Web Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Website 

Updated 20 Feb 2024
Published 06 Oct 2023
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Website Development Process

The web development sector is multiplying, considering the growing population of Internet users. According to research institute Web development jobs are predicted to increase by 13% between 2023 and 2030, a rate much greater than that of most other technological professions.

The web development process entails several crucial steps that must be taken to create any form of successful website. There is a lot that enters creating a website that is user-friendly and positively represents your business.

Web developers and designers must collaborate to develop websites, which users will find engaging.

Here is the detailed guide to the website development process:

How does website development work? 

A website development process is a step-by-step procedure that must be followed to execute a website effectively. Developing a website entails creating both the front end and the back end, as well as getting a domain name.

Website development relates to the development, construction, and upkeep of websites. It covers web publishing, computer programming, database management, and layout. 

Key points to consider before going for a website development: 

The main motive for a website’s presence can be found in its mission. Whether for community organizations, service delivery, advocacy, learning, etc., the presence of a website is a must.

The site’s core objective will eventually influence the site’s design and content preferences. 

Key Points to Consider Before Going for aWebsite Development

1. Domain names: Captivating domain names communicate so much while expressing so little. A website’s domain name should be recognizable, and well-readable and must precisely represent your brand’s personality.  

2. Create web-friendly designs: When a website is designed responsively, it automatically adjusts its resolution to fit the device size used to see it. However, adding responsiveness to an established site can take time; an entire redesign is frequently more cost-effective.  

3. Recognizable branding: All businesses, big and small, need strong brands. The site’s logo layout and appearance influence a viewer’s perception of your brand. Professionally created logos draw the customer’s attention and grasp a clear image of the brand’s distinctive voice. 

4. Features of the webpage: Site features are the components that give a website its dynamic and engaging quality. Examples include social media buttons, online forms, embedded videos and podcasts, and online quizzes. Determining as many of these aspects as possible is crucial in creating a website design and development process. 

5, Web developer: Hire a web development company if you require assistance with developing your website. A website representing your brand can be created, customized, and quickly promoted by them. The resources they employ in developing a site will assist business owners in expanding and scaling new heights. 

Step-by-step Web Development Process

Regardless of how small or large the company is, keep in mind that each phase in developing a website is essential.

Understanding these processes provides you with oversight of the page and aids in maintaining your awareness of the entire process of web development.

The following steps of website development are simplified and mandatory: 

  • Gathering information 
  • Planning 
  • Wireframe Designing 
  • Development 
  • Testing process 
  • Launching process 
  • Maintenance of website 

Step-by-step Web Development Process

1- Gathering information 

Information collection is one of the steps of the web development process, and it involves teamwork to confirm scope, feature needs, stakeholders, contents, and customer needs.

Getting information will inform initial specifications and initial development steps in developing a web page. Information Architecture, or the framework and organization of how the data on your website is organized, is the following phase.

It can be helpful to visualize the information to get an overview of where and what content & analytics will appear on the site or web app. 

With the help of this pre-development data, you may create a precise plan that will prevent you from spending extra money on unforeseen problems like redesigning the site or adding features that weren’t originally available.

Before developing the website, identify your marketing strategy since every firm has one. Consider the age, gender, and expectations of your prospective clients and audiences. 

Computer languages   JavaScript 

2- Planning the process

Full-stack developers create websites by selecting the computing stack and programming approach, defining the outcomes, and development timeframe and resource estimation which fall under the planning category.

Making the sitemap and content structure, wireframing the layout, and developing the UI and UX design are additional work in planning. You can envision the website and how a user can go from one page to another with the aid of the sitemap.  

The sitemap outlines the similarities between the page’s key sections. Such a picture might make it easier to comprehend how usable the developed website will be.

You may determine how simple the website will be for the end user to find the needed information or solution if they commence from the webpage by looking at the “similarities” between the various pages. This stage is essential to design a user-friendly, appealing website.

3- Planning Software

Tools   Usage 
Jira and Confluence 
  • Jira is an excellent tool for assisting your team in project planning and task tracking. 
  • Confluence allows you to manage all the concepts, materials, and documents you and your team produce and make you realize your vision. 
  • Use Asana to organize, control, monitor, and discuss the projects your team is working on.  
  • You can confidently manage and complete each project plan step using an application like Asana. 
Microsoft Visio 
  • Microsoft Visio is a cutting-edge tool that lets you visualize the data in business process flow.  
  • It has several built-in features that extend the power of Microsoft 365 to Visio.  
  • It offers users various features to simplify the operation, making it particularly helpful for process visualization and planning. 

web development services

4- Wireframe Designing 

A key stage in creating a website is creating the wireframe. You can identify the precise flow of your web page and solve any issues that may develop by designing a wireframe. 

The wireframe is a diagram showing how a page design will be assembled. For users to respond to the arrangement of these parts and make any necessary adjustments, it uses black and white page features to show where page sections will be positioned on the website.

Integrating UX into the wireframing approach ensures that your website will succeed once launched by focusing on user demands rather than internal stakeholders’ needs.

5- Wireframe Softwares

Tools   Usage 
Adobe XD  


  • This wireframe is a straightforward digital illustration of the components and functionality of a particular web page or mobile app.  
  • You can use the robust design tools available in Adobe XD’s wireframing to work quickly, evolve, and easily share concepts. 
  • Wireframes can be created using the user interface development tool Balsamiq.  
  • Before any code is composed, you can create visual sketches of your idea or proposal for a website or software to promote conversation and understanding. 
  • With InVision Freehand, creating digital wireframes to specify user experiences and receive team feedback is simple.  
  • You can control, collaborate, and get all the clarity you need using InVision to power your design process. 


  • UXPin’s form components are entirely functional, enabling developers to quickly and easily develop interactive wireframes.  
  • To make developing user interfaces considerably more straightforward and more effective, designers created UXPin. 


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6- Web Development process 

Web development begins following the completion of design. The web development team will convert the design and functionality into something that can be presented to users in their browsers using a variety of programming languages.

Typically, the homepage is produced first, followed by creating each subpage. Additionally, you must ensure the website is usable on both desktops and mobile devices.

  • Front-end development

It is the process of creating a website’s user-interactive, client-side functionality. Unique graphics and effects are made using the designs created in the early phases. The choice of technology and web development tools is then used to combine functions for the idle website.  

Tools   Usage 
  • React is a front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook to create reusable user interface components.  
  • It facilitates the development of engaging user interfaces.  
  • Every time your data changes, it updates and renders the necessary details, making fundamental views for each development stage.
  • Single-page web applications (SPAs) and interactive websites are generally created using Angular, a free front-end JavaScript technology.  
  • The primary responsibility is to develop the website, focusing on its optimum efficiency for all portable devices. 
  • Bootstrap is a front-end framework that allows web developers and designers to create completely adaptive web pages rapidly.  
  • It offers a free set of resources for developing web pages and web programs.  
  • For flexible, mobile-first initiatives, Bootstrap’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features speed up and simplify the front-end development of websites.
  • Back-end development

The opposite of front-end development is back-end development. Back-end development functions facilitate user- and server-side interaction, which interfaces the entire website.

It resembles more like an engine room. Following the website’s goal, the source code in the back-end controls the hosting end, the database, the incorporation of business reasons, and so on.

Tools   Usage  
.NET framework  
  • One of the most often used platforms for back-end development is the. NET.  
  • This universal, free, open-source coding tool may be used to construct a wide range of apps, including web, portable, desktop, and cloud-based versions.
  • NodeJS is the ideal option for developing server-side applications because of its extensive and adaptable feature set.  
  • Using the node package manager (NPM) and importing external modules, JS is used to create sophisticated, dynamic web apps.
Stack Overflow 
  • Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website dedicated to programming.
  • In Stack Overflow, which was created in C# using the ASP.NET MVC framework, data is accessed via the Dapper object-relational adapter and Microsoft SQL Server as a file system.

3. Testing the website

Website testing is essential for discovering the core issues with your website. To make sure everything on your website works properly and doesn’t cause users any problems, you must test every component.

Web programmers claim that every component on your website ought to function properly. To make sure everything works properly, issues like broken links and compatibility with devices must be cleared. 

You can make sure the app on your website functions properly across all platforms by running compatibility tests. For online retailers who handle private customer information like debit and credit card numbers, security testing is crucial.

Hire testers to make sure the site is usable on all platforms, evaluate the site’s speed, and check the code for compliance. Once both automated and manual testing is complete and your website is uploaded to a working server, it is ready to launch.

Testing Tools

Tools  Usage  
  • It offers standard assistance with a variety of testing platforms.  
  • TeamCity offers service with on-the-fly test reporting to minimize feedback time on test errors.  
  • It does this by presenting the test findings for each build execution, making it simple to understand what went wrong and why failure happened. 
  • Created to test programs, JMeter has facilitated the inclusion of more test features. 
  • It is used to measure performance and load test functional behavior.  
  • JMeter makes it feasible by simulating a significant load by producing many concurrent users.  
  • The most popular and widely used web-checking tool on the market right now is Selenium.  
  • It supports numerous operating networks, notably Windows, Mac, and Linux, and well-known browsers, making it one of the most excellent web page testing tools. 
  • A unit testing structure for the PHP computer language is called PHPUnit.  
  • It enables programmers to create unit tests to validate the accuracy and dependability of their program. 

5. Launching the website 

The launch phase starts as soon as the process of testing is over. The process of launching a website involves numerous steps and each step is unavoidable.

Your website will now be assigned an IP address before launching. Additionally, it must have a domain name and a catchy website name that people can remember and use to find your website. 

The Jenkins test service or live server pushes the website’s code. The developers will then review the website’s overall flow, design, and accessibility to ensure nothing is missing from the order. Make sure all the content categories are search engine-friendly.

Make sure the architecture of your website is logical and obvious. A file transfer protocol like FTP should be used to launch the website once it has received final developer approval.

Completely browse the web page and check it several times. You should only launch your web page publicly once you are confident that everything is functional. 

Tools used in launching the Website:

Tools   Usage 
Google Tag Manager 
  • Using Google Tag Manager, you can grant access to other people at the user and container levels.  
  • Users may be allowed to see or manage accounts at the account grade.  
  • Users may be assigned read, modify, or publish permissions at the container grade. 
Google Search Console 
  • You can examine your website’s observations, clicks, and rankings on Google Search Console.  
  • The results from the above process will detail your web page traffic’s success. 

6. Maintenance of the website 

After a website is launched, it’s crucial to carry out routine web maintenance to avoid technical problems, enhance user experience, and guarantee your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Maintaining the current site, operating efficiently, and performing at its best is known as website maintenance.

To enhance the usability and discoverability of features, user testing can be repeatedly conducted on new content and components of your site. New tasks for design and development may result from all of this.

When someone tries to access your website, it should be accessible, and it can be reached through continuous monitoring. Your website’s uptime should be kept as close to 100%. 

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What makes a website development company necessary?

A trusted web development company will design and build your website with a flexible layout that works on all devices. To make precise recommendations for the development of your website, the professionals at web development businesses conduct research and analysis on your industry, competitors, target audiences, and more.

A responsive website enhances user experience while also helping you rank better on search engines. The objective of a website development agency is to establish your brand as distinctive and unforgettable through competitive content, a clever conversion channel, website motive, on-brand components, and more. 

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What is the price of developing a website?

Whether you choose to hire a website development team for your company or construct your site yourself, how you approach the process ultimately determines how much it will cost.

Another factor to consider is the amount of time needed to create an effective website. Consider hiring someone to launch your website as swiftly and successfully as feasible. Depending on the size and features of the website, web development cost can be anything between: 

  • Small business website: $10,000 to $25,000 
  • Medium-sized business website: $25,000 to $40,000  
  • Websites at the enterprise level: $40,000 and above


Web development is essential because it produces a variety of web apps with specialized features and services. There are numerous elements to consider while developing a branded website.

Your site’s design, navigation, and content must attract visitors and encourage continued engagement with your business, boosting traffic and generating leads.

Use the information in this blog to develop a new website or to make improvements to an existing one based on user demands and commercial success.

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