements like the background color, the typefaces used, the visuals, and the color your filter pane will display. You won’t have to manually update the components, saving time and improving your report flow.

  • Start Using Full-screen Mode

Ensure your dashboard is fully visible when you provide it to others, so they can move on.

  • Take the Page Layout into Account

Remember that most readers read from left to right when structuring your content. As you move across and down the page, the information will become more detailed while keeping the information most pertinent to you in the upper left corner.

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 Future Trends in Power BI Dashboards

Here are some of the future trends in Power BI dashboards:

Future Trends in Power BI Dashboards

  • Application of AI and Trend Analysis in Power BI

AI has been a crucial part of enterprises for a long time. Artificial intelligence is already used for employee and customer communication. Consider the automatic chat windows you see on many websites if you need an example of how AI can be employed.

AI can automate data processing, removing the need for labor-intensive, inefficient, and error-prone human labor. The most glaring example is marketing, where companies gather information on their clients to analyze their behavior and create marketing campaigns tailored to them. Even though it all seems very “big brother,” it is common, especially in retail.

  • Analytics & Reports Incorporated

There still needs to be a single piece of software capable of carrying out every function, despite the considerable technological advancements over the past 20 years.

This might result from several things, such as a need for more demand by various requirements or the potential perception that it is unnecessary, given the features provided by competing platforms. Instead, we’ve found that parts of some applications can be incorporated into other places.

  • Small-size Businesses and Power BI

Flexible licensing has always been vital to the Power BI business strategy. Previously, only big businesses could afford to hire the highly qualified business analysts needed to glean insights from vast amounts of data manually—this restricted access to business intelligence to just the most prosperous businesses.

Due to the user-friendly interface and adaptable pricing, small businesses have been able to take the first step toward adopting Power BI for themselves and use the insights that are now at their disposal. This trend is expected to continue, with more small businesses realizing their full potential due to utilizing Power BI.

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Power BI is one of the tools that is widely used to view and analyze data. This article lists the top 12 Power BI dashboard Examples that can be made with Power BI and shows how it can extract valuable insights from pertinent data.

Data can keep you informed about any potential risks or opportunities that may arise that you cannot ignore. A certain level of data literacy is necessary for comprehending, reading, and interacting with data.

It allows anyone to perform factual and simple data analysis to get conclusions supported by the data. Everyone gains from this at every level.

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