Now a day’s technology has transformed every facet of our lives. Technology has brought us closer and changed our lifestyle to a certain extent. The event industry has also undergone major changes. We are living in the era where one works quite hard and party’s hard too. The idea of hanging out is not restricted to savoring wine and relishing sumptuous dine only, It could be a mind boggling club night with a popular DJ entertaining you or it could be a Halloween celebration or theme party. There is a wide range of options for the party hookers so that they can go ahead and make the most of the event.

The evolving technology and digital innovation of virtually everything around us has conditioned people to expect everything a swipe or one tap away on their mobiles. The evident modifications in digital world have stimulated the inclination of the users towards technology. Be it reserving tickets to the nightclub or getting a seat booked for a show and events, everything is just a tap away.

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Market Overview

With the evolution of online event ticket booking applications the event industry has certainly witnessed massive growth. These applications have helped the service providers in saving their money over capital investments and have provided a platform to expand their business and reach. Here are some statistics to justify the statement:

  • Statista states that the annual growth that is expected by this business is of 34.7 percent and by 2024 it is anticipated to hit by US $81,979
  • Statista states states that by the end of year 2020, the income earned in the event booking segment will hit to USD $ 24,883 million.
  • It is expected that the sports booking will certainly grow to USD $9,581 million by 2020.
  • The global online event ticketing market size is expected to reach USD 67.99 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., exhibiting a 4.8% CAGR during the forecast period.


Take a look at the graphical representation of rising trends in events year wise.



Another chart of the users booking through these apps. These figures have been made keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.



What is the functionality of such an application?

The course of this app can be comprehended by the following steps:

Start: Design an attractive event listing page with integrated payment options, analytics, and assistance.

Payment Processing: By offering this option one can allow the users to go for online payments as it doesn’t take much time.

An application created for the Event Managers: It allows event facilitators to operate execute and market your event via one’s smart phone.

Administer: One gets to supervise and can keep a tab on the updated bookings and sales in real-time.

Promote the brand: Event facilitators can easily market their brand and make a niche for their brand among its contemporaries. One must always make sure that their application’s interface is attractive enough to draw the attention of the users and must be also user friendly so that an average user is able to use it easily.

Grow your User base: Using such application one can always reach out to attract potential customers by promoting the brand on partner websites and applications like twitter, Facebook etc.

With the application one can always attract the customers with timely notifying the users about the ongoing and upcoming events or parties as per the user’s location.


Business Model

Income from Ticketing:

Ticketing remains the primary source of income and profits. It comprises web handling charges and fee on an online event ticket booking applications. A maintenance fee is levied on the overall cost of the booking. As for the events excluding movies, some brokerage amount is also given on the bookings.

Income from Ticketing in event finder app

Non-Booking Income:

Any business or art performers in order to market their work or talent can always contact. Ads are publicized to generate an interest among the users and audience. So it is an advantage for the app too.

Event Charges:

It doesn’t happen very often but yes, many brands cater event administering job to their associated event companies by charging a fee. The thought beyond this is that they will ask their local team to administer the event for the partner. Additionally, they offer their services to publicize and market the event for the clients as well.

Merchandise allotment:

In this avenue what happens is that the authorized merchandise is marketed and sold in the application. The earnings here are based on commissioning as per unit sold.


Advantages of building an event application for nightclubs and Parties

Advantages for users

By using this application a user can always get to know about several nightlife events, party places, open mic nights, DJ’s, location etc happening across the city. Also one gets to know about the cost, offers etc so that one can make an appropriate choice as per the preferences. This application updates and notifies the users about ongoing and upcoming nightlife events as per their trend of preferences and interests.

Advantages for Event Managers

One always grows the user base by catering to the user’s choices. By tapping on the choices or inclination of the customer it becomes really easy to meet and exceed their expectations, Once a business’s services gets in sync with the users demand then everything else falls in place.

Below are the listed key benefits:
  • Higher number of attendees
  • Optimum utilization of team and resources
  • Allows better interaction and integration.
  • Complacent vendor administration.
  • Event cost management
  • Simplifies and minimize the workload.
  • Simplifies payment activities.
  • More Structured planning of Event.
  • Saves time and effort

A Night Club Event Lookup Application must have the below Characteristics:

Customer Sign Up/Sign In:

This page would be the first step to allow the users to register themselves and browse the app. It needs basic information of the users to be entered (like name, date of birth, sex, weight, preferences, interests, and their whereabouts etc) or via social networking platforms like as Instagram , Facebook or others.

GPS Tracking:

By the help of Global Positioning System, it becomes very easy for the customers to track the destinations as recommended by the application. Hence, all the event venues which are being notified to the customers are needed to be mapped more objectively and precisely, as to minimize the scope of confusion. The app must show the updated information about events and programs based on the user’s location.

Home Feature:

Home option will show services in several tabs and choices such as cinema standup comedy events, Bands performance, etc. Selecting the category as per the choice will lead a user to a screen for the chosen event type. Home option can afford to have several features like ongoing promotional offers, seasonal discounts, clubbed offers, updates, switch language, location, etc.

Social Network Amalgamation:

With the optimum use of existing resources like Social networking alternative provides the users right platform to express their feedbacks, opinions and pictures among their acquaintances and relatives.

social media in nightlife app development

This option allows application users to select an event, party or theater using several alternatives as location, type, rankings and reviews.

List of Events:

This is the feature wherein the user will get to see the ongoing and upcoming shows. The information like the title of the show, event schedule, locality and whereabouts, ongoing deals, customer rating, as well as the entry fee.


event list on event booking app
Event Insights:

After selecting an event or show the user is allowed to explore more details such as titles, pictures etc.

Book Tickets:

Using this option, the customer will be able to book the tickets in advance for an event easily. The customer will get the alternative to choose the respective theatre, showtime, and seating options. Moreover, this option allows the application to share the electronic Ticket and mobile ticket with the entered users email and mentioned phone number too.

event ticket booking app
Past Bookings:

Customers can always look for their past bookings using this option. The past booking option could be used as a reference, specifically for a certain kind of shows and performances.

Payment Options:

By using this option, customers are able to make the payments easily using multiple options. Though the quite popular mode of paying in these days is via credit cards and debit cards, PayPal and also several third-party applications. The smooth process of payments has also made these applications quite popular.

Push Notifications:

It is a blessing in order to grow the customer base by attracting new users and retaining existing customers. A nightclub life smart phone application with notifying technology does wonders to the business by updating the users about the latest and upcoming events.

Events Schedule :

By using the pre-defined -schedule, businesses can always plan or schedule for the upcoming festivals, dates or theme events and by pre-planning can always create enough buzz among their user base.


Events Schedule in event finder app

Reviews, Ratings and Voice of Customer:

Feedback are among the most influencing factors when it comes to one’s ranking at the application store. Using the feature, customers can share their feedback, reviews about their experience at event. Users do share about the location, cost, services, vibe and several details on the application. If one is getting positive reviews it wonders to the business and helps a business becoming a brand.

Look up the event venues:

Using, this feature customers can find out the kind of event or party they are looking for like the ones with a specific festive theme, specific Disc Jockeys night, dining variety etc. User can also get a fail inkling about the per entry price details with the pictures of the party venues within very less time.

Loyalty Bonus for the Users:

This is one feature that has been utilized by all the application businesses. This feature always brings more loyal customers and turns a startup application into a brand. It does elevate the reputation and credibility of a business, Acknowledging and rewarding your loyal customers is an excellent way to assure the longevity of a business. The rewards and recognition of your loyal customer has been a key way to show your customers that you care for them and how important they are!

Advanced Features:

Ticketing Engine:

A Ticketing Engine is the web app in order to make a booking. A ticketing engine collects all the details regarding several way of payments and also gets associated with a payment platform for hassle-free and uninterrupted payment processing. The software is designed and equipped enough to operate and process the online bookings, save and store the payment information in the database of the company, state the info on the date schedule and save user’s details as well as cater the users with up to the minute updates and notifications about the vacant seats and prices.

Event Feeds:

Once users are on board, they can get a list of all the events available in their respective cities. This is when 3rd party feed APIs come into play, organizing and suggesting events according to a user’s interests. APIs can aggregate, rank, and personalize event information in real-time based on user interests.

Booking Screens:

Here the users can view the order summary, which may consist of: Show Name & Image, Date & Time, Venue Name, Ticket Price, Seat Number, Total Price, View & confirm Email ID/Phone Number. The booking confirmation is received on the user’s phone number and email ID.

Mapped Locations:

Using this attribute, the customer can look up and explore the events or parties near their place.

Real-time Analytics:

This option is counted among one of the most significant features for the Administrator which allows them to keep a tab on the sales with several other filtering choices . Admin can confirm the number of booking done, arrivals and attendees. With the apt use of this option, the planning and strategies are structured objectively and can be pursued in a smooth manner.

Domain type Dashboards:

A dashboard based on several domains is an administrator specific option. These dashboards reflect devoted analytic details as per the given domain requirements.

Content Management System:

Above feature allows the development and alterations of the given content. It is a very significant attribute for an app as the administrator is given the ownership to take care of the content, including matter, design, and visual interface.

CRM Integration:

CRM is a key feature. User’s selection and choices must be observed to cater or offer the fitting deal. Users data accumulation and administration, report management, promotion & analytics is easily stored and saved via the aid of a varied users relation administration.

Code Scanner:

This option allows one to scan the Qr code in order to confirm if the code is genuine or fake. The code gets verified at the Administrator’s end.

Code Scanner in event finder app

In-Application Customer Support:

This feature helps the users or customers to get in touch with the online support staff for the technical support or for some other query regarding the application assistance. The support staff includes online agents who are there to assist the users and customers.

Reviews & Feedback:

No one can deny the significance of the voice of the customer or feedback by the customer. The users of the application publish their experience in the reviews, After attending the event the users post their feedback and these reviews are considered to be very authentic and has the potential a transform a startup into a popular brand which the users will look up to.

Make Friends:

This option allows the user to preplan for a movie or event with the loved ones, besties and family on this platform. After accessing the customers recent bookings the application connects with other users with the same event reservation application. So in a way the application allows people to meet up and plan to enjoy the event together. It serves like a quick messaging application, but with an option to get in touch with other user using the same application instantly, appreciating and recommending films, location alternatives and confirming the ticket reservation.

WhatsApp Ticketing Information:

Using stated option this, one can always opt to receive the E-ticket no. or Quick Response barcode via WhatsApp.

Check-In Manager App:

Using above stated option, the Administrator can always confirm the attendee’s information such as ticket confirmation no., current status, payment partner, QR code etc.

Language and Currency assistance:

In this technology-driven era when the competition is quite tough it becomes vital to attract the audience across the world and one has to go an extra mile to fetch an extra customer. For the same, it is very important that an application must offer popular linguistic assistance & several payment choices, offering leading currency options also results in attracting wide group of audiences.


app development cost


What would be the investment to create a potent Nightclub and Event finder Application?

  • In case one is curious how to plan and build a promising and attractive event application, a mobile app for nightlife doesn’t take lot of time. A simple single platform (iOS or Android) application + software development + designing could be completed in course of two months.
  • If one separates coding, there are several tasks that are taken care off by the software team and has to be calculated respectively:
  • Task specification designs + design models and simulators- up from 240 hours
  • Design – up from 260 hours


Factors affecting the cost of an Application:

  • The platform on which the app will be made on
  • Front and back-end development.
  • Internet and web connectivity.
  • Third-party APIs integration.
  • The location of the application research development center.
  • App complexity & number of hours invested.

The complete budget of developing a nightclubs and Event finder application, the estimated ball park figure of an average nightclub and event finder application will be in the range of $45000 for single platform (back-end and design included). However, the more detail oriented and high tech applications with the premium features will surely increase the budget.


Choosing an appropriate mobile application development team

To achieve the goal of building a potent nightclub and event finder application is not as simple as the software developer needs to append the Application programming interface that is updated instantaneously with the information of parties and if one is planning to develop a more enhanced application then it is necessary to look for the expert mobile application development company. Also, apart from the aforementioned one has to research and find the aptly skilled professionals, experts software developers, testers, and designers.


hire mobile app development team
Project Head:

The head must possess the leadership skills and has to be bright and responsible in order to take ownership of the project and team.
IOS Application Creators, Back-end Application Creators


Skilled, proficient and creative UX/UI Architects, Graphics Designers


A group of expert and prolific QA for making sure a seamless and enchanting experience for the users.


Hence, going by the ongoing trend if one wants to develop a nightclub finder application it will be a promising business startup and the business is evolving and growing each passing day. All one needs to keep in mind would be to have a clear vision of what customers one is planning to cater to and also has to be specific when it comes to the design and features of the application. Go for it as the business is growing and is predicted to soar in the future.

Let the Ideas Roll!

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