How to Hire an Expert Shopify Developer – A Complete Guide

Updated 02 Jun 2023
Published 26 May 2023
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Hire an Expert Shopify Developer

Do you want to hire an expert Shopify developer but do not know where to start your journey? When you have the right tools and resources, launching in the market and achieving success become easier.

There is always a need for highly innovative platforms to push the business to new heights, and having a highly functional and smooth website is one of the most necessary requirements in this aspect.

Hiring the right developer is a cumbersome task as you must worry about many things. If someone wins this battle, the chances of focusing on other parts become convenient.

Plenty of people are looking at Shopify developer tutorials to do this work themselves, but it is not recommended for innovation and uniqueness. The business world is full of competition, and staying behind in the race is a sheer failure.

Having a store designed by experts ensures the use of the best Shopify theme design development and user experience practices. It can be beneficial for giving a better image in front of prospective customers.

In this article, we will talk about a proper Shopify development hiring guide with many important factors in detail.

Shopify eCommerce Market Statistics

Worldwide sales have witnessed a tremendous for the Shopify platform, and their retail share is proof of what can be expected. This platform is here to stay to provide the required help to the brands.

Shopify eCommerce Market Statistics

Have a look at some key statistics in detail below:

  • According to a report by Kinsta, Shopify holds around 20% share in the eCommerce market among the top 1 million websites. Nearly 400 websites out of the top 10,000 are using their technology.`
  • More than 65% of Shopify e-commerce sites are from the United States making it their largest market.
  • As per Com, over 1.90 million eCommerce sites built using Shopify are whopping for sure. According to analysts, staggering numbers are expected to grow by 2023.
  • The total revenue generated by Shopify in the last quarter of 2021 surpasses US$ 1 billion making it a huge achievement for the platform.
  • Their total monthly visits surpassed 56 million in March 2022 proving its popularity among the audience.

Why are Shopify Developers in Demand?

Have you ever wondered why there is a huge demand for Professional shopify developers in the market? The key reason behind their popularity is the wide fame of the Shopify platform in the eCommerce world.

It lets people create their websites and sell products online with ease. Due to its user-friendliness, it can work for businesses of all sizes.

Why Are Shopify Developers In Demand

Have a look at the other significant reasons for the tremendous hiring of developers to develop custom Shopify apps below:

  • Optimizing the Online Stores

Although setting up the Shopify store is easy, optimizing it according to the present market scenario and business style requires expertise. In that case, the assistance of a developer can be convenient, who will customize the online store for better user experience and performance.

  • Increasing Surge in eCommerce Market

There is no chance of demand for such professionals due to the adaption of online stores increasing at a record rate. Even small businesses are setting up their stores due to their customers’ requirements. Creating an eCommerce store has become a necessity to beat the competition these days that increase the demand for developers.

  • Perfect for Startups

As we all know, startups start their businesses with minimal investment, making Shopify an exciting option. It is an easy-to-set platform that demands a low budget and maintenance from the brands. Due to this, many startups are opting for Shopify app developers to begin their journey.

  • Maintenance Purposes

If the number of online Shopify stores increases, the demand for developers to maintain them will also rise. Many platforms are opting for expert Shopify app developers to maintain their stores and keep them according to the industry’s standards.

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When do you need to Hire a Shopify Developer to Build a Shopify Store?

Are you evaluating things and want to know whether to hire an expert Shopify developer for your brand or not? Let us provide insight about when you should hire such an expert with the detail below:

When Do You Need To Hire A Shopify Developer To Build A Shopify Store

  • Need to Increase the Stocks of Brand

When you feel it’s time to increase your brand’s image, going for a Shopify developer’s services perfectly makes sense. Customizing the site to match the latest trends and competitiveness is very important. It can be perfect for giving a new image to your platform.

  • Improving Store SEO

SEO is critical for ranking your store higher in Google Results. It is highly useful for bringing quality traffic to the store that instantly boosts sales. It can be a great mistake if you do not appoint a professional to perform search engine optimization of the site.

Improving Store SEO

  • Social Media Integration

Social media integration is critical when a brand wants to increase online popularity. That’s why Shopify has added an in-platform feature to incorporate social media with their platform. It assists in driving followers and boosting traffic that only an expert Shopify developer can do properly.

  • Needing Ongoing Support

It is understood that the system will demand ongoing support, increasing the burden on merchants who have to work on many other things. It ranges from completing marketing tasks to fulfilling logistics duties. If they hire a Shopify development agency, it will give relief from the burden of technical issues and let them focus on other things.

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How to Hire an Expert Shopify Developer?

Finding the right for your project is significant when you want to achieve great success in the online world. Picking anyone randomly won’t do any favors in the long run. That’s why every business owner should be serious about hiring the best Shopify developer to maximize their profits.

How To Hire An Expert Shopify Developer

Have a look at our complete guide with step-by-step explanation for this purpose below:

  • Using References

Word of mouth is a great tool that can be used to find the right professional. We believe it is one of the most efficient procedures for locating a competent developer. Although there is nothing guaranteed that the reference will be the ideal choice for the project, the local community can undoubtedly be beneficial.

  • Identify Requirements

Make sure you have a proper list of requirements before beginning the project. It should only not include the steps to follow but also all the processes for finishing the task adequately. A clearly defined strategy will allow the developer to create a Shopify store that works.

  • Creating a Budget

The next thing to do is make a budget about how much you can spend on the project. A well-thought strategy can greatly assist before committing to any agreements. It can allow your brand and Shopify agency to work convincingly on the same page.

Hire Dedicated Shopify Developers

  • Skill Verification

Before reaching an agreement, ensure the selected Shopify developer holds the required expertise. Whether you choose an independent professional or a firm, they should know to work with Shopify.

The presence of top-notch programming knowledge can allow the developer to create a platform as per the latest industry standards.

  • After Project Support

There will be a need to make minor updates once the site gets live. You will have to make adjustments to fix bugs or make minor improvements even after months of launch. Ensure the developer you choose is there to assist in giving after-project support.

  • Communication Skills

An essential method to evaluate the capability of a developer is by knowing their communication skills. It is a very effective method for delivering projects as per deadlines. On top of that, it helps find a great range of things related to decision-making, problem-solving, etc.

If a developer possesses these things, it can be a valuable choice for building your eCommerce platforms. The hiring of such an individual can make your project successful for sure.

What kind of Shopify Developer are you looking for?

Do you know there are different developers for completing the job? Have a look at various Shopify developers to find the ideal match as per the requirements below:

What Kind Of Shopify Developer Are You Looking For

  • Shopify Theme Developers

If you want to change the appearance of your brand, the best thing to do is hire a developer to work on Shopify themes and customization. An hour requires to engage the users. This customization needs to be performed as per the brand’s identity.

  • Shopify Online Store Set-up Developer

People who want to build everything from scratch must hire these professionals. They only not set up the store but also perform all the technical tasks adequately. Consulting with such individuals is the right thing to do when you have just entered the Shopify world.

  • Shopify Migration Developers

When you want to shit the business to Shopify, the ideal consultant is to find an individual with the required knowledge. Shopify Migration Developers are for brand owners looking for an easier and faster option to perform this shift with ease.

Shopify migration

  • Shopify Maintenance & Upgrade

To keep the business updated, it is essential to maintain it according to the latest trends. In this regard, you can consider hiring a professional or agency to maintain the store adequately. It will consist of back-end maintenance, update support, security audit, database optimization, etc.

  • Shopify SEO Professionals

The best method to boost the conversion rate is by getting organic traffic to the store. Hiring these professionals can be a crucial process to boosting the brand identity and profit.

Always hire an expert Shopify developer according to the requirements of your brand. It will ensure you can achieve the desired results in terms of effectiveness, profit, etc.

Things to consider before Finalizing an Expert Shopify Developer

An impactful brand can only be created by hiring expert Shopify developers with the proper expertise. Finding the right candidate out of various profiles isn’t an easier task.

Things to Consider Before Finalizing an Expert Shopify Developer

The entire thing can become a disaster by selecting the wrong individual for this work. Have a look at things that need to be checked before finalizing a developer to start creating a Shopify platform:

  • Skills & Qualifications

Practical skills play an essential role in standing apart from the crowd. Checking the skills and qualifications of the developer is an important task you should always perform. You can even think about having a technical test for screening ideal agencies or freelancers from the list.

  • Experience

While selecting a professional from the Shopify experts marketplace, carefully evaluate their previous projects. Please note every developer doesn’t have the required knowledge and understanding regarding programming. Always select someone having considerable experience with real-time projects.

Shopify experts marketplace

  • Knowledge about the Latest Trends

There is a number of advancement made every year in the e-commerce world. So, it is important for individuals to know about these technological advancements. Make it an important part of the hiring process of Shopify developers to ensure highly skilled individuals work for your projects.

  • Problem-Solving Expertise

A developer with quality problem-solving expertise always leads the project according to the brand vision. The presence of technical knowledge and deep understanding regarding the programming languages assist in standing out from the crowd.

Choose the one who can analyze and troubleshoot issues to give immediate support during the problems.

Hire Shopify Developers

  • Budget

A crucial question everyone has “How much it costs to hire a Shopify expert” in the real world? Well, budget is a very crucial thing for having such a professional. According to their expertise, it can cost anywhere between US$ 30 & US$ 150. You can even consider hiring a professional agency if the budget allows.

Where to find the best Shopify Experts & Developers?

There are many places to find an expert professional for your Shopify store. We have given detailed information about them below:

Where To Find the Best Shopify Experts & Developers

  • Upwork

The hiring process for Shopify developers becomes easier on a site like Upwork. Whether someone wants to develop the site from scratch or only wants to modify a few things, this site is the right choice. There is a great variety of accredited developers available on this site.

  • People Per Hour

Another freelance platform you can use for hiring such a professional is People Per Hour, which utilizes artificial intelligence to match buyers’ needs. The process of posting the job is very convenient, and one can easily find the ideal freelancer with ease.

  • Hiring an Agency

You will need to do certain research to find the top-ranked digital experience agencies to create a Shopify store. There are many top-ranked agencies providing quality Shopify development services all over the world. Make sure you talk with your requirements in advance to ensure better implementation.

Hire Shopify Developers _ Arka Softwares

  • Shopify Experts

Another exquisite choice for finding agencies and freelancers to perform development is checking Shopify Experts. Here, you can find a great range of developers with premium knowledge and experience.

Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Expert

Hiring a Shopify expert can bring lots of significance in terms of time and effort for a brand. Have a look at the potential benefits of having top Shopify developers below:

Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Expert

  • Search Engine Optimization

The services of a professional developer can be incredibly beneficial for optimizing the sites according to the latest SEO practices. It helps make the site user-friendly and boost organic traffic to the platform.

  • Time for Focusing on Other Things

Hiring an expert Shopify developer will give you a chance to focus on other responsibilities for launching the brand. You can focus on expanding the business in the areas that need your guidance. Such experts understand the market and know how to deliver the best results while you can focus on other tasks.

  • Better Functionality

Another benefit of having professional developers is they can boost the functionality by the addition of the right templates and mold matching the requirements. It can be very helpful for taking the business to another level. They can expand their reach by using the right strategies for the brand.

  • Bring Better Fortune

There is a better chance of bringing great fortunes to the company by creating the most popular eCommerce platforms with an expert developer. They know how to make extensive changes to make the conversion better. Also, these experts understand the method for integrating third-party APIs to boost sales.

How much does it cost to Hire Shopify Developers?

Now it is a tough one! Knowing the cost to hire a Shopify expert varies on many factors. It depends on the size and complexity of the project. There are tons of things like traffic, sales targets, and functionalities involved in the process according to which estimation is done.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Shopify Developers

A simple template costs much less when compared with a completely customized design. It can cost anywhere between US$ 3,500 & US$ 100,000 as per the requirements. A fully customized project can cost up to US$ 100,000, while a medium range will complete in less than US$ 10,000.

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Find the Difference- Hiring a Freelance Shopify Developer vs. Hiring from Agency

The eCommerce website represents an image of a brand, and that’s why having the right partner is extremely important for success. It is a critical step for giving the essential feel to the brand and ensuring a great user experience. Many people are confused about choosing a freelance developer or hiring an agency to create a Shopify platform.

Giving a fixed answer to this query isn’t easier as it depends on various factors. It mainly relies on the project’s requirements and how much time you have to complete the task. Let’s go through both of them deeply to make evaluation easier!

Hiring a Freelance Shopify Developer vs. Hiring from Agency

A freelancer developer is much cheaper when compared with the cost to hire a Shopify expert from the agency. They are incredible options for start-ups or platforms looking for cost-cutting expenses. It is economical to hire a freelancer when there is uncertainty about the profit.

On the other hand, collaborating with freelancers often causes coordination issues, while the chances of such issues with an agency are rare. The reason behind this is the agency has a complete team under one roof, and freelancers have to assign various tasks remotely.

If we talk about agencies, they provide a sense of legal and official guarantee to their customers. You can trust more on their integrity because they have to protect their reputation. In the case of freelancers, the chances of having a delay and low-quality work are pretty high.

The developers working at an agency have better knowledge about how Shopify works according to the current business scenarios. They are fully adaptable to the latest technologies and ensure perfect implementation in the project. On the other hand, you may have to face issues in terms of professional tech support and giving access to the latest tools.

As you can see, it all depends on your requirements while creating a Shopify platform. Ensure you evaluate the needs adequately and choose the best option to match your needs.

Hire an Shopify developer

Wrapping Up

E-commerce brand owners must address many things to stay ahead of competitors by generating sales. Hiring the best Shopify developer may seem daunting, but one can easily complete it with the right sort of tools. We strongly recommend having the best professional complete the project according to expectations.

When finding someone for this purpose, it is essential to have a good idea about what needs to be created. Plan things and budget properly to ensure your online platform has the greatest features.

If you have any insights regarding Shopify app development, please write about it in the contact form below. Our team will love to hear about it from you!

FAQs Related to Expert Shopify Developer

  • What are the average charges of a Shopify Developer?

    If we talk about the United States, the annual salary of a Shopify developer is around US$ 93,000. A freelancer professional with such expertise gets around US$ 60 per hour. On the other hand, these charges can be pretty affordable when hiring such developers from countries like India.

  • What skills should one look for in a Shopify Developer?

    Go for an agency or professional with great communication skills and experience using the software. They should be able to identify the technical issues and be aware of programs like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc.

  • How to find a Shopify Developer?

    There are plenty of sites to find freelancers for creating an eCommerce store like Freelancer or Upwork. On the other hand, a huge range of agencies offer such services to their customers.

  • How to choose a Shopify Developer?

    Create a job request to multiple agencies followed by evaluating the quotes presented by them. Only decide once you understand the crucial aspects of every company.

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