Top Android Apps Changing the Face of Healthcare Industry

Updated 26 Dec 2022
Published 02 Jun 2020
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Top Android Apps

The healthcare ecosystem is revolutionizing with healthcare mobile applications as they are helping in enhancing communication, the quality of the services being rendered, and efficiency.

Today the term mobile health tends to be a bunch of public health, medicine delivery, patients care, and assistance through the help of technologies like laptops, smartphones, multimedia channels, etc.

Such applications are not facilitating patients or customers but various doctors and healthcare centers are able to address the needs and can track their patients virtually.

Healthcare Industry Market Overview:

According to Statista, the total revenue of the Health Care industry is expected to reach $52.76 billion in 2022. Revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.29% from 2022 to 2027, resulting in a market volume of US$94.19 billion by 2027.

  • The count of mHealth applications in the top app stores worldwide is more than 318,000.
  • Every day these app stores add more than 200 new mHealthcare applications.
  • By 2025 there is an anticipation that the market of Healthcare mobile apps will reach 111.1 billion.
Health Care market Report
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The figure shared below illustrates the findings of the report shared by Accenture regarding the increasing number of healthcare users adopting mobile health assistance.

Top Android Apps that have transformed the Healthcare Industry


PEPID is one of the main applications for proof-based clinical and medication data assets for the purpose of care decision-making.

PEPID Healthcare Android Apps

The substance and work processes of the application are trusted and worth the exertion put by medicinal services experts. The application smoothed out usefulness and access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits.

PEPID is available on both Android and iOS for free.

2. Medscape

Medscape is a popular destination available worldwide for all healthcare professionals and physicians. The application offers the most recent clinical news and various perspective of experts.

Medscape Healthcare Apps

It gives purpose-of-care medication and illness data; and significant expert training and CME/CE. The application gives a customized experience where users can consistently approach the details as and when required by them.

Medscape is available on both Android and iOS for free.

3. IBM Micromedex

A basic yet incredibly compelling pharmaceutical reference application that has features like appropriate medication dose and medication suggestions.

IBM Micromedex Healthcare Apps

The application furnishes clinical consideration experts seamlessly to the business’ most confided in tranquillize data; including when and where it’s required most.

It gives genuine feelings of serenity realizing the substance is supported by the equivalent careful, fair-minded article process.

IBM Micromedex is available on both Android and iOS for free.

4. Figure 1

Figure 1 is one of the most helpful applications for medical specialists and medical attendants. With it, they get an assortment of clinical pictures that doctors can utilize in diagnosing patients.

Figure 1 Healthcare Apps

This component can be useful for diagnosing some uncommon infections. Figure1 provides you with a platform where you can see many realistic cases from doctors and medical attendants with several strengths.

Moreover for sharing instant feedback healthcare professionals can be paged easily from around the world.

Figure 1 is available on both Android and iOS for free.

healthacare app development

What development has been done in mHealth?

With digitization, impressive results can be observed in the healthcare sector and the count of people using smartphones is increasing on a daily basis. Therefore, a few important developments that have been in the mHealth sector are:

  • The focus has been increased on disease management and providing precautionary measures virtually. Also, healthcare shareholders have increased their investments, hence prompting the involvement of doctors and patients in providing enhanced medical care services.
  • By utilizing technology like cloud computing, patient data can be stored securely which can be used in the future. Therefore, this technology has helped the industry a lot in addressing patient’s requests as the number is increasing on a day-to-day basis.
  • mHealth applications are really helpful in saving time and expenses. With these applications, users get regular updates and notifications if they miss any one part of their daily activities like walking, drinking water, taking medicines, etc. The premium version of the application helps in connecting to the doctors directly so that they can discuss the symptoms and get basic medical care.

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Why are mHealth Applications important in the market?

It is well known that the healthcare industry has various benefits to offer, hence the companies indulged in the application development are analyzing their potential through mHealthcare applications.

Some of the key significance of mHealth applications in the healthcare industry are:

mhealth application development

Increase of awareness in people:

Healthcare app development in the healthcare industry has offered access to a progressively large number of individuals searching for a snappier clinical guide.

In addition, individuals are currently increasingly cognizant about their well-being, which has flooded the significance of having a helpful answer to track the same.

In this situation where awareness is increasing in individuals, mHealth applications are a universal choice for them.

Customized treatment methods:

Individuals nowadays are searching for an independently custom-made treatment choice that centers around the specific prerequisites and gives the exact yield.

For instance, a fitness-focused individual would need to have a fitness application with features, like a pulse screen, circulatory strain checkers, physical action tracker, number of steps taken, and sleep quality.

Easy tracking enables quick reach:

Healthcare mobile applications offer an advantage to tap into the individual’s mind through pop-up messages, SMS, and alarms.

It likewise tracks the area to help the healthcare providers to reach the patient’s location quickly. Therefore keeping a track of the patient’s location is way easier by using mHealth applications.

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Comfort to use mobile devices:

As the number of smartphone users is increasing on a day-to-day basis then monitoring users’ health status is also very convenient with mHealth applications.

A recent report specified that over 3 billion people are using smartphones, hence the market opportunity is wide for mHealth applications.

Patient experience enhances because of the surging internet:

Because of immediate healthcare services and improved internet connectivity mHealth applications are well known for having enhanced patient experience. These applications provide a platform where patients connect with their doctors and physicians.

The trust in the system and the patient-doctor relationship enhances when the patient gets the right treatment at the right time.

What are the benefits of m-Healthcare Applications?

Benefits of m-Healthcare Applications

Encourage Immediate Access:

With the assistance of a custom mobile application, you can offer an online appointment alternative to the patients. This gives prompt access to your patients so they don’t need to go out and hold up in long queues at your clinic. 

They should simply download your healthcare mobile application on their mobile phone and simply register. They’ll be associated directly with you and can share their healthcare concerns easily.

Effective Handling of Emergency Cases:

Medical clinics and healthcare services providers that have a specific application can productively deal with crisis cases.

The mobile application will advise the specialists about the crisis, and all the vital data will be sent directly to the doctor’s device. This will save doctors time, and assist them in getting prepared for a crisis ahead of time.

A customized mobile application can likewise help doctors or healthcare providers in accelerating the documentation and treatment methodology.

Better management at every level:

A customized mobile application can help doctors and medical clinic staff in the effective management of patients. It can likewise smooth out the procedure between various divisions, labs, and staff.

Specialists can legitimately impart anticipation to the patients and recommend appropriate prescriptions. The application will tell specialists and patients about the forthcoming appointments, and inform clinic staff if any reports/records are required for diagnosis.

For attendants and other staff, the application will give reports on the patient’s continuous treatment, and alarm them if any prescriptions are expected.

Data can be collected easily by proper integration with Wearable Devices:

Data like blood pressure, pulse rate, etc can be collected easily by proper integration of the mobile application with wearable devices. A regular database for the patient’s health can be maintained by the application through wearable devices.

Great Opportunity for Business:

In contrast to different ventures, the healthcare industry is yet to completely grasp mechanization and developing advances.

With the presentation of amazing advancements like artificial intelligence in healthcare, Blockchain, and IoT in healthcare services, numerous future business visionaries are bringing a plunge into this field like never before.


Summing up, we can securely say that the mHealth business has a considerable scope in the coming years. With the developing mechanical advancements, mHealthcare applications are being utilized for a bigger scope over the globe.

Moreover, individuals are currently more conscious of their health which has brought about an increasing number of individuals getting aware of the benefits of healthcare applications.

In addition, medical specialists and patients are additionally dependent on this mobile app development for better results and care-oriented more towards the patients.

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