10 Benefits of Mobile App Development For Businesses?

Updated 15 May 2024
Published 17 Jan 2022
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Mobile App development market growth has increased in recent years, especially after the pandemic. People are now inclined towards online shopping, digital apps, and more for convenience.

This has forced businesses to shift their approach and develop mobile applications such as payment platforms, to provide their customers with better convenience and get the benefits from the mobile apps.

Today, 70% of people own a smartphone, which means that the majority of a website’s traffic comes through the smartphone application. Businesses from all around the world have shifted from brick-and-mortar locations to mobile interfaces because of the importance of mobile apps to target their desired customer.

As per Statista reports, the worldwide annual app downloads are counted to increase from 194 billion in 2018 to more than 300 billion by 2023.

Every industry has its own mobile applications and software. From music to education, mobile apps are increasingly becoming a necessity.

Mobile apps have a higher conversion rate because if a visitor is willing to make an effort to install your mobile application, they are most likely to make purchases.

As per several forecasts, the mobile application business might reach $195 billion in revenue by 2022. This has motivated a number of firms to use this technology in order to increase customer engagement and gain actionable insights into their consumer base in order to maximize the customer experience.

Mobile Apps user in worldwide
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For organizations, below are some benefits of mobile app development that are profitable and important.

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Top 10 Advantages of Developing a Mobile App For Businesses in 2024

Here is a list of some of the benefits of mobile apps:

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to mobile applications, this is one of the most significant advantages that organizations get from their business app. It contributes to the development of a direct sales channel between firms and their consumers, enabling direct and effective interaction through push notification alerts.

There are no limits on the number of clients you may reach with the help of your mobile application. If your alerts provide critical and pertinent information, clients will develop a connection with your business and will choose your products anytime they are in need.

2. Accessibility Improvements

Another significant advantage of mobile applications is their increased accessibility for businesses. It enables businesses to notify customers about updates to their services or goods. It also enables firms to form close relationships with their consumers, resulting in the growth of a real client base and high levels of loyalty.

Moreover, businesses may build strong ties with existing clients by giving exclusive offers within the mobile app.

3. Improve Customer Experience experience through loyalty program

Mobile applications enable you to digitally transform any loyalty program you provide your clients. Rather than using the traditional collection card, you may allow consumers to access their rewards using the mobile phone app. As a consequence, downloads and repeat consumers will increase.

The mobile application contributes to the transformation of the retail experience by helping businesses stay one step ahead of customer expectations by delivering an exceptional customer experience.

According to the mobile app statistics, more than 70% of consumers use mobile phones to shop online, which means you have a large segment of customers to target.

Compared to the web, customers prefer using mobile phones, which makes mobile app development for different industries highly crucial.

Using apps is an effective and quick way to provide information to your customers about the products they are looking for. Moreover, with a better interface and features, it’s easier for brands to provide a high customer experience.

Further, mobile applications facilitate the implementation of a digital process and model, which usually results in cost savings and increased profitability.

Numerous companies have been developed and are mostly dependent on mobile applications. This contributes to the reduction of the overhead costs associated with a traditional brick-and-mortar firm.

Benefits of app for customer's through loyalty program

4. Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

A mobile application is an excellent way to increase brand visibility and familiarity. To simplify, mobile applications may be compared to blank billboard signs; they are completely customizable. You may make it hip, fashionable, instructive, practical, or startling. Everything is at your fingertips.

However, you should strive to create an application that not only your consumers will like but also has an attractive design and a strong brand.

As an organization, it is critical to familiarize customers with your products and/or services. Customers are more likely to use your product or service if they are actively engaged with it through your mobile app. In advertising, we refer to this as effective frequency. 

5. Integrating Social Media

Mobile apps help you to integrate social media on your platforms. You can integrate apps, and social media to reach, market, and get feedback from customers.

The application of mobile phones allows you to add social media icons directly linked to your official accounts. Customers can have a quick look at your products and share feedback.

social media app integration

6. Make Yourself Unique among the Crowd

At the present, mobile applications for small businesses are few, and this is an opportunity for you to have a significant impact.

By including a mobile application development service in your organization, you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd. This will excite your consumers, who will be astounded by your foresight.

Mobile App Development Company

7. Innovative and Direct Payment Options

Mobile applications come with a variety of capabilities that are industry-specific. For instance, if you are in a service business such as healthcare, spa, or salon, your application would be ideal for scheduling appointments with your target clientele.

Payments are now made through mobile devices. Businesses may add multiple methods of payment to their application to enable direct debit and credit card payments from consumers. These are quick, user-friendly, and secure payment solutions.

Businesses can offer customers direct payment options on mobile apps. By integrating payment services like direct payment via credit or debit card, UPI. Moreover, payment options on apps are more user-friendly, secure, and fast.

It helps customers to make purchases quickly and safely without hassle. Many customers leave their products in a cart due to difficult payment options or long processing. Mobile apps offer more secure and fast services. It will have a direct impact on customer experience and sales.

Different payment methods for apps

8. Increased Conversions:

The conversion rate for mobile apps is higher than for other marketing channels. This means businesses can use their app for marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and more to promote products with high conversion rates.

With every visitor interaction, you can use it as an opportunity to convert them into customers. Moreover, loyalty programs can help you retain your customers.

9. Global accessibility:

One of the key reasons you need a mobile app is to enhance your business accessibility and global reach. With mobile apps, you can help your customers to access information, services, products, and offerings.

The best part about mobile apps is that some applications allow simple functions without the internet. Moreover, you can reach a global audience and have a vast target of customers to promote your products. Using comprehensively built and optimized mobile apps can help your business improve accessibility.

10. Access to customer data

One of the major benefits of app development for businesses is access to customer data. For businesses, it’s highly important to collect and use data to promote their products and enhance sales. Apps allow you to manage and access customer information more easily.

Businesses can track their customer journey on apps more quickly and use the information to their advantage. Moreover, you can access customer feedback based on their journey quickly.

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New Trends in Mobile App Development

Apps are being built at a quicker rate than ever before in order to keep up with the growing demand for fresh content. Consumers nowadays demand services be accompanied by applications with simple, friendly user interfaces.

The way your brand is presented in your application may have a significant impact on today’s tech-savvy consumers. Consider the following upcoming trends in app development that you should be aware of:

1- Wearables

Wearables have taken over the globe whether on transport or at the gym, everyone is dressed in the latest wearables. Then came the Apple Watch and Air Pods, which prepared the path for more space expansion. Every brand now provides its own take on wristwatches and smart earphones. 

When it comes to navigation, these devices can do it all, and some even allow you to make calls while driving! With a market capitalization of over $44 billion, it’s reasonable to say that wearables are one of the most popular mobile application trends.

2- Apps for On-Demand Development

On-demand development applications were established to address a need in the market of mobile application development.

While developing applications that needed technical expertise and an understanding of coding, the on-demand creation approach has significantly increased accessibility. 

Are you a company owner trying to extend your operations through the use of mobile applications? Most likely, you won’t have to create anything at all. There’s a strong probability that an on-demand app will fulfill all of your expectations.

According to this data, 42% of individuals have utilized on-demand services. As demand for streamlined application development climbs, the on-demand development approach is anticipated to expand in prominence.

Hire app developer

3- Mobile Wallets

The epidemic altered our way of life and compelled us to embrace a digital-first approach. Nowadays, everything is done online, from grocery shopping to paying individuals for their services. Mobile wallets have democratized online payments by simplifying their use and increasing their accessibility.

As we accept online financial transactions, service providers will strive to improve and safeguard their services. Confidentiality of payments and transactions is a significant consideration when developing a mobile wallet.

As social isolation has become the new norm in the aftermath of the epidemic, contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay address the issue. Security and convenience of payment will be the driving forces behind mobile application innovation in this industry in the future.

4- Cloud-based Applications

Cloud computing technology has advanced tremendously during the last several years. It is becoming increasingly affordable to store data on the cloud as service providers invest in better cloud infrastructure. In 2021, cloud technology will be the backbone of mobile application development.

Many of the activities we do on applications now, such as booking a cab or ordering meals from meal delivery app like Blue Apron, rely on cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing has decreased cost, increased efficiency, and increased the accessibility of web hosting. This has resulted in the rapid adoption of mobile technologies.

Cloud based Applications

5- Internet of Things / IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of intelligent gadgets that connect with one another over the Internet. With the help of Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, we can manage anything from our lighting to our ovens. So far, we’ve been able to adapt to the IoT’s vision of the future very easy.

6- VR and AR

Who hasn’t heard of Pokémon Go? The game grabbed the globe by storm and established Augmented Reality (AR) as a viable technology. While augmented reality overlays fake things on a physical object, Virtual Reality creates a completely artificial environment.

However, AR and VR are not limited to gaming. These technologies have the potential to significantly enhance the efficacy of education and research applications. They can provide the learner with a genuine feeling of what it’s like to accomplish the work at hand.

AR and VR apps are also revolutionizing the interior design and marketing industries. The app may demonstrate to the consumer how the products will appear in a certain place or provide further information about the product’s shape and size.

AR VR Apps for businesses

7- Beacon Technology

Smartphones equipped with Bluetooth can detect if they are in close vicinity to a business like a store, a hotel, a museum, or any other type of establishment. Apps are accessed on the customer’s phone because of signals sent by the beacons in the vicinity.

After that, the application may execute a range of functions. It may be used to make purchases at a store or to get room service in a hotel. It can also give knowledge regarding the various exhibits in a museum. Beacon applications have the potential to completely transform the retail industry.

This contributes to increased customer satisfaction by putting personalized service in the hands of the consumer. Customers no longer need to wait for a sales representative to respond to their inquiries. They may accomplish this by utilizing the app that is coupled with beacon technology.

Further, retailers may leverage this to provide cashless and queue-free checkouts.

8- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A wide range of applications rely on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), including chatbots, face recognition, motion sensors, natural language processing, textual prediction, and investment analysis.

As technology advances, the variety of possible methods and simplicity with which it may be implemented into a smartphone app expands.

Top sectors that have successfully included AI and ML in their applications include Information Technology (IT), advertising, banking, and customer service.

For example, Google has successfully developed Duplex, a system that can conduct calls on behalf of people in order to schedule appointments. AI and Machine Learning will continue to grow in importance in the app development area.

9- Blockchain Technology

When you hear the term blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrencies were the catalyst for the development of blockchain technology, their applicability has expanded into other fields.

There are several applications that employ blockchain technology, such as e-wallets and forex converters. Additionally, it may be used to track digital assets, safeguard digital identification, offer cloud hosting solutions, and administer loyalty programs and incentives.

However, merging blockchain technology with some other mobile application trends such as the IoT might result in a powerful tool in your hands. Apps developed in accordance with these two components will be secure, speedy, and cost-effective.

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Mobile app development is now becoming vital for businesses to reach and manage customers. Businesses that have their own apps are already ahead of the competition.

These benefits of mobile applications clearly state how important it is for businesses to develop their own application. If you are contemplating developing an app, this is the time to go ahead.

Having a mobile application offers businesses the advantage of establishing a strong customer base. Apps offer a straightforward and convenient interface to the customers, which helps them in availing the intended services. Mobile apps enable businesses to connect with their target audiences and improve their sales and revenue.

Key industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, BFSI, hospitality, and entertainment are major beneficiaries of the increasing usage of mobile apps. If you have a disruptive idea, then you can steer the industry with the help of an impeccable mobile application.

Arka Softwares is a reputed mobile app development company, which has an in-house team of seasoned app designers and developers. We have decade-long experience serving countless enterprises across numerous industry sectors.

If you want to transform your business via a customized and user-friendly mobile app, then please get in touch with us. We will help you transform your unique idea into a successful mobile app

FAQs related to finding benefits of Mobile App

  • What are the benefits of On Demand mobile app development?

    Here are some important benefits of On Demand mobile app development :
    1. Leverage the power of mobile computing
    2. Enhanced Security and Scalability
    3. Offers Cost-Effective measures
    4. Improved process efficiency and Employee satisfaction
    5. Better interaction with customers

  • What is the business impact of mobile apps?

    Here are some important ways mobile apps can impact your business:
    1. Increases business revenue
    2. Enhances market recognition
    3. Improves customer engagement
    4. Streamlines business workflows
    5. Improves customer satisfaction

  • What are some prominent features of on-demand apps?

    The following are the must-have features for any on-demand app:
    1. Easy to use UI/UX
    2. Secure payment gateway
    3. Push notifications
    4. Messaging
    5. Secure login and authentication
    6. Customer Relationship Management

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