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Fantasy footbal empire

01 / 07

Project Overview

Fantasy Football Empire was quite a visionary project for us. We were expected to rebuild the fantasy sports experience on both website and mobile app (Android, iOS) interfaces. We started building everything from the scratch in order to develop a bespoke and unique fantasy football gaming experience for the target audience. i.e., true fans of the English Premier League.
02 / 07

Goals & Objectives

For such an ambitious project, we set some primary goals and objectives to achieve in order to offer the best in market fantasy football gameplay.
  • Immersive Experience

    Fantasy football is all about immersive experience. A place should be able to feel like a football team manager to experience the real thrill of the match.

  • Design Consistency

    Since the game is available on the web and mobile interfaces, wherever the player wants to play there must be a design consistency to reduce confusion.

  • Competitive

    We wanted to develop a fantasy sports game that is highly competitive to maintain the thrill of the game while keeping it fun and rewarding.

  • Social

    There is no fun in playing alone. We thought of developing a fantasy sports game where players can invite friends and compete with them.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

This visionary project did come up with a few challenges. Thanks to our expert team we solved them without a problem.


Unique Experience for Familiar Game

The world is familiar with Fantasy Sports; how can we provide something fresh?

Inviting to New Fans

Challenge – How can we attract new fans of fantasy football to the Fantasy Football Empire game?

Competitive Market

The marketplace is filled with various fantasy football games, FFE could be lost in the abyss.


Unique Experience for Familiar Game

Redesigned everything and created every aspect from scratch to achieve our goal.


Inviting to New Fans

Designed special custom features and made the entire UX/UI simple and easy to navigate.


Competitive Market

Added unique features to keep the game competitive and stand out from the crowd.

04 / 07


We conducted several re-runs on the wireframes to achieve our vision of FFE. This helped to get the final struck of the game that is about to make huge waves in the world of fantasy football games.
05 / 07

Visual Design

The overall visual design is crafted around the concept of engagement and competitive spirit to keep the thrill of the game alive.
06 / 07

Tech Stack

We handpicked the best technologies and tools to develop the game so that players enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.
07 / 07

Client Review

Adam Freema

Web Development for Fantasy Football Empire

Their knowledge of developing mobile applications for both android and IOS was immensely beneficial

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