Magento is an open-source platform that is utilized around the world specifically for designing online business websites that have huge traffic. In any case, if your site is live and running on Magento, you realize that dealing with an e-store isn’t a simple assignment. There is constantly a need to appoint a Magento engineer to make things simple.

If you want to hire a Magento developer then you’re quite familiar with the nature of this complex task. There are numerous things that you have to know and deal with. For instance, discovering the best places to procure web engineers, and the correct strides to enroll them, and so forth.

Talking about the market size and statistics Magento covers a large portion of the market-

  • Vendors utilizing Magento grow 3 times quicker in comparison to other frameworks and technology.
  • It powers 1.2% of the web. To be exact, more than 250,00 dynamic websites that are live use Magento.
  • In 2019 it is recorded that in US the total number of websites that are utilizing Magento are 237,975.
  • Today Magento form is being utilized by more than 4,00,000 users in order to take care of issues and examine new features.
  • Magento is the most utilized framework among the best 1000 Retailers in North America including huge brands like Walmart or Adidas. The Top 1000 Retailers are worth $51 billion of online business.
  • Magento is the seventh most utilized CMS around the world. All the more decisively with a piece of the overall industry of 1.9%, it is the second most utilized unadulterated eCommerce CMS after Shopify.
  • The present form 2.3.2 was introduced in June 2019, yet the more established adaptations of Magento 1.x are still generally utilized. Users of the old variants ought to consider moving to Magento 2.3. Magento will stop the official help and updates for Magento 1.x in June 2020.

Practically 60% of online purchasers utilize cell phones to put in their order requests by using mobile phones. So, you, as an online storekeeper can not preclude the capability of Magento for web-based business sites. These are just a couple of the glaring facts and figures about the use of Magento for web-based business stores to make you slobber about the intensity of the Magento environment.

Today usage of Magento is not only limited to the big giants like Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, Nestle, etc. but other small e-commerce platforms also utilize this framework for smooth business operations. The expanding number of Magento internet business stores mirrors the way that you, as a web-based business web storekeeper must prepare for Magento-driven transformation in the web-based business scene.


Now let’s dig into the reasons that which makes Magento a perfect pick for successful business operations


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Open Source: 

One reason why Magento for internet business is the top choice for engineers is that it is open source. It implies any individual who thinks about designing the website using Magento, can utilize it to further his/her potential benefit.

The Magento Community Edition (CE) is totally free. You can without much of a stretch introduce or utilize any form of Magento CE you need. In the event that you are a Magento master, you can quicken the presentation of your Magento online store and furthermore advance your web-based business site with new features and functionalities by creating or introducing the Magento modules.

Hire magento developerDedicated Community Forum: 

One of the prime reasons why Magento for internet business appreciates a ground-breaking position among its rivals is because of the dedication of the Magento Community. This immense network involves committed designers, software engineers, bloggers, CEOs, and so on around the globe, who help and work with the cherished Magento Community consistently.

The Magento Community consistently guarantees that everybody is having the same understanding. For instance, you as a designer, are confronting any issue with your Magento online business site, you can generally depend on the ever confided in network to assist you with an excursion by giving legitimate rules and fixes to that specific issue.

Perfect E-commerce tool: 

A valid justification why Magento is the most loved CMS for internet business sites identifies with the way that engineers have created Magento explicitly for web-based business sites.

Magento is much the same as an umbrella that covers every one of the viewpoints and elements of an incredible and fruitful web store. It is the ideal CMS for web stores that offer total web-based business arrangement, with enriched features and designs.

Great Support: 

For any business, the help activities are an indispensable piece of Magento development. Conventional or on the web, assisting in any problem is an imperative job in the development and achievement of a business. In this manner, with regards to Magento for a web-based business, the specialized help group holds basic significance. The dynamic network and the designers help in improving the platform for better client experience, bringing the best internet business norms for Magento.

Great Performance: 

With respect to the page load time, request handling time, and other dynamic or static tasks, Magento web-based business platform is the winner here. It guarantees the ideal execution of your site while utilizing insignificant server assets.

As indicated by the requirements of various users, just a couple hundred milliseconds of inactivity handling can totally kill the odds of online business sites with potential users. Magento, combined with current innovative technologies, for example, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, and enhanced database choices, can fittingly take into account the multiple requests of web-based business organizations and their customers.


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Multiple Tasks at a Time: 

We love performing various tasks, so does Magento. The best thing about Magento for electronic commerce is that it enables you to play out various undertakings simultaneously, which lets you chip away at other significant errands at the same time while observing your Magento site’s performance. Everything comes down to the way that Magento spares your valuable time.


It is imperative to take note of that Magento designers can generally build up a special user experience/frontend dependent on various devices that will access it. Magento additionally offers you the chance to tweak the back-finish of the Magento web store to meet the particular prerequisites.

Mobile Experience:

The online world is influenced more by mobile users. So as to make your online business effective, you should pack your endeavors in addressing the mobile addicted purchasers. This is the reason Magento for internet business is good with mobile devices. The Magento framework underpins HTML5 to amplify the shopping experience on cell phones. In addition, it can change the picture size and supports video.

Easy Integration: 

Magento for online business sites enables you to incorporate rapidly with an enormous number of third party APIs including payment gateways, database applications, transportation, shipping and so on. Additionally, it offers you with in-built Google apparatuses, for example, Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base to assist you with observing your site’s performance while monitoring the most recent Magento electronic commerce business trends.


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Why it is Important to Hire a Magento Developer?

Prior to getting to the information regarding how to procure a Magento developer, you should realize for what reason do you need a web engineer. Magento is a composite tool that requires top to bottom specialized information. Therefore if you want to run an online business, and do not possess complete knowledge of Magento programming, then you would require a professional to help you in setting up a smooth-running business.

There are certain advantages of hiring a dedicated professional, few of them are as follows:

  • It helps in saving time.
  • Provides complete technical support.
  • Assist in making necessary alterations in design.
  • The website’s performance can be ensured by hiring a dedicated professional.


Evaluate The Requirements

You can locate an accomplished web engineer who brags to be the ideal fit for you, still, you can wind up with issues on the off chance that you are not clear about your prerequisites.

Therefore, before you procure a Magento designer, think about the need of your store, and ask yourself the accompanying inquiries:

Whether Front-end or Back-end Developer is Required? 

Most importantly, you have to realize that structuring a site and keeping up or dealing with its backend is totally different. You have to know the contrasts between the two to hire a Magento developer who can coordinate with your site needs.

Front-end Developer:

A front-end designer is liable for the presence of your site, its format, color schemes, and navigation flow. A front-end Magento master must be very much familiar with the accompanying:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • APIs
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • CMS of Magento

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Moreover, if you need to improve your e-store website and make it look prettier or progressively proficient, you should pay special attention to a front-end designer.

Back-end Developer:

If you are in a need for designing server-side coding, design a central database or want to develop a dedicated mobile application for the e-store then in that case you would require a back-end developer. A back-end designer must be proficient in technical knowledge and focused to deliver the best outcome for the customer’s requirements.

Full Stack:

A full-stack designer exceeds expectations in both front-end and back-end development jobs. Additionally, the majority of the organizations with minimal specialized information look for both-end engineers, likewise alluded to as full-stack designers. This is most likely on the grounds that a both-end designer would handle all their improvement issues and work on all portions of the site.


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What Hiring & Engagement Model one should follow?

The engagement models that can be opted are:

On-Site Engagement: 

In this model, the developer is hired from a third party source and is invited to the office for working collaborated with the team. In this model, the developer completely understands the business requirements and can deliver the best outputs.

Off-site Engagement: 

In this model, the hired developer can work from their own office premises utilizing the available resources and would be available 24X7 for every required support.

Hybrid Engagement: 

In this model, the hired developers work from their own office only but if required by the client can visit their office to have certain discussions, meetings or training as required.


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On the other hand, hiring models that can be used are:

Fixed Price Model:

Once the client has shared the complete requisites to the company providing the developers or the freelancers than the total cost and the estimated delivery time is decided. The details related to the cost plan of every module, the developer’s cost and the estimated delivery date are shared with the client. If agreed then only the work gets started.

Dedicated Hiring Model: 

In this model, the developers are hired at a fixed price for the complete development of the project but they sit at the client’s site and develop the product.

Hourly Basis Model: 

The developers in this model are hired at an hourly cost that is offered by the company or freelancers to the client. If the client agrees then the billing is done as per the hourly work shared by the developers.

Where you can find the best Magento developers: 

The best places from where you can hire skilled Magento developers on any of the hiring models as required are:

  • Toptal
  • Clutch
  • Good Firms
  • Extract

These are the web portals where various IT companies that are into outsourcing the development services and freelance developers are registered. Here they display their portfolios which various clients can browse through. Also, ratings and reviews are provided by the clients after the completion of the project which can be seen by other clients and can select the best company or developers.


Steps to Hire the Perfect Magento Developer: 

The required steps are as follows:


Check for Ratings and Feedbacks: 

Checking feedbacks and ratings have become so popular nowadays. By checking these you get complete knowledge regarding the applicant’s profile, expertise, work ethics, etc. Along with this, it is also recommended to check the client testimonials available on their official websites to know the comments shared by the past customers.

Go Through the Work Portfolio and Credentials: 

Taking a gander at the portfolio and certifications of your Magento engineer is a basic assignment to guarantee that she/he is an ideal choice for your project.

A work portfolio will exhibit their abilities, working strategy and the work they have delivered up until this point. In this manner, it’ll be exceptionally simple for you to relate your venture with their ranges of abilities.



Enquire about the availability and communication must be checked 

Once the work portfolio is viewed, availability must be checked and focus should be given on the proper communication. This ought to be the main thing to search for in your Magento engineer. If the developer is being hired on project basis then you must ensure their availability as and when required by you. It is obvious that a developer can not be available 24X7 but the best preferred time for communication should be discussed to check the development and any changes required for the project.

Share complete details related to your requirements: 

You need to share the complete details regarding your requirements, the standard of the code, and estimated delivery time with your web designer. Else, you won’t get the ideal outcomes, and you will continue mentioning your designer to make changes over and over. At the point when you are going to hire a Magento developer for an e-commerce website, ensure they agree on all prerequisites and delivery time.

Examining the developer’s skill set with a sample project: 

If you are uncertain about the designer’s expertise level and need to check if she/he is the correct individual for you, simply step through a paid sample project. This is important to check the developer’s skill set when you have a major project that will be tedious. 

Freelancers Vs In house Vs Hire from Company:

Only one designer can deal with an e-store if it’s new and little. In any case, you have a major occupied E-commerce store, a solitary Magento master can’t manage it.

Many organizations with various sites and an enormous database, procure a group of affirmed experts with extensive knowledge and experience of work. They do this in light of the fact that:

  • Employing a company is a progressed and keen decision.
  • A decent office will give you the correct assets rather than a solitary designer. 


Few Top Magento Developer Company to Help you out

Few companies that are leading names in Magento development are:


How much does it cost to hire a Magento developer? 


development cost


The hourly rate for a Magento engineer relies upon a number of elements. Alongside their aptitudes, experience, and education, their place of habitation will impact their cost. In the US, a Magento designer costs from $75 – $90 every hour. In Eastern Europe, engineers of a similar aptitude can be found for $15 – $30 every hour. Whereas in India, the rate differs from $20 – $35 every hour, as indicated by the organizations that you procure from.

You can procure committed Magento developers from India on part-time, full-time and on a monthly basis. Full time employing implies contracting for a fixed number of hours, which is for the most part around 160 hours for development every month. Part-time contracting comes down to around 80 hours of development. Hourly reserving would require a minimum of 50 development hours.

Appointing a Magento developer isn’t an easy task. Magento is an intricate platform, and just an expert Magento developer can deal with all the coding issues. Thus, we’re here to help you to an ideal contract.

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