Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Updated 14 Jul 2023
Published 12 Jun 2019
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Think of anything that you need in your daily life, you can order it online. This technological transformation has flipped our lives for the better side.

While making everything available from smartphones to groceries and from handbags to shoes, we certainly missed an important commodity of our daily life, i.e. milk and all other dairy products. Imagine a mobile application that lets you order milk, butter, cream, eggs, etc. Isn’t it something smart and convenient?

The best part about a milk delivery application is that you don’t have to worry about the target audience because literally, everyone is your target audience. This is one of the best business models that you can find in this modern competitive market.

In this blog, we will cover every aspect of Dairy product delivery app development, features, and cost of development. But before we unravel the steps of app development, let’s ahed some light on what is Milk delivery app and how it is different from other e-commerce businesses.

What is an Online Milk Delivery App and How it is Different From E-commerce Businesses?

Online milk delivery software is a handy buddy for those who don’t have enough time to run their errands to buy essential items like milk, eggs, bread, etc. As a user, you can simply select the items from the dairy app, and the next day early morning the item will be at your doorstep.

The process may seem similar to other online e-commerce platforms. The difference between these two different platforms is that the mobile app for milk delivery is a micro-delivery cum micro-commerce application.

In other words, you can buy small items from a micro-commerce app such as a pack of biscuits or a carton of milk. It is not possible in other e-commerce platforms, they will take a significant amount of delivery charge and probably wouldn’t deliver the item the very next day.

By now, we know what is an online milk delivery app. It is time that we understand the business model of this app.

Why Invest in On-Demand Milk Delivery App?

The food and beverage industry in India is growing swiftly. According to reports, the segment is anticipated to reach $869 billion in sales by 2023.

Milkbasket, a popular Indian micro-delivery startup is successfully enlarging its footprint in the milk, grocery, fruit, and vegetable delivery market, attracting the attention of venture capitalists. The startup has already raised $26 million to date and is all set to raise another $50 million in the coming months.

To replicate the success of Milkbasket several other startups are entering this business. Some of the leading names among these are BigBasket, Grofers, and Google-backed Dunzo.

revenue in milk segment till 2025
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Online Milk Delivery App Business Model 

  • It all starts with a sign-up from a user. To sign up email/phone number is required and the user is asked to set up a password too. To sign in the user needs to enter the same credentials. 
  • Right after signing up for the application, a dedicated profile is created for the user and
  • After signing in to the online milk delivery application the user can explore the wide range of milk and its products or any other items and select the one required and order them.
  • It is important for users to enter their delivery address so that their orders can be sent to their places without any hassle.
  • After selecting the items users can either choose to pay online through a payment system. An order confirmation message is shown to the user and the order is delivered to the user at her doorstep.

Hence the business model of an online milk delivery app is as simple as it can be. However, your mobile app developers can enhance the way it interacts with the users and they can add more exciting features to the app.
Talking about features, the following are the feature of an online milk delivery application.

Key Features of Online Milk Delivery App

Consumer Panel Admin Panel
  • Register and manage profile
  • Add/manage multiple addresses
  • Browse and sort through milk products
  • Place an order
  • Track order in real-time
  • Give ratings and reviews
  • Get order invoice via SMS and mail
  • Refer a friend
  • View discounts and offers
  • Earn reward points
  • View order history
  • Select preferred delivery time
  • Set vacation days for no deliver
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Integrate e-wallets
  • Secure login to the admin dashboard
  • Manage delivery executives
  • Manage milk service providers
  • Manage monetization methods
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Manage orders
  • Manage CMS
  • Track order deliveries
  • Analyze and track earnings
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Generate reports
Milk Service Provider Panel Delivery Executive Panel
  • Register and create a business profile
  • Add product inventory
  • Manage to the price of milk products
  • Manage order and deliveries
  • Manage payments
  • Track performance of delivery executives
  • Create and manage profile
  • View orders assigned
  • View order details
  • View customer location for delivery
  • In-app call and chat with customer
  • View order history

Advanced Features of Online Milk Delivery App

There are three types of users who have access to the milk delivery application. A. consumer B. Admin, C. Delivery Executive. Features for all these three end users are different. Therefore, in contrast, we will talk about each of them separately.

milk delivery app

1. Features for Consumers

Manage Profile

A customer is given a profile after signing up. This profile contains all details of the customer, from addresses to past order history. The user can change the contents of the profile at any time.

Multiple Payment Option

Since an online milk delivery app targets all types of users and these users may have various preferred payment options. Therefore, enabling the application to accept every type of payment option helps all users to place their orders effortlessly.

Save Multiple Addresses

If users are allowed to save multiple addresses in their profiles, then they will not have to enter the entire address at the time of ordering milk or other products from a friend or relative.

Order Invoice via Email

It is a very handy feature for the users to receive an invoice for each order placed by them. It helps them to manage their expenses.

Bonus Points

Loyal customers receive bonus points after a certain amount of shopping. These points help them to get exclusive discounts and other offers.

Referral Codes

If the users want to share the online milk delivery app with their friends and family members then they can share it with a referral code which helps both of them to earn some extra bonus points. And now we know what a user can do with bonus points, don’t we?

Track Order

If a user wants to check where his/her order is, then this feature allows him/her to track the order and get an ETA of the order.

GPS functionality

Order History

This is an additional feature that helps the user to manage their expenses and check order history within the application. This feature comes under the profile section and contains all the order history from the time of sign-up. A user can request a PDF file of this history as well.

Repeat/Periodic Order

The users need items like milk, bread, and eggs every day. Therefore, this feature enables users to request orders just once for a certain number of days (days, weeks, and months) and then the order will be sent to the user’s doorstep every day.

Set Preferable Delivery Time

Some applications may provide this feature to help users receive their order on a specific time according to their convenience.

Marking Vacation Days

This feature helps users to set their vacation days. On these days they will not receive the order. It is a simple yet amazing feature to have.


Every time paying from a bank and debit/credit card may take some time. Therefore, an eWallet app like Paytm helps users to top up their wallets once, and then they can pay for their orders in just one click.

2. Features for Admin

Dedicated Dashboards

This intuitive feature of online milk delivery app helps admins to get detailed information on a particular niche in a separate screen tab. It adds more value to the observation and information gathering.

admin panel milk delivery app

Manage Users (Consumers, Delivery Executives, Sub-Admins)

One of the most essential features of the app is allowing admins to manage the users. It multiplies the consistency of smooth operation of the application while making sure that all types of users are using the application in the right direction.

Manage Orders

From receiving and accepting orders to assigning orders to the delivery executive, all actions fall under this feature of an online milk ordering application.

Content Management System (CMS)

A versatile content management system or CMS gives versatile content management to the admins to manage each and every available content on the application effortlessly. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is a vital policy for every business to maintain a lasting and sustainable relationship with clients or customers. And great customer relationship management (CRM) helps admins to establish a personal connection with their clients.

Track Deliveries

Just like consumers, admins can also track orders which have been dispatched for delivery. The tracking is shown on a dedicated map that shows them the exact location and movement of delivery executives.

Income Track

All the incoming and outgoing money stays under the radar of the online milk-ordering app admins. Every bank transaction is performed under the supervision of the concerned admin. This is how they prevent any type of fraudulent activity.

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3. Features for Delivery Executive

Manage Profile

Managing profiles is not limited to the consumers only. Delivery executives are also benefited from this feature. In their profile, they can check the total number of pending deliveries and completed deliveries. Their reviews and feedback, etc.

Check Assigned Orders

Every delivery exec is assigned the orders to be delivered. This feature allows them to take a look at them at once. With the help of this feature, they can check all the orders assigned to them with their delivery details.

View Customer Details

One of the essential features of an online milk ordering application for the delivery executives, with the help of this feature they can check all necessary customer details (name, address, phone number) required for delivering the order to the right location.

Navigate to Customer

Navigate to the customer is the feature that takes delivery executives straight to the consumers’ places by navigating turn by turn on the map.

Call Customer

In case the delivery executive having a hard time finding the location of the consumer then calling them can turn out to be a great feature.

Order History

This feature is essential for delivery execs. It gives them a place to take a look at their order history. This list contains all the list of total orders delivered.

So this was all about the essential feature list of the online milk delivery application. However, the feature list is not limited to these all mentioned features. It is up to the competency of a mobile app development company that will help you explore the new possibilities for feature addition.

Now asking the real question, who to develop an online milk delivery app? The answer is not as tricky as the question may seem. All you need to do is, find the best mobile app development company and they will provide you with the best services with a lucrative business model.

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Required Team for a Promising Online Milk Delivery App Development

For successful app development, you need an idea and a team of expert developers who can grasp that idea and turn it into a reality. A lucrative reality that expands the business and connects more and more clients.

An experienced team of mobile app developers would know how to implement their proven methodologies to build an online milk delivery app that reaches their end users.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Milk Delivery Mobile App?

After discussing almost all aspects of milk delivery mobile app development, let’s wrap this article up by answering the most important question. But answering this question is not as easy as it may seem. There are various factors that are affecting the overall cost of milk delivery app development.

The top factors are the region of app development, the number of features, and a number of platforms for which the app is being built.

The region is one of the biggest factors because the hourly cost of a developer varies from country to country due to the different economic conditions of that country.

However, the quality of development remains the same. Just to give an idea, the cost of hiring a developer in the USA is USD $150-$250 per hour, in Europe USD $120-$180 per hour, and in Asian countries like India, it is only USD $40-$80 per hour. Hence app development in India seems a smart decision.

The number of features and platforms are also very important factors that affect the development cost by a huge margin.

But it does not mean that we cannot figure out an estimated development cost of an on-demand milk delivery app. Considering app development of an MVP version in India, it may cost around USD $10,000 – $15,000. Just to be sure, it is the price for an MVP version of the app, including more advanced features like sophisticated CRM and CMS, and making it available on multiple platforms may increase the overall cost.

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