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Updated 23 Sep 2022
Published 23 Sep 2022
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The world has been going through an uncertain economic turmoil, which has compelled organizations to find innovative solutions to improve all aspects of their businesses.

Sales and Marketing organizations are tilting more toward emerging technologies like CRM, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to enhance their productivity.

In fact, numerous surveys and research shows almost 90% of sales organizations have attained significant improvement in their operations with the help of intelligent insights and enhanced workflows.

Salesforce recently launched the Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition. This edition becomes a cohesive solution for all your Sales specific requirements.

Salesforce realizes how tedious it is for organizations to keep shifting between different applications, frameworks, and platforms to eradicate repetitive jobs while improving overall productivity. The Salesforce Sales Cloud unlimited edition is designed by incorporating various AI and ML features in it. 

Let us explore what Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition is all about.

What is Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition?

Sales Cloud Unlimited edition is a unified platform for sales where Artificial Intelligence (powered by Einstein), analytics, and automation come as standard. It empowers every sales representative to be more productive and efficient. It provides organizations with an innovative method to connect with their customers and offer them a better experience.

Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition

The Unlimited Edition incorporates analytics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence tools based on Salesforce’s Einstein portfolio. Sales representatives get deep insights and in-built recommendations to decrease the time spent on managing data and different applications.

It offers eight innovative built-in AI features based on Einstein and Activity Capture. It helps sales reps to fetch insights directly into their workflows. It also automates the routing tasks with the help of Sales Engagement and Salesforce Inbox.

Einstein offers conversation insights and calls coaching to assist sales representatives document and analyzing sales calls. Unlimited edition offers innovative functionalities to Salesforce customers of various domains such as financial services, manufacturing services, health & life sciences, and consumer goods industries.

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Features of All-New Sales Cloud Unlimited

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited edition houses AI-aided solutions powered by Einstein Activity Capture and Sales Cloud Einstein. Here are some prominent features offered by Salesforce Sales Cloud unlimited edition:

Features of All New Sales Cloud Unlimited

Salesforce Inbox and Sales Engagement

The unlimited edition consists of effective sales inbox and Sales engagement features along with the capability to train the Sales representatives for call conversations. The unlimited edition allows the sales team to evaluate call details to deliver rich insights and user feedback.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence Solution

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited edition is well stocked with Salesforce’s AI Einstein and Activity capture capability. It enables sales representatives to fulfill their tasks by offering them deep insights and millions of relevant recommendations to work on.

It comes with eight built-in Artificial Intelligence automation to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of Sales reps.

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

The pilot version of Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud was launched in September 2021. Now based on the overwhelmingly positive response, Salesforce has made it available for its customers.

It can assist enterprises in managing their subscription journey from cash to products, via all service channels, using various workflows.

It could be integrated with your existing e-Commerce, self-service touchpoints, or in-application systems. It enables you to provide self-service options to your customers over multiple channels.

Salesforce Development Company

Revenue Intelligence Capabilities

The Unlimited Edition consists of numerous types of revenue intelligence, that are well-customized to suit the needs of numerous industries worldwide.

It comes with Revenue Intelligence such as Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence, Finance Services Cloud Intelligence, Communication Cloud Intelligence, Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence, and Energy & Utilities Cloud Intelligence

Innovative Sales Cloud for Slack

It was announced by Salesforce in late August that this feature will be offered for customers to integrate and use with their existing practices. The Sales Cloud for Slack allows sales teams to maintain the records, automate deal status, and effectively use pipeline analytics. It offers a better collaboration ability to the sales team, that ensures swift closure of deals.

How does Sales Cloud Unlimited transform your Sales Reps into Trusted Advisors?

The innovative Sales Cloud unlimited edition allows your sales reps to focus on their core functions instead of wasting their time switching between multiple applications.

The Sales Cloud unlimited edition is developed to offer a unified platform, where sales reps can avail deep insights and utilize them to develop robust customer relationships.

The unlimited edition is developed to offer innovative methods and automation over conventional call coaching and customer service, which certainly helps the sales team act as trusted advisors and gain the confidence of their customers.

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Conclusion – Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited edition is indeed a one-shot automated solution for Sales representatives and various additional customer support functions. It is supplied with numerous AI and automation abilities that assist enterprises to serve their customers and offer them an immaculate experience. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud unlimited edition addresses various demands and solves many challenges of modern organizations while helping them consolidate their sales cycle and workflows. The Unlimited Edition covers and meets all the vital criteria to ensure seamless enablement and engagement.

Arka Software is a renowned Salesforce development company, which can assist you in implementing an efficient solution for your business with the help of the Sales Cloud edition. If you are new to Salesforce and swamped with a plethora of options, then you can feel free to get in touch with our salesforce consultants. We will certainly help you achieve the greatest propositions for your business.

Sales Cloud Unlimited – FAQs

  • What is Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition?

    It is a new and supercharged “Unlimited Edition” of Salesforce. It is an all-in-one tech stack where automation, analytics, and intelligence are offered as a package to the scaled Sales Cloud organizations.

  • What type of services we can expect from Salesforce Unlimited Edition?

    The Unlimited edition of Salesforce offers the following services:
    1) Run Sales organization and manage Routing and Lead Assignment
    2) Deliver service to the customers
    3) Manage customer information
    4) Offers real-time business insights
    5) Offers seamless Process Automation and Customization

  • How many Clouds can we have in Salesforce?

    Salesforce offers six basic types of clouds:
    1) Sales Cloud
    2) Commerce Cloud
    3) Marketing Cloud
    4) Service Cloud
    5) Analytics Cloud
    6) Experience Cloud
    Salesforce also offers nine other types of clouds for specific industries and applications, comprising a Vaccine Cloud for overseeing COVID vaccines and tests.

  • What is the difference between Salesforce Unlimited and Enterprise Edition?

    Salesforce Unlimited Edition offers almost 5 times more API calls per user than the Enterprise edition. It let businesses connect Salesforce with a wide range of supplemental capabilities and services.

  • How many types of Sandboxes are offered by Salesforce?

    Salesforce usually offers four types of Salesforce Sandboxes:
    1) Developer Sandbox
    2) Developer Pro Sandbox
    3) Full Copy Sandbox
    4) Partial Data Sandbox

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