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The question is how to develop a news magazine app? Well, indeed the question is toil, but sure we can make it well, in the proceeding post. Today’s users are interested in gathering all the live updates from all around the globe irrespective of the time. Thus, our exponential evolving lives demand such apps, which can help us to keep almost everything on fingertips.

As per the recent study published by the Statista, the news circulation departments are heading their foot towards digital marketing, for fetching the subscribers. According to a new study, around 82% of the people in Sweden use the news app twice the day followed by Turkey and the UK.


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News magazine mobile app development is one of the classic ventures to invest in, in today’s modern era. Such allows the users to access the news literally from anywhere and at any time. Newspaper apps are becoming an essential medium for gathering live updates in the most sophisticated way.


The Utility of News App

News Magazine app development


Well obviously, your newspaper must be doing a stunning job, but it cannot overtake the benefits being delivered by the newspaper app. The ease that is being delivered by the mobile is needless to say flawless. A study states that only 2-3% of the Americans prefers for the printed newspaper. Thus, the utility of the news app is well defined by the above facts.

Below are the few more pointers that define the utility of a news mobile app in the right way.
  1. Around more than 5000 iPhone users spend approximately 2 hours in the newspaper app.
  2. The online news publishers such as the New York Times has currently around 3.5 million active users, which is undeniably massive.
  3. Another study reveals that around 75% of the users stick to Facebook or the other social media channels to discover live events.


Digital App Global Market

As per the recent study published by statista, the average revenue of digital publishing in the US is around 18 billion US dollars. The capital associated with the online trend is taking the massive shape with every passing day.


U.S. Digital Publishing Industry – Statistics & Facts

news-magazine app statistics 

With such a massive number of apps users, the businesses are striving for newspaper app development. Thus, we have outlined all the facts that go into digital news marketing. Below are a few newspaper app types on which the business can invest upon.

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Types of News App

News Aggregator App: The newspaper aggregator app is the best to capitalize on. Such types of newspaper apps are known for generating impressive returns when combined with a justified set of monetization strategies and approaches.
It can also be narrated as the Feed aggregator, feed reader, newsreader or RSS reader. Such type of app does not deliver or produce their content but rather it captures form the webmasters, users or the feeds.

Such type of newspaper/ magazine app is very appropriate for the users that are backed by some newsgroups or the resources. In case you are already having your newspaper, getting the personalized or the dedicated app is the best digital option, you can go with. The dedicated newspaper app proffers a lot of benefits, some of them are:

  • Augments the user engagement ratio
  • Delivers around the clock support by delivering updated news
  • The users can select the desired category of the news they are interested in. The app displays the events resonating with that.
  • Helps in greater returns and allows deploying renowned monetization strategies.


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Monetization of Newspaper Mobile App

We strongly adhere to the fact, that native news media apps can generate a lot of profit ratio for the businesses. The native mobile apps are deep-rooted with the ample of monetization strategies that can aid the ventures to grow.

Undeniably, a lot of effort goes into developing the high profile news app yes, everybody wants to seek the results as soon as possible. Well, the fact goes straight, every business works for making profits, thus implementing the right monetization strategy is the key to earnings, thus must be laid carefully.


Below Is a Few of Monetization Strategies That Can Be Planted:

Paid Subscriptions: Well, this is the most renowned and effective way of monetization. Instead of the making, the whole app paid, make some of the sections or the versions paid to keep the users on-board. You can proffer them access to daily news and while keeping the other advertised sections and the modules with the advanced functionalities paid.

Advertising: As the ruling party of the newspaper, you must keep an eye on the constant advertising. However, here the things will be different as compared to the in-app ad that appears on the website or the app. Such ads are attuned to different formats such as:

• The intriguing advertisements that appear during the app launch.
• The set of ads that remains on the screen constantly.

Events: Well, such kind of monetization is extremely useful, once the users become attuned to your app’s services. Going by this way, the firms can organize the events and the social awareness campaigns in the frequent periods. The news app comes out as the award-winning venture for carrying out such events.


News magazine mobile app


User Interface: The Key to newspaper app development

So, are you looking for an app like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, well, if yes consider the user interface the topmost priority. Developing an app is easy, but deploying a seamless user interface is very toil. The app must be extremely easy to use and should present the information to the users in just a few clicks.

A finely developed news app with the perfect visuals is the will act as a key in its raising its popularity. Make the format or the app as per the category of information you are delivering such as sports, fashion or the mixed. Identify the target audience to deliver the news constantly. Remember the more ease your app delivers the easier it will become to attract and retain users. Add the below feature in the way people find it easy to use.


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Features of News and Magazine Mobile App

Reader Admin
  • Social Login Signup
  • Settings
  • News Feed
  • Search for news
  • Participate in Polls
  • Categories
  • Suggested topics
  • Save favourite
  • Access Audio News
  • Watch live Streaming
  • Video Streaming (VOD)
  • Social Share
  • Book Tickets
  • Bookmark News
  • Select Interest
  • Select Language
  • Notifications (On/Off)
  • HD Images (On/Off)
  • Night Mode (On/Off)
  • Autoplay (On/ Only on WiFi/Off)
  • Share the app
  • Rate this app
  • Feedback
  • Terms and condition
  • Select Subscription Plans
  • Make Payments
  • Manage Users
  • Manage News & News content
  • Manage News Categories
  • Manage polls
  • Manage News sources
  • Manage Notification
  • Manage content and Images
  • Manage Live Streaming
  • Manage Video Content
  • Track Payment & Subscriptions
  • Send Push Notification
  • Promote Content /Event
  • Manage CRM
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Promotions
  • Appy GEO Fencing
  • Manage Authors(CMS)
  • Create Authors (CMS)
  • Approves Stories By Authors
  • Manage Subscription Plans

news magazine app cost


Advanced Features

  • Social Login & Share: This feature allows the users to sign-up to the newspaper app. It uses social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google ID, phone number, etc as the primary source for login –in. It helps in making the registration process quite seamless.
  • Podcasts: Well, this is an exceptional feature for any newspaper mobile app. It ensures that the users do not miss out on any of the news details. Integrating the podcast allows the users to download any audio or video file related to concerned news for the later use. The feature is really useful for the users involved in busy schedules.
  • Push Notification: Under this feature, the users get reminders and updates regarding the important news and the events. The technology keeps the users glued to the app and notifies them about the most classified information. It works great in augmenting the user’s engagement standards.


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  • Ad management Panel: This feature handles all the advertisements that are being displayed within or outside the app on other social sites. Under this feature, the ads are completely validated along with the content running on them, the time for which they are displayed, sites to which they re-direct and the platforms on which they are published.
  • Geo-Location Tracking: This is the most required feature for a newspaper app. It helps in making your app look all the way more efficient. The geolocation feature captures the geographic location or the users and as per that the app displays the information. For instance, if the user is located somewhere in the northern side, it will present the news in Hindi and English and for the people located in the southern side, the app will display the news in Tamil or in any of their desired language. Well, adding the feature is expensive to call, but it certainly helps in reaping out the right results for your app.
  • CMS Integration: For any newspaper app, content is the most promising thing. Thus, the app must make sure that the content being printed is completely authenticated and verified. The CMS helps in validating the texts that are being published plus also make sure, that users are reading just the appropriate content that is completely valuable for their knowledge base.
  • CRM Integration: Adding the CRM helps in making the customer relationships with the app all the way stronger. It allows the users to seek any assistance for the problems they face while using the app. The CRM integration helps in helps in generating the response for the queries and keeps the users feel attended. Also, users can share their improvisations feedback or the shortcomings related to the app.
  • Video Streaming: This is a wonderful feature for a news and magazine app. Often, people find it quite boring to read the long articles related to some news of the events. Video streaming allows the users to check out the live videos related to some new. This helps in making the news watching all the way more interesting plus helps in increasing the app efficiency at a marvelous pace.
  • Ticketing & Booking: Under this feature, the user can process booking for the various social events taking place. All the information related to upcoming events and their ticket information is enlisted to allow the users to process booking in just the right place. Adding the above features prevents the users from visiting any other app and thus, keep them glued to the happenings taking place over the app.
  • eStore Integration: This is an extraordinary feature that will not only boost your app users but will also act as a marvelous monetization strategy. With the e-store integration, the users can purchase the most popular magazines, newspapers, books within just a few clicks. The payment gateway can be added into the app for making the financial transaction flawless and seamless.
  • Live Blogs: Well, this is the most imperative feature for any news and magazine mobile app. The app must be loaded with the live blogs to keep the users attuned to the app. Under this feature, the live photos and the happenings from a particular event are being telecasted over the mobile app. For instance, during the Apple iPhone 11 launch, all the events were shared live over the Apple smartwatches and iPhones.
  • Smartwatch App: Integrating the smartwatch feature ensures that the users can access the news at their wrist. Just link the app with your smartwatch and there you can keep in touch with the recent happening without accessing the app every time. Since the smartwatches are a new trend these days, the feature can play an amicable role in attracting the users.


Smartwatch news App


  • Virtual Reality: Well, adding the stated feature is an expensive task, but at the same time is the most enticing to attract the users. By infusing the VR standards, your app will not only update the users with the latest news but will take them to the concerned place. Well, it is the one shot to deliver an extravagant user experience.

Technology Stack for Developing News Mobile App

              Mobile Platform: Android /iOS
              Real-time Analytics: IBM, BigData, Flink, Apple, Cisco
              Database: MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, Postgress, Cassandra
              Payments: Stripe, PayPal, e-Wallets, Braintree
              Voice, SMS and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
              Push Notification:, Twilio
              Cloud: Amazon, Google AWS


Required Team Structure

A great team is an essence to any mobile app development company. A good team always bestows good results; therefore, we deploy just the right team for developing your news mobile app. Team works play an exceptional role and thus, we combine all our technical architects, designers and other professionals right under a single roof.
The basic team that you required for developing a scalable, attractive and secured app is lined below:

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  1. Business Analysis Team
  2. Android and iOS Developers
  3. Backend Developers
  4. UI/UX Developers
  5. QA Professionals

How much does it cost to develop News-Magazine Mobile App?

Cost Estimation news app

Indeed, engineering the feature-rich News-Magazine app is a tough and complicated task. The cost of News app development depends directly on the target audience, features, design, and the mobile platform.

The approximate estimate for developing a News app lies around $15000 to $25000 and above. At Arka Softwares, we try everything possible and remarkable to infuse the resources without compromising on the grounds of quality.

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