Top 10 Major Trends to Follow in Full Stack Development in 2023

Updated 26 Sep 2023
Published 19 Jan 2021
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Software Development has proved itself as an indispensable component that could ensure success for any Enterprise. It acts as a catalyst for the growth of any sort of business nowadays.

Software Development includes Web and mobile app development, and it is a highly dynamic genre that is changing rapidly, as so do the Technology trends.

The current technology trends are changing so fast that sometimes it is a challenge to keep a track of them. It is always advisable to keep a constant focus on the latest technology trends and techniques that are getting traction with Technology buffs, as it helps us to stay ahead of a learning curve.

Full-stack development is the key area of Software development, which has revolutionized in the last decade. It is no more confined to the realm of CSS/HTML, and JavaScript to develop the front-end, and Perl/PHP to build the back-end architecture.

Full-stack development is all about amalgamating two distinct branches Frontend and Backend of web development. They’re come a huge number of new languages, a variety of web frameworks, and tools to choose from for any web and mobile application development. 

Full-stack trends are constantly changing due to the recent emergence of Technology and tools and growing demand for the same by Enterprises and End-users.

From Media to Healthcare, from education to fashion, every industry puts efforts to follow emerging full-stack software development trends. 

Here we have analyzed the emerging technologies and have gathered some trends to follow in Full Stack Development . You will get to know about the top web app technology stacks worth your attention in this year and in the coming decade.

We have made this list, which can help you make the decision to incorporate the right set of Technology and Tools to grow your business in the upcoming era. So, let us begin.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is certainly one of the biggest buzzwords in the current era. It is certainly an inevitable phenomenon. With time, several Enterprises have started realizing its importance for their systems and business processes, and products.

Enterprises across the world are mulling the options to invest in and implement Artificial Intelligence in any way possible. Artificial Intelligence has already made inroads in the commercial market, and we can see a lot of AI implementations in our daily life.

From the Audio and Video editing applications on our mobiles to the customer support Chatbots we usually interact with, we get a lot of opportunities to encounter Artificial Intelligence every single day.

It has become quite inevitable for any software development organization to have full-stack developers who possess expertise in Artificial Intelligence, it will only help software development firms to secure more projects and ensure stabilized growth.

AI expertise will help you to gauge customer behavior and requirements, at the same time it will help you design algorithms that use AI to perform the tasks that were unthinkable a few years back.

Artificial Intelligence has great potential, and it can revolutionize the sectors like healthcare, retail, eCommerce, or automobile. The demand for AI-Expert full stack developers has been multiplied by manifolds as this will offer a win-win proposition for Enterprises.

As per the report “The artificial intelligence market to be valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is likely to reach USD 190.61 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 42.2% during the forecast period.” That’s a pretty huge number…!! Isn’t it??

artificial intelligence

Full Stack Development tools for Artificial Intelligence

Database Tools MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, HBase, or Postgres
Programming Tools Scala, Java, Go, Python or PHP
Framework Tools Django, Hadoop, Spark, Spring, Flask or Laravel
Other Tools RESTful APIs, Microservices, and Multithreading
Front End React, Vue, Redux, or Angular

2. Blockchain

Blockchain has gained unprecedented momentum in recent years. It has gained a lot of traction across several industries and its valuation has skyrocketed in the past few years and, future looks exciting for this technology.

Blockchain has been hailed as a saviour for financial, banking, and huge enterprises to implement decentralized mechanisms coupled with the safety of confidential data and high-end encryption.

Blockchain technology offers simplification of financial, banking, and other massive transactions, such as the transfer of money, Digital currency transactions, Land transactions, Government transactions, etc.

More enterprises are understanding the advantages and opportunities blockchain is offering and thus, more and more enterprises are migrating their business to Blockchain.

Blockchain technology

If you are associated with such data in your business or venture, having a full stack developer who knows blockchain is highly recommended in 2023.

You could be a company working with cryptocurrencies or a healthcare wing looking for ways to secure your electronic health records. Regardless, blockchain application development requires full-stack developers who master the tech concept.

Full Stack Development tools for Blockchain

Database Tools MongoDB, Oracle, HBase, GraphQL, Neo4j, or Cassandra
Programming Tools Java, Go, Python, Node.JS, Rails, Gorung or PHP
Framework Tools Django, Hadoop, Spark, Spring, Flask or Laravel
Other Tools Docker, Kubernetes, or CI/CD pipeline
Front End Angular, JavaScript, React, Vue, CSS or HTML
Cloud Infrastructure AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

3. The Internet of Things

IoT is considered a Technology of the Future, the amalgamation of IoT with existing Technology will have a huge impact on industrial and consumer experience levels.

IoT is a technology that unites all other technologies, and it has an enormous potential to change the world like never before. IoT is here to stay and witness exponential demand across all the possible domains and industries.

As per estimates, in the next couple of years, approximately 75 billion devices will be connected with each other via technology.

Today every digital device is connected to the internet in one way or another. The world has transformed into one interconnected network, where everything is strongly interconnected, and with each passing day, it has become harder to differentiate between personal and shared preferences.

Internet of Things

PWC did conduct a study and stated that 90% of cars will be IoT enabled by the next decade. The degree of connectivity will see exponential growth and it will revolutionize the area of supply chain, logistics, and transportation.

We are moving towards a data-driven world, we are gathering tons of information from our gadgets and devices. To accommodate this crucial information and to use them for decision making, we must need a plethora of applications, and to develop such applications we need a huge number of developers who acquire expertise in IoT technology.

We would need experts who can manage the data of not only conventional devices, but other network-connected devices as well. For instance, your smart TV, Home automation devices, smart refrigerator, your home automation devices, and more such devices can be managed by IoT applications.

mobile web app development

In the future, we will certainly need programmers with expertise in IoT technology, who could build appropriate applications, UX, frontend, and backend technology and at the same time can manage and support the development and deployment of IoT.

A full-stack developer specializing in IoT software Development should also be well versed with hardware peripherals like embedded systems, sensors, and more for a seamless full stack development process.

Full Stack Development tools for Internet of Things (IoT)

Database Tools
Oracle, SQL Queries, JDBC, NoSQL, and Data Modeling
Programming Tools
Java, Containers, Maven, Junit, MVC, and Sonar
Framework Tools ThingSpeak, Zetta, Device Hive
Other Tools Hardware Interfacing, API automation and Testing, Business Intelligence, IoT e2e flow, DevOps, Microservices, and Rest API
Front End JavaScript, CSS, Node JS, Typescript, and React
Cloud Infrastructure AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

4. Mixed Reality

The mixed reality has opened unbelievable avenues for humans. It is certainly the next big evolution as far as Human-computer and Human-Environment interactions are concerned. Mixed reality has opened countless opportunities and possibilities that were part of our imagination till yesteryears.

Mixed reality has made it possible due to progress in computational vision, visualization technology, enhanced graphics processing power, and adequate input systems.

Mixed Reality includes two major technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.  Both technologies help us to covers all possible compositions and variations of real-life and virtual objects and environments.

It helps us amalgamate a completely real and natural environment into a completely virtual environment and create an unparalleled experience for the end-user.

The scope of Mixed reality is simply unbelievable and amazing, and it has the potential to revolutionize areas like healthcare, gaming, entertainment, retail, and commercial activities.

It is highly recommended to join the Mixed Reality full-stack development bandwagon, as it will only help any organization to surge ahead and gain the benefits of Mixed Reality in the future.

mixed reality

Full Stack Development tools for Mixed Reality

Database Tools
MySQL, SQL Lite, Oracle, NoSQL
Programming Tools
C, C++, C#, Unity, Blueprints Visual Scripting, and Unreal Engine
Framework Tools Web-VR, A-frame, and Three.js
Other Tools Video Editing, CAD, VR Operation tools,3-D modelling
Front End JavaScript, CSS, Node JS, Typescript, and React
Video Editing Tools Blender, Autodesk Maya, and Autodesk 3ds Max

5. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is another area that has shown remarkable growth in recent years. Organizations across the world have started understanding the importance of Machine learning in their traditional software development process.

The role of ML in future software development is understandable to all, but it is yet to be fully realized. Machine Learning algorithms can analyze and process the data, and they observe examples, instructions, and experiences from the environment and the Data sets.

Based on analyzing a large data set, these algorithms then identify patterns. The software then goes on to make better decisions and predictions.

machine learning

ML has already started changing the industries and business processes. According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc, “the global machine learning market size is expected to reach USD 96.7 billion by 2025.

The market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 43.8% from 2019 to 2025.” Machine Learning offers unimaginable advantages and opportunities to any business, and it is certain that it will make a huge difference to the world in near future.

Full Stack Development tools for Machine Learning

Database Tools Oracle, MS SQL, NoSQL, and GraphQL
Programming Tools Java, Python, and Node.JS
Framework Tools Web-Frameworks, Flask, Django, Fast API, and Microservices
Algorithms Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Dtree, Random Forest, Bagging and Boosting, K-Nearest Neighbour, and Support Vector Machine
Front End JavaScript, CSS, Node JS, Typescript, and React
ML Libraries Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, Caffe, and Pytorch

6. Programming Language

Usually, full-stack developers utilize JavaScript to develop web and mobile applications. JavaScript is immensely popular for its unimaginable flexibility and great adaptability for native and hybrid applications as well.

It is extremely important to choose the right programming language to avoid any kind of issues at a later stage.

Programming languageIn the stack overflow survey of the most popular programming language of 2020, JavaScript took centerstage with a crore of 67.7% with HTML/CSS came second with a 63.1% score.

If we talk about other programming languages, then Python, C#, PHP, Go, Ruby, etc will retain their importance in 2021 and we must have adequate talented developers to fulfill the expectations of the customers.

7. Progressive Web applications

Progressive web applications have changed the paradigm of web applications once for all. Progressive Web applications (PWA) is certainly different from the usual web and mobile applications.

These are hybrid of mobile and web applications, which work on a script called service worker, which is its integral part.

PWAs are faster to load and offer amazing features like self-updates, connectivity independence, and push notifications. PWAs are quite easy to build and maintain.

That is the reason why most software development organizations are now mainly focused on PWA development in recent years.

8. Low Code Development

We are living in a dynamic era where all business processes, standards, frameworks, policies, and regulations are being updated from time to time.

However, we have not seen such a gradual transformation when it comes to standard coding practices. It certainly makes the overall programming adaptation process a bit slower and frightening for enterprises and IT development organizations alike.

It is observed that low code development is the only feasible solution for all such challenges. Low Code development offers less complex coding, which requires less experience and logical understanding to start work.

It also helps customers to understand the software solution in better ways and allow them to make any sort of customizations on their own, which may fulfill any of their requirements at a later stage.

Low code development not only gives an added advantage for the development of complex business solutions, but it also acts as a catalyst for organizations looking for digital transformation

9. IT Outsourcing

The IT outsourcing market has been increasing with each passing year and we have seen many emerging trends in this domain.

The IT and ITES industries have also observed subcontracting of their projects as Enterprises prefer to outsource directly to external developers instead of hiring internal developers for their projects.

The recent COVID pandemic has also offered the opportunity to restructure outsourcing, especially for the IT sector. The employees are now working remotely, and several organizations have witnessed a mild dip in their contracts and margins.

Earlier Customers used to demand non-remote employees, however, COVID had made it clear, that this remote work will remain a new norm in the future.

With the gradual increase in remote jobs and demand for remote employees, the most demanding professionals are full-stack developers. The most important reason for the ever-increasing demand for full-stack developers is their unique skill sets.

They need not be trained and re-skilled, we do not need to instruct them to micromanage, and tell them how to develop processes and modules, as they are very well versed with all this stuff. One can simply assign them the tasks and they would get it done in no time.

As far as hiring is concerned, full-stack developers are ideal choices as they can handle the work of multiple non-full stack developers, due to their expertise in multiple technologies.

Full-stack developers are in high demand across all areas and domains. From the development of financial, banking, and healthcare to the development of entertainment and gaming software, they have been involved in every kind of solution development and their demand has been increasing in an exponential way.

10. Few tips to keep up with Full-stack Development Trends

As we have mentioned above the full stack trends in 2023, we would also like to share some essential tips, that can be utilized to keep up with the current and future Full-stack development trends.

If you are a business owner, a Technology Guru, or a full stack developer, you must understand that any small shift in technology can create an equal level of opportunity as well as a challenge. 

It is important for us to cope up with the emerging trends, as that helps us to offer better solutions to our customers.

Wherever we start working on any project, we must ensure that we choose the right mix of Technology which stay in trend for the coming years.

We should make the decision, by keeping in mind that the technology we use should remain relevant for at least a couple of years or a decade. 

Here we have populated a few tips, which if followed, will ensure that you always remain up to date with the current technology trend for Full stack development.

  • Always be open to learning new technologies and tools.
  • Develop a work environment, where all the employees are ready to accept any changes and technology introduction with open arms.
  • We must keep the track of the current technologies and future trends, as it will help us understand the need of the market and offer the solution accordingly.
  • Perform an unbiased Analysis of emerging technology, based on information available in the public domain and forums.
  • Always participate in Technology seminars, workshops, forums, and lectures. Such events only enhance our learning.


We have covered the most important full-stack development trends in this article, these trends can certainly be beneficial for any sort of business in multiple ways. These trends can offer us an idea about the continuous development and research that is taking place in the industry.

It also provides information about the requirements of continuous and immediate updates that a software development organization and an individual software developer should undergo, to stay relevant in this highly dynamic technology world.

If we follow these trends and implement them in our software development process, then this will not only help our organization to grow, but it will also help us sustain a long-term relationship with their existing customers with high customer satisfaction scores.

Full-stack development is quite popular these days and the most important reason behind that is the adaptivity, versatility of a full-stack developer, who is well versed in multiple technologies and can handle multiple kinds of projects and tasks simultaneously. Enterprises do not need to train full stack developers and it only helps them keep the costs in control.

If you’re looking to hire exceptional full-stack developers, then we would recommend you get in touch with an elite full-stack development organization like ours for all your requirements.

We are a renowned organization that is popular for handpicking the best minds in the industry and rope them to ensure your business idea or concept can be turned out in an exceptional product, that can be future-proof as well.

Arka Softwares is known for its unmatchable offering where we offer best in class full stack development services, to provide you highly reliable, robust, and scalable solutions with less time to market.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and web development solutions. Delivering high-end modern solutions all over the globe, Rahul takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and views on the latest technological trends.

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