How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fintech App In 2024?

Updated 28 Dec 2023
Published 19 May 2020
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In 2024 one of the hottest trends is fintech application development. With the large evolution of online payment methods fintech development has got heat in the market. And this development has certainly brought numerous opportunities for many fintech organizations.

Companies like Nubank and MoneyLoin have earned rapid growth with astonishing figures.

Also if you are considering to be a successful businessman in the coming future then you must surely think about hiring a well-known financial and banking app development company that can help you in achieving your considerable targets and goals.

Top Finance & Banking Apps that can be considered in 2024

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Market Overview:

There is no question about the future of fintech, certainly, it is really very bright. The past investments that were made in this industry in 2018 reached $112 billion.

Talking about the current scenario, the industry is anticipated to reach a market value of more than $309 by 2022. Currently, the financial market is hot because the fintech applications have experienced continuous growth and have attracted various entrepreneurs to invest in application development.

wordwide revenue of the financial technology sector

As per the report shared by Statista, it is anticipated that 77.6 percent of millennials in the United States will use digital banking by 2022. Therefore this specifies that there are many opportunities for online financial services.

Online financial service has experienced stable growth in terms of the services like money transfer and payments, borrowing, and insurance. 

Categorization of FinTech Applications

The various types of FinTech applications are as follows:

  • Applications that are used for transferring payments from one account to another, making bill payments, and tracking expenses.
  • Applications that are used for trading in stocks, analysing savings that are being made on a monthly basis, get instant loans, and seek financial advice.
  • Applications that are designed using blockchain and bitcoin technology for payment integration.

Some trends of FinTech Applications in 2022

fintech trends in 2022

How money can be earned from FinTech Applications?

The strategies that can utilize for making money are as follows:

Charging some fees:

It’s one of the most direct approaches to monetizing mobile applications and web apps. Payment plans differ, depending upon the consistency of charges, and can be value-based or subscription.

With a value-based methodology, users pay some amount just when they really utilize the assistance, while with a subscription model, a fixed commission is charged per unit of time.

In-app advertising and referrals:

Users don’t really need to pay with cash to utilize the services. As another option, entrepreneurs can actualize an alleged fintech p2p commercial center and benefit from the items by offering users attention or information to sponsors and colleagues.

Besides, a few organizations transform users into lead generators, rousing them to welcome companions or family members, and get rewards.

Partnership with businesses:

Today even the quickest developing fintech organizations collaborate with customary money-related establishments or neighboring merchants, along these lines extending the scope of services and giving extra an incentive to their users.


Application programming interface (API) is the most ideal approach to get to fundamental usefulness without the need to put resources into an exorbitant and tedious turn of events. In fact, API users send solicitations to certain services, and these services get back with reactions.

With the ongoing presentation of open banking, the procedure turns out to be increasingly entangled, as European banks are currently required to give API at no charge, so they need to create both free and paid banking APIs to grasp this plan of action.

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Advanced Features:

Simple Registration:

With regard to a banking application, security is the highest need. Users must settle on multi-factor authentication for progressively secure sign-in and sign-up processes.

FinTech applications are increasingly effective, secure, and adaptable as the FinTech business is prepared to receive the most recent advancements like blockchain, biometrics, API joining, and some more.

features of fintech app

Signing in Securely:

The most significant and the main component which will choose the destiny of your fintech application is security. It begins from the sign-up stage, where the users need confirmation that the application is making sure about their budgetary data.

It tends to be through special code generation, facial recognizable proof, fingertip acknowledgment, and mail alerts each time a user joins through the application.

Real-time Notification:

Without opening the banking application, the users should come to know all the updates of his accounts along with the finance industry news.

The instant spending notifications, notifications of investments, and notifications related to bill payments. It simultaneously increases the validity and continuous user engagement growth of the application.

Data Analytics:

The fintech application ought to painstakingly examine all the budgetary information of the user and give it to the user. It ought to likewise permit the user to handily access and track all the budgetary exercises legitimately from the application.

If your fintech application centers around resources the board, at that point the investigation your application gives ought to be founded on venture profits and recommendations for it.

Getting insights concerning information investigation will turn out to be all the more simple for users if your application gives a graphical portrayal of the information.

Besides, it can likewise assist them with getting experiences about spending, reserve funds, and investments.

fintech app features

API Integration:

These days various industries like payment transfer, asset management, and much more focus more on fintech technology. Therefore, your application ought to be planned such that it can without much of a stretch get coordinated in different stages.

The significant bit of leeway of this joining is that the applications can undoubtedly interface with one another for sharing data.

Also to characterize rules of communication, anticipated outcomes, rundown of orders, and furthermore for connection with one another, Application Programming Interfaces are utilized by programming applications.

With the assistance of APIs, designers can assemble enormous application programs without re-building specific functionalities for every single application.

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Artificial Intelligence:

For automating monotonous and manual assignments, AI will assist designers with creating FinTech Apps. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, users will have the option to make choices about their cash.

These choices might be the place to put their cash, favoring financing costs and credits how to oversee overdrawn accounts, etc. Computerized reasoning will likewise assume control over warning management; so you will be advised uniquely with the notices that require your interference.


The implementation of some robust algorithms which can analyze and read human behavior can help the application in serving a personalized user experience.

The different components like user needs and concerns before giving any kind of financial services. In such a way users are constantly served by their requirements.

This component of customized user experience keeps your app users occupied with the application and definitely brings about expanded income and benefits.

mobile app development company

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

In spite of the fact that blockchain is another innovation in the market, still it is being utilized increasingly in FinTech applications.

Blockchain is a set or arrangement of a square that stores information as a hash function and timestamps with the goal that the information can’t change later.

Blockchain offers automatic algorithms and protocols to various financial supplying proxies such as money marketers, banks, etc which are completely secured by cryptography. With Blockchain micropayments of peer to peer can be done easily.

Development looking like significant financial institutions, virtual monetary forms is likewise coming into specialist levels. A couple of countries are looking at how stable crypto-made sure virtual monetary forms could be done inside their nations.

Third-party Authentication:

So as to make sure about your digital records, two-factor validation is most likely the best choice. SMS check is the most generally utilized, yet third-party applications can likewise be utilized for fintech application protection.

Secured Biometric System:

Security is one of the most fundamental parts of FinTech applications. Cyber assaults and dangers can devastate the user’s trust in utilizing digital payment services.

FinTech organizations are wanting to supplant the passwords that are unreliable or pattern-based locks with a unique mark (fingerprint) or a biometric input. Alongside a facial recognition system, a biometric system that identifies users with their pulse is likewise in the creating stage.

Later, you will have the option to log in to banking applications by estimating your pulse through a smartwatch or a savvy wristband.

In addition, palm-vein biometrics are likewise in their advancement stage. With this element, you will have the option to approve the installment just by essentially checking your palm or hand over the peruser.

Robust Platform:

When making a FinTech application one must consider information security issues to build up a dependable connection with the users. Security is a prime worry that assists with guaranteeing information security with guidelines and consistency. Few security measures that are used prominently are:

  • After failed login attempts the account gets locked.
  • While making the payment only three digits of the card are displayed.
  • While logging through the application one-time message is shared to affiliated contact numbers.

develop a mobile app

How Artificial Intelligence is helping Banks and Fintech startups become smarter?

AI is a miracle of science, and the financial world was one of the first to consider it. In spite of the fact that there is still a great deal of space for advancement, some intriguing employment of AI for FinTech has just been created.

Key benefits of Artificial Intelligence in FinTech:

  • Decision-making is quick and authentic
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Proper fraud management
  • Secured platform
  • Management of wealth and insurance policies

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What changes AI has brought in the banking industry?

After the approach of AI, banks saw a quicker and increasingly exact assessment and evaluation of the clients at a low cost and labor. Accordingly, credit scoring has gotten increasingly effective when contrasted with customary credit scoring frameworks.

The procedure is presently more innovation driven and modern, which makes it more exact than manual taking care of. This assists manages an account with recognizing possibly dangerous candidates and borrowers who are financially sound yet miss the mark on a broad record as a consumer.

Artificial Intelligence implemented banking segments will, in general, be increasingly objective as they are not exposed to any one-sided choices, on account of human management.

For instance, computerized banks and their mobile applications use AI calculations so users can utilize any gadget to dissect their eligibility for getting loans and different alternatives with no human interference.

top reasons why banks use AI

What is the cost of developing a FinTech Application?

The expense to develop a mobile application is broadly dependent on a wide range of components. To get an unpleasant thought of what it would take to design a FinTech application from the beginning, you can take a gander at the ordinary pay for programming designers, the number of individuals required on an application building venture, and to what extent that task would take.

There are other factors also which affect the development cost:

  • The number and multifaceted nature of the features remembered for an application will essentially affect its expense. Some monetary organizations may dispatch applications with just essential features from the start and afterwards include more features later.
  • Regardless of whether the application will deal with Android, iOS, or both, likewise influences costs. Making an application that deals with both is increasingly costly.
  • Native applications are made for a particular programming language, while crossbreed applications are basically sites intended for use in an application. Local applications are all the more exorbitant to grow, yet offer upgraded execution.
  • The consistency and security prerequisites you have to meet will likewise influence costs and rely upon the application’s features, the sort of association, your area, and different elements.
  • Various third-party APIs implies certain charges, and all in all, the more combinations you need, the higher your costs will be.
  • Dynamic substance empowers personalization and two-way correspondence. Most fintech applications will incorporate unique substances, which expands costs.


Monetary applications have transformed into a huge open door for FinTech associations. With the correct versatile mobile application development organization, you can maintain your business activities insightfully and cost-successfully.

A monetary application offers a few points of interest to its users, such as checking balance progressively, leading all bank exercises easily, and offering rewarding arrangements to its loyal users.

FAQ for FinTech Apps:

  • How you can define a FinTech Company?

    Fintech is a blend of “fund” and “innovation”. Now individuals are done strolling into a bank and mentioning to check the parity. Individuals are needing to check the data progressively on their cell phones.Through fintech applications, fintech organizations give shoppers to go on the web and see their money related exchanges. And furthermore permits them to pay their companions to instruments that permit money related establishments to settle on brisk loaning choices are all piece of the advancement of budgetary administrations and it is additionally a transformation for fintech industry.

  • What is the worth of Fintech?

    The worldwide fintech showcase was estimated at $127.66 billion and is relied upon to develop to $309.98 billion at a yearly development pace of 24.8% through 2022. Fintech has made installments for merchandise and enterprises quicker, simpler, increasingly helpful and cost-productive for clients. Fintech has become the B2C center, including plans of action, customer sees, and block chain innovation.

  • Is money tracking applications safe?

    There are best banking applications like Mint, and YNAB, that are ensuring their client’s important data through blockchain innovation just as “read-just” gets to significance they can see monetary movement but can’t make changes like exchanging cash with no assent. On the off chance that you intend to be among the best applications on the planet, online user security is an absolute necessity. Ensure, your application shows each buy, bill, however, no of the bank login information. In this way, regardless, if your fintech application is hacked, he won’t have the option to hack the genuine clients’ financial balances.

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