Why App Development Outsourcing is a Brilliant Idea for your Business?

Updated 07 Feb 2024
Published 28 Feb 2022
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Nowadays, business process outsourcing has become one of the key business strategies for enterprises to swell their business footprints efficiently and effectively.

If you own a business and are looking to build an application for your enterprise, then you must employ cost-effective methods like app development outsourcing to meet your requirements.

As an established company or a startup, you must outsource your application development function to a third-party software development firm instead of setting up your own in-house team and employing the necessary technical resources.

This blog will offer you some interesting facts about mobile app development outsourcing. We will offer glimpses of its advantages, challenges, and several other aspects that will make you more confident and clearer about your application development outsourcing decision.

What do you mean by Application Development Outsourcing?

If we go by the official definition, then application development outsourcing is “an agreement in which one organization hires a software development company to be responsible for existing and planned activities that could be done internally and may involve the movement of assets and employees from one organization to another.

As per a recent report by consulting firm Deloitte, IT outsourcing services have increased by a sizeable 31% in the past year, and they are expected to grow further in the future.

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Whether it is custom application development or an in-trend application development solution, the most critical thing is to have a reliable app development partner to get your work done efficiently. 

Due to unprecedented growth in the IT sector, demand, competition, and overall app development cost have increased.

To offer cutting-edge solutions and remain competitive in the market, most organizations prefer to outsource their application development function, as it is a proven approach to availing lucrative benefits for your business.

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Why do Businesses Hesitate in outsourcing their App development?

Traditionally, application development outsourcing is considered a highly profitable approach that helps businesses control development costs while enhancing the quality of their solutions.

But many organizations face a dilemma while deciding to outsource their app development. Modern consumerization has made people put aggressive demands to avail the benefits of technical innovations, which put a lot of pressure on the application developers.

Outsource App Development

There is still various confusion around businesses on whether they must outsource their app development projects or not. Organizations may have several fears such as lack of control, data theft, loss of investment, or cost escalation, that force entrepreneurs to handle their app development function on their own, instead of outsourcing to any app development.

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Why should you consider Outsourcing App development?

You may have a startup or a scaled enterprise, but you may think about outsourcing your application development for the following reasons.

  • If your in-house team is overburdened with multiple existing projects.
  • If you want to finish your app project on time.
  • You don’t want to handle app development risk. 
  • You don’t have enough resources to manage the app development project.
  • Your existing resources lack the necessary skill set.
  • Your app development project requires global talent.
  • If you have budgetary and technical constraints.
  • If you require advanced technology and tools for your application development project.
  • If you don’t want to spend precious time training freshers or interns.

If you have made up your mind to outsource an app development project, then it is time to understand the benefits your business can avail of from outsourcing its application development function.

Benefits of Outsourcing Application Development

Your enterprise can avail of the following benefits by outsourcing application development:

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Improved Efficiency

The outsourcing app development companies offer exceptional expertise in various types of application development. They do possess the necessary technical resources and state-of-the-art tools required to build high-end and complex applications.

When you outsource your app development work, you get the option to hire a team of app developers who can offer you incomparable quality work.

In this scenario, you wouldn’t need to develop a team from scratch, as you will get a prebuilt team to accomplish your app development projects.

Furthermore, the members of the development team know each other, they can work as a well-knit team and work together without any communication barrier. It enhances the overall development efficiency.

Cost-Effective method

Cost savings is undoubtedly the most critical reason why worldwide organizations are preferring to outsource their application development projects.

As per a recent outsourcing survey, in 2019, approx. 59% of organizations outsource their app development function to reduce or control the cost.

Application development outsourcing can help you cut costs by up to 75%. This will help you curb costs incurred on equipment, infrastructure, space, hiring, and training while helping you to reduce the overall overhead costs for your business.

Enhanced Data Security

A business application acts as a gateway to expand your business and tap unprecedented possibilities for your potential customers. It is always important for your business to safeguard your app development to prevent any adverse impact on your confidential data.

Mobile App Security Measures

No company will ever want their critical data to fall into wrong hands, as it can lead to some serious consequences. A reliable app development outsourcing partner can mitigate all such concerns.

They usually put strong security measures, non-disclosure agreements, and various other mechanisms to ensure adequate security to your application and data, which is hard to maintain with the in-house app development team. 

Better Team Management

App development outsourcing companies do offer advanced infrastructure and tools to facilitate fast and timely delivery of work while meeting the compliance requirements.

As all the team members work together at the same place and same time zone, it is relatively easy to manage them effectively while implementing process automation easily. It helps you to avail better resource efficiency at a low cost.

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Continuous Development Support

Building an application alone doesn’t mean the project is completed. You may encounter various technical and process-specific issues later.

An experienced app development outsourcing company can provide continuous provide technical support and service to your business even after building and deploying your application.

Round-the-clock Operations

Outsourcing your app development work to a country like India allows you to run your business round the clock. This happens due to differences in the time zone.

If you are an organization in the USA, then you can avail the benefits of round-the-clock operations, as your Indian partner can work even during the night or non-business hours.

It enables you to rapidly complete the application development projects, as you can accommodate more business and enhance it without experiencing any resource constraints.

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What could go wrong if you delay Outsourcing your App Development?

Well, you need to understand the demerits of delaying your app development outsourcing decision. It could prove counter-productive or sometimes fatal for any business to ignore or delay the outsourcing app development function.

Here we have listed a few reasons for your consideration :

1- You might be unable to keep up with the frequent technological changes

When your organization invests in app development, it is required to set up a team of seasoned professionals who must be well versed with the latest technological changes.

Most of the time it may be difficult for your business to keep a tab on recent technology development, that may impact the app development down the line.

Whereas if you outsource this function, then an application development firm will be taking care of all activities to ensure your digital project takes off the ground smoothly, with the help of their expert consultants. 

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2- Your go-to-market time may be impacted severely

Your in-house application development used to work around a specific type of application, that limits their capabilities to design, develop, and deploy the various type of applications. It also hinders their capacity to develop applications in the given timelines.

It is grossly unfair to expect your in-house team to have the same competence in every technology standard, guideline, and model that you would get with an outsourcing app development company. 

3- You may spend more than your expectation

The biggest disadvantage of having an in-house app development team is that it may incur a huge cost in the name of acquiring technical knowledge and hiring app developers.

This will leave lesser funds and resources to carry out post-launch activities such as marketing and customer acquisition. Such issues won’t impact your business if you outsource your application development function.

4- Your competitors can outpace your business

If you allow your in-house app development team to work on projects, then most of your time will be spent on other non-core issues such as budget management, resource management, coping up with the technological changes, and keeping a tab on go-to-market time.

It will allow your competitors to outpace your business, as they possibly offshore their app development, launched their app, and avail numerous benefits. It may incur cumulative losses to your business and may hinder your market reputation as well.

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Final Words

If we consider all the aspects thoroughly, it is quite clear that your mobile app outsourcing development not only helps you to make a prominent impression of your brand in the market but also helps you to supersede your competitors.

From enabling your team to remain focused on core activities to reduce the development efforts and cost, outsourcing is a proven approach to accomplish the anticipated objectives, with sizeable profits and a high return on investment.

Arka Softwares can offer you class-leading and high-quality app development services and help you achieve your mobile app idea. We are one of the most reckoned app development outsourcing companies in India, that follows the innovative business model to provide an intelligent and effective way of outsourcing.

You can hire highly experienced application developers or website development services at a very affordable rate. If you want to know more about our application development outsourcing services, then feel free to contact our expert consultants, we will revert at the earliest.

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