Shopify Features: A Guide for E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Updated 18 Jul 2023
Published 18 Jul 2023
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Shopify Features

Now it’s effortless to set up an e-commerce store as Shopify and its products made it possible. The most surprising fact is that Shopify empowers over 4.15 million online stores. It offers multiple features that address all eCommerce business needs.

If you want to set up an e-commerce store, you first need to know about the features so that you can utilize these as per your specific business needs. This guide about Shopify features will help you to get some valuable information.  

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Shopify as an eCommerce Platform: What is It?

Shopify is an eCommerce development platform that helps businesses with digital transformation. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop and want to sell your products online, then Shopify is the best option. With it, you can sell any product, from handmade goods to chocolates or fabric to partywear suites.  

Start and grow your e-commerce business

What makes Shopify a perfect eCommerce platform is that you can sell directly from your website, or you can sell in-person at your business location using POS. The other Shopify advantage is it lays a perfect foundation for drop shippers to the brands selling products D2C.   

If you want to try it, you can even do it without spending a penny. While using the trial version, you can create the store, try Shopify apps, and more, or start at only $5 with the Shopify starter plan. If you need more, then you can start with a basic plan.

Shopify offers three key subscription and feature-based pricing plans such as:   

  • Basic Plan (for individual & small businesses): at $39/month   
  • Shopify (for small businesses): at $105/ month  
  • Advanced (for medium to large business): at $399/ month  

In addition to these, Shopify also offers a plan for enterprise-level businesses generating minimum or over $1 million in revenue, and that is Shopify Plus which is more advanced than all other plans and offers multiple benefits such as dedicated support, more than 8000 apps for use, customized checkout process, and more than you think.  

How Does Shopify Work?

Shopify is a cloud-based platform for eCommerce store development, and it can be accessed with any internet-enabled device. Shopify has its server, so you need to create a store only using a drag-and-drop website filter instead of managing hosting and server.

Using a single platform, you can manage sales & marketing, payments, shipping, taxes, checkout process, and applying themes from the Shopify store or other tasks.       

The working of Shopify is easy and effortless you can create a store like:  

  • Register your account   
  • Choose a plan   
  • Build your e-commerce store using a drag-and-drop website builder  
  • Add products you want to sell  
  • Setup checkout process  
  • Setup payment integration   
  • Integrate your social media accounts with the Shopify store and start selling   

Shopify offers incredible features to offer businesses of all sizes

Shopify Features You Need to Know

In terms of providing features, Shopify is ahead of the curve compared to other eCommerce platforms. So, let’s start with the top Shopify features list that helps businesses create the best eCommerce experience.   

The Shopify Features You Need to Know

1. Single Point Order Management System

One of the best Shopify features is – the order management system which seamlessly works for the entire business. It ensures that order delivery is fast in a well-managed way.

It facilitates fast shipping, inventory management, streamlining order fulfillment, buying shipping labels, return processing, and whatever you want to do with the orders.

While fulfilling the order, you can save 88% on shipping rates. Now as a new update, you can prioritize and allocate the orders. You can also get real-time insights with order analytics.

2. Shopify POS

Shopify offers POS features that a business can use to sell products in person. In simple terms, you can sell products at physical stores using a POS system and accept card payments. It works directly with Shopify inventory and records each transaction without any error.

It comes with a dashboard with it, you can view sales records & purchase history, add discount offers, and set up personalized marketing campaigns.     

Shopify POS

3. E-commerce SEO Tools

In this digital world where every business is focusing on online promotion SEO is crucial. It connects a business with a larger audience base. It helps in better visibility and high ranking on search engine results.

The Shopify stores come with built-in SEO however, you need to take care of it, such as editing robots.txt, adding keywords that can help you rank, optimizing site structure, finding and submitting sitemap, hiding any page from search engines, configuring blogs, and others. With Shopify, you can do it with ease.

4. Shopify Analytics

The analysis is important for business growth, whether it is sales analysis or analyzing the speed of your eCommerce store. Shopify Analytics works best for it. It allows online owners to review store activity, visitors’ insights, analyze store transactions, analyze web store speed, and more.

The single analytics and report generator facilitates generating a variety of reports such as financial reports, acquisition reports, inventory reports, behavior reports, marketing reports, sales reports, and other reports. Whatever you need for analysis and reporting, it provides a click. 

Shopify Analytics

5. Abandon Cart Recovery

There is a common issue that arises with every e-commerce store is an abandoned cart. You will be shocked to know that 68% of customers abandon the cart before purchasing. Here Shopify offers a unique solution named Abandoned Checkouts.

The store owners can easily identify the customers who have abandoned the cart and can send them an e-mail to remind them. If you are using Advanced plan or Shopify Plus, then you can also automate this process. You can find this option in the Orders section.

6. Shopify Templates

An attractive storefront and visualization are a must for an e-commerce store to captivate the users’ attention. For the same, Shopify offers a vast collection of theme templates you can use on a need basis. Almost all themes are free to use.

Using the Shopify theme design feature editor, you can customize your website’s front and inner pages. The templates feature helps edit or create a new template, preview, and bulk template changes. for the best experience, you can also take the help of Shopify developers.

Shopify Templates

7. Payment Integration

With a single Shopify store, you can integrate more than 100 payment gateways. Including other payment methods, some of the top payment methods are Pay Pal, Stripe, Opayo, Amazon Pay, AliPay Global, and Skrill.

A store owner can also integrate additional payment methods using Shopify admin settings. You can also add it based on your geolocation, as Shopify has a presence in over 175 countries.

8. Shopify Security & Backup

Shopify is the most secure platform for e-commerce stores. It takes additional security measures to keep stores and their customers’ data safe. It uses SSL encryption, PCI compliance, content security, two-factor authentication, and more.

Shopify Security & Backup

9. Mobile Commerce

Shopify offers features to manage your business with a mobile app. It is available for both major platforms, such as Android & iOS. Using a mobile app, you can create a store, grow your business, and can manage it from anywhere-everywhere. From order processing to running a marketing campaign, it works tremendously.

10. Marketing & E-commerce Automation

Shopify flow is one of the best features available on the Shopify platform that supports marketing & e-commerce automation that you can use to automate the tasks and can process within your store or app.

You can send event-based emails to the customers. You can configure automation using a template or Shopify flow also allows for creating custom automation.     


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Shopify New Features and Important Updates for 2023

In 2023 Shopify released some updates, which are almost all related to the features. These updates are released to help the business to improve its sales, enhance growth, and improve customer engagement.   

Shopify New Features and Important Updates

So, here are some latest updates about the Shopify features.   

  •  Highly Flexible Checkout Process

As one of the major updates, Shopify is now offering a fully updated and highly flexible checkout process. It works as a one-page experience where a customer needs to fill fewer fields. The new checkout process helps users to make their purchases fast. Additionally, the businesses using Shopify Plus have advantages here; they can customize the process using drag–n-drop editor.   

  • Dynamic Content Model

Now you can have control over your content blocks with the help of meta blocks and fields. You can customize the content across all the pages that you want to display. This new update allows store managers to manage product content, page content, blog post, and more.   

  • Augmented Reality

It is one of the advanced Shopify features that allows users to experience the product even before they purchase it. It can help the owners to improve the shopping experience with their store, enhance the product showcasing, and engage the shoppers in real-time. Adding AR to the selling toolkit is beneficial in all terms.   

Augmented Reality in shopify


  • B2B API Suits

As a new update to the features, Shopify introduced a suite of B2B APIs which are stable and specifically designed to assist businesses in streamlining their operations and improving workflows. Businesses can integrate these APIs with their Shopify store and other systems, such as accounting software, inventory management, and more. 

  • AI-Powered Descriptions & Recommendations

Have you heard about Shopify Magic? If not, then it is the perfect option for generating AI-powered descriptions and recommendations. Shopify Magic is an AI-powered tool that creates product descriptions in seconds. You need to enter a simple prompt about the product then it will create a crisp description that attracts the customers.   

  • Checkout UI Extensions

The very recent July 2023 update is about Checkout UI extensions. It is as follows:   

  • The extension Limit is raised to 50 per app.   
  • APIs for checkout extensions are added for inline error messaging for validations, meta objects through the storefront API, and payment & delivery options through new APIs.   
  • Order status page UI extensions for targeting pages in the customer journey.   
  • Improved Shopping Localization  

Shopify Markets is launched to help businesses to sell their products in international markets. It offers seamless cross-border shipping and fulfillment, geolocation-based automated domain redirection, and multiple localization tools. As a business owner, you can localize your product based on geolocation boundaries and connect with more customers.   


Shopify store

The Final Thoughts

Shopify is a popular & global e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features to help entrepreneurs to start their businesses and grow with it. User-friendly interface, a wide range of themes & apps, multiple options for payment integration, scalability, and high security make it perfect for e-commerce development. It also offers features-based subscription plans that you can use per your needs.

In this article, you have gone through all the key features and updates that will help you set up your online store correctly. Still, if you need more assistance, connect & consult with a Shopify development services provider.   

Arka Softwares is one of the leading Shopify development companies, so you can also contact us for any Shopify development requirements or queries. We are here to assist you in with the best resources you can hire on a requirement basis.

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